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29th February 2008, 02:19 PM
Hi there,
I've started a little project that aims to correct and enhance all that games that are no more patched by original creators (old games). The project is called "gear" and is, basically speaking, an open source, plugin based, program that load PC games' module and apply patches on the fly modifying the spawned process memory (no cracked exe or stuff like that).

The project is in beta stage right now. The first game I've decided to patch is Wipeout 2097 (next will be Tyrian). One of my favourite racing game ever. Bugs fixed are:

*) fixed frame-rate to 30fps (the original PSX fps)
*) corrected a bug with music volume adjust. Wipeout 2097 sets, on exit, system volume to 0. I don't know why. The gear module restore your custom settings
*) Fixed a problem with joypad axis 5. Wipeout consided axis 5 as an accelerate axis despite the button you have configured on menu. On my system (I use a PS2 pad on PC) if "keyboard+joypad" is selected my craft always accelerate (leading to wrong race start)
*) few others. Too technical to be explained here

Can this be interesting for you? I can open a public beta in a couple of days if you want.

Let me know

29th February 2008, 04:57 PM
check your pm, I am interested in this project of yours

29th February 2008, 06:14 PM
No matter how old these games are, they are still owned and copyrighted by Sony, who are still actively selling them for different consoles than they were originally produced for. IIRC, the copyrights specifically forbid any modification of the games without permission from the copyright holder.

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