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DJ Techno
22nd October 2002, 07:56 PM
[ i must reiterate that all times posted by the challengers are to be fresh times raced for during each week of this live competition.

as the original tracks chosen for the Fusion portion of the competition were thought to be too easy, DJ Techno has chosen the following tracks to replace the original choices
katmoda 12 long track
Vohl Square long track
Temtesh Bay long track]

[note: the period for competing (the actual racing) in each version of the game has now been extended beyond the original monday to friday to include the weekends. this has also affected the starting date for the competition, now Nov. 4, and the ending date, now Dec. 9. sections below have been modified to show these changes.]

this topic is purely for posting the conditions for the DJ Techno challenge. any questions should be asked in the topic dedicated to that thread.

[this post has been edited by Lance.]

The tournament will start November 4; competition will end on December 9.

The competition will be in SingleRace mode. no cheats allowed. all weapons enabled.

The challenge is open to all pilots having either the north american NTSC versions of the games, or the PAL versions.

The challenge will have a single winner, determined by Al's adjusted points system so that both NTSC and PAL players can compete on an equal basis.

There will be a prize, as yet undetermined, for the winner.

The challenge will be competed for on 5 versions of the wipeout series, the original wipEout, wipeout 2097/xl, wipeout 64, wipeout 3 [either ntsc or pal, but only the basic version, not on SE], and wipeout fusion. three racecourses per version.

Tournament play is on a weekly basis, one version of wipeout per week, in the order listed above, actual racing to be done from monday through sunday. Since there should be a definite cut-off time, but competitors are spread from the west of the united states to the east end of europe plus australia, a compromise cut-off time will be used to allow those at the latest time zone, in California, a fair chance to complete the races during Sunday night. The cut-off will be 8 am [0800] Universal Time on Monday morning. This would be midnight Sunday night/Monday morning in California.
Times for each week version of the game must be posted by 8 am Universal Time Monday morning. points will not be awarded for times posted after that, though you may continue to compete in the challenge on succeeding versions of the game. at this time of the year, Universal Time should be the same as Greenwich Mean Time, unless i'm mistaken. [please let me [Lance] know about this.]

Your times will be posted in the thread set up for that purpose. One post per competitor, simply edit your post to show your latest and best times for each week of the challenge. a ''photograph'' will be made each week, after the cut-off time, of the results. Points will be posted in a separate thread by Al. The accumulated total of these calculated points will determine the winner of the challenge. That thread will be locked so that no one but a moderator may alter it. Al will send the points scores to one of the moderators to post them.

From the start of the tournament, the first week being in the original wipEout, you will compete with one of the four teams, Auricom, Feisar, AG-Systems, Qirex. You may NOT choose a different ship for every course. for each week's version of the game; the competitors must use only one team, and in the case of the original wipeout, and wipeout Fusion, one pilot.

at the beginning of the next week, you may choose a new team that was not available in the earlier game, such as Piranha in 2097.XL, or you may continue with the team you started with.

Players who picked a team that does not exist in the next version of the game must of course choose a new one.

Pilots who do not have all the games in the series may still compete; even though they would have no chance at winning the overall prize, they could still go for being the best at the versions they do have. No prizes have been set for winning at a particular game version, but bragging rights should be a great incentive, even if you're not inclined to brag, and just settle for the satisfaction of knowing how good you are!

Each weeks times will be posted along with the name of the team you use for that week. Once we have passed the cut-off time for posting a week's racetimes and other data, those data may not be altered.

Week one

Wipeout, the original

Racing teams to choose from as your starting team. Auricom, AG Systems, Feisar, and Qirex
Racing class: Rapier
Race tracks: Firestar, Altima VII, and Terramax

Week two

Wipeout 2097/XL
Teams Auricom, Feisar, AG Systems, Qirex, and Piranha
Racing class: Phantom
Racing tracks.Spilskinanke Vostock Island, Phenitia Park

Week three

Wipeout 64
Teams. Auricom, Feisar, AG Systems, Qirex, Piranha
Racing class: Phantom [ Weapons On, Cyclone weapons technology On]
Racing Tracks: Velocitar, Machaon 2, Terrafumos

Week four

Wipeout 3
Racing Teams. Auricom, Feisar, AG Systems, Qirex, Pirhana, Icarus, Goteki 45, and Assegai
Racing class: Phantom.
Racing Tracks. Manor Top, P-Mar Project, and Stanza Inter

Week five

Wipeout Fusion
Racing Teams. Auricom, Feisar, Piranha, Tigron, G-Tech, Van Uber, EG-R, and Xios
Racing class: Rapier, Weapons On, Upgrades 0 to 100%
Racing Tracks:
katmoda 12 long track
Vohl Square long track
Temtesh Bay long track

this post will be a 'sticky topic' till after the competition is over.

DJ Techno
22nd October 2002, 08:09 PM
When you move up into the Racing Seasons
week by week.
you are allowed to change your current team you are with, with the new teams of every new Season.

Season 3
Racer X has played for Auricom for two seasons
he has decided to change his current team and race for Goteki 45
in the next Season. F7200.

Racer X has mad the decision to go on with moving into Season 4 as a pilot for
Goteki 45.

Season 4 starts
all his information, winnings, losses, challenges, and playing files as a Auricom pilot
are moved or put into a Goteki 45 file. Nothing is changed he still has all his time post, points, info, everything. The only thing that has been changed is his team name for the new season.

And you are allowed to go back to a team you were with before.
When the next season starts and you are

you can go back to racing with the team you started with in the begining,
This is your choice.

22nd October 2002, 09:05 PM
i'm locking this topic per your request. if this is not the topic you need locked, send me a private message