View Full Version : Your white OR black 12 tracks tournament!

25th January 2008, 03:25 AM

not really - just list a 12 track tour with either black OR white for each track.
Your favourites!
here's mine :)

1. Talon black
2. Moa black
3. Metro white
4. Arc white
5. konstruct black
6. tech white (used to be black but since the BRs on the bridge :bomb now it's white)
7. Amphi white
8. Gale white
9. Basilico white
10. Platinum white
11. vertica white
12. O7 black

what's your favourite 12 tracks tourny?


25th January 2008, 07:00 AM
1. Talon black
2. Moa black (i take off on white)
3. Metro black (black has the vertical drop)
4. Arc black (more BR's)
5. konstruct black (has the crazy shortcut)
6. tech white (like black and white really)
7. Amphi black (huge jump more BR's)
8. Gale white (cant remember weather its black or white were i take off)
9. Basilico black
10. Platinum white (i love flying perfectly throo white)
11. vertica white (black has blind corners)
12. O7 white (the hairpins on black r anoying)

there u go, i was bored so i posted

26th January 2008, 04:20 PM
Good idea zargz, I was just thinking the other day "Am I a dark-side or a light-side pilot?", meaning do I like more white tracks or black tracks...:?:

So I'll fill this out and see, I guess.

Talons - White
Moa - Black
Metropia - White
Arc - White
DeKonstruct - Black
Tech - White
Amphiseum - Black
Fort Gale - Black
Basilico - White
Plat. Rush - Black
Vertica - Black
Outpost 7 - Black

I guess that makes me a dark-side pilot. 8) I think truthfully if I made a 12 race tour I'd put both Pl. Rush tracks in and leave out Outpost 7.:|

27th January 2008, 02:02 AM
Talons - Black
Moa - Black (Love both)
Metropia - White
Arc - White
DeKonstruct - Black
Tech - Black
Amphiseum - White
Fort Gale - White
Basilico - White
Plat. Rush - Black (Although i LOVE both)
Vertica - White
Outpost 7 - Black

And there you have it..... 50/50 - I'm a little bit Darth & a little bit Jedi..... :)

Rapier Racer
27th January 2008, 05:54 PM
Talon's Junction: White
Moa Therma : White
Metropia: Black
Arc Prime: White
De Konstruct: White
Tech De Ra: White
The Amphiseum: Black
Fort Gale: White
Basilico: Black
Platinum Rush: White
Vertica: Black
Outpost 7: White

Some of Pulses black runs are enough to make me re-think any criticism I might have thrown at Citta.

27th January 2008, 06:04 PM
Talon`s Junction- Black

Moa Therma- Black

Arc Prime- like them both!

De Konstruct- White

Tech De Ra- White

Metropia- Black

The Amphiseum- Black

Fort Gale- Black

Basilico- Black

Plantinum Rush- Black

Vertica- White

OutPost 7- Black

Just various but I do really like them all.