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4th March 2008, 08:37 PM
Hey everyone, i'm a long term wipeout fan, played them all, for the most part love them all. Love the original playstation trilogy, wanted so much to love fusion, but i only really like this (due to bugs, poor track design later on and odd weapons) liked 64 for what it was, loved pure, and like pulse (didn't enjoy some of the tracks and felt it was too bright and neon esque for wipeout) just wanted to know a few things about HD if anyone could fill me in on a few things or wanted to chip in a few comments, then much appreciated.

tracks - will more be available via download, as 8 isn't a great number? any rumours of remakes?
music - one thing i did like in pulse was the custom soundtrack, nothing beats classic cold storage when playing wipeout. will this be back?
auricom - are they making the huge error of not putting this in as a at-launch ship...again?
graphics (this is more of an taste test) - how does everyone feel about the brighter graphics, there's no denying it looks fantastic, but i love the dark grim look of wipeout, i loved the brighter tracks like p-mar project (3) and terramax (1) from previous title's, but it's too f-zero for my liking with all this neon. opinions?
mag-strips - are they back, they worked, but didn't really add that much to some tracks?
multiplayer - i know they're doing online (which is great!) but what about split screen racing and split screen online racing (as in two friends on a single system also racing an online grid) anything on this?

i'm excited about wipeout coming back to consoles and this combined with final fantasy xiii will probably lead to me getting a ps3 (i got a psp just for wipeout pure/pulse and final fantasy vii: crisis core) so fingers crossed this is gonna be a good first appearance before the main event wipeout PS3 (sure would like to get a title for this one!!!)

4th March 2008, 08:57 PM
Hi Guy!
Guess I can help you. Here's a link (the first that came when looking for your answers):


So We will surely have more tracks and more teams (who said Auricom, Harimau, Icaras and Mirage?) later this year. We don't know yet which track we'll have.

Custom playlist will be a feature too (agree with you about ColdStorage :D).

Mag strips will be in WoHD in the remake of Pulse's tracks, Moa Therma White, and Metropia Black.

About split screen, nothing announced, so I think it will not be available. At least, not at day one.

Concerning the graphics, I agree once more with you, I appreciate the "bright"
tracks, even though I prefer "dark" ones.
One thing I have to say about WoHD: I don't like Anulpha Pass' look!This is typically F-zero' style (which I love in F-zero, but not in Wipe!). Too many colors and neons out there for me!
Looks like a Xmas tree!!! :xtree

Btw, does anyone know what the "Pilot assist" will be?

4th March 2008, 09:00 PM
a shiny hd christmas tree! :)

i'm also wandering what this pilot assist may be? perhaps some kind of tutorial mode for newcomers to the series? shows you the racing line ahead of you or something maybe.

Nadia Elenova
11th March 2008, 02:18 PM
I like dark tracks as long as you can still see the track :P
Some tracks in Pulse are too dark to my taste, but as WoHD will be played indoor that shouldn't be a problem. :D