View Full Version : My first Wip3out accomplishment

Synthetic Consciousness
17th May 2002, 10:48 AM
Bearing in mind that I'm still new to the games, I performed my first major accomplishment tonight, finally. I got gold in every track (excluding prototypes) in Vector class using Team Feisar. :D Took me a while beforehand to even get third with a Feisar in Stanza Inter and Hi-Fumii; but I guess tonight I was really in the zone. :) Of course, blowing away my competition with every available offensive weapon I acquire (almost half of my competition in Stanza Inter), helps too. 8) I posted tonight's best times on the times tables...now to try it in Venom class. :D *checks the time tables, and notices that I'm still behind everyone else* ...Man, what a buzzkill... :P *quietly steps off of my soapbox, and slinks back into the shadows*

17th May 2002, 02:59 PM
don't forget to put in a time on the first prototype course, which you have won by medalling in vector class on all the regular courses. i see you cut 8 seconds off your previous time at porto kora still with feisar. it can be an interesting challenge to get as good a time as possible with the slower ships; i've tried this a bit in a couple of circuits in phantom class and still haven't reached the slow ships potential, but if you want times in the first 5 or 6, you're going to have to use faster ships. i won't wish you luck cos that isn't what does it, just practice!