View Full Version : A couple of Pulse problems

23rd February 2008, 09:58 PM
I've had a look through the site and I can't seem to find any fixes for a couple of issues I having with WipEout Pulse.

Hi all, I'm having some issues with WipEout Pulse.

Problem 1, I downloaded the Mirage pack for WipEout Pulse, my PSP knows it's there, but it won't let me install it. It comes up with this message "The data item cannot be started. There is no game that is compatible with this data item."

So I figure it doesn't need to be installed, however when I start the game, Pulse doesn't see the pack either.

I have deleted and then re downloaded, but still no dice. Needless to say, I'm a bit reluctant to spent more money on DL packs that may not work for me.

Problem 2, Whenever I try to connect to online games on WipEout Pulse my PSP checks for patches, then crashes, then shuts down. I'm using this (http://www.gpstore.co.nz/Games/1529477.html) to connect my PSP to the internet via USB 2.0. I have updated my firmware via this and accessed the net, and I have had no issues.

When I disabled UPnP it would connect to the universe, but there was no log in screen and Pulse seems to stall.

Any help appreciated.