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20th June 2002, 05:45 PM

Okay. Here's my status. I've been playing Wipeout since 1995. I've never been good enough to really destroy any of the three previous incarnations (still struggling in the upper echelons of venom after starting over from scratch a few time, thank you). But I've played avidly, if not all-day religiously, since the very first game.

Maybe my relative lack of super-pilot-genius is a factor, but I LOVE this game. My only complaint was the vibration really. I had to turn it off. The physics and wall encounters make sense, but the rumbling just gets WAYYY too distracting.

I'm approaching the game in my typical manner, which is a bit more difficult in this game. Usually I'll just do each track team by team and then move on once it's totally conquered. Here I'm doing it team by team on the leagues. It's definitely sad to see Venom, Vector, et al gone. That's how I was managing to go through all three games at the same time. (Do all the Vector tracks, then move on to the Venom tracks, etc). I'm also taking care of the challenges in between leagues. Then once every pilot is maxed out, i'll move on to the individual tracks (since I realized that even though I've cleared leagues, I think I've come in first on the actual tracks maybe 7% of the time).

I also miss the menu layout for wip3out. It was perfectly suited for someone like me. Build up a gorgeous block of gold medals. Fusion doesn't even keep track of each pilot clearing the leagues. I've gotten everyone through to EGR through the first two leagues but it's only showing my percentage complete as what I got through with the first feisar pilot, who I took through to the fifth league. (I was expecting my percentage to increase if I was maxing out EVERY pilot).

I would definitely reccomend to anyone who's looking totally conquer the game on one save file to do as many pilots on each league as you can your first time around before you move on to the next one. I found this out the hard way when after unlocking all the weapons up to plasma, I tried to start van uber down the league path and got SMOKED because my shields weren't maxed enough. But hey, who's going to do it that way when you just want to get to seeing new tracks already!

Overall, though, I love the upgrading (although sometimes the ships come out looking worse off than before). It's like linking my two favorite racing experiences: SSX and wipEout. And things are getting very fast and smooth now. (EGR! Best turning response so far!). I've still got three teams and eight pilots to unlock too, not to mention tons of courses and challenges to get through (love seeing those back).

I'm sure I'll write more later.

All in all, I am very very pleased.

And sad that I'm at work.

20th June 2002, 06:21 PM
Glad you like the game Benjamin - welcome to the site :)

From what you've said above, it looks like you've steered clear of the challenges so far. I went and dabbled in the challenges and managed to be crap enough at them that I didn't complete many initially. A few people have managed to complete the challenges and then tried to do the league and found it impossible because all the weapons are unlocked!

I actually had a quick blast of the NTSC version this afternoon - I cannot believe Quake is unlocked after just one win in arcade mode... what the heck was Rob Francis thinking of?! Rob - if you're there, please take the stage! ;)

20th June 2002, 07:42 PM
hi benjamin, welcome to the forums.

i'll not comment on the aspects of the game cos i don't have it. [take note everybody! that doesn't happen very often!]

20th June 2002, 09:01 PM
yeah, welcome and enjoy :D

im glad u like the game!!!!!!