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9th November 2008, 01:22 AM
hey all, just wondering about the little things that you make you love/hate wipeout hd (hate is a bit of a strong word actually)

Likes: Assegai airbrakes
Superphantom colour scheme
Those little noises that the sponsor logos make when selecting an event
The sound of the engine kicking back in
The warping sound of the music when you change classes in zone

Dislikes: Goteki airbrakes (look so flimsy)
Icarus airbrakes (look too small to do anything)
Rapier colour scheme (not so much the colour, the fact you can't see a thing)
The cartoony explosion of the missile

9th November 2008, 05:47 PM
Rapier colour scheme

Totally agree.

Whenever I played Zone for the first time in HD, I couldn't tell where the walls were almost.

9th November 2008, 06:05 PM
wow, pretty challenge enlist all the goodness in this game

likes: -Yeah assegai brakes are killers,i'm with U:+.
-But harimau brakes are cool too
-The reverse tail-wings/fins( with little stars ) under the engine-cockpit of the auricom
-The big hooked nose of the eg-x and the retrņ jet afterburner-like exhaust ( the crown is killer! )
-The dizzyness effect when you hit a bomb
-The computer voice when say " bomb " " OotoPaylott EenGeyJed-DissEngeigyyng" " contendent eliminated "
-THE SUN light, expecially in sol2, moa therma, chengou
-The atmosphere of some tracks-METROPIA CHENGOU UBERMALL???8)
-The quake aftermath when dust and debris on the tracks raise and fall out
-THE ROCKETS, when you run into the smoke after explosion and see anything...too real
-The music effects when you change altitude or enter a tunnel
-When you're still to be hit by a weapon, the waiting is too exciting!+++by a quake
- The clouds...
OK, OK and many many others, i would go further for ages

dislikes: -umm the lack of content
-the fact that i wish to see van-uber and tigron among the astonishing designes who had done studio liverpool with other teams,i wish to see some thins with ps3 graphics
- the game deserve more and New content
- the camo livery of the triakis, for me it runs a very charming design
-the fact that the game is addictive...
-some ships from the rear

kudos for the thread friend :clap i really like it!

14th November 2008, 07:32 PM
i love everything about Wipeout HD

except that people respawn online. there should be an option. what's the point of giving ships lower shield if they can just respawn and have a chance of making a comeback?!

i dig the colors 3rd Alt of AG SYS, but kind of wish all the teams had concept skins so there weren't just 2 red/white skins, though i love the throwback.

there really isn't much i hate, just the fact that i still suck since some teams' handling have changed. i wasn't that good in pulse or XL, but now i feel like i'm a rusty old spoon.