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11th April 2009, 11:26 AM

Greeting Zoners. While Pondering What I could do for a tournament that many poeple would enjoy I came up with WARHEAD, Full contact AG Racing.

The Purpose of WARHEAD is for racers to focus on destroying As many Opposing craft as possible as well as cross the line in one piece.

The Tournaments would Procede as Follows...

Tournament 1
- 7 Race Tournament
- 4 Laps per Race,
- Weapons On
- Barrell Rolls Off
- Phantom

Tournament 2

- 5 Race Tournament
- 2 Laps Per Race
- Weapons On
- Barrell Rolls Off
- Flash

!!!IMPORTANT!!!Time period would be -8:00 (Pacific / West Coast Time), However I would adjust the time so that it would be convienient for our European friends.

Points would be Calculated By Points Won in the tournament, However People who Cause the most chaos in the Races will earn Specific titles (and maybe bonus points if enough people re interested!)

Titles (To be won in the Races)

Mass Murderer (Most Kills in a Single Race) :
Unbreakable (Destroyed the Least) :
Cannon Fodder (Destroyed the Most) :
Masochist (Most Suicides) :
More To be Added....

This is Meant to be FULL Contact, no holds barred, pure AG on AG Battle Royale with the most destructive coming out on top.

So do YOU have what it takes to Fly in WARHEAD? Sign up now and see if you got what it takes!

We will see you there...

- Vartazian

11th April 2009, 05:22 PM
confused :dizzy: how do you get around the minimum laps for phantom and flash (4 and 5 laps respectively)?

13th April 2009, 02:37 AM
You dont, I made a few typos.

Edit - Is nobody interested in this tournament?

That sucks :frown:

13th April 2009, 03:11 AM
chin up, it took about 10 days before many ppl said they were interested in the doubles. some ppl aren't on that often
patience is the key :P

13th April 2009, 03:16 AM
There tends not to be as much interest in non phantom stuff here. Some players do rapier, some flash, but most are phantom I think. The people that race slower classes may also do it because they don't like phantom as much. So finding people who like both will be tough.

Also, there is ample coverage of the destruction thing in ASTRAL and Die Hard leagues. So there might be less interest because of that. As an example, I'm already doing ASTRAL, Die Hard, Doubles Ladder, Avalon when it happens and National team races. Same goes for a lot of others. Maybe if you gauge interest in a rapier class you'd have more luck. I think stinkleroy does rapier a lot, maybe she knows who the main rapier players are. Could ask her maybe?

I like the graphic btw. Very cool.

13th April 2009, 03:22 AM
I posted a flash because I noticed that there are a substatially higher Fatality rate in the slower races.

If I got a bit more input on what people wanted, That would be really nice.

I thought the Idea of adding A "Bonus Point Element" to the races for getting kills would be insentive to get a little more carnage out of the race instead of having a full-boar Race to the end to get the pts of Winning, Something like 2 PTS per kill.

Also I would make little custom Graphics for people for the titles (Much like the badges or the oppening banner.)

Yeld and Saturn if you guys are Interested. Having a few people might help getting things started.

if not. your input is Always welcome! :)

PS: Thanks for the kind words Saturn on the Banner, I thought It would sort of fit =)

13th April 2009, 03:38 AM
Would you be recording the race to keep track of kills?

I'd probably me more interested in rapier myself. I can adjust to it fairly quickly. I've noticed as well that weapons are far easier to aim and stuff in the odd rapier race I've been fooled into playing.

It would have to be weekends for me as I work in the week and I doubt the time zone thing could work out. Probably the same for a lot of people.

But yeah, give it a bit more time for some more feedback. It's Easter don't forget, so people with social lives are busy (not me :p).

13th April 2009, 04:22 AM
So a Flash and a Rapier Tournament?

I was thinking I could observe the races as the "8th" racer, this would let me record who kills who etc.

Bump kills Dont count! It has to be by weapon or Wall kills.

Would a point system work though? I think it would be a interesting twist on the Wipeout scene

and yes I was planning weekends in the first place.