View Full Version : Two Soundtrack versions of Wipeout 2097?

2nd July 2007, 02:23 PM
Im lookig for the version of Wipeout 2097 with the music from Cold Storage ( http://www.coldstorage.org.uk/ ) and not the other version with music from prodigy,fsol, chemical brothers etc.

First off, why are there two versions? Is it possible to purchase the Cold Storage version in stores, ebay etc?
And how do i know witch version it is? Is there any difference on the packages or something? Thanks!

3rd July 2007, 03:07 AM
I'm not sure what you are asking here, but the 2097 music was the prodigy, chem bros AND 2 cold storage tracks, 'canada' and 'body in motion'. The additional tracks you see are probably experimental tracks.

3rd July 2007, 04:36 AM
Ok the thing is that i already got this Cold Storage version of wipeout 2097. The soundtrack only contains music tracks from Cold Storage. Tracks like, Hakapik Murder, Messij, Messij XTND, Body Plus etc. And yes its an original playstation game.
But I lost the cover box and just wanted to get it again. But I want THIS version with music only from Cold Storage, not the one with prodigy etc.

Dogg Thang
3rd July 2007, 08:11 AM
There's a post below about the rental version of 2097 that sounds like the version you have. I've only ever heard of it a couple of times so I imagine it's pretty rare.

3rd July 2007, 10:47 AM
Yeah thats correct, just read the text on the disc, Its the rental version i have! Its a shame that i lost the box cover, probably going to be hard to find then. Guess I have to get the other version instead.

3rd July 2007, 12:24 PM
yes it's the rental version. I have this version. The lack of other tracks is because of the rental licensing I think.

4th July 2007, 04:45 AM
This might not be of any help for you, since you appear to be looking for a Playstation version of the game, but it may be worth mentioning: The PC conversion of 2097/XL got all of the Cold Storage music and no licensed tracks.


29th July 2007, 10:50 PM
Playstation version of XL/2097 got all the licensed music, and only "Canada" and "Body in Motion" from CoLD SToRAGE/Tim Wright.

The Saturn, PC, and Mac versions got the version of the game without any licensed music.

Messij Xtnd (full version of Messij)
Hakapik Murder
Messij Received (second half of Messij)
Body Plus (remix of Body in Motion)

I've never heard of a "Rental" version of the game either... are you in the UK? Maybe there are different licensing rights and rules over there...