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6th November 2002, 01:05 AM
im going to grow up and become a collector of many things, what will you do?

6th November 2002, 10:56 AM
when I eventually, some how, perhaps, may b, in case of and if get a million $ or 2
I'll go2 liverpool and have them make wip3out:Final Edition with all the trax fr all these games
wo1, 2097, wo3 and 64. but not fr fusion coz the concept of open areas doesn't appeal 2me 2much
if there was a woRally then may b it would b ok (probably NOT) but even then without those
!"#% obstacles in the way!! where u seen a rally where the drivers have 2dodge things ON the road??
anyway .. all the trax (incl firestar, all prototypes, the japanese ovals, velositar)
and all the teams Xept the pirhanas fr xl and 64. the 1 fr wo3 is ok. And a cripled icaras
2even the competition. also no autopilots and thrust. AND 4players on 1 screen! 8 on 2!!
with the 'jumping corners' ability of the wo1 = microscopicly minimal. better(improved) replay mode.
no stupid weapons such as firethrower!! :o and with only 3 or 4 tunes so all the trax can fit on2 the disc coz
this is gonna b a game 4 the psx (ps1) :wink: may b the game on 2 cd's or smthn .. (just ocurred 2me :) )
4 more tunes and so u can LINK without haveing 2buy another game !!!
oh! all the weapons u can use the AI can too! such as quake and energi wall!
the energi wall btw shoud apere @least twise as far as it does 'now'. like in the LS6.
back with the electro bolt (more shaky and unpredictable)!!
btw2: there shouldn't b SO many weapons. back to basic!! alittle bit anyway ..
some weapons should b 4 multyplayer only like cloak and reflector.
and when completed the game (or b4) costumisable league where u can choose trax
and WEApons 2 b used (VERY important)!!!
you should get 2use the trax u already beaten. yeah!
with the possibility of haveing a season with ALL the trax!!! :o :o :o
costumisable colors of the crafts (not the paterns) kinda wo1 different drivers different colors same patern,
and/or a logo editor(kinda RR or AC) AND/OR predesigned alfabet with a possibility of puting 1 to 3 letters,
or even more, on the sides of u craft (your nick)
small alterations of the controller :o 4 the better!
and so on and so on and so on ..
many, mAny ideas in my head *soon Xplode!! :o*
so foxy if something is on the doing over there on the island make sure 2drop me a line! 8)

THat's what I'm gonna do(own) when I grow up!! .. I think .. :roll:

DJ Techno
6th November 2002, 04:19 PM
I don't want to put full or much detail, but.

I am going to become
A Master of Martial Arts/World's Greatest Fighter
Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Ju Do, Kick Boxing, Bo Kaida=artial Arts
"Thanks Dad, Master Yim, Master Chong Kim, Master McSweenie, Master Lee, and Master Flowers"

The Best in Racing
"when it becomes a reality" Anti Gravity Racing
World Rally
Formual 1
Nascar -Become one of the first black men to race in the sport
Street Racing-It's illegal, it's not a sport, but it's still Racing.
"Andy, Kris Keith, Chris Seegers, James Mobley, Daniel McCall, and everybody where going to become great"

Go from Amatuer DJ to Professional DJ
mixing Electronica/other genres "I guess" including Christian
and create a new group of people who will appreciate Techno not for what is has done, but what it's has created and brought out in the world.

I know when I turn 21 my dreams and careers will begin to blossum into something that was worth acheiving

6th November 2002, 08:17 PM
Well, I'm already 22 and I'm nothing more than a student. :lol:


DJ Techno
6th November 2002, 08:20 PM
"Turn your dreams into a reality'

that was all my job mentor said when I was working in Lexington Medical Hospital that summer

I was 16
even at 22, and your just a student, you still have potential, to do something great.