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5th September 2002, 06:52 AM
have you seen the trailer? .. I cant wait for the game.... aw, its so beautiful..


5th September 2002, 03:25 PM
I almost regret seeing that because knowing I'm going to have to wait another year until I can lay my grubby hands on it is gonna kill me :-?

Those shadows though..... :o wow

5th September 2002, 09:35 PM
yeah, the lighting is really nice.. I just love the high-res textures of Halo , when you see a rock, zoom in on it with the rifle, and can actually see how torn the surface of it is up close..

6th September 2002, 12:39 AM
looks great. Has kind of a derived story this time though.
I'm happy with my PS2.
But couldn't they hurry up with the PC port of Halo?

6th September 2002, 06:22 AM
Yeah but , the game does just fine on xbox. When trying timesplitters I had huge problems playing and aiming with the controller, but in Halo, it all seems pretty easy, takes 10-15 min then youre aiming fine. Of course, keyboard and mouse is the better option, but why port to PC? it would mean remaking Halo 1 while working on Halo 2.. seems kind of clumbsy.. Ive heard gamers saying stuff like, " when Halo 2 comes online, whos gonna play it with a CONTROLLER?!" , thats a dumb question, cause, playing Halo 2 with a controller vs. other opponents with controllers doesnt really give anyone an advantage, and belive me, after some time, youll aim pretty good.. Ive played against some unbelivable players using xbconnect.

7th September 2002, 02:03 AM
maybe you missed it, they ARE doing a PC/Mac port of Halo.
I don't have an x-box

7th September 2002, 12:50 PM

Finally, other than Battlefield 1942, a game worth having my Radeon 8500 for :D

For those who haven't played Battlefield, it is awesome - really exceptional multiplayer experience. None of your Counter Strike camping bollocks - this is a game that rewards Hollywood style risks.

Japs got that villiage secured with a big tank in the middle?

Jump into a jeep and steam in there as if Michael Bay is directing the whole thing - jump from the car and let it smash into the tank, run from the explosion that followes and gun down the startled onlookers!! Yeehaw!

Actually, while I'm here - has anyone played the TimeSplitters 2 demo?

It is absolutely awesome - graphics are breathtaking, up there with Halo IMHO. The attention to detail is exquisite;

shoot a security camera with a zillion rounds and it will blow up. Take the time to wait until you can shoot it in the lens at the front and it will go in one shot.

Blow a mutants arms off and it'll still try and hit you with its stumps and legs!

The heat haze and fire effects with the flamethrower show that the former Goldeneye team are on a complete roll here. TimeSplitters 2 will be the must have FPS when it comes out - maybe tide me over until Halo 2 on the PC :D

7th September 2002, 06:19 PM
yeah, I played the TS2 demo, and beat it. but I've lost interest in the game now that it doesn't have online play. What I'm really looking forward to are Tribes AA and Red Faction 2 (when it comes to FPS anyway).
I really can't wait to see how Auto Modellista turns out.

7th September 2002, 10:08 PM
yeah, you can play halo with a controller and it is even, but the mouse makes it significantly more fun and much better for aiming. no aim assist as well(which sucks).

7th September 2002, 11:08 PM
camping in counter-strike is only a problem in public games. In clan games wich cs is meant to be played in , theres a signifigant differance.. Id say, ppl havent played cs til they have played for a clan.

Also, i might have said this, but, i play counter-strike A LOT ( mouse + keyboard ) , still, I think Halo is extremly fun, one of the best Ive ever laid my hands on. The PC remake still hasnt got any release date, so, if youre waiting for that version, you might have to wait a while.. but, who knows.. all Im saying is, why bother spending creative energy on a pc port when the sequel is in the works? im guessing more time is spent on their new project.

edit: also, many ppl who Ive speaken to about halo, says "no use withouth keyboard" when they havent tried playing any fps at all using a controller. I had troubles with timesplitters, but, with the big xbox controller it takes very little time to adapt.

8th September 2002, 07:00 PM
The news in the States says that Halo is going to come for Mac and PC in the coming summer.