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16th February 2009, 04:34 AM
Hey guys. I've been working on this for a little while in my head. A WipeOut Zone league experience, I know other leagues have been talked about. But that seemed more of a ladder system then what I had pictured. I finally wrote some stuff down. This is considered a rough draft. Here is what I have so far.

I was thinking the season would be all 16 tracks. In a set order, that way each seasons feels like a new season not just a random set of courses each time.

There will be 4 separate championships running. One for each speed class, but set up the same way. This way gives players of all levels can compete, Large teams can have there junior teams too, that reflect the other speed classes.

A team would have to be formed, with a minimum of 2 pilots. A team would have to have it's own name, and register of it's pilots. Teams themselves can decide if they have a number 1 and number 2 pilot on there team. Or let each pilot fight it out. But the races will happen at the same times for the speed classes. So once you register for your speed class you are locked in to that. Unless in advance you are promoted to fill in for someone.

Before each season is to start the event calendar would be given. Now during pre-season each team has to decide on which chassis they will use. When a chassis is picked it cannot be switched during a season. A new chassis is available at the start of the new seasons. Chassis will be on first come first serve basis. Only 1 team per chassis.

Team names have to be unique, not the standard names from WipeOut. For example you can use the AG-Systems Chassis, name maybe FireHawks.

Each season will have 2 championships going. 1 for the top pilot, and 1 for the top team.

Once a team choses a chassis it is there responsibility to have both pilots use the same paint scheme per event. Each race event, they can use a different paint scheme available to that chassis, they just have to match.

During a race event, the teams will only race on 1 track for that event. Each team will field 2 pilots per race. Pilots will not change through out the season unless a emergency. Then it is up to the team to bring in a back up. Back ups points will count towards there own points, not the pilot they are replacing for that event. A promotion can take place such as Team X uses one of there Rapier class pilots to fill in for a absent Phantom one, but it has to be a registered member of there team that fills in.

Races will be a 4 weapons on races, 4 weapons off races. The total scores from all 8 races will be added together, to give the winner for both pilot and team. (Or more races maybe added, so the event isn't to short)

Each race event will be listed on the calendar so teams may practice before hand.

At the beginning of a new season, last seasons champion will use the Chrome paint scheme to signify they are the reigning world champion.

Scoring will be taken from Formula One World Championship.

10 Points: 1st
8 Points: 2nd
6 Points: 3rd
5 Points: 4th
4 Points: 5th
3 Points: 6th
2 Points: 7th
1 Point: 8th

Or we could just use standard WOHD tournament scoring system to make it easier. Then run two back to back tournaments on the race Sunday. I wish WOHD would let you do a Weapon on, weapon off in the same tournament but you can't.

Each teams pilot's points will be added together to make there teams points.

Was thinking the race event would take place on Sundays. Trying to figure out what the base season length is. I'd like a long seasons, but with one Sunday meeting doesn't seem to bad. So a season could last 4 months, which would be all 16 tracks. Then a new season starts.

16th February 2009, 06:43 PM
Sounds interesting but I don't quite understand.

If teams are of 2 players then I assume based on the scoring system there are 4 teams per race. But does that mean that a 4 month season could only have 4 teams in it?

How would it be organised so that all the teams could play each other if there were more than 4 teams.

Sorry if you said this already in your post, it may just be my brain malfunctioning as usual.

16th February 2009, 08:00 PM
Yes, there would only 4 playable teams, per season. With 8 pilots total. Depending on the popularity I did picture having division in each speed class. So there maybe 4 divisions on Phantom, Rapier, Flash, Venom.

I haven't figured out if divisions should stay separate with there own championships. I just didn't want to get in to a ladder system where it keeps getting narrowed and narrowed down. That doesn't feel like a race season to me.

I pictured it would be the players teams, using the WOHD chassis. So it isn't about I am racing for AG-Systems. It's my team uses a AG-Systems Craft in the league but my team is it's own thing. Each team can pick a new chassis for a different experience at the beginning of each season.

16th February 2009, 08:34 PM
Hmm. Well I'm interested in something like this and I like the idea for the most part. The only problem for me is that it seems a little limited if only 8 people can play per class. Although I understand that things like this on a larger scale are quite tough to organise. Thinking about real life racing seasons too, this does seem more representative of those. Hmmm, where do I sign up? Phantom please. Feisar please. Who want to be my team mate?

Maybe you could organise a mini season to test out this setup or something, before launching into a 4 month season. Just an idea.

16th February 2009, 09:45 PM
Right now I am interested in feed back on it. To see if people would want to try it out as a new concept.

I just thought it would be more of a challenge then other types of events. Since your pre-season you have to think of what chassis your team will use. Going by other team mates skills. Once you pick it, you can't change it per event.

Also will have race as a team, not solo 8 pilots out for themselves. So if your team mate is in the lead, think of your team as a whole. Not what points you personally want.

A small little tester season event is a good idea.

17th February 2009, 03:14 AM
yes please, sounds awesome.
i'm not sure i follow but it sounds awesome all the same.
willing to help if you need it :)

19th February 2009, 07:41 AM
KLAX75 ran this idea by me in a PM a while ago.

What's needed is for two pilots to man the same craft for each season [Think F1 racing]The team colours would have to be used[The same craft skin].

The Proposed idea is to have two pilots race for each craft [say AG sytems] they would race against the team that has Triakis ,gotteki,Fiesar and Quirex for example.
It would be a based on the best points scored by team,both weapons and non weapon racing,over all tracks.
All teams would have to race each other.

So you would have [say 4 different AG system team teams representing the 4 speed classes].
Each team would select a craft to use solely within that season.
You have as many teams as there are different craft available but it would have to be on a first come first served basis.
You can't mix different craft in the one team.

It would be fun to see this event come to fruition.
Every craft has it's pro's and cons depending on the track,and some pilots can master the handling of craft that would otherwise be considered unsuitable for the course,and make mincemeat out of any opposition in the process.