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5th July 2008, 09:36 AM
I'm just wondering,since the latest PS3 update we have the ability to use what ever background music we wish for during game play....:)

I'm just wondering if there is any way we could copy the sound loops off WO 2097 or any other versions of WO and use those?

I suppose I could take a digital output from a PS2 and make a MP3 loop and itemize them into individual tracks and do it that way [a rather laborious process],but I fear that I would not be able to get a random song playback as the original title.

I REALLY want "Firestarter" as background music to be available to play WOHD as I've found I have nearly always done my best time when that track is playing.

I suppose one would really need to be able to separate the Audio files of the previous games and load them as tracks in the PS3.

Anybody know a work around to achieve this with the new PS3 update without added complexity?

5th July 2008, 10:10 AM

5th July 2008, 10:26 AM

Why is it illegal?
I OWN every disc,all I want to do is transfer/store partial content for my usage as I want.

You can go to the menu of WO 2097 PAL a select Audio,all AUDIO loops are available,It is nothing that is contrary to the original actual copyright!

5th July 2008, 11:26 AM
Oh, I remember now! Sorry 'bout that.

5th July 2008, 11:31 AM
So how to we "Make it so" so to speak....Two heads are better than one,any ideas?

5th July 2008, 12:28 PM
HD might just stream off the HDD.

5th July 2008, 12:54 PM
You do know that you can take the music straight off the game discs, right?
So, if you have'em, just pop'em in your PC and rip the audio off. Ski-doosh!

5th July 2008, 04:08 PM
Yes, with the original 3 games, you can rip them like a normal audio CD.

6th July 2008, 03:18 PM
If the original games just appear like normal CDs you can get the PS3 to rip them. Just go into the settings and make sure you tell the PS3 to rip them in MP3 format, as some games don`t recognize wma and aac for custom soundtracks.

on the main menu highlight the CD, press triangle, import, job done.

9th July 2008, 02:58 PM
make sure you tell the PS3 to rip them in MP3 format, as some games don`t recognize wma and aac for custom soundtracks.

Are you kidding?
that sucks...!......!!

9th July 2008, 05:28 PM
I think it depends on the developer though. Pain supports MP3 only, while SSHD supports MP3 and WMA I think, and I don`t know about AAC in that game. The PS3 defaults to ripping your CDs as AAC, so mainly I wanted to warn people to watch out for that if they don`t want that format. We`ll have to see what happens in WipEout HD.

And that is surely the most acronym-heavy post ever made on the Wipeoutzone, IMNSFHO! :)

9th July 2008, 09:04 PM
So very true. Yet I think using the full terms like Moving Picture Experts Group Phase 1 Audio Layer 3 would be even more confusing :lol

9th July 2008, 09:20 PM
Yeah, TLAs FTW!

10th July 2008, 12:59 AM

10th July 2008, 06:52 PM
Umm, you lost me at "lah"...
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king a*s off, laughing at how out-of context it is?

10th July 2008, 09:05 PM
Its off - topic.

I speak leet.

10th July 2008, 09:41 PM
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11th July 2008, 01:03 AM

11th July 2008, 05:43 PM
I did this with the tracks from 2097, and used the mp3's in Pulse.
A problem I ran into was that music in 2008 is mastered a lot louder than it was back in 1996. I couldn't mix the original Pulse soundtrack with my own ripped 2097 mp3's, because they weren't loud enough.
Of course, I can lower the soundFX-level and up the music level, but then the menu-music gives me problems (such as blown-up ear drums, heh).
Just to let you know... ;)

11th July 2008, 05:50 PM
there's a lot of freeware programs out there that let you adjust your mp3s' volume, amongst other things.

11th July 2008, 06:24 PM
I strongly recommend using Audacity to do that. :)

11th July 2008, 06:39 PM
Uhm yes, you could use freeware or Audacity to raise the volume of your mp3's, but what's that gonna sound like...? Like ****, I'm sure.
The problem is that those 1996 masters have the same peak-levels as the 2008 ones (you can't get any higher!), it's just that their RMS (Root-Mean-Square)-levels aren't as high as they are today. Perceived loudness is in the RMS-levels and not the peaks, and the only way to raise them is to use dynamic compression.
And why do you think serious mastering studios use $xxxxxx hardware and software to do just this and not Adobe Audacity?
Because its real easy to make dynamic compression sound like ****.

That sounds a bit harsh maybe, its just that I spent several years of my life studying exactly this subject (I'm an officially trained audio engineer, or, as the paperwork says: a sonologue), and it touches a sensitive nerve. Heh. But there you go. ;)

11th July 2008, 08:04 PM
It does help if you don't set the gain slider up +50, but only +3 or +6 max. I've tried it, there is no distortion or anything else than a raised volume that happens. You've just got to watch for the green bars (The L & R channels) that move when you play the song. If they hit the right side of the box, put the gain lower and it won't cause distortion... It's the same thing as an amplifier (It's even called "Amplify" under the "Effect" menu), and as far as I'm aware an amp doesn't cause much distortion when used reasonably ;)

And Audacity can do Dynamic Compression too :P Just found out about that. Doesn't change a thing too. It's under the "Effect" menu, "Compressor". :)

17th July 2008, 08:18 PM
If people would learn to master CD's the way they did in the 80's, music might start sounding good again.

Here's to getting 24/192 5.1 mixes on Blu-ray within the next few years. At least it can handle the SNR they're trying miserably to get out of CD.

Some CD's now sound like they were recorded through a crappy BOSE home theater system.

23rd July 2008, 11:59 PM
AFAIK its already confirmed that the game allows custom soundtracks, so there shouldnt be any problem.

25th July 2008, 01:43 PM
AFAIK its already confirmed that the game allows custom soundtracks, so there shouldnt be any problem.

Yea, I read this a while back..so I already have my playlist ready!

I called it "WIPEOUT EXTREME" :rock

I have Wipeout, XL, and WipeOut 3 on there...I bought that soundtrack to Pure on itunes...burned to a CD (its legal) then dumped it to the PS# as I did the other ones.. So I have 4 CD's worth of music in my " I am ready for the freaking game already" wipeout playlist :)

I have some of the Fusion tracks because I own the CD's of the original artists, but I wish there was an easy way to get the Fusion tracks in there as well.:brickwall


25th July 2008, 06:56 PM
You can rip the music of the game off the DVD with a PC using some software and converting it to MP3. I have done this with the game Monster Hunter, all that is needed if for the music to be in the correct format (extension) for the software to be able to extract it. I know not many PS2 games I have were in that format though, so maybe Fusion's music isn't as well.
Also, it's been some time since I've done that so I don't remember the name of the software I used. Check it out on Google, that's how I found it. :)

11th August 2008, 05:46 AM
Maybe the best option would be if the Playstation store made available the old soundtrack loops as a download.

Just the same as the Ridge Racer franchise.

That way all the original artists would be getting their just royalties,and we would be getting an option at a bit rate and volume that WOHD deserves.