28th August 2002, 11:25 PM
These are the futuristic racers I know of. Please rate any you have played and after a good amount of time I will do the averages. More racers than I thought. please also write the system you played it for. IF there are other futuristic racing games or some of these are on other platforms, please inform me and I will add them to the list. If any of these are not racing games, also please inform me.

Quantum redshift
Ace Speeder-??
Artic Thunder-ps2
Artic thunder-xbox
Batman Vehicle adventure-psx
cosmic race--psx
Cyberspeedway/gran chaser--sat
Death Race--arcade
Death track racing-pc
defeat lightning-???
Extreme G-n64
Extreme g-pc
extreme g2-n64
extreme g2-pc
extreme g3-ps2
extreme g3-gamecube
Xgra ps2
Xgra gc
Xgra xbox
fzero 2-??
fzero advance- gba
fzero expansion kit--64dd
F zero maximum velocity gba
Fzero gx GC
fEro AX. arcade
full auto-pc
fusion gt/hresvelgr/jet ion gp-ps2
galaxy racer-??
gubble buggy racer-PC
Hypersonic extreme, gsurfers-ps2
hi octane-pc
hi octane-psx
Hydrothunder ps1
Hydrothunder n64
Hydrothunder DC
Hydrothunder hurricane
jeff gordon racing-psx
jeff gordon xs racing-n64
jeff gordon racing-pc
jet moto-psx
jet moto-pc
jet moto2-ps1
Jet moto 2 - ps1 greatest hits
jet moto2-pc
jet moto3-psx
killer loop/mag3-psx
killer loop-pc
looney tunes space race-psx
looney tunes space race-n64
looney tunes space race-dc
looney tunes space race-ps2
ludorace 3d-??
magforce racing-dc
mars maniacs-pc
megarace 3-??
millenium racer-pc
moon racer-pc
motor raid-Arcade
Ngen racing-ps1
night stalker-??
outrun 2019--genesis
Pod2 speedzone-DC
Powerdrome-??pc, Amiga?
Powerdrome ps2
Powerdrome xbox
red asphalt-psx
Road Blasters-??
Road Rash-psx
Road Rash-genesis
Road Rash-3do
Road RAsh-sat
Road Rash-sega master system
Road rash-pc
Road Rash-amiga
Road Rash-gbc
Road RAsh-gb
Road Rash-game gear
Road RAsh64-n64
Road Rash3d-pc
Road Rash 3d-
Road Rash jailbreak-psx
Road Rash 2-genesis
Road Rash 3-genesis
Road Wars-pc
Rumble RAcing
SanFransisco Rush 2049-n64
SAnfransisco Rush 2049-dc
sky roads-??
slipstream 5000-pc
speed tribes-pc
SpeedrAcer ps2
Speed racer gc
Star WArs racer-n64
star wars racer-pc
star wars racer-dc
star wars racer revenge-ps2
star wars super bombad racing-ps2
stun runner-??
Tron light cycle racing. Psp
Tron light cycle racing ps3
Torn light cycle racing xbox360
Tube slider gc
Tunnels of armageddon-apple 2
tunnel vision-c64
Vapor TRX-ARcade
Wipeout-sat NTSC
Wipeout- sat pal
wipeout- NTSC
Wipeout 2097-sat
wipeoutxl - ps1
Wipeout 2097 - ps1
wipeout 64-n64 NTSC
Wipeout 64 n64 pal
wipeout 3- NTSC ps1
Wipeout 3 - pal ps1
Wipeout 3 - NTSC Japan
wipeout 3 special edition-psx
wipeout fusion
Wipeout pure
Wipeout pulse
Wipeout hd/fury
Wipeout 2048
zero gravity race-c64
zusar vasar-??

NICK- Quantum redshift can also be rated by anyone who has played a descent portion of it, meaning any tester or yourself, or anybody else who has played the demo for more than a couple of hours(such as myself :D at e3) I will rate these game probably tommorrow

29th August 2002, 12:28 AM
What kind of scale are we rating on here?

Three more games to add: Outlander for Genesis, Outrun 2019 for Genesis, and Cosmic Race for PSX. A run through GameFaqs also might help find a lot more we have missed so far.

29th August 2002, 04:08 AM
Road rash is a motorbike racing game it thought, not really a futuristic racer.

29th August 2002, 04:33 AM
i own motorhead for the pc, its a very fast racing game with sleek cars. grip of the track is very important in the game, as it is not an anti-gravity racer. for this reason the racing itself is very disciplined, and racing lines are extermely important. however, collisions with walls, while slowing down the cars, can actually be faster when the accelerator is floored throughout the track. in online multiplay, the top racers often slam into the hardest turns, narrowly scrape the others, and never use brakes. the online pc competition is very fierce however the servers were scarsely populated and i think now this game has been abandoned by the online community. i suggest if you really want to play on the internet, buy your friends a copy or two. the price is low, which i will get to later on.

the ai is intelligent, especially on the harder difficulty, and the tracks are varied and playable in reverse for up to 25 (or is it 50) laps, although there should be more tracks as they ultimately get boring. cars are added as the game progresses, and more tracks and cars are unlocked when the game is beaten, which extends the replay value greatly.

the system specifications are relatively low, i got it to run on a p166 with 80 megs of ram at low quality, and it ran full framerate on a k6-2 350 with 192 mb ram on the highest quality. unless you want the game to run at low quality, you will need an accelerator card. there is a patch for geforce cards, and 3dfx cards are supported. i encountered pop up problems with my ati xpert @ play.online play was very smooth with about a .50 second delay and relatively little jumpyness and packet loss with my 56k opponent.

the graphics are a crisp 3d and the lighting is very fresh, and both the tracks and cars are pretty, although there is minimal polygon use. the sound effects are scarse but effective. the music is very bland techno which i never listened to inside or outside of the game. note that i enjoyed all of the wipeout series' music except wipeout 64.the control is very tight and responsive, i played with a gamepad but a keybord will suffice.

overall i would say the pc version of the game has a very long replay value if you can get someone to play with online, if you can't, however, the game will probably not entertain you very long after you beat it. the learning curve is easy so the game can be beaten with about 5 or 10 sittings of 30 minutes.

probably the best feature of this game is its price, i found it in electronics boutique for 10 dollars and i have seen it for 5 in compusa.

overall i would rate the pc game about 4 out of 5 stars, 5 being the best, mostly because the online play gave me much enjoyment for long hours of time. i know nothing of the psx version of this game, however.

29th August 2002, 04:37 AM
review for powerslide pc soon.

29th August 2002, 05:18 AM
oh yeah, deathdrome isnt really a racing game.. its just a vehicle shooter in arenas.

29th August 2002, 06:57 AM
I used to be an avid Amiga gamer right up to the bitter end. I do remember the CD32 and the more powerful computers Commodore made...but I don't believe that Wipeout 2097 was ever ported to the Amiga....I mean you gotta be taking the piss!

29th August 2002, 12:09 PM
1-100 is the rating scale. WIPEOUT WAS ported to the amiga. I have it.

29th August 2002, 12:12 PM
futuristic racers or "combat racers". rumble racing should be included as well. I'll add it to the list later as well. THey do not have to be hoveracers

29th August 2002, 04:15 PM
Rollcage owned.

That is all.

29th August 2002, 07:13 PM
QUANTUM REDSHIFT--XBOX...97 great speed, graphics and control. So what is wrong with the game to take off 3 points. Time trials are only a one lap time for -2 points. pitch control on the flats I like and here it only works for bumps + jumps. The weapon system is excellent, especially in mp mode, Its a great mind game of when to fire vs when to shield up. Your skill in the race determines what weapons you get. Also, if you stay on course, you will get great times, if not, you will have troubles bouncing around or hitting various barriers. Good Framerates, even in split screen

WIPEOUT Xl ps1...99. Best balance and control imo. good graphics and frame rate. excellent track design. link mode is great. loses 5 points because one on one has cpu assist, and doesn't have a ton of game modes. Also, link mode arcade link has some input lag/ slowdown which really hurts the piranha experience. ( edit: one on one has been fixed by game shark, it now plays great. Multiplayer moves a touch smoother with first person than third person ( which I like)

WIPEOUT 2097 ps1...94 Similar to xl, but the game has a slightly slower framerate, and feels more like flying than floating. Regular ships fee the same as xl, but the piranha I like better for xl. Oh the brake tapping is different for 2097 as well

WIPEOUT XL/2097--PC...I need to replay this game with ALL patches to review

WIPEOUT 3 SPECIAL EDITION..psx..90 Only thing holding this gem back is the turbo scrape on phantom speeds. And a little too floaty physics ruining mega mall and sampa run. Good graphics, but no supercar(which I like).

WIPEOUT 64..N64..NTSC-A 95 Excellent speed marred slightly by non-random weapon pickup(no turbos when in first). Also, only one lap tt which is bad. HOwever, I imo I think this has the best feel of all the wipeout games. Now that I have a negcon for this it's really good

WIPEOUT 3..PSX..NTSC-A 92 slightly better physics than 3se, but less tracks

WIPEOUT XL/..SATURN..86 Nice colors and good framerate. HOwever, piranha ship does not go above 240kph at phantom speed. may be a bug in the port. No multi player

KINETICA..PS2..85 Great track design(varied). Varied physics between the bikes. Two types of turbo give this excellent replay value in getting best times.

EXTREME G3..GC..84 Very fast, simple, but good controls. Pitch of bike plays a factor in speed on the hills. Bikes go to faster speeds than the ps2 version which is already very fast. Nice graphics.

EXTREME G3..PS2..83 One less than gc version because of speed. graphics are just as good, and framerate(at least on ntsc version) is good.

STAR WARS RACER..DC..79 Good controls, mostly good framerate with an occasional stutter. long and varied tracks. A poor mans wipeout in that the same type of braking is used in the wipeout games. Crappy multiplayer

STAR WARS RACER..PC..78 Less than DC because you have to wait for PC to boot

EXTREME G2..PC..78 Fast framerate and good tracks but your bike gets spun around too much off from jumps. Draw in is a little close.

F-ZERO..SN..78 Better physics than f-zero x. Nicely designed tracks and very fast for a super nintendo game. Flight control in the air is quite good.

WIPEOUT FUSION..PS2..77 A hard game to rate against non-wipeout games. GREAT graphics and track design. zone mode is awesome. The bad: NO PITCH CONTROL!!, the wall scraping is faster than making a perfect turn. If scraping slowed you down more but retained the same feel, I would rate this at least a 90. If it also had legitimate pitch control, a score of 97-100 would have been possible. The last problem is no race records!! Is this a racing game is it not! And only one lap time trial races. maybe next time. EDIT...WALL SCRAPING HAS BEEN FIXED

F-ZERO X..N64...88.Physics engine is decent, but the sliding out doesn't feel quite right. The pitch control in the air sucks compared to the original f-zero. EDIT...lots of ways to improve at this game, and not as bug ridden as GX

WIPEOUT..PSX..Ntsc-A 94. Smooth framerate and awesome tracks. Wall collision is poor, but physics engine is right on.EDIT..I no longer dislike the wall collision, this game is fantastic. I put lag on multi player hampers it as you cannot take quite the same lines

WIPEOUT..SATURN NTSC-a 82..Not as good as graphics as psx or frame rate, also no negcon, but better wall collision

ARTIC THUNDER..XBOX..75 Physics are actually good for this game. good gameplay but bad cpu ai. Cpu assistance in two player mode keeps you within 1 second of each oother. Bad respawning puts you ahead of opponents(stupid). Definitely was rushed and could have been much better. Smooth framerate compared to the 2fps that is the ps2 version

TRICKSTYLE..PC..73 Framerate is better than DC. Decent controls with good graphics and track design.

TRICKSTYLE..DC..72 Framerate occasionally stutters vs pc mode

SCORCHER..SATURN..71 Bizzarre but good physics, excellent track design, and more difficult than older wipeouts. NOt many gameplay modes, only 6 tracks and 1 ship. no two player mode.

POD..PC..71 Good graphics and tons of tracks. Average controls but good differentiation between the cars. Different cars are good on different tracks based on thier designs.

POD 2 SPEEDZONE..DC..71 Better controls than pod, but less tracks and vehicles

AEROGAUGE..N64..70 Suprised? I actually like the feel of the ships except for the bizarre combo needed for turbo. NOt enough tracks and draw-in bring an otherwise good game down. Oh, and it's impossible to win with some ships.

STAR WARS RACER..N64..69 Good gameplay, bad framerate, blurry

ROLLCAGE..PC..69 Good controls but very short tracks. Very good framerate

N-GEN RACING..PSX..68. Good controls and framerate, but seems a little slow to me due to the lack of backgrounds.

RED ASPHALT..PSX..67 Pretty good gameplay. stopping on weapons hits is annoying(too long to be stopped) Good styles of vehicles which feel different(cars, hovercraft-which are very fast).

ROLLCAGE 2..PSX..66 Better speed than original and better tracks. PC original version is still better though.

EXTREME G..N64..64 Good game, bad framerate. not a wipeout killer as advertised.

SCARS..N64..63 Kinda a cart style game. Alright speed, vehicles based on animals

SCARS..PSX..62 One point less due to slightly better graphics on n64 version

LOONEY TUNES SPACE RACE..DC..61 Fun but simplistic. Bad cpu ai(catchup)

LOONEY TUNES SPACE RACE..PSX..60 Worse graphics than DC but better cpu AI

MAGFORCE RACING..DC..58 Good graphics, smooth framerate, poor controls but useable. Controls should have been like f-zero, then game would have been rated much higher.

ROLLCAGE..PSX..57 Good controls, short tracks, game is always in state of slowdown.

CYBERSPEEDWAY..SATURN..56 Slow framerate, alright controls, bizarre turning method

F-ZERO ADVANCE..GBA..56 I was going to pick up a GBA for this game alone. Slippery anyone? Why doesn't this control like the original game? This would have been awesome in multiplayer.

KILLERLOOP(MAG3)..PSX..55 Same game as magforce racing(DC), but DC version has better graphics.

SAN FRANCISCO RUSH 2049..DC..53 Never liked the controls at all. Fantastic graphics though, especially on a nice tv.

JET MOTO 3..PSX..50 Good tracks, bad framerate, ok controls( ok, I'm not really sure how good the controls are due to all the JM games have crap for framerate. It could actually be a good game on ps2.

STREAK..PSX..45 Jet moto clone on hoverboards, but much worse than trickstyle. kinda boring.

STAR WARS SUPER BOMBAD RACING..PS2..43 The controls on this game are actually good, however it is kinda slow and definitely rushed(lots of bugs). It also has a very inconsistant framerate. Why?

DETHKARZ..PC..42 This game was just way too slippery for me. I didn't actually play through the whole game however, so If I am wrong on this, inform me.

EXTREME G2..N64..41 Good gameplay hampered by a horrific framerate(under 10). this game should actually get a worse score due to the 4mb pack was out and they did not use it to correct this.

STAR WARS RACER REVENGE..PS2..41 I really looked foward to this game. Pitch control was taken out!, crappy battles, boring tracks, and everything else good from the first game was taken out. Rush job. THis is the company that produced the excellent motocross madness, so what the hell happened. Lucasarts, do not allow this company to touch the star wars license again!

JET MOTO 2..PSX..40 Where am I going hampers this game badly. bad pixelization. A bad framerate is the finishing touch. I think this outsold wipeout xl. What the?

CYBERSPEED..PSX..38 Rail racing on a ski lift type of cord. NOt my type of racing, but not without skill

SAN FRANCISCO RUSH 2049..N64..37 Much worse than the DC version, graphics and framerate


JET MOTO..PSX..35 Bad framerate, Bad graphics, Are the controls good? once again I can't tell

ARTIC THUNDER..PS2..20 Poor programming(every ship lets off an atomic snowball at the same time?) Horrifying framerate, could have been much better. Definitely a rush job on the ps2. The x-box is not that much better.

29th August 2002, 07:28 PM
motorhead 87

29th August 2002, 07:43 PM
Al, why do you rate the original version of Wipeout 3 lower than Wipeout 64? WO3 has more tracks; the TT mode has as many laps as the single race mode, nor does it apparently suffer the other 64 shortcoming that you mention. there must be some other standard of judgement or some other factor that you're not mentioning that gives 64 the edge; what is it?

29th August 2002, 11:56 PM
one less track, but no turbo scraping. IT is also a faster game with a supership. I like the scraping better as well. I use a cool steering wheel for it that makes up for the negcon(almost). se rates the same due to the high number of tracks,but only one more track for 3 does not make up for the better handling of wipeout 64, and scraping. I should have mentioned this, so I will modify it when I have all the games rated. With full time trial races and random weapon pickups, wo64 would have been my favorite. I actually like the music better than wo3. Good question

30th August 2002, 12:39 AM
What about the original wipeout!?!? :o

(see my post in the 'members questions' thread as well).

1st September 2002, 12:00 AM
IF you do any ratings and have already posted on this thread, it might be better to edit an older post so all the ratings are closer to each other.

1st September 2002, 10:00 AM
DETHKARZ :PC 90 very good & exciting game. one can get very high speed. four excellent tracks with 3 routes for each one, extending the track length during the game. good pick-up items to fire with and also pitlane support for longer living. the third championship is ultrahard - racing all 4 tracks in all 3 variants - never made it. the soundtrack is very very good!

HI OCTANE :PC 75 quite entertaining hover racer. good tracks, mostly wide spreaded for battling around. i like the multiple loading lanes, where you can refresh your shield, your weapons or your energy. shooting up another one results in getting its collected item to rain which you can easily collect. but there is no real competition in this game - i always won every race. the soundtrack is simple but impacting. because of its calm character it makes the race even more precise.

KILLER LOOP :PC 95 i like this game very much. controlling a glider which can be bound to a magnetic racing track is very hyping. the pickup items -system is also quite clever: you can use them or collect more of the same type to increase or change the effect. the racing tracks are very breath-taking and a few of them change when you advance your racing league. while this game quickly gets very fast it is becomes also very difficult to control your pod - thats the only disadvantage i know. the soundtrack is one of the best ive ever heard - im in love with it!

POD :PC 85 this one seems to be developped to demonstrate the mmx-technology. however, driving your car is very enjoyable because you can get on very high speeds but otherwise your turning ability is also very good. but you can adjust everything yourself. the tracks itself are fascinating because of their routes and their artefacts - and there are a lot. and if you dont have enough you can also download additional ones. i think it would have made the game not so good if weapons would be implemented. the soundtrack is odd, because its one single track with the length of 15mins. but its dark and that helps getting the "end of the days"-atmosphere.

ROLLCAGE :PC know it, but nearly never played it to give any rating - but i wasnt very excited

ROLLCAGE 2 :PC same as above and i havent discoverd differences

SCORCHER :PC 50 this game looks good, but i dont feel anything by playing it. your racing vehicle handles like a ball and the racing tracks are not very surprising. but the soundtrack is awesome. in fact - i only bought this game because of the soundtrack - that is really a masterpiece.

SKY ROADS :PC 85 like tetris this is very simple and keeps you playing for hours. and because of the different colors and effects of the racing lines each track is difficult for its own. this is no serious game - but killing your time wasnt funnier with a future racer...

WIPEOUT :SAT 95 no question - this game IS cool and any description is needless. and the fact, that the "hit the wall"-feature isnt implemented in here makes the whole game not so frustrating and thus even more exciting. the soundtrack is my favorite one - even the 3 additional music tracks are very good. nonplusultra

WIPEOUT :PC 85 controlling the game with your keyboard isnt very precise. additionally the graphics are poor - the pc could handle quite better graphics.

WIPEOUT 2097 :SAT 95 this one has excellent tracks and im enjoying every part of the game. the only thing that doesnt run in harmony is the soundtrack. cold storages tracks are good, but not as impacting as the real ones for psx would be. four tracks are good for racing action, but the rest is just not pushing enough. nevertheless a great game.

WIPEOUT XL/2097 :PC 85 a good point is that the graphics can be far better because of hardware acceleration. the bad points are the speed issue and the fact that this game was never designed for nt.


2nd September 2002, 12:13 AM
ballistics is a little known futuristic racer by swedish development company grin. its available for xbox and pc. i think it must have a record for fastest game in existance, you can get several thousand miles per hour and it totally feels like its that fast, too. i got a t shirt at e3 from their booth for breaking the sound barrier :D the game itself is too demanding for my pc, though :(

2nd September 2002, 11:17 PM
did you see the last track in scorcher? incredible. Is ballistics really a racing game where you can get best times? also, when you get the piranha, does it run at superfast speed for the pal version, or only hit 240kph or so like the japanese version. I was wondering if the j-ntsc version has a bug. If so I will have to rerate that game.

4th September 2002, 12:11 AM
yeah ballistics shows time information, and fastest lap and race time on tracks.

4th September 2002, 03:23 AM

yeah ballistics shows time information, and fastest lap and race time on tracks.

and you can store these data on a memory card?

Nick Burcombe
4th September 2002, 03:05 PM
Hi Alfred,

I didn't realise you'd basically put us at the top of your ratings list.
!!! You've not even played though have you? Either way - we're very flattered.

Incidentally - its confirmed - it's finished today!! Woohoo! We've had a couple of bottles of champagne and it ready to go. :)

Hope you all enjoy it and once you've played it I hope you'll all contribute you opinions to the QR Smartgroup.

Feedback always makes for better games. No, you won't all get everything you ask for, but at least we're listening. :)

See you all soon,


4th September 2002, 06:55 PM
I played for probably2-3 hours at e3. Mostly at fastest speed once I got the hang of the controls. Unless the finished game is worse than that, which I doubt, The score will stand. I really liked the controls, and the 1 airbrake worked suprisingly well. I'd like to see your ratings for any of these games. I'm sure you have played many of them.

Nick Burcombe
5th September 2002, 12:24 AM
LOL! Not that many!! :)

Hey, at 97 (I presume out of 100) you've not left a lot of room for the sequel. :)


1st May 2008, 05:57 PM
Anyone else want to give some ratings on a 1-100 scale. Check out the first post for the list of futuristic racers I have discovered. I need to add some ratings into my list. I still plan on doing an average after some more posts

1st May 2008, 06:10 PM
have you just run out of threads to read and started necroing the oldest ones you can find? Or is there a more sinister plot to this?

1st May 2008, 09:34 PM
lots of new members since then, I'd like to see some more ratings and opinions

10th September 2011, 10:24 PM
Ok, I'm revamping this older post, since we have more games now, and far more members, I am currently adding to the original list, and also adding to my reviews, and perhaps changing some. Feel free to add any futuristic racing game here, but please don't put a zero. Even though I couldn't stand some games because of catch up, I still try to give a fair review. Have fun

Oh, scores out of 100, or at least 10 based would be great

10th September 2011, 11:02 PM
Ok, I'm revamping this older post, since we have more games now, and far more members, I am currently adding to the original list, and also adding to my reviews, and perhaps changing some. Feel free to add any futuristic racing game here, but please don't put a zero. Even though I couldn't stand some games because of catch up, I still try to give a fair review. Have fun

Rollcage Stage 2 - 8/10
Much much better than the original, such a fun game! Also check out Firebugs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9hZgRkw2Zw), which is basically Rollcage Stage 3 with a different art direction. Same gameplay mechanics though.

NGen Racing - 6/10
I found it a bit boring, can't quite say why. Has nothing on the Wipeout series

Quantum Redshift - 9/10
I absolutely LOVE this game :P Perfection on the Xbox, apart from the horrible cutscenes! :blarg

F-Zero X - 8/10
30 racers on the track at once with a silky smooth frame rate, in an N64 game, yes please!

Trackmania (does this count?) - 9/10
A racing/platformer hybrid with a slight similarity to Wipeout in that you race tracks again and again to hone down your lap times to the fastest they can possibly be. Has a neat track editor too.

Hydro Thunder - 8/10
Sheer unadulterated arcadacy, love it. If I get a 360 one day, I'll be buying the sequel: Hydro Thunder Hurricane, which looks badass.

11th September 2016, 12:11 AM
Bringing this thread up again. Add any titles here I have not listed. I think I'll say no phone games though. I also have to add some more of my own scores. I edited some, but gave many more to do.

If you post, make sure you write ntsc-a,j or pal