View Full Version : F-ZERO FOR GAMECUBE

28th May 2002, 09:23 PM
First let me say this, "What a sham!" The 1 demo they had at e3 was just a video that they probably finished in 25 minutes. the graphics were clearer but quite similar to f-zero x. It had a little more in the backgrounds but not much. It was clear that this was not even a track or gameplay of any sort. If they think they are going to release this by fall, it is going to suck, because I think they don't have anything done yet. Don't get me wrong, I want this game to be good, but if it has crappy air physics like f-zero x or slides out like f-zero x, or plays like you are playing on ice like f-zero advance, you can count me out. Get a similar feel to the original back again and it could be great. And how about adding a somewhat floaty feel to the game so the ship doesn't feel pasted to the screen. :(