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6th July 2002, 05:20 AM
hey pplz ,.
does any one know if i can get wipeout 2097 running on windows xp, any help will be cool ciao


17th July 2002, 11:48 AM

Actually, I got WOXL running on Windows XP, without any real problems...
Except game speed, of course. :wink:

But with some careful adjustments on process priorities and using a tool called SlowDown, or CPUStress from the MS WinXP Platform SDK (free, but only 400M complete Download :-? ), I was able to play on acceptable speed. (Got a 1.2GHz AMD, BTW)

Hope that helps. If not, post a reply.

PS: I usually play WOXL on my Laptop (750MHz P3 Mobile with WinME). WOXL runs like a charm on it. No need to adjust speed. Kewl.

Good luck, r007

20th September 2002, 05:28 AM
try find a copy of moslo that should fix it under XP

22nd September 2002, 09:27 PM
so i need some help:
i got a pc-version of wipeout 2097 ( i usually played it on psx). the problem is: whem i try to install that disc it says it needs win 95 !! :(
is there any help possible ?? i'd love to play wipeout on pc cos my psx is already garbage and don' work any more !!

thxx in advance


15th December 2002, 12:49 PM
Same problem here ...and my Win95 disc's back looks like a desert storm has gone over it :( no function!
But i will try it under XP. The only thing that makes me wonder is that the demo (that 6 MB-thing) runs fine but it doesn't help to change files so i can only race Gare d'Europe :(

the surgeon
13th September 2003, 04:55 PM
quite simple :D just place the cd in computer,then go to compatability wizard,select look in cd-rom and it will load and install no problems :D hope that helps

30th October 2003, 01:09 AM
ok, i have this problem and i can't figure this out so i'll ask real straight like; is there a way to make wipeout 2097 install on windows xp?

1st January 2004, 01:17 AM
Where the heck is the darn compatiblity wizard at???? Step by Steps please. I just got my disc 5mins ago from FedEx and no go. Same Win95 issue being needed.

1st January 2004, 05:53 PM
in xp, right click the exe on the cd you want to run and go to the compatability tab and select windows 95 under 'run this program in compatability mode for'