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30th October 2002, 09:03 PM
ever since napster and the great Audiogalaxy went down we have resulted to use KaZaA. i really hate to use this beast, takes up over 1,000 MB
(it is hidden files so it isnt really that much but if you have XP install Kazaa and go to add remove programs and try to remove it and it will tell you how big it really is)
Kazaa doesnt even have all the files i need, just a bunch of software packed with viruses...................no music!
i mean i want Banco de Gaia
Kincajou (duck! Asteroid)
last train to lhasa
and out of 100,000,000 some users, none of them have it. this really sucks!

we need better smaller file sharing software, i purpose war against the republic and free all the slaves of Narnia!!!!

30th October 2002, 09:46 PM
kazaalite does not have spyware. nor does winMX.

if you're going to start a war, i hope you've got enough lawyers on your side to fight off the RIAA. i hear that Johnny Cochran is no longer available, or so he said on Carson Daly's late night NBC show. so you may have to find some other leader for the legal dreamteam

31st October 2002, 09:19 AM
yeah! get kaza lite it's much faster!!

31st October 2002, 10:59 AM
DC++, DC , and irc-networks. KazaA is my last option.. I only use it when nothing else works, or sometimes set a list of mp3s to download, and just have it in my systray idling for the rest of the day, sometimes youre lucky ;)

31st October 2002, 02:08 PM
For mp3 downloads I've only ever used WinMX. It's been too good for me to try anything else. For all other kinds of downloads (which means "anime") I've been forced to walk the path of the Kazzaa. Lite is the only version I can stand to have installed, and I still hate opening it. It sucks so hard, why does everyone use it? If only a _good_ P2P program was the most popular one...

31st October 2002, 03:27 PM
i see no ethical problem with sharing the work of artists who are dead and can't receive royalties. since they cannot benefit from sales, and since the distribution cost is paid by the file-sharers, not the record labels. the case of living artists is another matter, most of them need the income generated from sales of a disc.

ethics aside, the most popular file-sharing programs are the ones most likely to be attacked on legal grounds by the RIAA, so if your favourite is not the most popular, consider yourself lucky for the moment

31st October 2002, 04:44 PM
As a mac user, I don't even have as many options. AudioGalaxy was great for a while, but bye bye it went. The only mac program I can really use is LimeWire. If I really want to run a pc p2p program I have to run it in VirtualPC, aiee.

DJ Techno
31st October 2002, 04:54 PM
never heard of Audio Galaxy :o , was it better or worse?
Is it Kazaa or Kazoo?

Napster & Morpheus
"the holy grails of file sharing"

when Napster was shut down who in here, was crushed to see it go bye, bye?
and when morpheus changed itself into 2.0, well what was a reaction?

31st October 2002, 05:52 PM
Morpheus and KaZaA were clones, the same program and the same network. till Morpheus was changed to a gnutella network program. KaZaA still remains as it was, but with small refinements. it still shares on the same network, though. Audio Galaxy used a central server the same as Napster, so it was easy to stop

31st October 2002, 06:43 PM
ive experienced quite a lot:

AUDIOGALAXY was really cool. downloaded more than 30GB with it and 95% of it was music which fitted my taste very well. additionally it was very easy to use and you were able to fill your queue without being at the pc which downloads. even the community in it was a good idea. and i got such rare and old music with that... its awesome! it still exists - but for money and so there is just a minority of people who are available to choose from which makes it not attractive anymore...

WINMX - tried it once and it wasnt very enjoying. i havent found what i was searching for, plus the gui was a bit nasty. never used it again

MORPHEUS was quite a good choice when i was searching for music videos. but since KAZAA rejected it i also stopped using it. nowadays its no more than a GNUTELLA client i think...

so i turned to GROKSTER, which also uses the KAZAA net. its the same gui like the elder MORPHEUS and i also mostly get what i want. so this is what i use nowadays (among others)

EDONKEY became interesting when i got dsl. and its pretty nice - i use it for nearly 2 years now. i think the main purpose for choosing ED2K is the sharing of movies. nevertheless you also get quite a bunch of software or other stuff with it. it is also a good choice for small-group-sharing aka power-sharing (like someone rips a daily tv-series and publishes it as mpeg and so you and some other try to collect them). the only bad thing is that the network nowadays seems to be overkilled and is treated by mis-programmed clients which are not official or by bots trying to prevent uploads...

in relation to this ive also tested APPLEJUICE which has the same struct like the EDONKEY, but uses its own net. but its very unpopular and so you only find mainstream stuff...

of course i also used NAPSTER for getting music. it was also not bad and more or less the first p2p thingy ive used. wasnt there problems with download resuming or such?

while using NAPSTER i also discovered AUDIOGNOME. this client was able to connect to NAPSTER net, but also to several other networks which made it very useful providing a huge search array. additionally you were also able to simultanly connect to several servers at once.

BEARSHARE was just run for a quick test - and like GNUTELLA it wasnt very useful for me, so i kicked it quite quickly.

nowadays i sometimes use SHAREAZA, which is also a multi-client. it is able to connect to various nets like GNUTELLA and such. the gui is quite comfortable but only seldomly i find what i want there...

...forgot anyone? maybe - i just wanted to say that i know a lot and there is no "ultimate" p2p program out there - you need sth for your "needs" and for music, movies or applications there are several choices...

1st November 2002, 01:59 AM
ohh Napster, we need you!!!
i remember my last download i did before it shut down

Massive Attack - Protection (really long mix with rain in it)

Napster was soo good, and audio galaxy was so easy, and so small!!!!!

Bob Todd
2nd November 2002, 01:31 PM
I actually quite like KaZaA... I've found far more files with it that I wanted that I ever got out of Audiogalaxy.

As for copyright issues, I only ever d'l tracks that are otherwise very hard to come by (v. hard finding Rasmus CDs to buy), or just a few tracks from an album to see if it'll be worth buying.