View Full Version : reflecting on the series as a whole

26th June 2002, 05:16 PM
as the wipeout series has progressed the games have gone farther into what beta versions were looking like. for example, if you compare the original wipeout to the concept wipeout seen in the movie hackers, they are almost entirely different games excluding ship designs. however, if you compare wipeout 3 to the hackers concept and the beta screenshots there are much more similarities in the track design and weapons (washed out texture colors, force wall, etc). fusion continues this trend with the grenades which are very similar to the wipeout concept. the tracks in fusion are also much more similar to the beta screens and concept in their look with the textures, loopy designs, and wall-type obstacles, especially florian heights, cubis float, and the outdoor areas.

the signifigance of this is that i feel the developers have gotten closer and closer to the game that they wanted to make in the very beginning, which would be best reflected in the beta/concept type stages. many people dont realize how much a game can change from the original ideas to the final version, and to be able to make the game you really want to is rare at best.

with all the fusion bashing going on id like to take a moment to congratulate the team for all their hard work and maybe the slight possibility that they are satisfied with what they have created. plus i just got the eg-r ship so i am in a good mood ;>