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19th April 2007, 11:26 AM
Hi, I've serched on this forum a topic that could answer to my question but I didn't find it, if this question has already been asked before, I'm sorry about that.

Well, I've seen in an interview of Collin Berry that there was a secret option in Pure allowing the ship to make a small jump. I've noticed it before when I played on Pure, I shot an opponent in front of me with a missile and when the missile was about to reach it, the ship made a small jump and avoided the missile and I said to myself "How the f*ck !!".
Maybe everybody here is aware about this trick and I'm the only one to ask the question, in this case, sorry about my ignorance but if someone knows how to do it and could tell it to me, I would appreciate it.


Colin Berry
19th April 2007, 12:27 PM
I'd love to see that interview as I have never ever said such a thing and there has never and will never (as long as I am involved anyway) be a 'jump' button in Wipeout

There is side shift but vertical jump ?
No chance
not ever

There is only one hidden code in Pure and thats to unlock all, and it was purely for test prupose and no one on the team can remember what it was. Its documented somewhere, no idea where.

Vertical jump, no. That interview you've read was nonsense I'm afraid.

19th April 2007, 12:41 PM
OK Colin, I give you the link, but unfortunately it's in french :


You know, even if there is no vertical jumps, your game rules man!! The best I've ever seen!! Can't wait for the Pulse, are you in charge of this one too ?

20th April 2007, 01:26 AM
I have a translator addon for firefox (perhaps there is some margine for error when coverting French -> English) and did a search for the following words:


..it did not find any. Are you 100% sure of this jump code, I mean you did just get a negation from the horses mouth but I like to keep an open mind. :g

EDIT: also it mentions a Hake Berry as designer for pure - could this be a fake news article..?

Anyway, I think I found it!

There is also a possibility of takeoff but we keep this one secret for the moment.
It is my belief that you misunderstood "takoff" for a jump when in actuality it is referring to the barrel roll - ZOOM! Takeoff!

20th April 2007, 09:38 AM
"There is also a possibility of takeoff but we keep this one secret for the moment."

Exactly DMC, that's it, you found the sentence I talked about. But for me takeoff means takeoff you know, but OK, maybe I dreamed, sorry about that folks... And thanks for your investigation DMC!

20th April 2007, 07:22 PM