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7th January 2007, 12:31 AM
Ok... I ahve this odd error that I ncan't see other people hosting. :frown:
I'm 1 sony, network reachable and everythinh but ive only manged the odd race or so...
Is this because of my ping or something?

7th January 2007, 01:38 PM
You know, you wouldn't have had to search too far to find help for this:



Okay, turns out I didn't quite understand what insertcoin was having trouble with above.

If you'd like to expand upon what you said above, then maybe someone can help you get xlink kai working.

This is, after all, the premier source of XLink Kai support on the web. :D

8th January 2007, 12:00 PM
Attempt 2 :D :
My connection is network reachable and I have played a few races against other people but they have dropped out. (But i managed to complete a race against dmc and mu - dmc said it was choppy:paperbag ) I'm having trouble connecting to Asa's tour (It's up he says but nothing appears on my join screen :frown: )and was hoping for some troubleshooting.
I have a compatible wireless card - 1 sony, network reachable but - high ping:turd. Being in Melbourne and all.
Is the ping the cause of the problem? I have the Aus version which translate to the Euro version (at startup, it gives me the language choice.)
Has anyone ever experienced something similar and can someone help troubleshoot the problem?

Thanks in advance.

8th January 2007, 02:03 PM
I have a few ideas which might possibly help.

- make sure you don`t have any firewalls running on your PC. This will quite possibly interfere with your connection, and there`s no danger of any harm coming to your computer while playing on kai (apart from that of throwing your psp through the screen after too many bombs ;)).
- Make sure you have no other programmes running which require or use an internet connection. Messengers should be closed and you shouldn`t be downloading/uploading anything.
- Make sure WLAN Powersave is turned off on your PSP main menu.
- Make sure your PSP in on Ad Hoc channel 1. Nobody is really sure about what difference this makes, but it doesn`t do any harm to be on the same channel as everyone else.
- Check if your card has some sort of powersave function on it. Disable it if so.
- Make sure your PSP is plugged into mains power, that your PSP is as close to the wireless card as possible, and that the USB lead connecting the USB wifi card to the PC (if you`re using this configuration) is not more than 3-4 metres long.

Your problem might be the ping, but I`ve connected pretty succesfully to people with worse pings than yours. Good luck!

9th January 2007, 05:36 PM
other possibilitie not mentionned it yet :
In europe & also in other countries i ve played with people with good ping ( 30 to 60 ms) totally playable when only 2 people were there into kai Pure arena : their ship startesd to be unvisible when more than 2 were there ( and not even playing with us : just being there & staying into kai arena of pure.
and when there's like crowd into that arena , they can't join tours at 4 or 5 people

We call that the F***** invisible ship bugs, i sincerely hope you are not in this case cause if your internet provider is like Orange in France : they decided for those who wants to play online to pay an extra fee per month to adjust your ping under 50ms ( actually even with a very good upload bandwich like 1Mb/sec you can't race them decently into Kai )

as for an example , i played Lion from NZ seing better him than few french mates with distance not over 300 kms !!