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10th February 2007, 04:38 PM
so, how do you get trough that huge spiral-thingy without hitting the walls?
I have only survived trough it by using auto-pilot. And another question, how much does that auto-pilot slow me down? could someone post their lap times so i can compare?
here's my lap times:
Vector: 0:47.92 Icaras
Venom: 0:39.68 AG-System
Rapier: 0:35.80 Icaras
Phantom: 0:33.32 Pirhana-A

10th February 2007, 04:45 PM
You can easily view Mega Mall laptimes by looking at the record tables on the site.

For the spiral, I push the nose down and left, then feather the accelerator button when I start to drift out to the edge. Granted, I'm using a dual shock - I imagine the NegCon users can carve that spiral much more effectively.

10th February 2007, 04:50 PM
Never thought that before, got to try. I guess I use airbrakes too much.
Thank you very much. :)

10th February 2007, 05:40 PM
Megamall is a training ground for nose control.
I can't think of any other track where it's so important to correctly nose up or down depending on which part of the track you're on.
Airbrakes are often also important for that spiral, but good nose control will almost always remove the need for light airbraking.

Autopilot slows you down, but how much is dependant on how good a pilot you are. It makes you fly at the same speed as the AI opponents. So if you're routinely passing everyone on the 1st lap, then it slows you down a lot. If, OTOH, you're constantly battling for position then it's likely not slowing you down much at all.

10th February 2007, 05:44 PM
Well, then i have to stop using auto-pilot. :g

10th February 2007, 06:42 PM
I never let up on the thrust at all in the spiral, just tap air brake if absolutely necessary, usually it's not needed though. If there is AI ships in front of you, keep the nose up through the spiral and you should pass above them. Works for me anyways. Have fun!

(I always used Dual Shock on WO3 and this technique seemed the easiest with it.)

RJ O'Connell
31st March 2007, 04:56 PM
If you nail the apex just right you should make it through without much airbraking. Just keep the nose down...

I still need to feather the left airbrake throughout so as not to hit the walls.

DJ Techno
7th April 2007, 07:56 AM
so, how do you get trough that huge spiral-thingy without hitting the walls?
I have only survived trough it by using auto-pilot. And another question, how much does that auto-pilot slow me down? could someone post their lap times so i can compare?
here's my lap times:
Vector: 0:47.92 Icaras
Venom: 0:39.68 AG-System
Rapier: 0:35.80 Icaras
Phantom: 0:33.32 Pirhana-A

Lesson one...

YOu won't need the auto pilot for this one.

you know, if u using Icarus so much, its all a matter of gas and break control. just like I do in my auto mobile racing.
releasing the gas throttle pedal or button, whichever control typoe u play, its judgement-feel-effort-control- and punching it after making the last corner down the hill. i know it snot a hill, but im using the word for the moment.

Lesson two...
and you u using pirhana.
I used Pirhana and Auricom... to make it down the twirl to the bottom and the jump. its all from lesson one plus a little bit of tactics. cause u aren't alone in the tourneys, races, and time trail ( you still beating that ghost ship that with the clock )

You would have to search for my times. I have some new times, but the information is at another location where i can't get to it.

8th April 2007, 10:52 AM
I agree with what's been said earlier, Mega Mall requires a great deal of nose control. However, you can get through the spiral easily, even with Icaras. If you hit the left airbrake right before you enter the corner, you'll enter it sideways. You have to do this while centered on the track from the top of the uphill, and of course, you have to turn left as well, tapping the left airbrake as you progress down the spiral. The initial maneuvre will slow you down alot, but will give you a chance to keep a constant speed throughout the entire corner without any need to nose down.

Now, this is quite important; you shouldn't nose down through the spiral at all, because it will make the final jump even harder. Best thing is to nose up right at the end of it to smoothly traverse the jump.

As for letting go of the thrust with Icaras, it's not necessary. It's all about airbraking at the right time, cutting the apex at the right spot. In most cases, you don't need airbraking and Icaras is rather easy to fly, so long as you know how to enter a corner. I only use airbraking to correct flight path if I'm headed towards the curb.

What you might try looking for is a straight lined path between longer corners. If you're able to find it, you can pass both corners by feather-tapping the airbrakes. This'll save you alot of speed and in turn, a great deal of time. Gravity will take care of the rest.

3rd December 2007, 03:20 PM
Autopilot will keep your speed stady, depending on what calss your in. So on straights your better of being under manual control, however for alot of sharp cornering i find autopilot is better because the speed is constant, and there is no need for slowdown atall.

Also another tip for mega mall, engage autopilot as you fly over the jump in the blue corridor before the spiral, then autopilot warns it will disengage just as you ave entered the spiral, but it will wait till the spiral stops until it completely disengages. You can tell by the yellow autopilot icon at the top right of the screen. When it flashes it is about to disengage, but only when the ship is level.

15th December 2007, 11:19 PM
I just steer through it, I find the neGcon or UltraRacer can just steer through it all, if their are no other Ships on the Spiral I can just get the right degree on the turning axis and go through the whole spiral without need for adjustment
I only have my nose up if I want to fly over mines or other ships if it's really crowded

btw I'm awful at wo3, I stick to 2097 as 3's controls are a nightmare for me

-Stevie (one of many)

(edit: I just tried it on Venom using Piranha, couldn't do it on Rapier, will try later with some contacts in my eyes)
neGcon settings(I think these are defult):0 SC, 80 ML, 8 DZ
anyway here is how I do it : I flick the neG to about 120' as I enter the corner, then go 90' down the whole Spiral if I get it right(without traffic)

19th December 2007, 12:41 AM
I don't know Jay, autopilot slower on the down? Maybe on vector, venom. Phantom with Icarus certainly needs airbrakes(unless letting up on the gas I think, which makes autopilot faster under that scenario). Jay, have you been playing vector again ? :)

19th December 2007, 01:01 PM
8 D Nah, Venom is where I tend to play!
I'm sure you're right though, Icaras and Phantom would definitely make the AP fast for the downhill spiral. Probably not as fast as it makes the Manortop 90s in an Icaras Phantom, but who besides you is crazy enough to do that? ; )
If it were Icaras Rapier then it'd be a tough call, but I'd bet on AP being faster for most pilots and slightly slower for the truly skilled.

9th January 2008, 03:52 AM
same here, but practice makes better - I am slowly migrating to rapier:rock

9th January 2008, 11:53 PM
Ben, you might want to move down a speed class instead(wait a minute, remembers ben beating him twice in the pure tourney, starting to get angry, don't make me angry ben, you might want to hear when you turn 30. Ever heard of black bolt?

10th January 2008, 11:42 AM
lol Al
psychological war has begun ! watch out Ben ;)

10th January 2008, 02:53 PM
Not if I can beat you to it;) - I listen to alot of Black Sabath and Propellerheads!!:rock

BTW, watch-out Jay! I'm hoping to beat you this time, I refuse to use neggie on WO3 (it messes me up when I play it on WOXL and WO1, that and I can never get the button layout to feel 'just right') - I have a new weapon to good ol' d-pad.;) Seeing as I use analog with fusion, I began use on WO3 as well - not that bad I must say...:)

Albino Ace
14th March 2008, 09:22 PM
Even on Phantom, which I play most of the time, its very possible to get through the spiral without bumping into walls...maybe even with Icaras. O_O lol

It's probably pretty slow - and thus not exactly a smart strategy - but it has worked for me; simply holding down the left airbrake the whole time, starting right after the dual-speed pad beforehand. This results in a drifting motion...I usually stay near the center-right or, on my better runs, manage to curve around the left edge and thus have to travel less distance. Once I get a visual on the next speed pad and the final jump before the pit lane, its bye-bye airbrake...for the time being. :)

I only thought of that about a week ago though...and I've played 3 for many years...before that, I would either bump into walls frequently or depend on auto-pilot...good times, goooood times. XD

EDIT: Here's a vid from Mega Mall that I did. Around 27 seconds into the vid you'll see the Qirex I'm using drift a bit - that's from me holding down the airbrake along the whole spiral: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI8gFrlUpyE