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26th November 2007, 11:35 PM
The Aim:

To score as many points as possible in Venom Championship, Wipeout 1, and to become the F3600 PSP Champion.

The Game:
Wipeout 1 downloaded from the Playstation Store.

The Hardware:

You must use a Sony PSP. On PSP, the so-called hardest game really is the hardest (imo).


Start a Venom Championship, get as far as you can. After each race you qualify, write down your current total points, just in case you don`t make it through the next and you forget. Also write down your qualifying time on Altima, because this will be used for tie-breaks when points are equal. When finished, post your Altima time, ship, and points total before the race you got Game Over, or points total at the end of the Championship.

The Scoring:

It would be no fun if everyone used AG Systems, so the scoring system will encourage pilots to use other ships, and reward those who want to take a Qirex round Silverstream.

If you race AG Systems your score is whatever your final points total is. In the other ships you will get a bonus, depending on the difficulty of managing the heavy ships on the tougher tracks, or getting enough speed to overtake the pack in the case of Feisar.

AG Systems scores basic Points Total with no bonus.
Feisar scores Points Total + 5% bonus
Auricom scores Points Total + 10% bonus
Qirex scores Points Total + 15% bonus.

(these bonuses have been changed from original after playing the game a bit more)

For an example of what you need to post, here are my first two runs:

AG Systems
Altima time 4.31.3
28 Points

Altima time 4.24.6
21 Points + 10% bonus
Score 23.1 Points

All you have to do is post your Ship, Altima time and points total. I`ll do the percentages if you like, with the help of an online percentage calculator (http://www.onlineconversion.com/percentcalc.htm)
Or you can also post the final score including bonuses yourself.

There will be a winner for each ship, and an overall F3600 PSP Champion. Please post any comments about the rules, also. The closing date is when Pulse is released in the US. 3….2….1x….GO!


Overall F3600 PSP Championship

Stin - Qirex - 55.2 points [4.19.3] [48]
Lunar - Auricom - 52.8 points [4.15.2] [48]
Phlow - Auricom - 40.7 points [4.13.5] [37]

Altima Rankings (Canadian Grand Prix)

Phlow - Auricom - 4.13.5
Lunar - Auricom - 4.15.2
Stin - Qirex - 4.19.3

27th November 2007, 08:15 AM
:robot<--Hellraiser pulled my skin off!!!

Aw ****!, that is a toughie!, ok, I`m in and yes it is alot harder than Playstation!


Edit Eeermmm...I had not read that properly!:paperbag

3rd December 2007, 03:53 PM
Well, that is the probably most hardest game I`ve played for a while but actually I do enjoyed it!

Here is my scores this time

Qirex + 20%
Altima Time 4:19.3

48 points! (Qualified to Rapier:banzai)

Score 57.6 points! (Is that correct?)

PS, I did played Auricom on Silverstream`s track and it is alot easier than Qirex! My score for Auricom (1st attempt) is 2.55.3 and I was second place.


3rd December 2007, 11:33 PM
Great job Stevie - only 6 points dropped in Qirex is very impressive, I was surprised by that and I`ll be surprised if anyone does better. :clap I`ll try to improve my effort :redface: And I`ll make a leaderboard in the first post. If you can unlock Firestar you`ll get more points possibilities.... ;)

5th December 2007, 10:01 AM
wow, I am even more crap at this than I thought I was... I can't even qualify for the first race!

5th December 2007, 12:36 PM
Stevie and I both started off playing without airbrakes, because they don`t work with the default configuration. You have to change the control setting to option 2. Without the airbrakes it`s impossible. You have to brake almost every time you turn or you will crash, particularly with the lighter ships because their steering sensitivity is very high. I couldn`t get past Korodera with Auricom, which is an easier ship than Qirex, so Stevie is kicking my arse quite heavily at the moment. But I will work on it when I get the chance. :mr-t
And if Gameplay don`t deliver Pulse before I do.

5th December 2007, 06:17 PM
Air brakes are not my issue, I made sure I had that right :)
Type 1 in the POPS settings, Preset F in WipEout
it's just that I'm really bad at this :P

7th December 2007, 09:11 AM
I'm soooooo happy I can play wipeout in my PSP!!! But I'm still trying to make it past the first race, same as Lion.

Damn it this is a hard game! Didn't know the first WO was this tough.:blarg

I'll keep on trying to finish the challenge to post my points, but I highly doubt I will make it before next year :P


7th December 2007, 08:45 PM
Damn it, I suck at this, read: without neggie ^^

Auricom +10%
37pts +3.7 = 40.7pts

[BL: 1'23"8; 54"0; 54"8; 1'25"0; 1'16"6; -] stupid Silverstream...

This game is reaaally hard without a neGcon ^^ I find it easiest to just use the d-pad and don't airbrake until I get comfortable with the controls... Also I couldn't remember the speed boost when the A.I. bumps into you. It's deadly to race in the pack on Terramax and Silverstream, I bounce around like a friggin' table tennis ball ^^

8th December 2007, 01:39 AM
Closer to you, Stevie. But not there yet. A damn Feisar shot me right on the finish line of Arridos so I ended up second on that race. Anyway, enough excuses from me ;)

Auricom 48 Points + 10% = 52.8
Altima time 4.15.2

EDIT: After the approval of the F3600 PSP Race Commission (make that Stin and Phlow - thanks :)) some rule changes have been announced that will affect the bonuses scored, to make the lightweight ships more competitive. After discussing on MSN, I think Stevie and I agree that the heavier ships are definitely a bit easier compared to the lightweights on PSP than they are on Playstation. Though Qirex is still *bloody* hard and deserves the biggest bonus.

9th December 2007, 06:26 PM
Yeah, totally agreed with you but still, Rapier is alot harder than I have thought, so I`m hopefully to qualify for Firestar and compete it again to gain more points!;)