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7th November 2007, 03:56 PM
...surprised, nobody actually use Goteki 45!, well a few, I thought this ship is similar to Pure`s latest ship, because the thrust have sheer power compare to the rest of the overall ships.

Personally, I`ve really enjoyed the US version of Wip3out game, maybe I`m being old fashioned!, the main reason is my feelings are there and I will play more and hopefully completed before Pulse comes out.

Guys, if you are playing Pal or US?, play the game as you can and experiment the ships as much as you can! I can assure yous, you will enjoy it.

And yes I did use my neggy!;)


7th November 2007, 04:43 PM

This very surprising to see you racing W3O ntsc, RR W3O SE, and me XL : back to the old good roots before playing future highly addictive Pulse. :guitar

Is there any other members who are currently playing the good old ones waiting for Pulse?

7th November 2007, 05:23 PM
8 D I'm still trying to finish Pure!
But I've already logged my hours in W3O. I hear ya about the Goteki though, it's my 2nd favourite ship for Eliminator, hands down!

W3O is about Speed though. Thrust is pretty irrelevant in it, you get up to top speed so quickly and not much will slow you down, so acceleration is the least useful stat of the bunch of them. You'll only really need Handling for Phantom Manortop (okay, there's some exaggeration there, but not much!), but with the hyperthrust a high Shield rating can be really strong. Still, Speed is king. That's why Icaras rules in W3O. The Goteki is a ton of fun, it's like flying a construction vehicle. If there was ever a W3O Goteki only competition (and there actually was a while back, one of zargz stick-to-trax challenges) I'd be in it. You won't be setting many records in it though, and the ability to add records for more than one ship is relatively new to the boards.

So that's why you don't see many Goteki records. Now you know. 8 )

7th November 2007, 05:27 PM
I have recently started to get re-interested in Fusion...maybe because of the mag-strips....maybe for other reasons, I just don't know why - its still a good game imo.:)

Edit: probably because I never finished it

8th November 2007, 03:43 AM
I play Wipeout 3 a hell-a-lot all the time... especially since the Neg is a new thing to me... and XL is WONDERFUL!!! I'm no where near anyone else because I don't think I've even had it a year yet, and now I'm trying to play it with the neggy not completely sure about every turn in it like I know in Wipeout 3... so it's even more of a challenge!!

And noticing you can use the neg on the original Wipeout, I've been trying to use that too... but truthfully, I really only got back to the original Wipeout a few times every season... but I still do!!!

I'm usually not as skilled as most of the pilots, because (my lame-ass excuse) I have other hobbies I do as well, like going to the gym, trying to pick up a girlfriend (still have never succeeded!!!), and learning to play the guitar and drums (have a beautiful Alverez acoustic/electric, and a brilliant Gretch drum set waiting back home for when I get room for it)... the dorm room I currently reside isn't nearly big enough to hold all my stuff... plus, I work a little bit more than a few average people (Military)... lame excuses, but atleast I have some. :lol

8th November 2007, 01:18 PM
Asa, yeah we all loves ours games and hopefully remained so....

Task, Interesting point there but I did that to pure`s Goteki`s records which is not far away if I really work at it, that is why Lunar put`s me into perspective.
Now, I discovered Wip3out`s Goteki recently, which I really got a good chance there, then you might see the rest of my records. But something big came up and looks like I possibly will get a black polished PS3 console this weekend!

q_dmc12, Good choice there and yes I do like Fusion which I got to admit!:paperbag but Wipe3out is better ;)

Chill, Just concertrate on Hyperthrust and pitlanes are your best bet, also the line is very important.
I can give you a hint on Single Race, pay attention at the patterns of their ships then pick a line from there.;)


8th November 2007, 10:33 PM
I'm usually not as skilled as most of the pilots, because (my lame-ass excuse) I have other hobbies I do as well, like going to the gym, trying to pick up a girlfriend (still have never succeeded!!!), and learning to play the guitar and drums ..stick to the guitar and if you learn to sing a couple of songs you'll get a girl soon. Belive me! 8)

stin: since I got my psp the only wo I've played is pure.
too much hustle digging up the psx, connect it, find a wo disk and bla bal bla
the psp on the other hand is just swich on and play! :?