View Full Version : What's the most times you've been eliminated in one race?

1st October 2008, 07:09 AM
Funny things can happen when you are racing online,you might not think it's funny at the time when your goal is to win the race.

But after a REALLY BAD race....you sort of look back and think yourself,What the Hell happened there?
Then you dissect the race bit by bit,and if you have a sense of humor you can see the funny side of it.

My record is 4 times Eliminated,yes 4.
This is how I did [didn't] do it.

Chenghou Project-The AG graveyard they should rename this track.

Missed the start -[oh,great!] but was 3rd round corner.
Came around the first right managing to totally miss both the weapons and speed pads,I didn't know that was possible...it is, straight into a bomb while getting hit by a leech beam from behind,ran into the side of the track and got hit full on by another craft [E1]

Respawned at the hard left,went for the speed pad and got hit by another craft,wobbled over the jump straight into a bunch of mines,scraping the side wall while aiming for the weapons pad I got caught up with 3 other craft just before the little tunnel and took more damage [energy critical]while the other crafts all knocked themselves off the track,hit the wrong line over the first speed pad straight into a wall [E2]

Respawned just before the jump,[I'm getting flustered by now]no speed so I just fell over that and limped towards the little chicane before the straight hitting all three corners hard in the process,hit two of the three speed pads in the straight but took a plasma bolt broadside just as I'm turning for lap two,got around the next two corners went for the jump and then there is this bloody bomb hanging mid air,guess who went straight into it?[E3]

Respawned in the worse possible place,no speed on the banking corner but I managed to run over a weapons grid and absorbed,got around unscathed for the last lap and actually caught up to two craft at the last respawn point,but fate and those bastards just inches ahead had other things installed for me,mines then bomb [energy low] then shunting then bomb [energy critical] then in a blaze of inspired incompetence I go for a barrel roll over the last jump, I did it...but a bit too late and flew gracefully straight into the yellow sign above the chicane [E4]

I love Wipeout,it's moments like the above that give it an off beat levity that no other game possesses.....Sure I love speeding around and going for those perfect laps and best racing lines.
But when you can have stuff like this happen to you and you can walk away laughing you head off and you can't wait to race again....well that's something very special.

1st October 2008, 07:30 AM
Haha, Hilarious Story there.

As fo me, i havent been eliminated in online yet :D

captain howdy
1st October 2008, 08:07 AM
I think my highest elimination count for one race is 1.

But I just recently flew off of the track twice in one rapier race (managed to come in second!) I'm not sure what the name of it is... the one in the sky.

1st October 2008, 08:27 AM
Sounds like a Kodak moment there. Cheungou Project is quite simply a real bastard of a track. I wish Vertica from Pulse was in the place of that track in HD instead of this shitty Sichuan Province track:bomb Im always yelling at my Goteki to accelerate in the phantom races on that track even though Goteki is the fastest accelerating ship.

Ah sweet i did know where had a member here from the ACT. I think we almost have a WZ member from every Aussie state except NT and TAS.:D

1st October 2008, 09:10 AM
i think my highest elimination count for one race is 1.

But i just recently flew off of the track twice in one rapier race (managed to come in second!) i'm not sure what the name of it is... The one in the sky.

Sol 2

1st October 2008, 01:51 PM
I haven't been eliminated online yet (touch wood). What ship were you driving by the way, blackwiggle?

I really love Chenghou actually. Definitely my favourite track (just beats out to Sebenco and Ubermall). It's always interesting and the circuit has such a great natural ebb and flow.

I had a bad race offline recently though, Ubermall Phantom in the Assegai. I must've been energy critical the entire race! Every time I absorbed something I got slammed with something else, and my habit of barrel-roll-turboing on the straight didnt help. I actually had 1 energy all the way round lap 4 until I was shunted into the middle of the fork and finally put out of my misery...

1st October 2008, 05:42 PM
I was using [trying] Assegai ,not Quirex like I mostly use for online...I forgot how fragile [shield wise] Assegai is.
The opposition sure realized that though.