View Full Version : Products For An Accelerated Age...And An Accelerated Budget!

Synthetic Consciousness
11th October 2002, 03:33 PM
At last...a hover mower...: http://www.hammacher.com/publish/10332.asp [$699:95]

And my favorite: http://www.hammacher.com/publish/10321.asp [$14-999:95]

The future is now! 8) ...Too bad my paycheck isn't. :cry:

11th October 2002, 09:52 PM
just like G-tech, didnt they make that kind of stuff besides ag-racing vehicles

the hover scooter looks awesome! i want it!

if I win the lottery, ill buy one and paint it and add Feisar decals :D
and see if there was a possibility to make it go a wee bit faster than 15mph, more like.. 50mph atleast :)