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Nathan Adams
1st November 2002, 02:04 PM
anyone see the new videos for the next F-Zero game?
all I can say is - wow!!

Sega-AM2 have done wonders with the game. Basically think F-Zero X, with it's 60fps and 30+ cars on screen, then add highly detailed scenery that blows Fusion away. Hell, you can even see the pilots in the cockpits (one show shows the falcon screaming past samurai gordo, close up on gordo's cockpit, and he turns to look as falcon goes past, and you can see him grit his teeth in anger.)

OK - sure it doesn't have weapons - but for some classic futuristic racing, I think this is going to be huge.

2nd November 2002, 12:38 AM
Is there any gameplay video? what I saw at e3 was cg. It's all in the gameplay. f-zero 1 was great, f-zero x was pretty good, but the slideouts(which were kinda bizzarre for a hovercraft) and the kinda crappy pitch control compared to the first one brought it down a little. advance sucked, way too slippery, but I am looking foward to this one. Hopefully sega has a lot of input. Also, where have you been?

4th November 2002, 08:57 AM
Heck yeah, this game looks totally sweet, I've just seen the latest videos on IGN.

When I first saw them, I was worred about the game being too gray (they sure do look that way on the videos) however after seeing the latest screenshots on Gamespot I can see that it does have some color.

Anyway, I like on that one video how you have turbos, but unlike Wipeout, you have more than one turbo to use, and using another turbo before you've completely slowed down from another one will actually result in your ship going even faster... Man, it was totally moving on by the time it got to the tunnel type thing.

I also like the "Nanotek Warrior" style sections where the track is in a tube shape and you can drive on the outside of it, and some of the sections reminded me of Kinetica.

Nathan Adams
5th November 2002, 02:08 PM
Yep, the boosts are great
I also love those mesh tracks - and it has the two side by side like a banked track, before the high part just splits off and rotates so it runs upside down, above the inner track - nice.

those nanotek style tubes were also in f-zero X - there was even one track that was 90% one of those - very cool, as you can rotate around the whole thing - so there's alot of stratergy in picking the inside of the tube to shortern the distance.

zoolander - AM2 is pretty much taking care of everything - and Nintendo has input in keeping consistancy with the series, art direction, and generally lending a hand - but it's a predominately sega project. I even think they're banking on this being the next Daytona in the arcades - they certainly seem very optomisitic about it, and hell, they have that pedigree!
I'll be interested to see how they implement the GC's memory cards in the arcade version though.

regarding where I've been - i've been here - just lurking in the shadows mostly ;)