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9th May 2009, 03:47 PM
OK, It's proving very hard work organizing this on our own team page, so I think we should throw it open for everyone to look at.

First of all we need to know exact numbers involved. I have 15 names at the moment:

1 Wellington86 2 Greenix 3 osama-bin-haydn 4 OLOuk
5 Hellfire_WZ 6 Amorbis 7 Andybob35 8 z1r0rEi
9 kgb1971 10 Peh-Hok 11 stinkleroy 12 silverfox073
13 XBARNSTERX 14 Alejess

At this moment in time, no reply from Wellington, not sure if z1r0rEi is taking part as he is not a member of WZ. (can someone ask him please). Haydn just left a message on our team page alluding to only 4 players needed for the WC.

My initial idea was for each colour to be in one group as this would lead to a balanced collection, so many of the better pilots would not race each other at the same time. 8 Tracks for each one (forward or reverse) Hosts choice.

Only 3 people need to host in all. Hosts would be top seeded pilots (this can be changed if you can't be arsed) i.e
1 Wellington86
2 Greenix
3 osama-bin-haydn

1st round
1 Wellington86 would host 2 Greenix .
3 osama-bin-haydn would host 4 OLOuk

2nd round
1 Wellington86 would host 3 osama-bin-haydn
2 Greenix would host 4 OLOuk

3rd round
1 Wellington86 would host 4 OLOuk
2 Greenix would host 3 osama-bin-haydn

Maybe a little work for the top seeds but that's your punishment for being too fast :p. If we all keep track of our points or take a photo at the end of each tournament add them up at the end and bob's your uncle, 8 highest points scores are Team England. I'll be mascot.

That is my idea which was put to everyone, it can be changed, though keep in mind that it has taken me ****ing ages to do this before you slag it off. :D

Anyones thoughts will be considered, not just team Englands members.

9th May 2009, 04:50 PM
:beer kgb... that seem to be the fairest way to organise it, my hosting skills are legendary so ill leave it to Haydn to host 8) Ive go ziro-rei (i think thats how u say it) on my psn list so ill msg him for his interest.

Im guessin the wipeout world cup is a weapons affair... count me out if its non-weapons as its pointless imo. Otherwise not fussed on tracks, im guessin we'll be doing forward and reverse courses in a random order?

:clap nice work russian spy :rock

9th May 2009, 04:59 PM
Few questions if i may :g

* What about the rest of the group? Isnt just 1on1s to decide the team is it?

* How are these seeds chosen? Currently phantom multiplayer on connavars site is Wellington > Greenix > Myself > Hellfire (man you must have putting in some stella times lately!) > andybob.

9th May 2009, 05:29 PM
OLOuk is part of team England but registered as Polish on Conn's site and as far as i can recall he is slightly higher than Hellfire. This was done a couple of days ago it may of all changed now, but there has to be a point where we decide the groups.

I obvously didn't make it very clear, all the members in a particular colour are in that group.

Wellington hosts with these pilots in his group all the time
1 Wellington86
5 Hellfire_WZ
9 kgb1971

but he would also have these pilots if he were playing Greenix's group

2 Greenix
6 Amorbis
11 Peh-Hok
17 Alejess
...and so on

There are 7 or 8 players in each race if everyone turns up!

9th May 2009, 05:30 PM
All sounds good to me. So I take it you race everyone at least once in a tourney and then tally your poitns from the 4 (?) tourneys.

Let me know when the qualifying is.

9th May 2009, 05:41 PM
That's right silverfox073, but there will only be 3 tourneys in all consisting of 8 tracks each. Just 24 races! In which time you will of played everyone in the other groups 8 times but everyone in your group 24 times. It may not be the best way, if anyone has a better idea to get everyone playing each other let us know

It seems that this Friday in the evening is best for a few people, Shall we say 9pm?

9th May 2009, 06:03 PM
The way that works seems fine to me, I can't think of any simpler way. This way will require less organising as well. I'll be available on Friday probably, I'll let you know if I'm not.

9th May 2009, 07:51 PM
Thats also fine with me KGB, its a fair system. Friday is cool with me also :)

9th May 2009, 08:47 PM
KGB - that seems as fair as possible to me as well. Friday at 9 is great for me.

11th May 2009, 09:52 AM

11th May 2009, 12:48 PM
Anyone know about Wellington, z1r0rEi and OLOuk?

11th May 2009, 02:10 PM
Nope, z1r0rEi still races so im sure he'd want in. Not seen Wellington or OLOuk for a while though.

11th May 2009, 03:02 PM
I've sent them all a message on PSN, I hope they get in touch about it, z1 sent me a garbled message about not wanting to qualify or something, wish he would join here, it would make it so much simpler.

11th May 2009, 03:12 PM
Just came back from holiday friends! I'll be ready on friday.

11th May 2009, 06:24 PM
Sounds good to me, organisation should be easier if we all join a chat room aswell. Good luck champs! :D

11th May 2009, 06:51 PM
I'm in! :p

Jokes - Was just wondering...is the Green using Assegai now? Has he abandoned the Harimau for good, lending weight to all those who feel there's not point in Harimau's existence? (I'm not one of them btw.)

11th May 2009, 10:20 PM
Fly a fast flimsy fish, or a fast flying battering ram?

The choice is easy :beer

11th May 2009, 10:52 PM
I'm in, well up for this

12th May 2009, 04:55 PM
Someone needs to get in touch with Wellington sharpish, he is either ignoring me, hasn't seen my messages or doesn't want to play with me :frown:. If he is not in the world cup it will be a travesty. Not sure what to do about that really.

EDIT: Lunar will not be taking part which is a pity, haven't heard from alejess for a while either

12th May 2009, 05:09 PM
Don't want to throw a spanner in the proverbials but if the numbers decrease will it change the format of the qualifying at all or the groupings ??

I think the format that was agreed on is perfect and the possible way round it is just to reduce the number of racers in each pool.

Once final numbers are confirmed I'm sure it will be easier to finalise.

12th May 2009, 08:06 PM
Someone needs to get in touch with Wellington sharpish, he is either ignoring me, hasn't seen my messages or doesn't want to play with me :frown:. If he is not in the world cup it will be a travesty. Not sure what to do about that really.

EDIT: Lunar will not be taking part which is a pity, haven't heard from alejess for a while either

gutting really if he isnt interested, but no ones forcing him. :beer

12th May 2009, 08:10 PM
May have to do some moving about, but i think three v three will work also. If Wellington or Alejess doesn't show up it will be one less in their particular group.

I can feel a headache coming on :lol

12th May 2009, 08:21 PM
Alejess said he was interested somewhere i swear

13th May 2009, 07:34 AM
Yeah, i remember seeing that he was as well, but he hasn't been on wipeoutzone for about 5 days so will not of seen this. He is not on my Friends list on PSN so i don't know when he was last online. XBARNSTERX has not been in touch either. :(

13th May 2009, 01:52 PM
Here I am! :hyper

I appreciate that organising something like this with so many people involved isn't the easiest job in the world, so my apologies for a being such a laggard and not getting in contact before now.

I was hoping to know for certain by now whether or not I'd be able make it, but unfortunately I'm still not 100% sure. My situation is that I'm a 'definite maybe': I have some stuff going on after work on Friday, but if I can get away early (and assuming our glorious public transport system doesn't let me down) I hope to be OK for 9pm Friday. I'll certainly bust the proverbial gut to make it!

13th May 2009, 06:26 PM
Hope you make it Alejess, just be online a bit before 9pm and we should be able to organise everything.

I'll put this here as well so hopefully everyone will then know which group they will be in if they missed it or just don't understand the workings of my barren, twisted mind.

1 Wellington86 2 Greenix * 3 osama-bin-haydn * 4 OLOuk*
5 Hellfire_WZ * 6 Amorbis * 7 Andybob35 * 8 z1r0rEi *
9 kgb1971 * 10 Peh-Hok * 11 stinkleroy* 12 silverfox073*
13 XBARNSTERX* 14 Alejess*
* confirmed

Is there anyone else out there who would like to take part in this, it seems we have spaces for two more Englishmen/women at the least. It should be a laugh if we all get in one chat room. If I bring the dips and crisps, who's in charge of drinks? :lol

13th May 2009, 09:48 PM
Hey every1 thought you knew that i was up 4 it, i did post that on the team thread. Anyway friday 9.00 pm is good for me ill be on for about 8.30.

p.s. what should happen if anyones ps3 crashes, i'd be gutted if this happens, dont mean to jinx anyone so sorry in advance:frown:

14th May 2009, 07:09 AM
not sure what we would do really, lets hope it doesn't happen.

14th May 2009, 08:15 PM
maybe i could sneak out of the dutch camp to join in.... :lol
joking of course :nod
good luck to all of you, hopefully I'll see you all during the competition proper :D

15th May 2009, 01:14 AM
I'm in! :p

Jokes - Was just wondering...is the Green using Assegai now? Has he abandoned the Harimau for good, lending weight to all those who feel there's not point in Harimau's existence? (I'm not one of them btw.)

Ahh... the fish will always have a place in my heart. But for the competition in the world cup you need a more bad assss ship :banzai ... Harimau is just too kind on the track. As for Assegai, I've been changing ships a lot now. Just can't make my mind up between AG-Sys, Assagai or Mirage... :brickwall

Good luck to all in today's meeting, for queen and country!

15th May 2009, 09:59 AM
Am looking forward to this...I'll bring the drinks KGB :D

15th May 2009, 10:13 AM
Do my eyes decieve me? Greenix potentially moving from Harimau to Mirage aswell? :g

I always knew youd see the light!! Maybe we should get our own team based doubles on the go :beer

15th May 2009, 02:52 PM
All still on for tonight then ??

Had my behind handed to me on numerous occasions last night by some of my fellow Englishmen. I'd love to say I was holding something back for tonight but I'd be lying !!

Still. I'm really looking forward to it and as my dear Ma always says, "its not the winning but the taking part that matters".

Did manage to get my 1st top 10 time on multiplayer phantom last night on rev sol. This was mainly due to sh1tting myself that Saturn was going to catch me (which he very nearly did), now I just have to work out how to be that good on all other 15 tracks !!

What will the procedure be for later ?? I'm guessing Invite only games but I don't think I'm on any of the hosts friends lists. I've got Stinkleroy and Peh Hok on my list so if someone can send me a PSN later would be much obliged.

15th May 2009, 02:57 PM
Saturn is damn quick on the track, i put him up there with Wotan, with the fastest world racers.

I havent seen a Goteki go so damn fast since Wipeout Pulse.

15th May 2009, 04:15 PM
Ok as far as i know Wellington will not be playing, i hope he changes his mind though, we will see. In which case i will do the hosting for that group. which will involve inviting all the other groups at some point.

Greenix will host the blues and purples

osama-bin-haydn will only need to host against the purples.

Anyone that isn't on my friends list should send me a Friend request and any other host if they need to.

I'll do it again just in case

First races are:

red v green
blue v purple

second races are:

red v blue
green v purple

final races are:

red v purple
green v blue

should we say be online about 8:45 so we can arrange it, someone else can start a chat room off.

good luck everyone. :D:beer

15th May 2009, 08:26 PM
It seems like we have a couple of problems happening in deepest cumbria at the moment. Amorbis is having trouble getting on line and a soon to be ex child of mine has deleted HD off my ps3. What else could go wrong.

I have serious doubts it will download in time it's only at 26% now. Im really sick.

15th May 2009, 08:39 PM
I'm still having trouble unfortunately, the wireless can't make its mind up about whether it wants to work or not. It started to work and then disconnected again which made me very annoyed. I'll keep at it and see if I can get back online in time.

15th May 2009, 08:43 PM
No rush guys, I'm ready to go whenever :)

15th May 2009, 08:47 PM
I can't even start a chat room up now :bomb

15th May 2009, 09:33 PM
:paperbag match re-arranged this sunday 9pm

Canncelled due to bad weather:g

15th May 2009, 11:23 PM
silverfox - I remember that race. I was going all out to catch you and did indeed get close at one stage but even pirahpac style tricks weren't enough to make up the deficit. Well done on the time :+

Kigo - Thanks for the kind words :D. I think I'm a way off Wotan yet though. There is only a couple of tracks that I have down well, whereas with Wotan, he could pull out a world record at any time on any course. Still, I'm working on it :p

I just got home. I was looking forward to seeing the results to this tournament. It should be very interesting. Ah well, I guess at least I still have something to look forward to now :)

Good luck to all you guys competing. I kind of wish the Dutch were doing this just for the fun of it.

16th May 2009, 08:10 AM
Cheers Saturn, once in a Blue moon I can pull a time like that out.

As the event was postponed we had some "friendly" races. They were pretty far from friendly though to be honest :g

Some absolutely incredible races last night, if thats what qualification will be like then it should be superb.

16th May 2009, 12:25 PM
bit of a cock up of major proportions last night on my part. Got it downloaded again, for some reason I have lost none of my campaign progress, i thought it deleted it all.

16th May 2009, 12:31 PM
It was a fun experience nevertheless, recall some lovely comments from Hellfire in the chat room about bum cigars :lol

Still meeting at 9pm tomorrow?

16th May 2009, 01:53 PM
Yes I think so, can Haydn make it then? I have talked to AB35 and told him about tomorrow.

Also Cat can you host as well as even though Haydn is a very fine pilot, funny, intelligent and good looking, his organisational skills are ****ing crap :g, when I asked him yesterday if he knew what he was doing, he didn't have a clue. So we won't challenge him too much by asking him to host one race!

Me, you and Greenix are the ones that will decide which tracks to race, any 8 you want.

Just to make sure Cat and Greenix, do you understand what you have to do?

16th May 2009, 02:00 PM
Haha sure, as far as I understand it I'll have to host the first race against the purples...everybody is on my list apart from andybob so I'll have to sort that out.

Then don't host again when we fight reds then greens as they will be hosting those matches.

Correct? :)

16th May 2009, 02:03 PM
Yep :+ Got it in one. Thank you for making it look easy :beer

16th May 2009, 02:06 PM
Hehe I'm clearly just very intelligent :p

Cheers for setting this up KGB :clap

17th May 2009, 11:37 AM
I take it we are all up for this still, you have all gone dark! :sonar

17th May 2009, 11:40 AM
I will be there to batter some faces tonight, with my camera for added comedy ;)

17th May 2009, 11:44 AM
I'm aiming to slow you down tonight Hellfire. you were a bit too quick yesterday.

17th May 2009, 11:48 AM
You'll have to catch me first ;)

17th May 2009, 03:16 PM
I will be ready and willing at 9pm again KGB

Looking forward to some crazy racing with no quarter being asked for or given.

17th May 2009, 04:57 PM
I know that everyone agreed to race tonight, but didn't OBH leave before we arranged this, if anyone's online with him let him know please. You would of thought he would of checked here to see what happened at least, he hasn't been on the forum since friday.

Hope everyone turns up.

17th May 2009, 05:13 PM
Just messaged him. He was online an hour ago so he should be back on before then

17th May 2009, 06:02 PM
Cheers Hellfire,

just got in touch with Judus as well and he said he will be there, he can go in the Red group with us

17th May 2009, 08:26 PM
Haydn has still not signed in...

17th May 2009, 08:36 PM
yep great, what we gonna do about that one?

17th May 2009, 08:53 PM
Shall we delay till 9:30?

17th May 2009, 11:22 PM
My points: round 1 - 46
round 2 - 43
round 3 - 53

In total: 142

Top class races lads!!! See You all on track! KGB you are master of organisation - Great Work!

17th May 2009, 11:24 PM
As we still had absences and drop outs tonight, we decided to do qualifying in two blocks. First round we pick four, then we'll hold another round later on to pick another four, minus the initial qualifying members.


1 - Greenix - 147
2 - OLOuk - 142
3 - Andybob35 - 142
4 - Hellfire_WZ - 130
5 - silverfox073 - 122
6 - Amorbis - 120
7 - Peh-Hok - 114
8 - kgb1971 - 103
9 - z1r0rEi - 95

So the first four members of Team England's World Cup squad are Greenix, OLOuk, Andybob35, and Hellfire_WZ

KGB will organise the second round later in the week

Thanks everyone :D

17th May 2009, 11:27 PM
I can't say I wasn't disappointed by my result, I know I could've done better. I suppose I've got the other qualifier to look forward to. What are we going to do about Haydn? He deserves a chance at the team too. It's a shame if he doesn't. There's the no weapons racing too, what if that crops up in the World Cup? I suppose there is stuff still to be organised.

Still, good racing from everyone on the team tonight. We should have an excellent chance at the cup!

17th May 2009, 11:29 PM
Actually, did Barnster finish as well? Don't recall getting his score

17th May 2009, 11:51 PM
Interesting results. Very close amongst you guys.

Just thought I'd say, Mad-Ice is organising the WC and I think he's a fan of weps-off races, so it's quite likely that they will be included. It's just speculation from me, but I'd say more likely they will be than not.

17th May 2009, 11:57 PM
Yeah we need Barnsters score as well, I know he got 28 in the tourney I was in with him.

Some incredibly intense racing tonight.

For me, weapons off races take away a lot of the fun of Wipeout. I know some people enjoy them but they're just not my personal cup of tea. Don't seem to get the heart racing like weapons on.

With the 4 already qualified we've got a great chance and still some excellent pilots to come who didn't race tonight or manage to finish either.


18th May 2009, 12:24 AM
Well done everyone, that was a great english meeting :D Amorbis you are dangerous in that fish :bomb Amount of eliminations you had was ridiculous.

So everyone here:


Can still have a go at the second qualifier round, which as hellfire has put, will be organised by KGB soon. Good luck to you all :+

18th May 2009, 12:29 AM
I'd put my amount of eliminations down to the weapons I got, but I do know how to use them! I must've got poor KGB four times in the first tournament, amongst others. Andy got a taste of it too, I think I eliminated him about three times. Too bad eliminations aren't what we're looking for here :p.

I'm looking forward to bringing my wrath to the second qualifier. I'm not sure what happens after that, though. Is the second qualifier to decide the B team or for something else? I'll leave you lot to organise things because I'm really no good at it.

18th May 2009, 04:25 AM
sorry i wasnt here. couple of family birthdays.

looks like ive missed out. :(

18th May 2009, 09:23 AM
Not at all, there's still four places left which is what this second qualifier is about. There were a few missing and people who had to drop out so we decided to split qualifying into two rounds. The one we had yesterday had four qualifying, and the next will have another four minus those who are already through.

Don't worry Haydn, plenty of opportunity yet ;)

18th May 2009, 11:02 AM
thank god :)

as long as the next qualifier isnt on junne 5th (my birthday), should be fine to race whenever.
unfact i should rule out the day before, and after - you know, recovery time :)

congratulations and commiserations to all who took part! sounds like it was a mad one.

18th May 2009, 02:31 PM
Is the second qualifier to decide the B team or for something else? I'll leave you lot to organise things because I'm really no good at it.

No, it's to take account of the fact that not everyone was present and there were a couple who had to leave early. It's all to go into one team, it just allows everyone to have a second crack at it :)

18th May 2009, 06:53 PM
Been having internet problems all day and couldn't get online.

Well done everyone for last night, my score wasn't too clever. I seem to of developed my elimination bug again :g. doesn't help when your getting your shield drained from you by laggy collisions mind.

Im a bit busy at the moment putting a new bathroom in so it will have to be at the weekend for me. If someone else wants to organise it then that's fine by me.

Amorbis: I'm gonna find you and shove those weapons up your ****ing arse pal ;)

18th May 2009, 09:17 PM
Top show guys... intense races.. made more so by that lil fishie....(ill hook, line and sink that fish oneday...heheh) but a great show from all who where there...

Non-weapon races bored me ridged (just one br per lap...) i wonder whether the new online features such as no br's but weapons will be implamented? then im in... makes it playable imho and keeps uber fast racers tame... But i imagine it will be in so ill gladly pass my place to consistant racers like OBH or wellyington (does he still play?)

The only issue we'll have in the wc is friendly-fire me thinks.... :redface:

18th May 2009, 09:30 PM
I assure you sponge, that's something you excel at :bomb

18th May 2009, 09:38 PM
You can still be on the team. There'll be 8 players so only 4 will race at one time. Therefore someone else can easily take your place just for non-weps races. I agree with you about its inclusion, but for different reasons. I like Avalon a lot but feel it's an individual pursuit, all you can do as a team is get in eachother's way. But hey-ho, I'm not organizing it, and it'll be the first World Cup too so if non-weps races don't work, then I'm sure the feedback will reveal this and their exclusion will be considered next time around.

Good luck to all for the next race. Let's hope osama-bin-houdini doesn't do his magic disappearing act again. Wouldn't be the same without the bug.

18th May 2009, 10:10 PM
i either had 99 or 98 theres one race not sure about, sol2 with andybob, i know i was 3rd on the last lap, but cant remember if he took over me before the finish, if he did i only got 98.

19th May 2009, 09:42 AM
I'm going away on Sunday so would be good if we could do second round on Friday or Saturday. Or before...

19th May 2009, 12:57 PM
No one seems to of organised anything yet so what about 9pm Friday. Knowing us then that would be a start time of around 9:30pm :dizzy.

If this is all that is left then it could be a straight 12 race tournament


There are a few that didn't show: Alejess and Judus. Lunar wasn't available, i wonder if you are now mate? If more people show intrest we can do something else like split in to two groups and top two go through from each.

What do you think about that people?

Have I missed anyone?

19th May 2009, 02:56 PM
KGB - that seems ok to me.

Should be able to make it no problems but if not I'll drop you a message on PSN.

19th May 2009, 02:59 PM
Good job kgb.
No upcoming birthdays, drinking, or partying on friday for me, so im 100% there. :cowboy

Saturn blatently wishes he picked racin' for the plucky brits over those orange fellas :g


his organisational skills are ****ing crap :g, when I asked him yesterday if he knew what he was doing, he didn't have a clue. So we won't challenge him too much by asking him to host one race!
hahahaha, how did i ever miss that comedy gold mine!! and here i was thinking about offering to host qualification round 2.

think ill leave that mind boggling task to one greater than I :g

19th May 2009, 03:32 PM
Saturn blatently wishes he picked racin' for the plucky brits over those orange fellas :g

:) Your right Haydn, he has never recovered from us banishing him from the team when he went for the dutch option. He has a burning desire to beat all of us now, especially me! (a lot)!!!!

19th May 2009, 04:16 PM
No one seems to of organised anything yet so what about 9pm Friday. Knowing us then that would be a start time of around 9:30pm :dizzy.

I'm almost certainly available then. I hope it won't as much of a destruction derby as it was last time. Although that was mainly my fault :D.

19th May 2009, 06:47 PM
Banished? Pah! I'd be happy to be in either team. But home is where the heart is and my heart is orange (that made no sense but whatever). I'm just checking out the competition.

Just a suggestion for you guys, while I'm here (again). Would it be better to split into 2 tourneys of 4 players? Lag and whatnot can be quite annoying and often ruin a person's game. Maybe fewer players in each game would give truer results. Having said that, I suppose being lag-smart and being able to survive in an 8 player game would also be an advantage. Although with 4 on each team there'd only be 4 others aiming fo you max, not 7. Whatever, just thought I'd mention it in case it's worth considering. Ultimately I guess a single 8 player game will be much easy in terms of organization. And I'm not in Team England so am likely best ignored.

P.S. I probably wouldn't have qualified anyway, and you guys already have a Goteki pilot. One's enough.

19th May 2009, 08:09 PM
You could of had it all Saturn, but you threw it away by declaring your love elsewhere. :)

I agree about splitting us up into 2 groups, but trying to organise this lot is akin to taking a bunch of 7 year olds on a day trip. You end up running around like a headless chicken making sure everyone is ok, while the good for nothing, lazy, dirty, rude little ****ers run riot. :):):)

I'll see what the general feeling is, two 12 race tournaments sound good that way we could let someone in at the last moment.

ps. I feel your searching for a compliment there Saturn about not qualifying. You are not getting one. :P:g

21st May 2009, 06:16 PM
I just want to check the status of tomorrow's qualifier. I have it marked on my calender as Friday the 22nd of May 2009 at 9:00PM. Will the tournament be all seven competitors in one race or are we going with Saturn's suggestion of two groups?

I'm looking forward to it, everyone better watch out for my flying fish, especially you KGB :g.

21st May 2009, 06:42 PM
That's the time that was planned, no one has posted much about it for a while. This comp is gonna last longer than the WC itself if we don't watch it. Isn't there 8 still left at the moment?

Also i had a message off Wellington about him playing more HD, but he didn't really say about entering the qualifiers so watch this space for that one!

I'm happy to split into two groups of four and have a 12 race tournament and the top two from each group go through or us all in one group for a Battle Royal.

The two groups sound good, that way I can rig it so me and Amorbis are kept apart :)

21st May 2009, 10:03 PM
Apologies to my fellow country men and women for my absence during all the qualifying sessions. Iíve been horribly busy over the last week or so and haven't even got close to getting on the PS3 :( Thatís likely to continue for a while, so very little chance of me turning up tomorrow.

On a cheerier note, congrats also to Greenix, Hellfire, OLOuk & Andybob for qualifying, and good luck to everybody else in the race for the last 4 places. Looking at the strength in depth we seem to have in Team England, I'm sure we can show those johnny foreigner chaps who really rules the waves .. or, er, the tracks.

21st May 2009, 10:26 PM
Also i had a message off Wellington about him playing more HD....

Cue the sound of bricks being sh*t all over France! Let`s hope Wellington will play.

You`re right to worry about Amorbis, KGB, he is very mean and nasty, I found last night. I`m not sure who eliminated me on Sol 2 rev but I suspect him. ;)

sorry I don`t think I will take part in the qualifiers, the way I`m playing at the moment I could probably drive Miss Daisy but not much else, and the aforementioned strength in depth means this shouldn`t be too much of a worry. :D I doubt I will be able to get online at 9 anyway. Good luck to all. :)

22nd May 2009, 08:54 AM
Well I haven't heard anymore from Wellington so I don't know what's going on there.

What I do know, is out of the 7 people that I messaged yesterday, 3 have got back in touch about tonight. We are still waiting for conformation from:


For some reason I missed XbarnsterX off the list but he has a message now.

22nd May 2009, 09:43 AM
Had to get permission from my better half. She isn't exactly over the moon about it but has agreed to let me have the telly tonight from after Corrie !!

Need to try and practice a bit today, haven't played online since Monday and had a bit of a nasty sickness bug the last 24 hours :frown:

22nd May 2009, 05:30 PM
Slowly but surely there's videos going up of the first round. It'll take some time to get them all up but I've now finished teaching so should have plenty of time to do it :)

22nd May 2009, 06:04 PM
I'll be there!

22nd May 2009, 09:56 PM
We've just had some intense races in the second qualifiers. It was all going OK for me until the last two races, but I managed by the skin of my teeth :eek.

In my bracket I came second, 1 point off Barnster. So I think Osama, Peh-hok, Barnster and me qualified. Someone will have the definitive answer I'm sure. Sorry KGB for the destruction, but I can barely help it :(.

22nd May 2009, 10:05 PM
Thats correct Amorbis.

Some excellent races. Did not have the luck of the weapon gods tonight. Every time I got a lead I seemed to hear missile behind me and get caught. 1 place off qualifying last time and 1 point away from it this time. Lets me get back to concentrating on Zone though ;)

Best of luck to all the English qualifiers for the World Cup. I'm sure you will do us all proud.

For Queen and Country AndyBob, Greenix, Olo, Hellfire, Barnster, Amorbis, Peh and Osama - don't let her down !!

And also a massive thank you to KGB for organising us and it so well. Wouldn't have been possible without him. Nice one mate.

22nd May 2009, 10:56 PM
Well I'm glad that it's done, not to keen on the result though :)

I think I got 65 or 66. Not much luck for me, On metropia rev, just as i used a turbo i got hit by rockets which took me miles off the track, then later in the same race i used a quake which took me off the track as well. Amorbis was up to his usual shenanigans also :cold.

Well done everyone who competed. So finally we have our team ( I hope its going to be worth it). In no particular order


Osama bin haydn

As good as a man can get. ;)

are there any other teams in the world cup by the way? or is it just us. :D

22nd May 2009, 11:19 PM
I think we have to declare our team in the World Cup Teams Registration thread (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6071). Congratulations to my fellow team mates that qualified, commiserations to those that didn't. Any of use could have qualified and our team would still be good, although it's a shame that Wellington didn't compete.

KGB don't fret about my shenanigans, I'll put them to good use against the French and the Dutch ;).

22nd May 2009, 11:23 PM
easy pickings ;)

23rd May 2009, 10:51 AM
He he, try saying that to Amorbis' Pirhana yeldar. This isn't going to be war on the track, more Amorbis' pest control. And his pest radar is bleeping in your direction.... :P

To all the second Team England qualifiers congratulations, and comiserations to those that didn't make it through - that has to include Silverfox and his one point miss! I hope we all give the other teams as much grief as we did to ourselves. Big thankyou to KGB for organising it and gathering all the naughty school children together!

P.s I'm looking forward to your comedy classics Hellfire :beer
__________________________________________________ _____________________

He he he he he! That vid of Ubermall Rev (Red vs Green) was a priceless moment :lol
I remember that race to be a 2 second delayed start for me so had to trundle through all the bombs and mines too catch up with you. I remember thinking at the time, 'I wonder what Hellfire is spitting at me' :D

23rd May 2009, 11:20 AM
Where the **** is your best man Wellington? Isnt he playing?

Also wheres Saturn and Yeldar? They playing with the country of origins i guess arent they?

23rd May 2009, 12:37 PM
We have 8 superb pilots Kigo who will represent our country with pride and I'm sure will beat allcomers.

Saturn and Yeldar are both racing for Holland I believe.

Where can I find the videos from the first lot of qualification then ?? Some of those should be funny.

Looks like now we've agreed on our pilots the other countries are running scared !!!

23rd May 2009, 01:31 PM
:g :g :g :g

et la marmotte , elle met le chocolat dans le papier ....

It will be great and amazing , this world cup ...

23rd May 2009, 02:14 PM
Where the **** is your best man Wellington? Isnt he playing?
Unfortunatly no. Though im confident weve got enough talent flying around :)

Commiserations to z1 and it particular stink :g peh-hok really clawed it back from you. Friendship was really thrown out the window for our match!