View Full Version : if wipeout HD would have the skin editor what kind of skin you'd like to do?

30th October 2008, 01:56 AM
ok, this post is dedicated for your thinks and ideas of the immaginary skin editor of HD,
if wipeout HD would have included the skin editor what skin you would like to do
since will be never possible to start a "post your wo HD skin thread" post some of your ideas of what you'd did like to do in this "dream thread"

some ideas of mine :

assegai: - one skin all ochre with light blue tips and tail/wings with logo in blue too, without white, as the wo3 ship ( best )

ag sys : - all white with tiny black and red horizontal and vertical stripes
- one all red with white scripts like in pure
- one that blend the default livery and the second skin , red white and cyan

goteki 45: - all only shocking pink with logos and script in yellow
- one pink and yellow split in transversal

quirex: - grey silver base and purple and violet parts
- all blue & purple like the 2097 one

auricom: - navy blue & red like in 2097

harimau: - one as the second skin but with orange instead the lemon yellow ( or whatever shade of yellow it is...) and with some small differences

triakis: - without the camo theme, simple the team colors, olive drab and dark khaki but without camo
- one metal grey/silver as in pure

icaras: - light pink base,magenta and rust orange, without the white break as the w3o model
- one with black base as the second skin but with pink/magenta instead of orange ( and or the white parts/logo in orange instead white )

these are just some ideas of mine who came up in my mind
what are yours? i wish to listen some of yours