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20th September 2008, 09:39 AM
Since Martin's already started posting screenshots and I am about to do the same, I thought it useful to follow in the footsteps of Pulse and open a respective thread. Here wo go...

I got nothing particularily spectacular so far, but after I realized how addictive taking and post-processing pictures in HD can be, I thought I might share a few of them.

UPDATE: First link is 800x600 reslolution for lower bandwidth, second link is 720p.

This is a Zone Ship exploding (sweet visual effect), saturation turned sky-high.
During explosion:
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Evening_Sun.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Evening_Sun_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Zoneplosion.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Zoneplosion_720.jpg
Shortly before exploding:
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Golden_Grace.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Golden_Grace_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Postcard_compatible.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Postcard_compatible_720.jpg

At Ubermall:
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Let_Zeppelin_fly.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Let_Zeppelin_fly_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Barrel_rolls_make_you_throw_up.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Barrel_rolls_make_you_throw_up_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/The_scale_of_Ubermall.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/The_scale_of_Ubermall_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Told_you_our_ship_was_too_big!.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Told_you_our_ship_was_too_big!_720.jpg

http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Flying_Cricuit.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Flying_Cricuit_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Triazilla.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Triazilla_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Piranha.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/Piranha_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/In_need_of_water.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/In_need_of_water_720.jpg
http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/You_dont_wanna_fly_there.jpg - http://web6.p15147871.pureserver.info/You_dont_wanna_fly_there_720.jpg

20th September 2008, 09:49 AM
Holy ****, awesome, Thanks for those screens, and yes please link the 1080

20th September 2008, 09:59 AM
Very nice pictures, Ben! I especially like 'Triazilla' ;)
btw, how did you get that high on the Upermall hill? :eek

20th September 2008, 10:00 AM

All I can say is ****ing wow!:blarg


Rapier Racer
20th September 2008, 10:08 AM
Mm Ubermall looks tasty, i think I want to take a bite.

20th September 2008, 10:09 AM
Very nice pictures, Ben! I especially like 'Triazilla' ;)

That Triakis was actually ABOVE me!!! :cold ;)

btw, how did you get that high on the Upermall hill? :eek

I boosted off that narrow ramp - and was quite surprised when arrived were I got in the picture. :)

Here's to hoping we'll catch each other online! :beer

yes please link the 1080

Weeell, 720, actually ;) Sorry I got that wrong. Do you still want them? If so: Will do - just can't do it right away.

20th September 2008, 10:28 AM
I'll add my album, if I may:

20th September 2008, 03:29 PM
720p please :D

9th December 2008, 05:07 AM
Bumping this thread cause we need a photo thread.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v674/djaka/Non-DDR-Pics/wohd_20081206_174735jpg.jpg - I don't need no stinking track (1080p)

9th December 2008, 03:11 PM
Here are some of my pictures, but not all of them. :( Since I have to get my PS3 fixed. (Won't power up, and didn't overheat either). I had about 50 or so more.


9th December 2008, 04:33 PM
wow, i never knew triakis had teeth underneath it :) thats so funny i might have to crack out the triakis practice!

10th December 2008, 03:48 PM
Here is my album (http://s207.photobucket.com/albums/bb251/H3avyM3tal/), all pictures are 1080p :)

Edit: Most of them are experiments, as I have just recently discovered I could rotate the camera...
Some of them are pretty good, if I say so myself...

Edit no.2: Apparently they are not 1080p... They did came form a 1080p, so how can I post them at that original size... My pictures... all downsized... :(

10th December 2008, 06:12 PM
Why dont you put them up on deviant art? You can set the size to the maximum resolution on there :)

Heres some of my pics : http://ringospoon.deviantart.com/gallery/

11th December 2008, 12:48 AM
http://img376.imageshack.us/img376/2026/wohd20081001162731jpgzs9.th.jpg (http://img376.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081001162731jpgzs9.jpg)
I'll try and make better photos, promise!

11th December 2008, 08:15 AM
That's actually not a bad start. At all. :clap

11th December 2008, 10:14 AM
this is probably the wrong thread, but i've got a photo of it so it's almos relevant.
Anyone noticed in sebenco climb, after you blast into the air, what is on your left?
It's a city, with a line of traffic coming out of it. The attention to detail in this game blows me away sometimes :)

11th December 2008, 12:11 PM
Actually on SC, if you pause the game and go into photo mode after you boost off the big ridge before the tunnel, on the left is a city in the distance (photo). Anyone what city it's a photo off?

Also thanks for the new wallpaper radiumx 8)

11th December 2008, 07:49 PM
don't know guys if you mean the city just nearby, cause if there is a city further longer distant it's vineta for sure 'cause in case you haven't noticed yet from vineta the mountain you can see is sebenco

go to see the makana island map plan on wipeout pure site

12th December 2008, 01:02 AM
Makana island map?! Where? Never seen it before and can't find it either...

12th December 2008, 05:14 AM

12th December 2008, 09:21 AM
Oh, ok, I thought you might be referring to this - that's hardly a map, though, more of a blob ;) But thanks!

1st January 2009, 01:00 AM
http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/5441/wohd20081220180112jpgna3.th.jpg (http://img210.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220180112jpgna3.jpg)
Been my background for a while now.

1st January 2009, 05:48 AM
Ive noticed that pic alot. Nice;)

1st January 2009, 01:36 PM
Oooh, sexy! Also lends itself perfectly to a desktop, due to the lack of action on the left side (where all the desktop icons go).

1st January 2009, 04:30 PM
this thread is briliant, i'll try and get some of mine up, although most of them are feisar's underbelly for someone who's modelling one. he did a fantastic icarus on deviantart if any of you have seen it? worth a look i reckon.

also works for my dock :) icons are the enemy!

1st January 2009, 04:57 PM
@insertcoin: Looks awesome ... my new XMB wallpaper. :)

2nd January 2009, 08:30 AM
Here's a nice example of my piloting skills on Ubermall (reverse)...

2nd January 2009, 08:37 AM
hehehe nice!

2nd January 2009, 09:03 AM
I have the same on moa therma reverse without even the excuse of a missed br :lol

2nd January 2009, 03:09 PM
Here are a couple of mine I'm proud of :)

http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/1349/wohd20081227192718jpgvf7.th.jpg (http://img95.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081227192718jpgvf7.jpg) http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/6626/wohd20081227192907jpgql2.th.jpg (http://img95.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081227192907jpgql2.jpg)
http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/3007/wohd20081107210948jpgvy8.th.jpg (http://img510.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081107210948jpgvy8.jpg) http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/8240/wohd20081115193319jpgfj2.th.jpg (http://img237.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081115193319jpgfj2.jpg)
http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/7894/wohd20081218173901jpgkj6.th.jpg (http://img237.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081218173901jpgkj6.jpg) http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/3984/wohd20081122191000jpggn4.th.jpg (http://img510.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081122191000jpggn4.jpg)

2nd January 2009, 09:28 PM
@:rock: You got me on the ZONE shoot. Very beautiful!

2nd January 2009, 11:01 PM
Yeah, I really like that pic, it is very unique (imo ofcourse).
I also really like the Icaras ubermall shot, did a double saturn pic there :).

Thanks for the comment!

4th January 2009, 12:16 AM
http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/1464/wohd20090104010235jpgdx4.th.jpg (http://img296.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090104010235jpgdx4.jpg)

This picture was taken after running 19 minutes and 25 seconds (http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/2849/wohd20090104011143jpgxx9.jpg)

35 seconds to go ... :sonar


20 seconds to go ... :)

4th January 2009, 10:06 AM
You should keep that as a wallpaper, because, that is simply awesome.



7th January 2009, 07:07 PM
Here´s my current PS3 backround pic, shot during shortcut searches on SOL2 SL. I hope you like it:)
[img=http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/8982/wohd20081113150009jpgmi5.th.jpg] (http://img89.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081113150009jpgmi5.jpg)

9th January 2009, 04:44 PM

9th January 2009, 04:45 PM
http://img266.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220224325jpgih8.jpg - http://img266.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220224511jpgon9.jpg - http://img266.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220224153jpgaq2.jpg - http://img530.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090104214832jpgrw8.jpg - http://img530.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090104214808jpgwp9.jpg - http://img530.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090104214717jpgbp7.jpg - http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090104214126jpgcm7.jpg - http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090103145910jpgbf9.jpg - http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090102224410jpgnr8.jpg - http://img187.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090102224446jpgyo5.jpg - http://img187.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090102225104jpgfk3.jpg - http://img187.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090102225430jpgez0.jpg - http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090103145837jpgib8.jpg - http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081222132836jpgff0.jpg - http://img133.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081221232823jpgji4.jpg - http://img369.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081221232756jpgop7.jpg - http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20080928164338jpgiy7.jpg - http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20080929192812jpgwa7.jpg - http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081001171747jpguk1.jpg - http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081001171600jpgzb4.jpg - http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20080930165522jpgqq3.jpg - http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20080929195939jpgsl5.jpg - http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20080929195741jpgik2.jpg - http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081215161136jpgdo5.jpg - http://img223.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219192909jpggc1.jpg - http://img512.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219192946jpgde9.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219224619jpgfa8.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219230557jpgon3.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219225825jpgax0.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219225943jpgqs0.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219225721jpgyu2.jpg - http://img213.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219225616jpgyz4.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219230631jpgfb7.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081219231017jpgex2.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220222434jpgzt0.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220223254jpgms7.jpg - http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220223331jpgkg5.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220224017jpgfv1.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220223913jpgfx9.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220223648jpggs1.jpg - http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081220223620jpgph7.jpg

9th January 2009, 04:46 PM
Apologies about the double post. My browser went a bit funny when I tried to edit my post and it ended up posting twice.

9th January 2009, 07:00 PM
And so you posted yet again to apologize...? :rolleyes:
Might wanna replace the images with links, there's a 50k per post limit on these boards.

Oh and lest I forget: very nice images you got there :clap

10th January 2009, 01:58 AM
Beautiful pics...

10th January 2009, 08:07 PM
Here's 2 pics I took recently.
This one (http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/eLhabib/wipEout%20HD/wohd_20090102_212910jpg.jpg) shows my love (or rather lack thereof) for Moa Therma.
And this one (http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/eLhabib/wipEout%20HD/wohd_20090110_190643jpg.jpg) is my current desktop background.

11th January 2009, 03:49 AM
How the bloody hell did you flip your ship on a track that's basically a gigantic mag-strip ;)

11th January 2009, 07:22 AM
I'm wondering too. How did you pull that off? :)

Anyways, heres a few of mine.

1 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20081230_104204jpg.jpg), 2 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20081230_104906jpg.jpg), 3 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20081230_105359jpg.jpg), 4 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20081230_162515jpg.jpg), 5 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20090108_185801jpg.jpg), 6 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20090109_173112jpg.jpg), 7 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20090110_084053jpg.jpg), 8 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20090110_084131jpg.jpg), 9 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20090110_084352jpg.jpg), 10 (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/BARTgai/WipEoutHD/wohd_20090107_150041jpg.jpg)

11th January 2009, 11:16 AM
Wow, you really like ships behinds huh:lol

Nah, just kidding, awesome pics :)

11th January 2009, 01:26 PM
Well, the title of the roofed-out Auricom picture is 'Half a Barrel' - you'll get the idea how that happened... ;)

16th January 2009, 08:19 AM
hey elha i want absolutely know how you have done that with your ship! you have to start a thread " how to overturn your ship tips & tricks "
i want to know how you have done it, if i would know i do it everytime i race, i would stop to play seriously forever only for do this kind of stunts!!!

16th January 2009, 08:34 AM
I done the "stranded turtle" [upside down] on Chenghou.:dizzy
I've also had my craft stuck with it's butt on the track,nose pointing skyward leaning against a side wall for what I though was an eternity.:redface:

17th January 2009, 02:20 PM
On Chenghou reverse, let your ship drop into the abyss on the boost shortcut to the right after the magstrip. 1 out of 5 times or so, you will respawn upside-down at the start of the magstrip :p
On Moa therma reverse, get someone to push you out of the track (or do it with a boost) on the turn before the last magstrip section. Often you will respawn upside-down there as well :)

17th January 2009, 03:25 PM
or if you're me; post-respawn you will no doubt end up repeatedly going off the track until the race is over...
it happens somtimes on anulpha when you respawn on the bend before the overpass. i learned this during my many feigned attempts at the zico-beating BR.

17th January 2009, 05:48 PM
hey elha i want absolutely know how you have done that with your ship! you have to start a thread " how to overturn your ship tips & tricks "
i want to know how you have done it, if i would know i do it everytime i race, i would stop to play seriously forever only for do this kind of stunts!!!

I tried to do a barrel roll there, simple as that. If you cut the turn hard from outside to inside, there is a little airtime to get. I can get a BR there 1 of 10 tries - not consistent enough ;)

19th January 2009, 10:13 PM
Ive put all my best photos in an 'easy to browse' format on Flickr. Check them at:


19th January 2009, 10:29 PM
Wow, REALLY nice! :clap

19th January 2009, 10:30 PM
Some damn good shots, YouAreFubar! :+

20th January 2009, 12:31 AM
Thanks! :D

20th January 2009, 12:44 AM
Phenominal pics fubar :+. Wish I could take pics like that :(

20th January 2009, 01:22 AM
great shots fubar! kudos

i wonder if the people's faces are the faces of programmers photoshoped:o

20th January 2009, 06:59 AM
Now that you mention it - I just had a long look at that crowd picture, and I think half of the crowd have Colin Berry's face plastered all over them! :D

20th January 2009, 07:04 AM
Heh!, possibly yes but you know how ugly he is!....lol, joking Colin ;)

Have you noticed all the large designs of the logos on their clothing?, some are pretty smart if they could design that way?;)

Alot of pictures are really nice!, you should be proud of yourself.


26th January 2009, 01:26 AM
http://f.imagehost.org/t/0187/wohd_20080927_002338_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0187/wohd_20080927_002338_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0126/wohd_20080927_002533_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0126/wohd_20080927_002533_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0024/wohd_20081030_205544_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0024/wohd_20081030_205544_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0638/wohd_20081101_134315_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0638/wohd_20081101_134315_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0400/wohd_20081101_140924_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0400/wohd_20081101_140924_jpg)
http://f.imagehost.org/t/0996/wohd_20081101_141313_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0996/wohd_20081101_141313_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0487/wohd_20081101_141439_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0487/wohd_20081101_141439_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0300/wohd_20081101_141704_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0300/wohd_20081101_141704_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0277/wohd_20081101_142435_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0277/wohd_20081101_142435_jpg)http://f.imagehost.org/t/0252/wohd_20090117_160225_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0252/wohd_20090117_160225_jpg)
http://f.imagehost.org/t/0268/wohd_20090125_162310_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0268/wohd_20090125_162310_jpg)

26th January 2009, 09:21 PM
Some nice pics there Darkdrium! Ive got a new batch, with a load featuring Goteki 45. Ive been having issues with Flickr and Imageshack, so ive got a new album at:


The first 53 in the album are my new ones. If anyone would like any of them at a higher resolution, PM me with an email address, and I can send them to you. I exported them at 1920 x 1080 so they will be at the maximum resolution the PS3 can output, but I get a feeling Photobucket will compress them in some way.

BTW - How in the hell did you get that over view shot of Sol 2? Thats pretty impressive!

26th January 2009, 09:32 PM
Wow, lots of pretty there! :clap

27th January 2009, 12:11 AM
BTW - How in the hell did you get that over view shot of Sol 2? Thats pretty impressive!Mind telling me which over view shot? :lol

27th January 2009, 09:24 PM
The one where you can only see the 2 towers and the track snaking around them. How did you get enough height to take that?

27th January 2009, 09:44 PM
Oh it's the same height as all the others, except I made the ship invisible. :D You can see a ghost of the ship that remains in the dead center of the image (slight blue trail on tower, slight red/black trail on clouds)

Just turbo onto one of the small walls on the open track section, using the curve it makes when going into the track floor as a ramp. The ship will take off, launch very high, and then fall back down by doing a slow backflip (It doesn't actually do it though, respawn kicks in during the fall). After, it's just luck being launched in the correct position and patience to try and line up the shot. ;)

27th January 2009, 11:50 PM
I didnt think of that! Good going at finding a unique way of shooting Sol 2!

28th January 2009, 10:35 AM
I put some HD photos up here http://profile.imageshack.us/user/supercat79/

if anyone wants to take a peek. I'm liking what I've seen from everyone so far :lol

28th January 2009, 12:49 PM
Pretty pretty!

29th January 2009, 01:04 AM
Theres some really good ones there Stinkleroy. I like the one on the first page which is looking at the sky from under a ship (Harimau I think). Very nice!

29th January 2009, 02:19 AM
Thanks Fubar :D I really like the close up of the Harimau pilot, it's so micro detailed that you can see his little rung ladders to get into the ship.....made me have a whole new appreciation for all the work that went into this game!

29th January 2009, 02:25 AM
Yah, I like that one too, Cat! Good stuff!

29th January 2009, 06:36 AM
Thanks guys, well if anybody wants a copy of any of them just send me a PSN message as I think Imageshack screwed me on the resolution....I have pilfered quite a few from this thread hehe :D

29th January 2009, 06:44 PM
I'll just leave that (http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/) here. ;)

29th January 2009, 08:32 PM
Ahh, the Rasterbator! Ive seen that before but havent had a printer for ages though so havent really tried it. Wouldnt the image lose quality as its bumped up to a larger size though?

29th January 2009, 09:55 PM

Judge for yourself?... :?

Personally I think the result is pretty good.

29th January 2009, 11:10 PM
Yeah it does look pretty good actually, I think ill have a play with that over the next few days. Nice one!

30th January 2009, 11:15 AM
Thanks for leaving that link there Darkdrium777.
cool stuff indeed :+

30th January 2009, 01:57 PM
Lol I hope your wife agrees :g

31st January 2009, 01:09 AM
Aaaaah, the good old Rasterbator. I have a rasterbatoriz0rd sword crossing a real one on my wall, looks quite nifty :banzai

chasing ghosts (http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/3008/wohd20090130194545jpgbm8.jpg)
chasing ghosts reverse(?) (http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/1699/wohd20090130194646jpggm7.jpg)
enough of those ghosts (http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/5981/wohd20090130194822jpgnr8.jpg)
some additional bite (http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/3103/wohd20090130194859jpgpz3.jpg)
my best buddies (http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/4369/wohd20090130195211jpgpi9.jpg)
anulpha pass tower thing (http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/2926/wohd20090130195834jpgxt2.jpg)
sparkles (http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/9826/wohd20090130200027jpgrw5.jpg)

2nd February 2009, 01:08 AM
Just put an update up http://photobucket.com/youarefubar PM me if you would like a high res 1920 x 1080 pic sent across email or PSN. Theres some pics on there as well of when I managed to fall off then under the track at Metropia. Fell quite a distance before I was picked up!

5th February 2009, 04:43 PM
YouAreFubar, ZeeZ, stinkleroy, awesome pics. Great topic here, nice additions!

here's one I shot yesterday on Sebenco. Boosting in a wrong spot lol...

FlyingHigh (http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/12/38/63/58/wohd_210.jpg)

5th February 2009, 05:13 PM
chasing ghosts (http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/3008/wohd20090130194545jpgbm8.jpg)
chasing ghosts reverse(?) (http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/1699/wohd20090130194646jpggm7.jpg)
enough of those ghosts (http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/5981/wohd20090130194822jpgnr8.jpg)
some additional bite (http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/3103/wohd20090130194859jpgpz3.jpg)
my best buddies (http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/4369/wohd20090130195211jpgpi9.jpg)
anulpha pass tower thing (http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/2926/wohd20090130195834jpgxt2.jpg)
sparkles (http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/9826/wohd20090130200027jpgrw5.jpg)

That tower thingy is the centeral collumn holding the roof of the Analpha Pass Arena. Analpha pass along with several other tracks was part of the Delta Pack on Wipeout Pure that where indoor curcuits. Took me a while to figure it out what that thing was.

6th February 2009, 12:17 AM
I love taking screenies too, but unfortunately I just have a lame old TV :( The screens look awesome in-game but once they arrive on my PC for viewing they look horrible compared to the HD ones on here. I'll put em up anyway, since I spent so long on a couple of them, trying to set up cool angles :I Couple of SuperSonic shots at the end! Also not sure what that top line of noise is on each image... doesn't appear on the PS3.


if you don't have too much time to look through them, my favourite was http://goannasvencoop.com/BMT/wipeout/images/043.jpg .. at least on the PS3, it looks terrible on here. The anulpha pass tower in the background looks awesome in SuperSonic.

This one - http://goannasvencoop.com/BMT/wipeout/images/018.jpg - has the best story behind it. This happened while I was attempting to get the Arcade Perfect gold trophy, this crafty AI blew me up with rockets on the last lap and I landed right on the finish line... I was in 1st place :( Raged so hard I took a photo.

6th February 2009, 06:31 AM
Some nice pics there FatScarf :D

6th February 2009, 06:33 AM
Yes, I definitely agreed with you over HD pictures but my big tv looks awesome to me.

here is my link----> http://cid-abbbe002add06a0b.skydrive.live.com/play.aspx/.res/abbbe002add06a0b!378/abbbe002add06a0b!379?ct=photos (http://cid-abbbe002add06a0b.skydrive.live.com/play.aspx/.res/abbbe002add06a0b%21378/abbbe002add06a0b%21379?ct=photos)


7th February 2009, 05:24 PM
These are my first attempts using photo mode, so go easy on me...lol. There's only five pics (well six actually, but one is tiny for use as an avatar) and they're all of Mirage in mid-br...wanted to give Mirage some love seeing as how not many people do, not to mention that I've officially adopted Mirage as my primary ship. Here they are:


8th February 2009, 11:08 PM
does anyone have a nice HD picture of the panda thing you fly in front of in Ubermall? I want it for a desktop but I can only take those crappy TV resolution shots. Panda looks cool :3

just been looking through YouAreFubar's pictures, there's some brilliant stuff in there. Some of it looks photoshopped :O you must've been fairly creative with explosions and over exposure, very admirable work there. some of the shots, like the two mirage ship profiles, look like wallpapers made by Sony Liverpool artists!

9th February 2009, 12:00 AM
I will see if I can get a good shot of the Panda, though now I can't do much about it.

Here's my current wallpaper though.

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0903/PiranhaWall.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0903/PiranhaWall)

9th February 2009, 01:09 AM
wow, that's a rather lovely image. Is that part of a set or have you done that yourself?

9th February 2009, 01:14 AM
I did not do this, I found it on the internet, I don't remember where though.

9th February 2009, 04:49 AM
It was done by Rita Linsley who designed the HD zone mode graphics as well as the Paris Hair track on Wipeout Pure.

9th February 2009, 09:44 AM
Man how I wish for a replay mode.. taking great photos would be so much easier! Anyways, here's what I've decided to keep so far.. http://gt3.nfsunlimited.net/WOHD/Pics/

10th February 2009, 03:32 AM
^Dude. Nice.

10th February 2009, 12:07 PM
Yes, agreed. You’ve got some seriously impressive photos there GT3x24x7 :+

Never really bothered with photos before, but this thread has given me the motivation to have a crack at it. Hopefully, my complete lack of any artistic talent whatsoever won't hold me back.

10th February 2009, 01:32 PM
Oh man, the whole mag loop on Moa Therma is impressive :o :+

10th February 2009, 02:43 PM
Yup, wow...those are all amazing. They make my initial attempts look like absolute :turd . Back to the drawing board for me!

11th February 2009, 06:38 PM
one of your Sebenco Climb screens is my wallpaper now GT3, brilliant photos! now make one of the ubermall panda :O

21st March 2009, 10:14 AM
Picture 1 (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0330/wohd_20081004_145200_jpg) | Picture 2 (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0484/wohd_20090212_193916_jpg) | Picture 3 (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0873/wohd_20090224_203736_jpg) | Picture 4 (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0283/wohd_20090224_202614_jpg)

Contender Eliminated.

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0820/wohd_20080928_140017_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0820/wohd_20080928_140017_jpg) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0933/wohd_20080928_181414_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0933/wohd_20080928_181414_jpg) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0728/wohd_20090221_194945_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0728/wohd_20090221_194945_jpg) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0140/wohd_20090222_142318_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0140/wohd_20090222_142318_jpg) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0547/wohd_20090221_194735_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0547/wohd_20090221_194735_jpg) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0346/wohd_20090221_201440_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0346/wohd_20090221_201440_jpg)


http://g.imagehost.org/t/0488/wohd_20090212_191540_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0488/wohd_20090212_191540_jpg) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0680/wohd_20090212_191911_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0680/wohd_20090212_191911_jpg)

The first one on Ubermall gives me a headache every time I look at it.

21st March 2009, 02:50 PM
Wow, great pictures!
And you're right - the Ubermall pic really does induce headaches! :dizzy

22nd March 2009, 01:05 AM
Great creative photos Darkdrium and GT :)

I've only taken a couple of photomode pictures so far... but I suspect many more are still to come. So far, my favourite has been the panning shot at the bottom of this post.

I really got stuck into GT4's photomode feature, and entered a lot of competitions on gtplanet: http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=86688&highlight=jacoja07


Hmm... don't I know you from somewhere, GT3? :P

22nd March 2009, 08:58 PM
Not much so far, but I've got 5 so far up at my homepage for Wipeout HD (and 30 for Wipeout Pulse). I won't post any smaller pics here, as I don't want to disobey the forum's picture posting guidelines (and it's too much work/bother to reconvert 'em anyways). If you're interested in seeing them, check out the Wipeout Pulse and Wipeout HD buttons on the left sidebar of my website. Two flash slideshows of preview versions of the pictures, and the original high definition of each picture if you click on it.


22nd March 2009, 10:11 PM
komatos: it's a photo gallery so if you're a few KBs up from the limit it won't really matter. Just don't post the real HD 1080 images (These deform the forum layout) ;)

For pirhapac's birthday, a photo of his favourite move on his shortcut :)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0680/Barrel_Roll.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0680/Barrel_Roll)

22nd March 2009, 11:15 PM
Ha, thats tight. :) Love how the contrails twist around the main exhaust. :+

23rd March 2009, 09:15 AM
Looking at these screenshots I get a total different view on the tracks and its suroundings. Just beautiful. Actually I think it's the best looking ps3 game. And I even play it on a normal Sony trinitron (ie non HD).

23rd March 2009, 04:50 PM
Too much blur?

That's the smoking wreckage of my Harimau, if I remember correctly

24th March 2009, 12:28 AM
HD-tv owners, please wear sun-glasses or something. The game doesn't look so crap on my screen but well... :turd here are some of mines




This one reminds me of 2001 space odyssey ( big fan )







The impossible shortcut, remember...



Fish wings...


Don't think this one is mine, can't remember...


Plasma or not plasma?

24th March 2009, 11:47 AM
i'd really like to upload some of mine but sadly they all look really jagged and nasty compared to all of yours...
anyone got any good tips on how to make them look better? like effects etc...

24th March 2009, 01:10 PM
The trick is using any of the photo effects to enable high quality anti-aliasing. ;)

24th March 2009, 01:56 PM
Nice pictures Eloi, you captured a lot of the track detail. They even look good on my HD TV :D

24th March 2009, 08:40 PM
komatos: it's a photo gallery so if you're a few KBs up from the limit it won't really matter. Just don't post the real HD 1080 images (These deform the forum layout) ;)

The limit is the limit. Setting a limit that is not adhered to would be pointless.

BTW, your gallery in post #97 of this thread is more than 17 KB over the limit. Please edit it yourself so that I don't have to do the work that should have already been done.

24th March 2009, 11:00 PM
Wasn't it considered OK for the Pulse photo thread, specifically the skins one? Or did I misunderstand something?

&quote (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showpost.php?p=76314&postcount=2)

Title here is: "The HD Photo Gallery" :?

25th March 2009, 01:25 AM
Just one new pic - my feisar with new skin :D

http://ringospoon.deviantart.com/art/Feisar-Rework-116449481 (http://ringospoon.deviantart.com/art/Feisar-Rework-116449481)

25th March 2009, 03:14 AM
LOL. Gotta love the smoking chibi xD

25th March 2009, 10:59 AM
Thanks bro :D

25th March 2009, 02:39 PM
Needless to say the images you can get from wipeoutHD's photo mode are brilliant. I know the resolution isn't huge but has anyone tried printing out posters of the images?

There are sites out there that let you upload photos but the posters will cost around £17 not including delivery which is a bit pricey for a test print.

I found this (http://www.blockposters.com/) site which upscales an image (that you upload) onto a custom number of a4 pages and saves it as a pdf that you can print out and basically stick together. The image will be pixelated but im hoping still looks decent from a short distance. Besides it's basically free :P.

I'm waiting for some thicker paper and ink cartridges to come before i print out a photo. I used the 5 A4 pages wide setting as it would fit rather nicely on my wall. I'll take a photo when im done and upload it if anyone is interested.

Any ideas or tips?

Edit: thought i'd add some of my captures for you guys (saving my favourite so I can have my own limited edition wall print if it ever goes through :D):

http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090325_180500_PS.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090325_180500_PS.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090323_165333jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090323_165333jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20081210_152607jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20081210_152607jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090325_182700jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090325_182700jpg.jpg)

http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090325_183550jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090325_183550jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090325_184236_PS.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090325_184236_PS.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090325_184803jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090325_184803jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090325_182142jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090325_182142jpg.jpg)

http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20081210_151836jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20081210_151836jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20081210_151106_PS.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20081210_151106_PS.jpg)

Hope it's ok to post them like this since it is the gallery thread. Click on the thumbnail to go to the photobucket link which has the 1080p file (click download).

25th March 2009, 06:53 PM
That second last pic (VinetaK before the tunnel drop). Im sure thats me fanging it onto freeway on ramp, booaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! :g

25th March 2009, 06:57 PM
Not sure i understand, but it sounds like you're having fun :)

speeding memory?

25th March 2009, 09:35 PM
Thanks stinkleroy, good to hear your tv is still fine :P

and btw, GT3x24x7 ( if you read this ), impressive pictures, I wouldn't be surprised if you worked on photography or something, they really look professional

25th March 2009, 10:37 PM
yeah i agree, your pictures are awesome gt3. are they anywhere in 1080?

26th March 2009, 02:39 PM
Thanks stinkleroy, good to hear your tv is still fine :P

and btw, GT3x24x7 ( if you read this ), impressive pictures, I wouldn't be surprised if you worked on photography or something, they really look professional

GT3 hasnt been online in 44days, i think an aboriginal must of ate him or something.

26th March 2009, 04:09 PM
Or, as Zoolander would say, an "Abodigital". :lol

26th March 2009, 04:45 PM

26th March 2009, 06:24 PM
Wasn't it considered OK for the Pulse photo thread, specifically the skins one? Or did I misunderstand something?

&quote (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showpost.php?p=76314&postcount=2)

Title here is: "The HD Photo Gallery" :?

[reads that post]: Since infoxicated says it is so, then it is so.

26th March 2009, 10:33 PM
Haha :D

31st March 2009, 01:05 AM
Needless to say the images you can get from wipeoutHD's photo mode are brilliant. I know the resolution isn't huge but has anyone tried printing out posters of the images?

There are sites out there that let you upload photos but the posters will cost around £17 not including delivery which is a bit pricey for a test print.

I found this (http://www.blockposters.com/) site which upscales an image (that you upload) onto a custom number of a4 pages and saves it as a pdf that you can print out and basically stick together. The image will be pixelated but im hoping still looks decent from a short distance. Besides it's basically free :P.

I'm waiting for some thicker paper and ink cartridges to come before i print out a photo. I used the 5 A4 pages wide setting as it would fit rather nicely on my wall. I'll take a photo when im done and upload it if anyone is interested.

Any ideas or tips?

Here it is! (I know no one mentioned their interest but it took me long enough so :P )

http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_YAS_0227s.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=YAS_0227s.jpg)

also..new photos:

http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090328_200957jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090328_200957jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090328_201422jpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090328_201422jpg.jpg) http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/th_wohd_20090328_201740_PSjpg.jpg (http://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk61/mangaroot/?action=view&current=wohd_20090328_201740_PSjpg.jpg)

31st March 2009, 03:32 PM
I'm lovin' that middle pic.

2nd April 2009, 09:15 PM
Light Games
http://f.imagehost.org/t/0295/wohd_20090401_202911_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0295/wohd_20090401_202911_jpg) http://f.imagehost.org/t/0561/wohd_20090401_212406_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0561/wohd_20090401_212406_jpg)

Perfect Turn
http://f.imagehost.org/t/0953/wohd_20090402_015527_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0953/wohd_20090402_015527_jpg) http://f.imagehost.org/t/0857/wohd_20090402_015012_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0857/wohd_20090402_015012_jpg) http://f.imagehost.org/t/0660/wohd_20090402_015850_jpg.jpg (http://f.imagehost.org/view/0660/wohd_20090402_015850_jpg)

2nd April 2009, 09:45 PM
mmmmm those are loverly :)

8th April 2009, 09:07 AM
http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/7740/proatitsbestzone120.th.png (http://img177.imageshack.us/my.php?image=proatitsbestzone120.png)

Running 120 zones is like being able to touch perfection.
Words cannot explain....

http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/678/proatitsbestzone120a.th.png (http://img134.imageshack.us/my.php?image=proatitsbestzone120a.png) http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/999/proatitsbestzone120b.th.png (http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=proatitsbestzone120b.png)

8th April 2009, 01:04 PM

and you managed to take some screenshots while you were at it.

I am VERY impressed... CONGRATULATIONS :cake:+:dizzy:hyper

8th April 2009, 01:22 PM
http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/7740/proatitsbestzone120.th.png (http://img12.imageshack.us/my.php?image=proatitsbestzone120.png)

Running 120 zones is like being able to touch perfection.
Words cannot explain....

http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/678/proatitsbestzone120a.th.png (http://img134.imageshack.us/my.php?image=proatitsbestzone120a.png) http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/999/proatitsbestzone120b.th.png (http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=proatitsbestzone120b.png)

FM! Im lost for words.

8th April 2009, 01:39 PM
You refer to yourself as "its"?

Nice achievement :)

9th April 2009, 01:45 AM
Yeah thx for the congrats!

You refer to yourself as "its"?
I thought it goes unnoticed. Yeah, I'm no human any longer. ;)

On zone 115/116/117 I really got a feeling of perfection, all three zones
were perfect zones. Surviving zone 118/119 was utterly demanding and only
possible by pure will power. If I should picture it, I would say; on zone
118/119 I was fighting a cognitive fight against a higher-dimensional being
protecting the 120-zone-gate by any means necessary.

I almost didn't raced for about 2 months. But last weekend a good friend of
mine came along and I showed him what ZONE looks like beyond zone 40.
Well, I did a 106 out of nothing. I quickly realized that this was a sign.
Something told me that zone 120 is finally in my blood. A day later I
matched up with my old zone record (117) and, well, yesterday was one
of those special days.

9th April 2009, 02:02 AM
On zone 115/116/117 I really got a feeling of perfection, all three zones were perfect zones.

Problemsolver is a super computer.

What the ****. Amazing.

9th April 2009, 10:21 AM
Ah, so this is what deep thought does in his spare time ;)

bravo Problemsolver!

10th April 2009, 04:02 AM
:nod lol

yeah thx

10th April 2009, 04:05 AM
Grats on your Achievement!

Im slowly catching up to you on Ven K Forward... currently in Sixth... First will be mine *cackles* Probably wont happen.... >_>

10th April 2009, 04:36 AM
Thx a lot!

You catch up? Well, keep it going, keep it going! Ehm Vartazian ...
can please enter your score at http://wipeout-rankings.mooo.com/? Thx. :)

My best was a 82 under version 1.26. I think, I could have done a 85 as well,
but Wellington86 stopped the competition ;) and my first goal was to reach
zone 120 on AP. However, with version 1.30, I guess a 90 might be possible
on VK. Be prepared!

10th April 2009, 09:04 AM

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0531/wohd_20090410_035856.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0531/wohd_20090410_035856) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0596/wohd_20090410_040857.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0596/wohd_20090410_040857) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0796/wohd_20090410_044010.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0796/wohd_20090410_044010) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0398/wohd_20090410_045538.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0398/wohd_20090410_045538)

[Part 1]

11th April 2009, 04:03 AM

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0353/wohd_20090410_052523.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0353/wohd_20090410_052523) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0094/wohd_20090410_060246.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0094/wohd_20090410_060246) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0895/wohd_20090410_230645.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0895/wohd_20090410_230645) http://g.imagehost.org/t/0003/wohd_20090410_233216.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0003/wohd_20090410_233216)

[Part 2]

11th April 2009, 01:24 PM
Feisar > Goteki 45 :)

11th April 2009, 01:53 PM
Never Stop That Feeling

11th April 2009, 04:14 PM
saved to laptop :D

11th April 2009, 05:22 PM
That's a beautiful pic/arrangement Problemsolver! *saved*

12th April 2009, 07:16 AM

I made that picture for another purpose, too. ;)

Here is the original picture I've taken to do the other one. You can
get quite good shots jumping down from the overpass with a BR.
Esp. the trailing helix make up for some good pictures.

http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6229/wohd20090411065701.th.jpg (http://img23.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090411065701.jpg)

12th April 2009, 04:20 PM
Thing of beauty :clap

13th April 2009, 04:37 AM
You do high speed laps down the Nurgburbring dont you ProblemSolver? I can see where you get the practice from.

23rd April 2009, 09:21 PM
Well i'm definitely wanting to share my pics.

My Wo Background w/ XL logos and ships to fit XMB (Only made the final composite not the actual bkg)

Icaras: "Flying High"

Potential to be great promo pics

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Scenic Routes:

Goodbye Elite AI

"Transending" (One day i actually will)


23rd April 2009, 10:01 PM
Good GOD, the Icaras one is AWESOME!!!! :dizzy

24th April 2009, 10:18 AM
I am not commenting a lot on pictures , but those are splendid ! congrats

24th April 2009, 10:40 AM
awesome pics DividedXZero! Flyin' High? BEAUTIFUL!

+Problemsolver : Fantastic wallpaper again, Thx!

24th April 2009, 04:56 PM
Yah, dude...the Icaras one is A1 special sauce world class! :+

Sel The Don
25th April 2009, 04:05 PM
Sorry for sounding really dense, but how can I get the images from my PS3 into my PC?
I have a few pics that I'd like to upload here....

25th April 2009, 04:13 PM
Either insert a USB flash drive or connect a PSP, then select the picture, press triangle, then copy, and select the device you plugged in as the destination.

25th April 2009, 04:59 PM
Alternatively upload them straight from your PS3 through your browser.

Don't know how well image hosting sites work though, I have a webserver running locally and wrote a small php form that lets me upload a batch to my pc

25th April 2009, 11:37 PM
Hello friends!

I just took my first pictures and i want to share them with you so you can let me know what you think. :)

These pictures are the same but with diferent effects.

I like to call them "FEISAR RUNS FROM HELL" =)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0106/wohd_20090426_003440_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0106/wohd_20090426_003440_jpg)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0143/wohd_20090426_003334_jpg.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0143/wohd_20090426_003334_jpg)

Sorry if they are no good!


26th April 2009, 12:25 AM
I really like the blurred one, makes the explosion look so much cooler :)

26th April 2009, 10:13 AM
To focus or not to focus...
http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/6755/wohd20090424164435jpg.th.jpg (http://img17.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090424164435jpg.jpg)http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/7605/wohd20090424164450jpg.th.jpg (http://img22.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090424164450jpg.jpg)

http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/4720/wohd20090424164516jpg.th.jpg (http://img14.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090424164516jpg.jpg)http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/4687/wohd20090424164542jpg.th.jpg (http://img12.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090424164542jpg.jpg)


http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/7875/wohd20090424183953jpg.th.jpg (http://img22.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090424183953jpg.jpg)

10th May 2009, 08:42 AM
just a picture

http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/153390/phlgdbhcmy.thumb250.jpg (http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/153390/phlgdbhcmy.jpg)

10th May 2009, 10:20 AM
wow, thing of beauty.

10th May 2009, 03:37 PM
I've never shared any of my pictures on the Zone and I've taken a fair few. I've uploaded a few to one of my pictures albums which can be found here (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/album.php?albumid=44).

I don't take many pictures any more. I'm always racing online and even when I'm not my controller doesn't have any analogue sticks to control the camera with.

10th May 2009, 05:19 PM
just a picture

http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/153390/phlgdbhcmy.thumb250.jpg (http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/153390/phlgdbhcmy.jpg)

Gotta Love Moa

Best track.

10th May 2009, 10:36 PM
That was sarcastic, I hope...
Moa sure looks nice in this picture, but as an actual racetrack - hell no.

10th May 2009, 10:44 PM
LOL this is actually one of my fav tracks as well. By no means is this the best track though in the game. That marker goes to Metropia :P

13th May 2009, 07:53 PM
FullHD pictures!!

zone Flash is flashy! (actual desktop)

zoom on EG-X ship, looks pretty cool in that angle!

14th May 2009, 12:01 AM
Both pix look ugly. Sorry! ;)

At least, apply some special effects like 'depth of field' or 'lens focus' to get
rid of the aliasing. :nod

14th May 2009, 10:53 AM
That was sarcastic, I hope...
Moa sure looks nice in this picture, but as an actual racetrack - hell no.

Yeap i wasnt being sarcastic there.

"Gotta Love Moa"

Such of a nice track, its got such good flow through out. Full credit to the man who created this track at SL:D

LOL this is actually one of my fav tracks as well. By no means is this the best track though in the game. That marker goes to Metropia :P

I love Metropia Black also. A thoughly well constructed track as well. Good job SL:)

14th May 2009, 12:43 PM
Sorry man, but in my book, Moa takes the gold for being the most uninspired, boring, untechnical track ever created in wipEout history. Slightly better in its reverse version, but still :blarg

14th May 2009, 01:10 PM
I think you must be the Polar oposite to me habib cause i love Moa, along with Vertica and Metropia. Such fast tracks. Love them. Wipeout is all about insane high speeds, and these are the tracks you can do them on. You must be a fan of that twisty Pure stuff arent you?

14th May 2009, 01:14 PM
Amen to that! Blue Ridge, Citta Nouva, Modesto Heights, bring it ON!

btw I love Metropia as well, it's my favorite track in HD (the reverse version, that is...)

14th May 2009, 01:31 PM
Yep, that confirmed it. elHabib is my polar opposite, lol.

Blue Ridge was a overall ok track, it just had the worse entry and exit corners out of the main straight, ****ing horrible. Citta Nouva well we all know here whats the general opinion of that track is lol.

I love Metropia big time, i love Metropia Black that is. and the Pulse version of White is ok, but Black is just a really good flow track. Reverse on HD is bullshit, ****ing too many blind corners, the White verson of this track on Pulse is so much better, you dont hit those stupid cage street lights on that final jump where you can pull a BR if you have a boost.

14th May 2009, 02:39 PM
I don't hit those on Met R HD either - nose down anyone? ;)

14th May 2009, 03:24 PM
nose up for me (i think it's faster but i dunno) :D
me loves Metropia R.
I think I might make an entire photo album devoted to it :P

14th May 2009, 04:42 PM
if you nose down you catch 1 more speedpad...

14th May 2009, 06:30 PM
the same part of the track in Pulse on Metropia White you dont need to use that ****ing motion sensitive feature you just do, then again Pulse phantom is heaps faster than HD phantom so your more trying to keep in control your racing line. Im not a great fan of motion sensitivty feature. More a fan of the old school Wipeout theme:)

15th May 2009, 12:32 PM
motion sensitive ??!! doesn't pressing the UP direction is keeping your nose down ?

15th May 2009, 01:14 PM
yes i use that.

21st May 2009, 03:27 AM
http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/4427/wohd20090416211137.th.jpg (http://img269.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090416211137.jpg)

http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/9436/wohd20090416212652.th.jpg (http://img196.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090416212652.jpg)

21st May 2009, 11:31 AM

they are still there? or you took this shot before the last update Phantron?

21st May 2009, 04:16 PM
Before last update, wish they were still around.

21st May 2009, 05:19 PM
Before last update, wish they were still around.

ProblemSolver ask himself to SL to have them removed, and he said they are not here anymore...


but i find them funny...

21st May 2009, 07:43 PM
It really is too bad, I felt they just added to the epicness of high speed zone.
When I first saw them I instantly crashed and said to myself, omg I went so fast I saw lemmings.

21st May 2009, 09:45 PM
It really is too bad, I felt they just added to the epicness of high speed zone.
Don't know. It depends. Some ppl simply zone for fun (meaning they don't
participate in any hard competition) and as such they don't pay that much
attention to detail. Hence, for those ppl it wouldn't make any difference.
But others go for the maximum where everything counts. Up to my point,
the Lemmings were rather distracting.

21st May 2009, 11:41 PM
They would be better suited to I think it's Flash that is green and blue... On the reverses it would be like Mach 1 (Colours change order) but it would still fit in with the theme. In Supersonic as they were it was just tearing your eyes out, you were subconsciously focusing on each side of the track where the lemmings were, the left eye on the left and the right eye on the right. :dizzy

22nd May 2009, 12:22 AM
Hmm I agree with Problemsolver, but it’s just too cool to take out. You can’t move it to a lower zone because it’s like a reward for getting Zone Zeus.
Ok compromise, they should put it back in, but how about only for like zones 75-77 enough to see it for a lap or two.

24th May 2009, 03:15 AM
http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/153390/wyvbrobmgu.thumb500.jpg (http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/153390/wyvbrobmgu.jpg)

Quite an interesting picture from Dan Wheaton (http://www.carbonmatter.com/index.html). There is a certain touch of
romance within this picture. I like it.

24th May 2009, 09:09 AM
WOW - Great pic! :D

Got any more?

24th May 2009, 10:30 AM

Awesome pictures!


24th May 2009, 03:00 PM
wow, awesome pic :dizzy

24th May 2009, 10:32 PM
o they took the lemmings out? man i'm glad i got to 75 and took a bunch of shots of them.

6th June 2009, 01:24 PM

I also made a desktop wallpaper from zone mode. There's some Photoshop involved to crisp the image quality and to put the glow thingy on it.
It's 16:9 aspect ratio so it should fit most widescreens just fine. (TV's are 16:10 but no biggie.)

EDIT: Changed into links.

6th June 2009, 01:28 PM

I would edit this post if I were you, the rules here are that you cannot post images for more than a total of 50KB per post you make on this forum. :)

6th June 2009, 01:34 PM
the Feisar doing BR is awesome!

nice pix!

6th June 2009, 03:57 PM
Agreed, edit the post before the admins castrate you ;)
awesome pics though :clap

6th June 2009, 06:51 PM
Ditto and ditto!

6th June 2009, 07:44 PM

I would edit this post if I were you, the rules here are that you cannot post images for more than a total of 50KB per post you make on this forum. :)

I havent seen Lance MODing in quite some time, nothing to fear...

6th June 2009, 09:27 PM
I know. The "ouch" was my router screaming in pain. ;)

6th June 2009, 11:45 PM
I havent seen Lance MODing in quite some time, nothing to fear...
Don't feel save! xEik is lurking around! xD I got two points for my pretty
post over here (http://wipeoutzone.com/forum/showpost.php?p=128240&postcount=235). (I couldn't resist. :P)

7th June 2009, 03:00 AM
I loved that post. Found it quite amusing.

I guess 6 points - 2 points, means your still in the green by +4 points ay Problem Solver;)

7th June 2009, 04:20 AM
http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/166850/smaggbeojg.thumb250.jpg (http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/166850/smaggbeojg.jpg)

http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/166850/zducppkvvv.thumb250.jpg (http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/166850/zducppkvvv.jpg)

7th June 2009, 07:18 AM
I love that floor bump mapping. It's just perfect. :)

7th June 2009, 12:41 PM
ah, t3h hairpin!

7th June 2009, 04:04 PM
I should add that the black color is for real. No photoshop involved.

7th June 2009, 08:22 PM
I should add that the black color is for real. No photoshop involved.

the same color i'll never see! (zone #?)

7th June 2009, 10:22 PM
the same color i'll never see! (zone #?)

Mach 1, somewhere around zone 60 or so. Got to 71 today, almost there.:nod

8th June 2009, 01:39 AM
It is zone 60 on Chenghou Project. :sonar

8th June 2009, 01:43 AM
How on Earth did you get to Mach 1 on Chenghou? That's crazy man! :)

8th June 2009, 03:38 AM
Feisar power! :beer

8th June 2009, 08:43 PM
After doing a 60 yesterday, I finally gave Chenghou Project a run for
its money. The most difficult part of this track isn't the hairpin as one
might guess, it is turn 1 the entire arc connecting start/finish with the
given hairpin. You need to steer the craft through turn 1 as stable and
precise as possible to perfectly set-up the craft to do the final sweep
around turn 2, the hairpin. At high speeds, the deal is to hit the outside
wall at turn 2 only once, as slight as possible, and as late as possible!
Of course, I assume that one can race all the other turns perfectly. Ah
yes, the final chicane to start/finish is quite tough, too, once entering
zone 55+, because you will fly straight into the tunnel leading to the
chican. Taking the chicane without damage is rather thrilling. Don't think
about whether you will go through without a scratch or not. You would
miss! The only thing that works is confidence! Utterly deep confidence!

http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/166850/nuqshbehnr.thumb250.jpg (http://static1.filefront.com/images/personal/p/ProblemSolver/166850/nuqshbehnr.jpg)

8th June 2009, 11:17 PM
Dude what the hell :o


9th June 2009, 02:24 AM
ProblemSolver...SL should craft a custom award for you. I'm not joking. You're amazing. :clap

9th June 2009, 02:37 AM
you've gotten higher on CP then I can on AP :|

9th June 2009, 02:18 PM
got an idea last night
but can't try it.
maybe you know it ProblemSolver.

for the hairpin, and generally sharp turns :
turning left a bit earlier with both steering and airbrakes
then use RIGHT sideshift to avoid colliding the inner wall.
so when you get out of the turn, you are in the axis of the line, and don't hit the outter wall.
i see it like drifting...

is it possible/effective at high speeds?

9th June 2009, 02:49 PM
I already use that at phantom, but never tried in zone (in fact I'd have never try to zone if it wasn't mandatory in the campain).

9th June 2009, 09:55 PM
Same here, some tracks even have a convinient speed pad on the side you are side shifting out towards (Chengou Project)...conincidence?

10th June 2009, 04:40 AM
@Darkdrium777: xD

@LOUDandPROUD: Hell, yes! :) Would be nice if we could have a banner
(a tightly fitted marquee) on each track displaying the first three of a
given leaderboard with respect to the mode you are currently into. Heh?

you've gotten higher on CP then I can on AP :|
Look! I'm sorry. ;)

@Spece2goin: Drifting around a hairping is the fastest way around if
tire wear isn't an issue. Rally Pros do it all the time. Well, I've tinkered
with 'this' techniques in SPEED LAP as well as ZONE. At low speeds (<=
PHANTOM) this technique is useful for correcting your racing line when
you're about to enter a turn to early. Nothing special. There might be
some turns where one can even profit using it. What about higher speeds?
Using this technique to turn around a sharp corner at high speeds doesn't
work, because the craft isn't turning once you are sideshifting, throwing
you right into the 'outer' wall.

I use quite a dynamic variant of shifting around that hairpin at CP ZONE
depending on the current situation of the craft moments before the turn.
All cases can occur, i.e. a right shift, a left shift, or no shift at all.

10th June 2009, 08:16 AM

didn't know how the zone craft behave at such hi speeds.
thx for info.

10th June 2009, 10:48 AM
Here is my attempt at uploading some piccies, first time I've tried it so lets hope it works.

Pictures are zone 75 Moa, Zone 51 rev Sebenco and Zone 50 Sebenco (though not necessarily in that order !!)

Will do some more if and when I remember to take pictures when i get to a decent Zone !

10th June 2009, 01:43 PM
@silverfox073: Last one is best. But why are these pictures
sub-HD? Are you playing on a TV? Hell, no!

... Will do some more if and when I remember to take pictures when i get to a decent Zone !
You have plenty of time in being the first to color Sebenco Climb black. :)

3rd July 2009, 03:59 AM
http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/834/copyofwohd2009062914184.th.jpg (http://img43.imageshack.us/i/copyofwohd2009062914184.jpg/)

3rd July 2009, 08:19 AM
Pretty sweet, but the jpeg compression kills it completely!

4th July 2009, 11:59 AM


6th July 2009, 02:19 AM
Poor poor people :( I hope their sufferings are put to an end soon.

http://h.imagehost.org/t/0174/WOHDTorture.jpg (http://h.imagehost.org/view/0174/WOHDTorture)


6th July 2009, 02:52 AM
Wait, WTF are people doing down there anyways?

6th July 2009, 02:54 AM
EXACTLY my reaction when I saw it xD :g

6th July 2009, 05:25 AM
4400 series three!:hyper


6th July 2009, 07:01 AM
Darkdrium777, they are everywhere (http://wipeoutzone.com/forum/showpost.php?p=128786&postcount=182);)

6th July 2009, 06:03 PM
Maybe that area of the track, they aren't loading in many textures, so they put them there and then map them onto the parts of the track where they do need crowd.

Like the texture map you get when you edit skins for WipEout Pulse - the individual parts of the texture are all over the place and bear no relation to the shape of the ship, but they get mapped to the right place in the end. :)

(Probably haven't explained that well, but I know what I mean.)

6th July 2009, 08:56 PM
hmm, does anybody wonders what D'arkdrium's ship is doing there (where?) too?

6th July 2009, 09:01 PM
I found ways to get out of the track ☺

EDIT: Found ways to "get out" of Moa Therma too. :P

Start by the discovery:

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0063/wohd_20090706_172957.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0063/wohd_20090706_172957)

Experiment a little...

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0487/wohd_20090706_175030.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0487/wohd_20090706_175030)http://g.imagehost.org/t/0288/wohd_20090706_175213.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0288/wohd_20090706_175213) I'll make a "wallpaper safe" version of that last one because there are some visual glitches in it that prevent it to make a cool wallpaper :/

And now the fun starts!

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0579/wohd_20090706_183557.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0579/wohd_20090706_183557)

7th July 2009, 12:02 AM
Hey D777, these pictures are technically nice in all, but as an artist I
would not be so pleased to see such pictures of my work. For sure, you
don't break any rule in generating those pictures, but showing them will
take away the illusion (for a lot of people) the artist was trying to create
in countless hours. Further, those pictures spread a lot faster into other
forums and might likewise be used to bash WipEout HD alltogether and
may also not invite people to buy the game. Just think about it for a

I would be very pleased if you could remove these pictures, at least
those that are really breaking. You will even get a little reward for your
findings; :cake :)

7th July 2009, 12:34 AM
I see your point. ;)

7th July 2009, 12:37 AM
Good job. :+

7th July 2009, 02:46 AM
Now here's some Awesome Action (AA for short :g)

Chengou Rockets
http://g.imagehost.org/t/0818/wohd_20090706_215643.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0818/wohd_20090706_215643)

Basic mathematics: Plasma + 3(Rocket) = Elimination
http://g.imagehost.org/t/0014/wohd_20090706_215443.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0014/wohd_20090706_215443)

Quake elimination:
http://g.imagehost.org/t/0321/wohd_20090706_212515.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0321/wohd_20090706_212515)

Near the edge:
http://g.imagehost.org/t/0625/wohd_20090706_211831.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0625/wohd_20090706_211831)

Another angle (Yes, the rocket did hit AG-Sys)
http://g.imagehost.org/t/0835/wohd_20090706_211917.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0835/wohd_20090706_211917)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0433/wohd_20090706_215050.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0433/wohd_20090706_215050)

Dual missile (One from me exploded, one on it's way to Mirage)
http://g.imagehost.org/t/0633/wohd_20090706_202425.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0633/wohd_20090706_202425)

7th July 2009, 04:04 AM
Here's my album. Enjoy!;)


7th July 2009, 04:22 AM
Needs password...

7th July 2009, 05:10 AM
Yeah i know, i forgot to make it Public... You may try again now :)

7th July 2009, 08:32 AM
D777, could you explained how you did that ? I suppose you use the non-magstriped section to left the track but how did you managed not to respawn ?

also, after leaving the track, could you "fly" over the water, or did you sink ?

7th July 2009, 09:07 AM
Actually, you respawn no matter what happens after staying a few seconds in the air (I think it's two, might be three), so there's no way to fall for an infinite duration of time. And there is no respawn volume in the way in that area, that's why you can get this far with the select button to get another turbo.
And you just fall "through" the water, it has no collision of any kind.
As for the trick to do it, I believe pirhapac has some videos of Moa Therma Reverse speed lap where he does it... Check the HD videos thread.

7th July 2009, 11:54 PM
I now know WHY there are people in the ocean there. :lol

Doing some phantom speed lap on Vineta, I spiked a wall, and next thing you know I'm eyeing the lunar lander. I then spotted the crowd.

So I wondered if it was possible to see them from "normal gameplay". As it turns out, they aren't all just drowning at the bottom of the sea.... Some of them are actually casual observers - sitting in the bottom of a ship, windows and all. :eek

There was also the inexplicable crowd on the ocean floor (waay off in the crab nebula) , but I'll chalk that up to their invisible submarine and refraction.

12th July 2009, 10:32 AM
Me barely getting Zone Zeus and an Icaras flying... high?

Edit: 1080p of the Icaras (http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/4637/wohd20090427140334.jpg)

14th July 2009, 05:40 PM
Just started messing about with the photo mode the other day.

Have a few shots up Here (http://s213.photobucket.com/albums/cc315/barneybreadhead/WipEout%20HD/?albumview=slideshow) for now.

Lots of sideways Feisar action! Happy with a couple of these but lots more practise needed.

24th July 2009, 02:49 AM
Got my latest "work" right here, fresh XMB wallpapers in 1080p :beer
( i tried to put a spoiler tag, but i cant get it to work on this forum...)

http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/2193/wohd20090724005508.th.jpg (http://img190.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090724005508.jpg)
http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/1300/wohd20090724004725.th.jpg (http://img249.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090724004725.jpg)
http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/5086/wohd20090723223509.th.jpg (http://img24.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090723223509.jpg)
http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/3782/wohd20090723193020.th.jpg (http://img249.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090723193020.jpg)
http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/4051/wohd20090723202009.th.jpg (http://img58.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090723202009.jpg)
http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/7365/wohd20090722012445.th.jpg (http://img22.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090722012445.jpg)
http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/2360/wohd20090722012220.th.jpg (http://img9.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090722012220.jpg)
http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1843/wohd20090722011816.th.jpg (http://img11.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090722011816.jpg)
http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/5969/wohd20090722011717.th.jpg (http://img11.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090722011717.jpg)
http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/3862/wohd20090722013345.th.jpg (http://img11.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090722013345.jpg)
http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/6849/wohd20090411045908.th.jpg (http://img22.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090411045908.jpg)
http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/623/wohd20081025143116jpg.th.jpg (http://img196.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20081025143116jpg.jpg)
http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9255/wohd20090708012353.th.jpg (http://img9.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090708012353.jpg)
http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/2339/wohd20090608232523.th.jpg (http://img525.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wohd20090608232523.jpg)

24th July 2009, 08:23 AM
SUPERSONIC on Syncopia;

http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1729/psatsyncopiazonethumb50.jpg (http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/5158/psatsyncopiazone.jpg)

The coloring looks superb. Soft and sound!

24th July 2009, 12:34 PM

24th July 2009, 06:05 PM
I'm in love with Modesto!
http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/eLhabib/wipEout%20HD/th_wohd_20090723_230640.jpg (http://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/eLhabib/wipEout%20HD/?action=view&current=wohd_20090723_230640.jpg)
http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/eLhabib/wipEout%20HD/th_wohd_20090723_231823.jpg (http://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/eLhabib/wipEout%20HD/?action=view&current=wohd_20090723_231823.jpg)

It's from teh future!

24th July 2009, 07:22 PM
all credit of the awesome pic but wtf is syncopia?

24th July 2009, 07:32 PM
all credit of the awesome pic but wtf is syncopia?

Zone track from Pure.

24th July 2009, 07:49 PM
One I took at the Amphiseum


Love the night setting on this track :)

26th July 2009, 10:16 PM
I'm in love with Modesto!

It's from teh future!

Only one comment ...

http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/2692/claymore11066aux8.th.png (http://img189.imageshack.us/my.php?image=claymore11066aux8.png)

28th July 2009, 10:43 AM
i'm really missing somthing not having a HD TV...