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5th November 2008, 08:43 AM
I am not the fastest pilot, and not a fan of barrels rolls at all. I do them but a lot of times they didn't even go off, anyway that is a topic of another discussion.

Yesterday I was playing tracks at Phantom and Rapier speeds, on Elite, but with no weapons, and would not let myself do any BR's at all. I was having so much fun, and then I realized my lap times were going down. Some cases my lap times went down by 4-6 seconds of my previous records. The thrill of racing, the idea of not looking for BR spots, but to challenge myself to find a better line on the track. To have the 7 other AG's on the track, and just trying to get the 1st position, old school racing style. It felt like a new game.

It was even more fun the TT and Speed Lap, since I wasn't given a turbo boost, any speed on the track, I had to find myself.

Some of the tracks the AI were doing WR lap times, but it was thrilling fighting with them just for racing lines. Some of the races I wished so bad WOHD had a replay feature, I had a really nice fight with Fraiser for racing lines. I know the top guys beat AI all the time, but doing it with no weapons or BR was so much fun. I didn't win every race, but it kept me going back to keep trying.

Although I do wish after a race was long over, a few times it said I had a new lap record. But there was no way to see what the record was compared to the old lap. And those lap records don't count against Speed Lap ones.

5th November 2008, 11:33 AM
When I play single player or multi sometimes, I rarely use BR. Only when I need to. and yes, just racing with out that technique feels awesome. Kinda reminds me of the WO of the old.

5th November 2008, 12:22 PM
The wipeoutzone has social groups,if you like that sort of racing then I suggest you search out a member of the AVALON LEAGUE of racers.

I've just been doing the same as you today,playing the reverse tracks at phantom speed TT so I can get used to them, so I can finish the Arcade Perfect trophy.

Went rather well,got in the top 20 and top 12 on two different tracks in TT so far.

And all the wipeout games have always been about getting the best and cleanest lines,there is something tremendously pleasing about knocking a second or two off your previous best time,and I agree about not being able to have the ability to see in records what your best laps are,I miss that and hope it returns in an update....there is always the old home made chart and a pencil.;)

Nadia Elenova
5th November 2008, 09:38 PM
Lately I'm having a lot of fun the opposite way, going online killing everything that moves to get the AG Assasin trophy. :mr-t
But I also enjoy the Avalon Events a lot. Can't wait for the upcoming one! :hyper

6th November 2008, 12:14 AM
I did join Avalon, but haven't done any races. I don't feel I am fast enough, I can do phantom and all. Just don't feel up to it online.

6th November 2008, 01:21 PM
Thanks Nadia, I'll do my best to host something huge! Klax75, I'll be glad to see you too! Behind avalon there's of course a kind of competition, but the main idea is a -monthly- great zoner/wiper gathering. I have myself a safety car level lol, so I'm sure you could make some cool races with us. I love this BR management with no gun races. I'm so sad because I haven't enough time for this game. I've so many wipeout dreams in my mind lol (weekly competitions, multi-hosts...) but hey, there's the real life...

6th November 2008, 02:10 PM
"safety car level" :lol you are better than that, Kanar!

Klax, don`t worry as you don`t need to be a godlike pilot for Avalon and not everyone will be racing 5 Perfect Laps. The fact you can`t do many BRs in a no weapons race can even things out sometimes. The fast guys are still very fast, but there`s no need to worry and there are plenty of tractor drivers like me! 8)