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18th April 2009, 01:10 AM
Would anybody be interest in an offline Avalon style records table? I have been thinking about this and think the idea could work quite well.

Essentially it would be a time trial without using using speed boosts and having only a total of 6 barrel rolls. It could possibly be extended to single race and speed lap but I'm not so sure about those.

I was thinking each week we could do 1 track. Everyone who wanted to take part could submit their best time. The fastest pilot would have to provide proof. This could be done either by way of a video or by submitting your ghost for your competitors to both race against and simultaneously verify.
Ideally I would like this to happen halfway through the week so that others could see the method used by the fastest pilot and try to better it. Then at the end of the week we can find the top 5 pilots in the same way, i.e. submit times and proof, to go on the first records table.

Hopefully this would be a good event for several reasons:
1. Those who don't like having to do 100 barrel rolls each lap just to get a top 100 time could take part. The chances are it would be the easiest barrel rolls that would be the most helpful.
2. Having to provide some kind of proof would make this a completely open tournament.
3. Those who aren't able to play online much would have something to take part in.
4. It would help focus on improving overall lines and cornering rather than trying to figure out how the hell that shortcut works on ubermall reverse, for example.
5. Having it as a weekly thing would provide a focussed challenge in the long term.
6. It would lead to even more competitive racing in monthly online Avalon events by teaching everyone good lines and good barrel roll tactics.

I know it wouldn't be exactly the same conditions as Avalon, e.g. you would have infinite shields, but I think it could be kinda cool.

I've mentioned it to kanar and he's cool with it. So let me know what you think. The chances are there may be something I've missed that would make it impossible to work, so speak up if you've spotted massive holes in the plan and speak up even louder if you think it's a good idea.


18th April 2009, 08:33 AM
For me the principle of Avalon(tm) consist on non weapon races against fast pilots. Instead of being alone on the track and avoiding your boosts and possibilities of br, what do you you think, mate, of races against the elite ai without weapons ? I do that sometimes as a warm up before Kanar's events.

18th April 2009, 09:01 AM
(tm)... :lol. I was wondering the same Leungbok, single race, 7 elite AI opponents, no weapons; and then you have a kind of avalon : virtual missions lol. And you can post a pic of the result.

Well, I just tested it, and evading from the elite pack when always starting 8th is something :banzai.

18th April 2009, 11:45 AM
I agree leungbok. That is the main attraction of Avalon for me too. But I was thinking TT for a couple of reason. The first is the strategic element involved. It's one thing to win races, but when it comes to records and the like you really need to know which barrel roll is best and also how to get ahead quickly so that you stand more chance of avoiding record-destroying lag issues. I was thinking this would be a good way of improving those skills. Elite AI would be too. It's something I've tried once or twice. TT though would hopefully allow those who couldn't record their performance on camera to join in by uploading their ghost. As I said above, I'm also hoping it would be something for those who aren't BR and shortcut masters an alternative TT table to compete in on a more even level.

As mentioned though it could quite easily be extended to Elite AI races for those who could record.

Thanks for your opinions guys :+. It may never happen or it may develop into something different. We shall see :).

24th April 2009, 12:36 AM
Hmm, a fair number of views but no interest. Ah well, I'll shelve this one for now. No worries - I guess I'll just have to practise Avalon alone and save it all for the main event :+

24th April 2009, 03:02 AM
its a good idea to have the avalon offline sessions... i dont even own a PS3, but for all the reasons you mentioned above - you're making me wish I had one.

I'm quite active on Pulse, both online and offline.

And like some of us I've been playing the Wipeout games since the original... So i think i have earnt the right to say "Awesome Concept, give it a chance - choose a track, and arrange a start day"... get this one started mate, and i'll probably have to buy a PS3... I'm planning on getting mine in August!

29th May 2009, 11:35 PM
Great idea saturn :D
One thing tho; I'm guessing I would have to delete all my saved time trial ghosts because not using the turbos and rolling only 6 times is going to be a lot slower then my current PB ghosts?

30th May 2009, 12:16 AM
You wouldn't have to delete them. You could just back them up. It wouldn't be too much effort if we were to do 1 track per week. Backing up would probably be a good idea anyway, given all the corruption going on recently (and I'm not talking about the politicians - makes a change).

30th May 2009, 01:46 AM
gimmegimmegimme. i'm up for this seeing as yeldar2097 has been network errored (bastards!)

30th May 2009, 01:56 AM
Thanks for the interest guys. I can't do anything myself on this for a couple of weeks yet because I'm going away. Hopefully there will still be interest when I get back (20th June). I'd like to get some more people interested in it and possibly discuss/think about it a bit more before launch anyway.

yeldar - I don't expect you'll have the error for long. It happened earlier to me too but I was able to sign in again soon after.

30th May 2009, 02:02 AM
good timing, i have exams n that and i might be able to swing a couple of sessions around 17th June - 11th July. zing!

30th May 2009, 11:40 AM
you could also play it 2 player, no opponents, no weapons, with player 2 not moving :)

i was also very surprised to see 2 player single races count towards the record tables too.