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3rd October 2006, 11:28 PM
Every week a new TT Pure Challenge !

With few other WZ members we started 2 weeks ago a challenge based on TT racetime & laptime on a track changing every week, from saturday midnight till next one.
We started by phantom class Porto Kora and last week it was Sinucit rapier.
the times were close and we had a great fun but we wanna share that kind of 'underground challenge ' to everyone here.

If you want to join us please post here your best lap & racetime done by the ship you want, edit your post if you beat your previous records and i will make a sunday report from all the records posted during the week and the winner will be nominated.

Feel free to ask for tips or lines or where to get turbo : don't forget it's a challenge based on honnor system like usual here that also means to share what we are knowing about a track.

The challenge for this week, choosen by Il NiK, has already begun and will end on midnight saturday !


here's my current time : 2.02.05 & 28.91 Triakis

4th October 2006, 02:06 PM
Hi Asa, Hi All!

I'm actually on these times:

TT: 2.02.69 with a FirstLap of 30.92 (but a lap of 31.43 too:blarg )

Best Lap: 29.02 (no turbo at the start)

I think is possible a lap of about 28.50

In my best lap I took the edge of the big jump (not the exit on the left before the jump), I gain a lot of time with great aggressiveness and a closer line in the first tail of the track. Download my ghost on def's site to try it

P.S.: To Asay: this is a weekly challenge, but...have you run your best lap this week or not?:p
If strictly weekly, the challenge has more attractive for all wipers, I think:hyper

4th October 2006, 04:24 PM
Hi All.

Here I Am with my time......and Triakis....;)

BL 29.58
TT 2.04.36

....and now i have an idea:

In this forum there are some of the strongest wipers in the world.

If we divide in continental section like European, or Oriental, or Usa we obtain a sort of Continental Team.

in every Team there are First Class Wiper and Second Class Wiper, like me:cold .

We make a challenge where the best time of every wiper in the team are summed in one total time of the challenge.

This result establish the best team in one challenge.

Excuse my bad english, but i hope you understand my intent.

Read You Soon

4th October 2006, 07:02 PM
That should be possible if many players wants to join us, i hope so :)

We had that continental challenge about Fusion zone mode years ago.
JJ created a us team and we from euro made our team :)
it was a sweet competition 8)

4th October 2006, 07:43 PM
Hi Asa, hi all.

That should be possible if many players wants to join us, i hope so :)

....oooops....no news under the sun.....:sonar

I see there are four wipers now at these challenge and this thread advertise the others....i hope;)

the continental team it's possible when at least count on three wipers
for WPure i see activity from Europe (I,nik and Asa), from Us only Mu5....right?
and...what about the wipers from other continent ( Asia, Africa, etc)?

if we found more than three wipers for a team, in the challenge will count only the three best result the others will discarded.....it's possible?

read you soon

5th October 2006, 02:53 PM
from Us only Mu5....right?

:dizzy lmao :D No no he is from Europe Scotland , nation of great wipers & golfers ( :beer stin )

here's Mu5 result btw : 29.91 with 2.03.13.

Maybe Dom, Ben & Al could join us for the next challenge ? ( true american wipers )

5th October 2006, 03:10 PM
Hi Asa, hi all.

....ooops excuse me....i think so because of ghost code of MU5....:brickwall

ok! We stay tuned for the arrive of other wipers from the rest of the world...:nod to the next challenge......:D

I listen some electronic Drum and bass by Dillinjia and Omni Trio now..... it's a cool stuff for the TT session....

Read You Soon

edit by asayyeah : no need to quote if you answer directly to the last post. ;)

5th October 2006, 03:13 PM
WOW, Welcome all :nod

Wipeout equal adrenalin, but we put adrenalin before: waiting for the choosing! :beer :burger :pizza :guitar

hoping a good track for us too :+ :D

Hi all wipers!!!

5th October 2006, 03:37 PM
Maybe Dom, Ben & Al could join us for the next challenge ? ( true american wipers )

If your refering to me Arnaud im a true British wiper!! ;)

My times are: Race 2.02.66, Lap 28.96 (Triakis Brute)

After hours of trying to crack your times Arnaud i conceded :brickwallyour times are just out of my reach, too good for me!! :nod

5th October 2006, 04:08 PM
Hi All.

Wowowowowo Dominator too! we are in five Challengers now!!!!:D

ok i made an image for my triakis.....and i hope some software house will make this Track...eh eh eh



Read you soon!

Rapier Racer
5th October 2006, 07:35 PM
AWWWW CRAAAAP!! I forgot about the sinucit TT challenge *pissed* :mad::mad::mad: Must try and enter this one, nice pic too. All these Triaki floating around here are a bit concerning though.... :cold

5th October 2006, 08:03 PM
Oups Dom ! sorry mate i certainly confuse Chichester with Winchester :cowboy :paperbag
Anyway you shoot a great score mate , congrats :clap
Btw a guy from Def's site called ' sandaime' get a 28.88 for the lap !

Stephen : sweet for joinin' us :)

Alterego : a bit off topic this pic but this is a great one , congrats for that cool idea for a track ( maybe if you have other ideas like this, join an already existing topic for Artworks & creation into this site or open your own one :) )

5th October 2006, 11:05 PM
best lap: 29.49 123Klan Ship. :redface: Sorry I was trying to find something to beat Triakis for the lap, but not Zone or Medievil. I won`t use this ship again. It`s not all that good anyway. :paperbag ;)

best race time: 2.02.04 Goteki 45. :rock

new TT times in Triakis: 2.00.44/28.66

6th October 2006, 12:50 AM
Hi All.

For the challenge i'm on 2.03.88 TT and 29.58 BL with Triakis.

For the pic it's my fun create some pictures about fantasy and wipe...:D

I search for a thread 'in topic'....:nod (excuse me Asa...:sonar )

read you soon

6th October 2006, 01:45 AM
Oups Dom ! sorry mate i certainly confuse Chichester with Winchester :cowboy :paperbag

No need for sorry's mate, i know that the correct information can be hard to come by for you people in Quebec Canada ;) :D you see Winchester is also an English city!! Winchester was formerly the capital of England, during the 10th and early 11th centuries!! :nod Countries like America & Australia have named alot of there towns and cities after English ones, guess they missed the old country!! :D

Anyway back on topic 28.88 will be hard to beat, though if anyone can do it you can Arnaud!! :nod :)
And im still trying to beat your race lap time ,Phantom, on Anulpha Pass, not easy!!

6th October 2006, 12:06 PM
I had a go at this last night and couldn't get under 30 seconds... I'm just too erratic on Rapier. :(

6th October 2006, 06:21 PM
I suggest a challenge based on flash next time so that will allow a maximum numbers of players to join us.
The competition will be tougher i think like it was last night on that Kai descension recorded ;) rapier at 5.
You know me i am shared between my beloved phantom class : feeds me with speed demon:rockand my will to get the closest competition possible with everyone ( into WZ tables, for this challenge & even for kai ).

Still 30 hours 'till Chenghou ends... gooooo fellow wipers

7th October 2006, 12:00 AM
I can't get anywhere near competitive times on chenghou
the best I've managed was 2:11.14/0:33.40 with Assegai

7th October 2006, 06:16 PM
new TT times in Triakis: 2.00.44/28.66

:robot Blimey :robot Triakis under EPO!! please go to the pit for oil test :D

7th October 2006, 06:53 PM
WHAT! this cannie be right????!!!!! I will need to drink harder next time!

Before I will say to this, as I quoted to Arnaud as he was born at Roswell Zone! and you, born from Lunar`s ship near Roswell Zone and say to his parents "I`m smart and fast!"


7th October 2006, 07:06 PM
LMAO :dizzy

8th October 2006, 02:09 AM
I suggest a challenge based on flash next time so that will allow a maximum numbers of players to join us.

Great idea Arnaud, any ideas as to where the next venue will be? ;) :D

8th October 2006, 03:39 AM
Hey Arnaud, i have to brag now while i can cause i know this time won't stand for long but Anulpha Pass, Race, Lap Time of 0.21.46 Triakis :p :D
This is one of my favorite tracks and i've been trying to crack your record for bloody ages, finally did it but only just!!!

8th October 2006, 06:14 AM
CHENGHOU PROJECT RAPIER -- ------- Sunday report

After a week of deep & tough competition we have our winners :nod .
That TT chenghou Project rapier was a real hard one to get the perfect lines without missing any boost pads.
For doing a real perfect race : 2.00.44 Lunar wins the Racetime Challenge. Thumbs up for you Stephen :+

An unknown pilot from us took part of that challenge within 'shooting' an impressive laptime of 28.51 : Congratulation to Sandaime Hokage our new lapwinner. His ghost can be dled here (http://defaulted.ath.cx/ghost/view.php?class=rapier)

Here's the whole result from that challenge :

Race Time
1* Lunar 2.00.44
2* Asayyeah 2.02.05
3* Dominator 2.02.66
4* Il_NIK 2.02.69
5* Mu5 2.03.13
6* Alterego 2.03.88
7* Lion 2.11.14

Lap Time
1* Sandaime Hokage 28.51
2* Lunar 28.66
3* Asayyeah 28.91
4* Il_Nik 29.02
5* Alterego 29.58
6* Mu5 29.63
7* Infoxicated 30.??
8* Lion 33.40

In the next hours Mu5 will give us our new target :)

Congrats to all our fellow TT challengers :beer


Modesto Heights Flash Week 2

That's our new challenge fellow pilots , i really hope to see many new WZ members joining us for that tough competition.
Feel free to post your times here and make sure to edit your previous if you beat your own records :nod

End of this challenge : saturday 14th midnight ( gmt)

Good luck :beer

9th October 2006, 12:05 AM
Modesto Heights:

Team: Triakis

best lap 28.09
TT 1.58.42

Next days I think few pixel will divide the first from the others...good race guys :beer

Hybrid Divide
9th October 2006, 02:27 PM
Team: Zone

Best Lap: 31.31
TT: 2.11.02

9th October 2006, 03:49 PM
Hi All.

It's early for my best....eh eh :nod

i started at a TT 2.15 and in 1 hour i'm arrive to 2.05..with the Zone......:D

but....now it's the moment that the hard wipers begin to play seriously ...8) :beer :D

read you soon

first news: TT 2.02.15 BL 29.76 with Triakis ;)

10th October 2006, 04:32 AM
Ship : Triakis

29.86 - 27.90 - 28.61 - 29.55 = 1.55.92


10th October 2006, 01:59 PM
Ship : Triakis

29.86 - 27.90 - 28.61 - 29.55 = 1.55.92


What a great TT!!! With best lap! WOW :+

May you upload it on def's site? (you must eh eh)

Another question: Turbo on the edge of big jump and nose up, then crossing over the advertising billboard?

Fine Asay, you're GREAT :cowboy

10th October 2006, 05:06 PM
Jees, this is a tough one too - maybe I'm just crap at Pure!

Race Time: 2.04.52
Lap Time: 30.52
Team: Icaras

//refuses to use Triakis out of principle.

10th October 2006, 05:13 PM
Hi All.

Asa you're born with Triakis under your feet...;)

about the run....

I make a br after the start on the great descend and a second br after the final jump, the boost after the last curve, but......Nik run the boost after the big jump!!! (and BR i think...?) .....How are you cross over the advertising billboard? I crash always!!! :frown: :mad:

I've lost my :bat :D

read you soon!

10th October 2006, 06:08 PM
Hi Alt,
I read you, if you race with my ghost you may see that I give turbo just two or three marker, those place on the big jump, before that one. So I arrive on the last bend with the right direction and position to join with the boost of BR without to curve another time.
But Asay race better...:+

10th October 2006, 06:50 PM
refuses to use Triakis out of principle.
Courageous choice mate :+ that gave me an idea for our weekly challenge : Why not asking contenders to use the same ship : so that everyone will be on the same level. that ship must change every week like the track.
If everyone is ok with that, Rob could decide which kind of ship for the next week, and Stephen spk the track&class.

Il_Nik : the upload has been done successfully into Def's site :)

here's my line : i am trying to get as close as i can from the right wall while turning that long 180° right curve : i am doing 2 sideshifts at wide intervals of 1.5 sec, get the 1st BP then BR land and get the 2 BP in diagonal,while hitting the 2nd BP sideshift on right and pitch nose up avoiding the bottoming out, get that 180° tricky left curve by 2 S.shifts : most important is to be really as close as you can from the left wall doing and get that last S.shift to gain speed for the exit of the 180° so that you will hit the double BP with a good speed and be able to maintain it along the small chicane get all the BP till the big jump ( i missed one with my 27.90 i guess it's the one before the double near the jump. I BR on the jump ( trying to be as much straight as i can before doing the BR to land properly without nose up ) and then i use turbo WHEN turning right for the finish line.

Il NiK : I don't really understand what you say by ' give turbo just two or three marker, those place on the big jump, before that one.' so i am going to dl your ghost mate to have a better opinion on what you say :nod

10th October 2006, 07:19 PM
refuses to use Triakis out of principle.

I used to think like that, but sold out more than a few times now. Still, at least Phantom TT and Kai will always be Goteki45:rock

How about just having a challenge where Triakis is not allowed? We could then have the fun of using different ships, and introduce ship choice as a factor in the competition? :+ or :- ? :)

10th October 2006, 07:30 PM
Hi All.

I Think there are two type of challenge in the same week time: one free in the choice of ship and the other with limited ship.

Double Challenge in one ;)

1) you run for your BL and TT with your best ship
and in the same week....
2) you run for your BL and TT only with one ship

The goal is the same.

Good Idea Asa...:)

Read You Soon

10th October 2006, 07:36 PM
Good Agreement, congrats mate :bat :D

To Asay: I'v just uploaded my ultimate fris... no, my ultimate ghost, so you can see me to my best :p

Hi All :+

10th October 2006, 07:58 PM
We could then have the fun of using different ships, and introduce ship choice as a factor in the competition? :+ or :- ? :)

the fun of using different ships, we can have it by changing from ship every week so that we will have to test every ships from pure during all our next sessions.
The risk with your proposition is for a pilot to only use his fav ship.
On my side we can (re)-discover a ship during 1 week, and get a new ship record into the tables :)

Rom, we can, like you said, in parallel , for those who want, add their RL & RR with their best ship but that may not count for the challenge ( of course it rocks for the WZ tables of pure).

My spirit ( ermmm the inspiration i took from Rob ;) ) is to have the fairest ( most fair ?) competition possible and also changing regularly from ship may leed to surprises for the leaders :+

The Ultimate Machine 244
10th October 2006, 08:01 PM
make that six except I don't have wipeout pure because i don't have a PSP
but I was thinking that maybe we could have one track for the challenge from more than one wipeout game

Edit from asayyeah : wellcome to the forum :) , ermmm here it's a dedicated challenge for pure , but please feel free to post your own challenge thread into the 'Arena forum' ( giving us details from the wipeout version & the track & class about your challenge : read our previous challenges to see how they ruled ), btw if you want to present yourself a little bit more, you can do this into the' pilots lounge' Enjoy your stay :)

I think the idea of an international team is good though im not very good :frown: but maybe you guys could give me some tips to help make me a litte better:rolleyes:

edit (bis) : i can advise you to read our previous threads or sticky topics about the tips & techniques, make also a research with the search function of that site to find a particular help on your demand

10th October 2006, 10:00 PM
Hi All.


I agree all your arguments.....:+

for me it's important to participate to all the challenges :D

....obviously with all the other friends wipers ;)

read you soon

my challenge news: BL 29.02 TT 2.00.90 :D
News only about BL now it is 28.90
news about challenge on TT 1.59.29

11th October 2006, 12:04 AM
I am adding the score from my friend Vic Cachou ( btw for kai players, vic needs to manage few things on his computer before being able to join us again into kai)

Ship : Triakis

Racetime : 2.02.81
Laptime : 29.44

@Rom : let's see how people may react about that

11th October 2006, 12:58 AM
Hi guys,

I'm back from my last week's holidays and I'd like to join you on this challenge.
Here are my times done today using (guess what?) TRIAKIS:p:

best race time:
0.30.41 = 2.02.41

Did my overall best lap time of 0.29.48 during another race:

0.31.63 = 2.03.18

Are both, lap time and race time, taken from one particular race or can they be from different races, like in the tables?

Updating my times:

Just had another few tries and managed a new lap and race record:

0.29.61 = 2.00.72

Updating my times again:

I finally managed to break the 2min race record barrier and the 29sec lap record barrier last night. Here are my new times:

0.30.03 = 1.59.67

Damn Arnaud! How did you manage that 27.90 lap time? That's a pretty tough one to break, I tell ya!:pirate

11th October 2006, 03:29 AM
Glad you can join us into this cool challenge Tom :)

they can be done from different races no problem , like it is into the tables.

I was focused on my race and didn't hopefully notice i beat my laptime on lap2 ; it was a good surprise at the end of it :cowboy

11th October 2006, 07:31 AM
I don't know how you guys are getting them so low!?!?
my best so far is with Icaras
2:05.53 race
0:30.16 lap

11th October 2006, 10:00 AM
New best lap : 28.09 with my usual way to give Turbo and BR here. Turbo just before the little white signs on the big jump, then turbo when flying and landing inside the last bend so I use turbo of BRolling. (dload at def's site)

P.S. Hi Lion, I dream of your contry. Many times. I'll came early. I hope to live in

11th October 2006, 05:42 PM
Ok, here is my good score at the moment!,


TT 1:58:82

Lap time 29.13


13th October 2006, 02:54 PM
Damn Arnaud! How did you manage that 27.90 lap time? That's a pretty tough one to break, I tell ya!:pirate

i was a bit surprised at the end of the race with that 27.90 :? , because i did this one without getting the turbo before the starting line like we usually do into freeplay. I guess 27.50 can be reached but that means perfect lines on a whole lap.

Challenge is ended in the next 34 hours : keep up practising :rock

13th October 2006, 04:18 PM
Hi Asa.

I'm concerned about the absence of Lunar and Mu......mmmh

They have some secret though.....eh eh eh

Read You soon

14th October 2006, 08:07 PM
Less than 5 hours to upload your last scores guys : keep up racing :cowboy

edit : Spotted a new 27.44 : Il Nik you've found the best way to get turbo i must reckon. Only got 30 min to upload that ghost and test this new way into racetime :)

15th October 2006, 12:25 AM
Hi Asa, hi all.

I have some friends at home....no time for run this evening....sigh sigh.....

and .......Asa....i think you're the cpu of the psp!!!! ;)

read you soon

ps my last time are:
BL 28.90
TT 1.59.29

15th October 2006, 07:39 PM
Modesto Heights Flash --------- Sunday report

9 challengers for that sweet challenge :)
The previous winners didn't took part of it that means lead is changing :D .
Here's the result :


1* Asayyeah : 1.55.92
2* Il-NiK : 1.58.42
3* Stin : 1.58.92
4* Alterego : 1.59.29
5* Tomahawk : 1.59.67
6* Vic Cachou : 2.02.81
7* Infoxxicated : 2.04.52 ( 1st non-triakis)
8* Lion : 2.05.53
9* Vagrant Logic : 2.11.02


1* Asayyeah : 27.44
2* Il-NiK : 28.09
3* Tomahawk : 28.82
4* Alterego : 28.90
5* Stin : 29.13
6* Vic Cachou : 29.44
7* Lion : 30.16 ( 1st non triakis)
8* Infoxxicated : 30.52
9* Vagrant Logic : 31.31

Congratulations on all our challengers! Especially for the non-triakis pilots ( Infoxx, Lion & Vagrant)

Here's the new challenge for this week ending midnight saturday 14th

Manor Top Flash Challenge Week 3

Use the ship you like , but that should be cool for top players( if they want to ) to get another ship than triakis. This is an open challenge, please feel free to comment on this.
I am going to use Ag Systemes for Manor Top :nod

15th October 2006, 08:13 PM
I enter in the competition and i start to do my best on this race.

Ship=>ZoNe (of course :D )

Good luck for all racer :+

EDIT: 2.02.19 lap and 0.29.81 lap with ZoNe

15th October 2006, 10:57 PM
ok, here is my scores at the moment,


31.46, 29.93, 29.44, 30.35= 2.01.18 RR

pl 29.43


16th October 2006, 12:24 AM
Ag SyS
30.78 / 29.90 / 29.34 / 29.87 = 1.59.89
Best lap : 29.08

edit : new lap : 27.98
edit 2 : 29.86 / 29.22 / 29.33 / 30.22 = 1.58.63

16th October 2006, 02:01 AM
I'm in!

Race time: 2.00.00
Lap time: 28.65

with AG Systems

EDIT: 30.11 - 29.45 - 29.34 - 29.82 = 1.58.72
EDIT 2: 30.04 - 29.24 - 30.23 - 29.10 = 1.58.61
EDIT 3: 29.85 - 29.58 - 28.44 - 29.73 = 1.57.60

16th October 2006, 08:22 AM
dammit, can't break 30.

best lap (believe it or not in a FEISAR)

best race (in a Tigron)

still trying :D
edit: woo! 800 posts

16th October 2006, 02:45 PM
Hi All.

Manor Top....in flash!!! i hate Classica League!!! grrr.....two hours of running with some ships.....not triakis.....my best at that moment....is:

BL 0.29.11 with Medievil
TT 2.01.14 with Medievil (30.35 - 30.25 - 29.34 - 31.20 :( )


Read you soon

new time for the challenge
BL 0.29.11 with Medievil
TT 2.01.02 with Medievil (31.25 p- 29.37 p- 29.81 - 30.59 p)

Not for this challenge i start a TT with Triakis only three time and the times are these:
BL 0.28.98
TT 2.00.95

New Time for the challenge.
BL 0.29.11 with Medievil
TT 2.00.20 with Medievil (30.50p - 29.54p - 30.29p - 29.87p) :D

Vic Cachou
17th October 2006, 10:44 AM
Thank you, Arnaud, to put my times in the Modesto Challenge...
I will start the Manor Top challenge today, i hope. And i think i will have time to play on kai today and tomorrow. Dn't hesitate to say to me when you are on kai...
See you, guys...

17th October 2006, 02:47 PM



17th October 2006, 11:53 PM

Assegai Best Lap: 29.17
Auricom Best Lap: 29.16
Triakis Best Lap: 28.92


18th October 2006, 12:48 AM
Hi Nik, hi all.


Assegai Best Lap: 29.17
Triakis Best Lap: 28.92


...you are my personal mith.....:D ;)

Read you soon

Vic Cachou
18th October 2006, 05:17 PM
It's a shame, but i begin...

31.19 and 2.12.55

18th October 2006, 05:48 PM
I know this track is an hard one ( thx to stevie to choose it :D ) but it's also one of the track wherein you can understand how to use the sideshift : if you don't do it you will loose speed on each 90° bends and especially in the chicane where the 1st jump is located ( do a BR here).
I am getting turbo at the end on the last track' fracture ( not after it : while turning left , if you see what i mean)

I am currently at only 4 tenths from my triakis laprecord, now i need to lower my race a bit ( congrats to guillaume pushing me hard with Ag sys too :+ )

18th October 2006, 06:58 PM
dammit, its gonna be hours of stress again trying to beat this '27.98' lap ! :pirate

this game is insane :D

18th October 2006, 07:03 PM
If I join this challenge, it definitely won't be this week.

Hate Pure's version of Manor Top. Just hate it.

18th October 2006, 07:17 PM
ahah dear Maxx :) :D

about racetime i ve made an update always with AG and get the current best for 9 little hundreths but that should have been worst than that : i ve started a race by 2 crazy laps but i miserably cracked under Flash pressure for the last 2 laps :( : 29.33 / 28.57 / ... / 30.81 / 31.32 for a 2.00.03

18th October 2006, 09:01 PM
Hate Pure's version of Manor Top. Just hate it.

Same here. Wip3out's Manor Top all the way.

Darn, really should get involved in these competitions. Only thing that's stopping me is that I'm normally unable to find the time to spend gaming for particuarly long.

19th October 2006, 01:14 AM
If I join this challenge, it definitely won't be this week.

Hate Pure's version of Manor Top. Just hate it.

Yeah me too, i really really hate the look of the Classic league, the tracks are nothing like there original counterparts!! :( Can't even remember the last time i raced on Classic!!

19th October 2006, 10:46 AM
Hi Asa, hi all.


I am getting turbo at the end on the last track' fracture ( not after it : while turning left , if you see what i mean)


....mmmmh....'while turning left'.....in the start of turning or in the end?

don't answer me 'in the middle' :D

i bring turbo when i align Medievil with the arrive after the last BP.

Medievil is too light to get turbo in a turn like in the end of Manor....grrr

read you soon.

19th October 2006, 03:33 PM
Not sure I`ll have time to get into this one, but it would be useful if everyone entered their times on the tables during the challenge, if possible. It`s quite difficult to see where everyone stands otherwise and might help motivate us to fly. Just a thought! :)

21st October 2006, 06:28 PM
Concerning that I really hate that track I'm more or less satisfied with these results:

Lap1 0.31.41
Lap2 0.29.78
Lap3 0.30.92
Lap4 0.29.96

Total 2.02.07

Goteki 45 btw


with Icaras

Lap1 0.30.16
Lap2 0.29.67
Lap3 0.28.63
Lap4 0.29.42

Total 1.57.88

22nd October 2006, 02:05 AM
this track is quite a faithful recreation of the original, more so than the other classics, but at flash speed I found it a bit frustrating.

anyway my times are 2.00.41/28.83 Goteki 45.

Great Icaras times Max :+, not easy to keep the speed up through those corners.

22nd October 2006, 03:27 AM
Manor Top Flash --------------- Sunday Report

Numbers of Challengers are growing each week which is a good point: people starts liking those cool weekly events. :)
12 contenders racing with various ships on a tricky track ( hated in this pure version by few members with that weird neon design...anyway Manor Top belongs to the classic Wipeout tracks with an awesome original W3O version ( one of the best tracks on all the Wipeouts)

Talking, talking but here's the result ;)


1* Guillaume : 1.57.60 Ag SyS
2* Sausehuhn : 1.57.88 Icaras
3* Asayyeah : 1.58.63 Ag SyS
4* Alterego : 2.00.20 Medievil
5* Lunar : 2.00.41 Goteki 45
6* Stin : 2.01.18 Auricom
7* Livitarium : 2.01.89 Zone
8* MU5 : 2.02.99 Triakis
9* Lion : 2.05.77 Tigron
10* Infoxxicated :2.08.55
11* Vic cachou : 2.12.55 Triakis


1* Asayyeah : 27.98 Ag SyS
2* Guillaume : 28.44 Ag SyS
3* Sausehuhn : 28.45 Icaras
4* Lunar : 28.83 Goteki 45
5* Il Nik : 28.92 Triakis
6* MU5 : 28.93 Triakis
7* Alterego : 29.11 Medievil
8* Livitarium : 29.40 Zone
9* Stin : 29.43 Auricom
10* Lion : 30.77 Feisar
11* Infoxxicated : 30.96
12* Vic Cachou : 31.19 Triakis

Thanks to All and special congrats to Guillaume who has won with his pole on the racetime and 2nd for the lap.

Here's the new challenge for this week ending midnight saturday 28th

Staten Park Rapier Challenge Week 4

As usual get the ship you like ( top pilots no triakis for fair competition) and please feel free to make comments on your races & lines
Good luck fellow Pilots

22nd October 2006, 04:03 AM
ooh staten, probably one of my favourite tracks :)

edit: Puma1
Lap: 22.90
Race: 1:34.76

edit2: Icaras
Lap: 22:30
Race: 1:34.28

edit3: Zone
Lap: 22.27
Race: 1:33.69

I think I'm rapidly approaching my limit per lap, still, slowly improving :)

22nd October 2006, 11:20 AM
Ahhhhhhh, i have do a new record during the week and i had no time to put here;..... :brickwall
The challenge is finished but i put here....

for manor top:
ag sys

lap time 0.29.40

LoL i prepar the next challenge :p

and the next record....in few minutes :p fot staten

22nd October 2006, 01:37 PM
Does not change anything but I managed a 0.28.45 with Icaras on Manor Top yesterday :)

22nd October 2006, 08:39 PM
Finally a sweetie news: Staten Park :hyper

See you here all Mates :beer

22nd October 2006, 10:06 PM
Total lap 1.33.12

1.31.96 TOTAl lap

sorry i have foget to register my last record with this ship

And the best record with triakis on lap(i have forgot the interdiction of this ship lol sorry guys :p ) 0.22.21

Total: 1.31.91

Total: 1.33.41

LAP 0.21.97
Race: 1.31.91

23rd October 2006, 12:31 AM
Hi, here my first result:

Team Tigron Best Lap: 21.90

Team Auricom Best Lap: 21.64

Team Piranha Best lap: 21.49

Raceline: closer as possible to right side at the start (pay attention to the little recess on the right, please sideshift left before), then neutral until the double BP, sideshifting left and, just on the pad, or just before, sideshifting again on the right direction. If possible take the left side to prepare the right bend, then immediatly TURBO (as right as possible) and fly over...BR and land on just approaching the little hill, take the BP (I race on the left BP) and BR if you are so smart to do it (Me...sometimes). To the finish line take the best line with the BP. Good luck pilots

TT: Team Piranha 1.29.68 = 23.25 - 22.73 - 21.86 - 21.84

P.S.: Liviatarium, thanks :redface:

23rd October 2006, 09:49 AM
Hi Nik, hi all.

I think you're an happy wiper now........;)

me too (i hate Classic), but i've short time to dedicate to this challenge this week......sigh

read you later!

I start with Zone and Medievil
BL 0.22.28 Zone Team
TT 1.32.70 (23.88 - 22.77 - 22.98 - 23.07) Medievil Team

now with Tigron new BL
BL 0.22.10

I'm testing various ship and now my best lap is on Piranha.... :D
BL 0.21.88

ok! i choose Piranha for this Challenge!!! :D

TT 1.31.12 (23.34 - 22.31 - 22.47 - 23.00)
TT 1.31.04 (23.60 - 22.60 - 22.33 - 22.51)
BL 0.21.72

i don't know why, but on this track i can't run very fast :(

23rd October 2006, 07:17 PM
lap record:

race record:


24th October 2006, 04:13 PM
Using Icaras,
Race Time: 1.30.90
Best Lap: 22.05

EDIT: New Best Lap: 21.84

24th October 2006, 08:28 PM
New record with ICARAS


Il_NIK very good result with Team Auricom Best Lap: 21.64 i try it! :clap

25th October 2006, 03:30 AM
Hey Arnaud i'd like to make a suggestion!!
With the TT Challenges how about basing the final results on the classes of ships used, for example:

Lightweight Class

AG Systems

Middleweight Class/Balanced

Assegai Developments
Harimau International

Heavyweight Class


If a result is given for each ship class this may encourage pilots to fly AG Craft other than Triakis, Piranha and Icaras!!

This is just a suggestion as i know this would create more work for you...:)

25th October 2006, 04:06 AM
Triakis Record

Race : 1:29:89
Lap : 21:21

Piranha Record

Race : 1:30:40
Lap : 21:41

25th October 2006, 12:43 PM
Hi Ringospoon,

I think we know you...Mu5 :+

great time

25th October 2006, 11:13 PM
:D Cheers bro - I think a 1:26:XX is possible....

What times are you getting? :)

26th October 2006, 11:53 AM
Welcome here RingoSpoon,

I'm on 1.29.68 on TT with piranha 1.26.XX? I don't know, I think is not possible, I think 1.28.-1.27 is possible.


26th October 2006, 02:41 PM
Wow - Excellent TT time bro! :)

26th October 2006, 03:34 PM
Hey Arnaud i'd like to make a suggestion!!

Hi Dominator,
I think you're right so, but...

there are several ships between which we can choose, and nobody prevents us to race with one or the other.

The only one reason to unable Triakis to Top Racers is for fair.

To create threee or more class of ships may evidence again Top drivers, in different class that not in the heaviest, but ever the fastest :sonar

This way of race may only remove top drivers from the first positions over all, but nothing changes...and any record will be beaten :-

I play this game how our MASTER (Arnaud) suggest.:D

Cheers and :beer

26th October 2006, 04:15 PM
Hi Nik, hi all.

if we prefer to evidence the better pilot then we would have to make of the challenges that they obligate to the use of one single ship… :)

.....however between the qualities of a pilot is also the ability to know to choose the team more adapted to the track… :D

read you soon

26th October 2006, 07:46 PM
Welcome here RingoSpoon,

I'm on 1.29.68 on TT with piranha 1.26.XX? I don't know, I think is not possible, I think 1.28.-1.27 is possible.


If you get a 22:XX, then all 21:XX's I think it may be possible :)

Just got a new record - 1:29:32 (http://www.wipeoutpure.co.uk/images/mu5_raper_statenpark_TT_1_29_32.jpg) :) :)

26th October 2006, 08:01 PM
If you get a 22:XX, then all 21:XX's I think it may be possible :)

Just got a new record - 1:29:32 (http://www.wipeoutpure.co.uk/images/mu5_raper_statenpark_TT_1_29_32.jpg) :) :)

Great time mate, really fast :hyper

26th October 2006, 10:05 PM
I`m going to struggle to play this week due I`m really busy at the moment but hopefully should be ok for next week and I`ll do my best.


27th October 2006, 10:15 AM
we'll waiting for you, Stevie. :beer

27th October 2006, 12:51 PM
That is me finished on Staten Park..

Race - 1:29:32 - Triakis
Lap - 21:21 - Triakis

I look forward to next weeks race :)

Has anyone heard from Asa? Is he ok? :)

27th October 2006, 02:07 PM
That is me finished on Staten Park..

Race - 1:29:32 - Triakis
Lap - 21:21 - Triakis

I look forward to next weeks race :)

Has anyone heard from Asa? Is he ok? :)

Congrats mate :clap

Hey Asay, how are you?

27th October 2006, 08:50 PM
Asa posted a thread in Off-Topic earlier today for Task's birthday. He's still alive, worry ye not!

27th October 2006, 10:05 PM
worry ye not!

Sweet bro :)

28th October 2006, 07:46 PM
I used the beast, so I won`t be offended if you don`t consider this time for the challenge results :)

Triakis: 1.27.66/21.07

29th October 2006, 05:49 AM
Staten Park Rapier ---------------------------------- Sunday Report

Don't worry guys , i am still alive :rock , few things get me away from WZ & pc this past week but I would never miss our sunday report :beer

Unfortunately no times for me on that Staten TT but i noticed everyone were close on the lap time and 80% of the challengers were also close ( less than 2 sec for the racetime)

Dom : that 's a good idea you had but definitely too much work for me with your suggestion

About Triakis vs other ships : my soul aims at becoming the fastest like most of us and true evidence is to recognize triakis power over the others.
What we may do for those ( me included) who want racing Triakis : they can give us their times with that ship but they must get another one if they want to be included into the challenge. In fact only non triakis time will be validated ( but special congrats will be given to the triakis leader of the non official challenge...lol like an underground dark challenge :robot and this week the golden palme like at Cannes is for the insane racetime of matey SPK :p )

So here's the result :


1* Lunar : 1.27.66 Triakis
2* Ringospoon : 1.29.32 Triakis ( 1.30.40 Piranha )
3* Il NiK : 1.29.68 Piranha
4* Sausehuhn : 1.30.71 Icaras
5* Guillaume : 1.30.90 Icaras
6* Alterego : 1.31.04 Piranha
7* Livitarium : 1.31.91 Icaras
8* Lion : 1.33.69


1* Lunar : 21.07 Triakis
2* Ringospoon : 21.21 Triakis ( 21.41 Piranha )
3* Il NiK : 21.49 Piranha
4* Alterego : 21.72 Piranha
5* Guillaume : 21.84 Icaras
6* Sausehuhn : 21.96 Icaras
7* Livitarium : 21.97 Icaras
8* Lion : 22.27 Zone

Congratulations on our 8 great challengers :clap

Triakis been accepted this time but our real winners are Il NiK, for the racetime and Ringospoon for the lap congratulation mates you mastered piranha :+

Here's the new challenge for this week ending midnight saturday 4th of November

Odessa Keys Flash ------ Week 5

29th October 2006, 06:51 PM
Piranha Record

Race : 1:30:40
Lap : 21:41

Asa I posted non-Triakis times as well - I beat il_nik in the Piranha I think you missed it mate :)

Good luck for Odessa keys guys :)

29th October 2006, 08:03 PM
please correct my lap time, was 22.27, not 1.33.69 - that was my race time

29th October 2006, 08:42 PM
Oups sorry guys , it's was a bit early in the morning and my head went Bang/Bang after that Kai session , i ll edit that :paperbag

29th October 2006, 09:13 PM
Sweet bro, cheers :)

Hey Lunar can you upload your 21.07 Ghost to Def's site I would like to give it a race :)

30th October 2006, 12:31 AM
Hi Pilots,

now I post my time of the new Challenge: Odessa keys

Team Auricom like Challenger :banzai

Best Lap: 29.34
TT: 2.05.61 32.28-30.35-31.60-31.38

Out of Challenge:
Team Triakis:
Best Lap: 28.55
TT: 2.02.68

Now I explain to you my raceline meter by meter :dizzy

Well...fast fast fast...
No, don't worry, Start and leftline really closer to the wall until the first pad (you gain time!), then don't miss the second one and sideshift right to run the right bend so closer as possible only on the first half of it, then sweet on the left pad, sweet to the next pad out of the curve, don't missany pad, to anticipate the next bend is really important! BR on the hill, take both the double pad, and the last one before the next fracture of the track, BR again, right curve, pad, BR on the left side and land on the track with the nose on the right direction to takethe last BP and to scrape any wall. Well done!

30th October 2006, 01:00 AM
nice start to the challenge, Nik.

Stuart, I uploaded it


30th October 2006, 01:47 AM
Sweet bro thanks for that :)

Nice Time il_Nik :)

30th October 2006, 11:47 AM
nice start to the challenge, Nik.


You too, Stephen, with your 29.12 :D

:bat :bat :bat

31st October 2006, 10:50 PM
Ok, here is my score, hopefully at the moment.

I`m using Auricom,

32.56, 31.27, 31.32, 31.50= 2:06:65

And the best lap is 30.52


1st November 2006, 09:17 PM
Hi All.

I'm back from Elba island, where i did some swim and dive, and i find this new challenge....wow;)

for now with 123klanship

BL 0.29.95 ;)

out of challenge with Triakis
BL 0.29.69

with Team Puma 2

TT 2.07.54 (32,98 - 31,02 - 31,91 - 31,63)

but it's too soon for the late result ;)

read you soon

ps now i'm listen to Paradise Lost 'Icon' .....who knows...;)

only for add my best first TT lap with puma2 0.31.92

3rd November 2006, 07:06 PM
<off topic>Those last 2 days i was massively busy with my pc, after 3 years of more or less good services from Windows XP i decided to reinstall it done few mistakes by changing registry from XP ( to boost it by modifying few registry keys and also changing hidden setups ) but i made too many changements and i ****ed off everything :robot ... i've restored the whole registry but without success :mad: , hopefully had a clean restore-point created before modifying keys and other set ups that let me saved my arse and yesterday 8pm i finished 80% of the job and been able to join kai players with my friend Dag for a cool session of Kai <end off topic>

get back on topic :
28.23 triakis ( done before that pc mess)

today 2.00.26 Triakis

For the challenge : team Aurico-holic :D
31.63 / 29.44 / 31.19 / 29.57 = 2.01.83

5th November 2006, 11:57 PM
Odessa Keys Flash ------------------------------------------- Sunday Report

Thx for competing, guys, on that flash challenge. Auricom was the choice of most pilots : this is Stin's fav ship and he didn't even joined us for it :o
Here's the result of this week :

1* Asayyeah : 2.01.83 Auricom --- 2.00.26 triakis
2* Il Nik : 2.05.61 Auricom --- 2.02.68 triakis
3* Stin : 2.06.65 Auricom
4* alterego : 2.07.54 Puma 2

1* Il Nik : 29.34 Auricom --- 28.55 triakis
2* Asayyeah : 29.44 Auricom --- 28.23 triakis
3* Alterego : 29.95 Omega 123 Klan ship --- 29.69 triakis
4* Stin : 30.52 Auricom

Congratulations Il Nik for that great lap :clap , i ve done a good race too ;)

Here's the new challenge for this week ending midnight sunday 12th of November.
( Make note that it's not on saturday but sunday the challenge will end )

Khara Descent Rapier ------ Week 6

6th November 2006, 02:56 AM
Rapier - nice one Asa! :)

I will be back for next weeks challenge if I can pull myself away from GTA:Vice City Stories :D

6th November 2006, 02:18 PM
Thanks Asay :beer

You are unreacheable :brickwall , crazy :nod and really the best one :clap

Khara on rapier: good !!!

Now my work take a lot of time (seven days a week and not less than twelve hours a day... I don't know how and when I will race on the track, but I'll try to do)


6th November 2006, 03:26 PM
Hi All.

Kahara in Rapier it's a good challenge!!!

i start with BL

with Triakis 23.13
with Piranha 23.61
with Auricom 23.29
with Zone 22.94
with Tigron 22.85

I made a Best First TT Lap with Tigron 24.57

We need a ship with a great energy for the 3 br in any lap of this TT....i think that Auricom or Puma2, as in the challenge of odessa (or Tigron), is a good choice instead of Triakis.......

first TT with Auricom
1.42.15 (26.08 - 25.31 - 25.50 - 25.26)
second TT with Auricom
1.40.26 (25.49 - 25.23 - 24.64 - 24.90)

first TT with Tigron
1.39.62 (25.90 - 24.57 - 24.30 - 24.85 )
second TT with Tigron
1.38.05 (25.29-24.93-23.68p-24.15p)
Last TT with Tigron
1.36.69 (25.11p-24.12p-23.69p-23.77) :D

TT with Triakis
1.36.55 (24.87p-24.00-23.67p-24.01)
Best lap1 with Triakis 24.64

Read you soon!

7th November 2006, 10:11 PM
Great times mate , with all of your ships:clap
Here's my first step with Auricom
Best lap : 23.24
Best race : 26.03 - 24.10 - 23.73 - 23.80 = 1.37.66

edit : took Tigron this time :)
best lap1 : 25.03
laptime : 22.96
racetime : 25.03 - 22.96 - 23.64 - 24.25 = 1.35.88

8th November 2006, 09:30 AM
Hi Asa, hi all.

Thanks 'Sensei'! ;) :+

Your records (on WZ Tables :o ) push me to improve mine......but it's so difficult :frown: :bomb :redface:

Read You soon!

ps: it is that what seems therefore simple for you, for me it implies hundreds of tried.....grrrr :bomb :redface: i'm old and wise and......not so fast! :D

8th November 2006, 02:38 PM
Nothing is simple Rom, spending a lot of time to really understand how the ship may react , learn the track you are racing, knowing exactly where is the best 'suitable' place to get the turbo.

What i noticed is you made a huge improvment since the time we met into Def's site. At that time you were far from us but now i can see you gaining ranks into the tables and into our TT challenge, congrats Rom.:clap
Keep up the good practise mate :+

8th November 2006, 03:18 PM
Here I am.
Again but just only few minutes. A very hard job engagement and a much more harder training on my bikes for the next roadrace season's contests, will hold me far away from wipeout pure sessions. :mad:
I will try to play anyway. Only few minutes a day (when it'll be possible) I already know.
I will return "full time" (my usual hour of playing in the evening) about in the half of January.
Good bye my friendly mate, I upload you ever.

8th November 2006, 05:02 PM
Hi Nik, hi all.

Here I am.
Again but just only few minutes. A very hard job engagement and a much more harder training on my bikes for the next roadrace season's contests, will hold me far away from wipeout pure sessions. :mad:
I will try to play anyway. Only few minutes a day (when it'll be possible) I already know.
I will return "full time" (my usual hour of playing in the evening) about in the half of January.
Good bye my friendly mate, I upload you ever.

....aaaaargh! :o You leave me alone to face all these fastest Irish, Germans, English, French and Americans ......it will be better that i drink something :beer

.....I will resist until your return :D

Read you Soon!!!

8th November 2006, 05:10 PM
Hi Asa, hi all.


Keep up the good practise mate :+

Asa 'Sensei'...... i'm training, training and still training....and now i run to home with my Triakis....ooooops.....my Ford :D :D

It have not the sideshift, but a good hand brake.....ah ah ah :)

Read You Soon

8th November 2006, 10:28 PM
A very hard job engagement and a much more harder training on my bikes for the next roadrace season's contests, will hold me far away from wipeout pure sessions. :mad:
I feel sorry for you mate :( , i hope you will be able to practise pure 15 min per day to keep increasing your skill, try to take part of our challenge if you find spare time ;)

Rom : I took your Tigron and this is far more better with it rather than Auricom. 3 BR each lap are possible with that sweet heavy ship.
Btw i changed my route and now take the left part of the track.
congrats on your best lap1 i can't beat it now :frown: ;)

8th November 2006, 11:20 PM
Hi Asa.

Triakis is the best, but Tigron in Khara is a good choice... ;)

I choose, same as you, the left side of the track and in the end of third br we have the better angle to get the BP on the right... ;)

Now i go to bed.... this evening i'm totally exhaust like the energy of a Zone ship under plasma fire :D

Read you tommorrow.

ps i see your new results with tigron....eh eh eh it's the right ship for this track,instead of Triakis.....i think, but you are the master of control of all ships :o :+

Vic Cachou
9th November 2006, 02:47 AM
Hello guys...

I am back for the weekly challenge... and i am impressived by your times. Here are mines after 30 minutes of playing.

Vic Cachou (Khara Descent, Rapier)
Lap : 23.99
Race : 1.40.55


9th November 2006, 10:32 AM
triakis only

BL 22.34
TT 1.36.00..................25.57 - 23.34/P - 23.84/P - 23.25/P


9th November 2006, 12:03 PM
Hey, I'm going to join your challenge.

Khara Descent - Rapier
26.31 - 24.58 - 23.39 - 25.15 - 1.39.43
BL 23.39

Not bad for a 14 year old? Compared to Asa whos 36!

UPDATE: New race time: 1.38.67 in a Tigron again. Gotta love 3 BRs!

UPDATE2: New Race time: 25.37|23.64P|23.88|24.54 = 1.37.43 in Tigron
Missed 2 BRs on last lap...

9th November 2006, 01:35 PM
Hi insertcoin, hi all.

...ah ah not bad...not bad....but, i think, the best results are a question of personal characteristics and training, not age at all :D :+

read you soon

9th November 2006, 02:11 PM
Well done, insertcoin!

You've got a lot of time to increase your skills. I'm sure you can reach the Top Racer like Asay, Lunar, Alterego and so on.

You have to practice every day, and take a look to the top pilot's drivestyle, so you can improve yourself.

We also use our job's skills: Alterego (F1 Pilot !:cowboy ) and Asay (Eurofighter private Pilot!:pirate ) Lunar (first man on a space platform!:robot ) Stin (the last Jedi with an exclusive teaching system :sonar) Infoxicated (Administrator, obviously, in the real Sinucit Racing Park in a secret Emirates' town :nod) Vic Cachou (speed and bravery run in his family. A forefather? Red Baron...:bat ) and me (test pilot of tiny cars toy! :hyper ).

So you have to wait your moment...not so many time like you're thinking!!! :+

9th November 2006, 06:53 PM
lmao guys ;)
great time Il Nik :+
Thx to vic & Insertcoin for joining us :cowboy

9th November 2006, 06:59 PM
Man, I suck big hairy mamoth balls at this track.

I had to "cheat" and use the Puma 1 ship to get me a 25.95 and 1:48.54, which is slower than a tranquilized tortoise. :(

I did have a think about trying to compete in an AG Systems for each challenge, just as a matter of principle, but it turns out it would be faster to walk the course than to use an AG Systems for some of them.

//goes back to practise.


Hold the front page - I'm actually faster in an Icaras! :D

Sadly, not much faster, but I'll take 25.90 / 1:47.54 in a proper ship over that puma nonsense any day. ;)

9th November 2006, 10:13 PM
I will post my scores in but not enough from you guys and I have only played just under 40 mins due other commitments!

stevie :)

9th November 2006, 11:31 PM
challenge with PUMA I:

BL : 22.76
TT: 1.38.40

Incredible, Puma I is a good ship for this track :D

10th November 2006, 07:56 PM
Rob : a tip for you : try to get the turbo before the 3 mini jumps ( take the left side )and do 3 consecutives BR

Il-Nik : fantastic result with Puma1 : wow great race & lap :banzai

10th November 2006, 08:35 PM
Ok, here is my scores at the moment



BL 23.82


10th November 2006, 09:10 PM
To Rob too:

My raceline is always on the right: I think that running just few meters in a track is better than a perfect line, and on the right you run some meters -

above all: 3 BR per turn on the little three jump :+

11th November 2006, 12:24 AM
Hi Nik, hi all.

To Rob too:

My raceline is always on the right: I think that running just few meters in a track is better than a perfect line, and on the right you run some meters -

above all: 3 BR per turn on the little three jump :+

I think that this raceline it's possible with puma 1 because of its high maneuverability(as Zone), but with heavy ship like tigron or piranha it's a loss of time and velocity mantain the right side of the track. ;)

Auricom is in the middle between heavy ship and
light ship.....but i think it's better on the left side.... ;)

Read you soon.

11th November 2006, 09:51 AM
Mmmh Alterego,
I think just on the opposite way: I know that Puma 1 has agility like best quality, but this is not the must on wipeout. Triakis is the best in every track if you are able to drive it, manouvrability is one of less important quality.
Puma 1 has the response to turbo pad and turbo boost like best quality! And in a track with a lot of pad or BR like Khara this is very important. But I really dislike Puma 1, I prefer a ship with higher speed ever. On Triakis or another heavy ship I think that the left side may be better...but...
perhaps on phantom, where speed is higher

11th November 2006, 12:38 PM
Rob : a tip for you : try to get the turbo before the 3 mini jumps ( take the left side )and do 3 consecutives BR
Three barrel rolls, eh?

I just don't have the skill to pull those off consistently. I find getting a single one difficult anyway, with the nub, nevermind three in a row. :brickwall

I'll try to find the time for another session before deadline, though. :)

11th November 2006, 01:26 PM
but the right side is a lot easier for the three BRs, in terms of staying on the track.

11th November 2006, 04:24 PM
I Lunar, hi all.

but the right side is a lot easier for the three BRs, in terms of staying on the track.

Right! but ithink that the race line is more smooth on the left and we reach the BP with a better angle.....now i use Puma 01, medievil and Zone on the right side only for BL....

Read you soon.

12th November 2006, 05:17 PM
Hurry up guys , only few hours till the challenge ends... go on racing !!

12th November 2006, 10:08 PM
Hi Asa.
Stop for me....i have drink some italian wine this evening (not French..... ;) ) and my brain run over other tracks tonight.... ah ah ah :D

read You soon

13th November 2006, 12:03 AM
Aw crap!

I was going to have another go at this, but I've had most of a bottle of white wine.

// goes to fridge.
// pours.

Okay, I'm about to finish a bottle of white wine... so I think I've given it my best shot so far. Hey, who knows - this could be the technique I've been missing all these years - I'll sling it on now and have a go! :D :beer

13th November 2006, 12:18 AM
Last TT on Triakis out of challenge: 1.35.65

Good night evrywhere (...is night!)

13th November 2006, 12:33 AM
// hic!

Maybe it was that bottle of premium vodka I sent Feliks, but in my specially prepared Qirex I managed 24.75 and 1.42.71, and it's where I'm giving up. I can barely see the screen I've had so much wine, but for some reason I'm faster than I was before. I think the most I managed was two barrel rolls per lap.

13th November 2006, 12:59 AM
Nice one Rob ! 5 sec better with vodka premium & fine wine into the veins is a real great perf :beer

Khara Descent Rapier -------------------- Sunday Report

Great competition again this week with fellow WZ members addicted to race TT and who find time to do it : congratulations everyone :cowboy
Except Triakis , the best choice for the racetime seems to be Tigron ( not a wellknown ship , rarely taken by Kai racers , but a good fat craft with great shield enough for doing 12 BRs in that race.)

7 wipers have taken part to it so here's the result :


1* Il-Nik : 22.76 Puma1-- 22.34 triakis
2* Alterego : 22.85 Tigron
3* Asayyeah : 22.96 Tigron
4* Insercoin : 23.29 Tigron
5* Stin : 23.82 Auricom
6* Vic : 23.99 Triakis
7* Infoxxicated : 24.75 Icaras

Racetime :

1* Asayyeah : 1.35.88 Tigron
2* Alterego : 1.36.69 Tigron
3* Insertcoin : 1.37.43 Tigron
4* Il-Nik : 1.38.40 Puma1 -- 1.35.65 Triakis
5* Stin : 1.39.22 Auricom
6* Vic : 1.40.55 Triakis
7* Infoxxicated : 1.42.71 Icaras

Congrats for Gold lap Il Nik , this is truly a great result without using the fastest Pure Fat Bullet :), a special congrats to 'mister 2 Silver Alterego' :+, sweet bronze medal for a new joiner : Insertcoin :clap:
I hope everyone will enjoy our new challenge started now and finishing sunday 19th of November midnight.

This is going to be our first phantom challenge : i hear you howling loudly but calm down , it won't be Citta or Karbonis ;) , only ...

Sol2 Phantom -------- Week 7

Vic Cachou
13th November 2006, 04:00 AM
my first tires this night :
lap : 23.31
race : 2.04.89

and poisson's ones :
lap : 24.91
race : 2.13.58


13th November 2006, 10:53 AM
Hi All.

..... Why Asa does not have chosen karbonis or citta nuova? :o
......ah ah ah :D

pfiuuu.... it's much better sol2 that those two absurd tracks....... ;)

I have not still analyzed the track, but it does not seem to me that there are places adapted to barr rolls.....except, perhaps, when the track comes down after the great hairpin curve that follows the track tight….are you in agreement?
...and the boost?
it's a lot that I don't run on this track. of usual I only launch the boost on the arrival .....but...

Read you Soon

13th November 2006, 11:19 AM
Citta Phantom would have been nice... but I'll give Sol2 a try anyway ;)

13th November 2006, 03:04 PM
Hi All.

I'm studying the Track with Triakis now....
First BL 22.79
TT it's too soon... ;)

i start the challenge with Team Klor (123klan ship)
Bl 23.27
TT 2.01.78 (24.98p-24.06-24.02-24.31-24.41)
First BL 24.98
I think it's possible break the 2 min TT limit, but for now i don't...... :(

Read You Soon

13th November 2006, 06:25 PM
Oooh I think Stevie might have something to say about this challenge ;)

14th November 2006, 02:36 AM
This track is insane on phantom - skilled pilots need only apply ;)

good luck all :)

14th November 2006, 10:21 AM
Ok, mates I'm here with

Auricom: BL 23.13
TT: 2.00.36

see you

14th November 2006, 07:33 PM
WHAAAAAAT???! Sol2!!!!, oh c`mon man!, gies a break here!:brickwall

Alright here is my scores atm,

After five mins, Auricom

26.12, 23.56, 23.47, 23.74, 23.82= 2.00.71

Hour later

25.23, 23.14, 23.66, 23.90,23.31= 1.59.24

and the best lap is 23.02.

Now I decided to try the secret ship and I will reveal it eventually but it`s not Triakis;)

EDIT Ok here is my first attempt and wow!, what a nifty car...eerr.. ship!

It`s Goteki 1945

25.52, 24.25, 23.62, 23.36, 24.11= 2.00.11


Best Lap 22.38

I will play another ship later on ;)

Ok!, this is an one off race and it is Klor (123Klan)

26.00, 23.43, 23.48, 22.63, 23.79= 1.59.33 ;)


Ok, I added another ship and it`s Triakis


BL 21.75


AG System,

24.87, 23.14, 23.32, 22.97, 23.03= 1:57:33

24.41, 22.86, 23.24, 22.88, 23.32= 1.56.71

Best Lap 22.47


14th November 2006, 07:54 PM
Hi Stin, hi all.

...Sol 2.....your favourite track!!! :D

read you soon

15th November 2006, 12:33 AM
Ehi Stevie, congrats my friend :beer
Which kind of secret tires on this track? ( Eh eh...I'm sure he never suppose I wanna know the name of his secret ship :rolleyes:)

15th November 2006, 12:39 AM
I thought I'd have a bash:

Goteki 45
25.46, 23.66, 23.12, 24.27, 23.30 = 1.59.81

I'm fairly pleased but i am going to keep trying. :)


Spent another half hour this morning with the following results:

Goteki 45
Best Lap: 22.74
TT Time: 25.42, 23.14, 23.30, 23.20, 23.02 = 1.58.08

*UPDATE Number 2*

Spent some time with an old friend - the AG Systems.

Best lap: 22.60
Race Time: 1.56.99

15th November 2006, 04:35 PM
What recommendations for craft do we have apart from Triakis? :) Goteki?

Also, is the best boost strategy to leave until the final straight? I can rember 'forcing' a boost so I could Barrel-Roll at the top of the hill - not sure if this is a good strategy :) Any ideas / suggestions would be great :) Ive not got much time to play this TT due to work commitments. Cheers :)

15th November 2006, 06:00 PM
best race for this is 1.57.12 in Goteki. I might have a free play run for a lap time as I`d like to try to beat my Triakis lap, though it`s unlikely for me. Outside this challenge period, I once did a 22.6 lap in Assegai, so I think that, Zone and Medievil could go very well on here. I wonder if Stevie is using one of these....... ;)

According to Del Stepho and Arnaud, when we msn-raced, the best turbo location is on the final straight as you come out of the last corner, but missing the speed pads as you turbo before them. They`re right, but I still use my turbo at the top of the hill on the big up and down bend. I suspect the BR jump here isn`t a great idea, when you take into account the air-time and the hard landing, but I haven`t done it enough to know for sure. There`s always the wall-ramp BR on the open-section, for the crazy ninjas amongst us.

15th November 2006, 07:57 PM
How do you work that out?;) Oh, you mean piranha?:D

Well I decided to move on to Triakis this time hopefully will break my records! but I will gonna struggle to make this time due other things!. And I`ll do my best to play other TT.


15th November 2006, 10:21 PM
Competition has really started !! Geez:cold this is the battle for Sol2 ! i am not sure an ' improved communication ' reason is enough to stop Stin's will, spk ;)
Ok i will get practise now ( no time to check WZ : time for the challenge now!! )

1st run with Ag
24.77 / 22.69 / 24.21 / 23.28 / 22.96 = 1.57.91
Best lap : 22.62

16th November 2006, 02:27 AM
New times:1.56.64 in AGS with best lap 22.65 and no turbo start. I could barely get under 23 with Goteki. AGS rocks on here. Assegai can match my Triakis ghost on the first half to the top of the hill, and Goteki probably too. But it all seems to be on that last right hand bend - and Goteki is a floppy disaster there, Assegai slightly better through the whole final sequence, but not much. But wow, AG can carve up this track! 1.55 is certainly possible, sub 1.55 with a perfect race. I don`t think I`m actually going to do it - just tried for a while and Sol2 gives me a nervous breakdown. :brickwallI had a sub 24 first lap - then 22.6, 22.7, then a mental collapse and 23.6 followed by 24.8 :brickwallMedievil could possibly be faster, but I haven`t tried it.

btw amazing times in your last edit Stevie. Triakis time is......:clap

update best times





16th November 2006, 11:53 AM
2.03.43 in Vanuber
BL 23.19 in Tigron

Will try AG Sys.

Update: New best time: 1.59.91 in the AG Systems craft. Best Lap still the same. :(

16th November 2006, 07:19 PM
Asa could you post an AG ghost up on Defs site? I dont think I have ever raced against that craft in Phantom mode :)

I will use it as a marker for my TT time :) cheers mate

16th November 2006, 08:11 PM
Cheers Lunar!

Ok, I now decided to reveal my secret ship is....................well can wait till tomorrow night ;)

Now, I will give a go at AG System but, just for one hour.


17th November 2006, 09:39 AM
Hi All.

this challenge on sol 2 has a big start :D ....but......this week I don't have just the time and the tranquillity necessary in order to participate.

If I will find some time will be perhaps in the afternoon of Sunday. :frown:

Excuse me

Read You soon

ps my last time in a previous msg ;)

17th November 2006, 06:47 PM
Wow, thisii is one of the faster Pure challenge here!

Stevie, congrats you're really the master here :clap

I'm sorry for my mate that is very busy and in-chaos in this period :+ , but you are stronger than chaos, Alterego!!!

My challenge ship is in the box, I race with triakis out of challenge:

TT: 1.54.95 : 23.92 - 22.77 - 23.00 - 23.47 - 21.79
BL : 21.79 (without turbo at the start. I think that 21.00 is really possible in a few time by fast racers=Stin)

17th November 2006, 07:23 PM
Thank you guys:beer but nobody touch my place! :naughty , if they do and I will do the job!:pirate

I have a best lap for AG System is 22.47 but I did not load the ghost. (sorry)

Yes iL Nik, it is possible for roughly about 21.20 but below 21?, I don`t think is possible but you will never know.


17th November 2006, 08:58 PM
I knew Goteki was the secret ship, since your last post about it. Don`t ask me how..... but I knew it ;) I will have to give her another run, Stevie :rock

18th November 2006, 08:12 PM
Excellent score Lunar, but I was having a bad time for myself last night at the prizegiving then this morning, I was not in the mood to play pure but I did tried my best today as you can see my score through records tables.

Now I`m listening to trances music to ease my mind and will be back to normal again.


18th November 2006, 11:27 PM
I won't talk about Dag & myself last night cause we were gutted 1 Hour racing Kai more or less good ( bad ping for few mates) and then total breakdown from Kai : 1 hour before entering it again with 2 new windows errors getting on my screen : anyway a nightmare for Anthony & me : among of our top 3 least fav session we did
Hope this will be working tonight ...

So i raced a bit with non official triakis for this Sol2 challenge and was totally wrong about my turbo location ...
with my 1st idea to get the turbo while turning the last bend before finish line i get a 1.53.59 was very close from Stin but i t was a perfect race with 4PL in it
I changed my weapon from shoulder ;) and get that turbo where Lunar said... what a changement : 4 attempts and done this :
23.77 / 22.52 / 22.25 / 22.38 / 21.91 = 1.52.83 :D

Keep it up stin& spk Sol2 is not finished :paperbag

21.38 :pirate

19th November 2006, 07:30 AM
Always the same Arnaud! :banzai


P.S.: I've always used my turbo just when the nose of my ship can see the long descent to the last double bend. As soon as possible! (without jumping out the track!!!)

20th November 2006, 02:51 AM
Sol 2 Phantom ------------------------ Sunday Report

Sorry guys , been a bit delayed for the weekly report due to great session at 3 tonight in Kai with the 2 Stephen ;)

I must thank all our challengers for their work on Sol2 :clap , we had a real great competition animated mostly by Stin with all of his ship's choice.
For our 1st phantom test we get 9 racers which is a good number: proof that phantom can be handle by practising .
At least on that one i ve learnt a good lesson where the turbo needs to be done : thx to Lunar for opening finally my eyes on it. :banzai
About the non official Triakis , this ship is really the master one and so far : others can't compare in term of speed ( especially in phantom ).
Goteki is surely his closest rival when it is mastered by mates like Stin & Lunar ;)

Anyway here's the result for this week 7 :

Racetime :

1* Lunar : 1.55.40 Goteki 1945
2* Stin : 1.55.65 Goteki 1945 ---- 1.53.41 Triakis
3* Rageagainstgeorge : 1.56.99 Ag System
4* Asayyeah : 1.57.91 Ag System ---- 1.52.83 Triakis
5* Insertcoin : 1.59.91 Ag System
6* Il Nik : 2.00.36 Auricom ---- 1.54.95 Triakis
7* Alterego : 2.04.89 - 123 Klan ship
8* Vic Cachou : 2.04.89 Triakis
9* Poisson : 2.13.58 Triakis

Laptime :

1* Lunar : 21.95 Goteki 1945
2* Stin : 22.47 Ag System ---- 21.75 Triakis
3* Rageagainstgeorge : 22.60 Ag system
4* Asayyeah : 22.62 Ag system ---- 21.38 Triakis
5* Il Nik : 23.13 Auricom ---- 21.79 Triakis
6* Insertcoin : 23.19 Tigron
7* Alterego : 23.27 _ 123 Klan ship ---- 22.79 Triakis
8* Vic Cachou : 23.31 Triakis
9* Poisson : 24.91 Triakis

Congratulations to Lunar , our Big winner of this fast competition ( yeah i got the new top spot for triakis but this is another story ;) )
His Goteki 1945 beated Stin's AG but with difficulties. congrats Stin, AG rocks in phantom.

I hope everyone will enjoy our new challenge choosen by the Winner Spk & started now and finishing sunday 26th of November midnight.

Ubermall Flash ------------------- Week 8

20th November 2006, 11:02 AM
One mistake in the results, Arnaud, Stin`s 1.55.65 was in Goteki not AGS. I know because I was keeping an eye on Stevie for a couple of days last week. ;)

AG is certainly very fast on Phantom, but Goteki really throbs once you get all the speed pads and come close to mastering the track, and is a tiny bit faster. I don`t think there`s a standard ship (apart from Triakis) which is generally faster than Goteki on Phantom. Assegai is faster on some tracks, I`m fairly sure. It would be interesting to see if Medievil and Zone are as quick as G45(not including BRs). If they are faster it`s not by much I`m sure. Triakis is in a class by itself.

I`ve often found, with AGS, that I can easily beat my Goteki best, and then I conclude that AGS is faster. But then I go back to Goteki and find that the AGS training has given me new speed in it. AGS is so stable and nippy on corners that it`s great for learning the track. On a few twisty tracks it could really be the fastest non-Triakis ship. It`s very slightly slower than G45 generally, but a heck of a lot easier to get good times in.

On rapier and slower, though, Goteki is really very average for speed.

Great challenge, everyone, :+

20th November 2006, 02:34 PM
One mistake in the results, Arnaud, Stin`s 1.55.65 was in Goteki not AGS.
error rectified :paperbag
Sorry Stin ;)

20th November 2006, 04:04 PM
Hi All.

This new challenge scares me, because i destroyed the controls of my first psp on this track….:cold :frown:

I do not know how much time I will have in order to participate, however here are two times for BL....and TT


Medievil 30.62
Piranha 30.78
Icaras 30.32
Tigron 30.98
Zone 31.43
Triakis 30.24

Medievil 32.51
Icaras 32.05

TT with Tigron 2.10.89 (34.00-32.99-31.83-32.07)
TT with Zone 2.09.84 (33.44-31.75-32.59-32.06)
TT with Piranha 2.08.94 (32.84-31.82-32.33-31.95 )
TT with Triakis 2.06.81 (32.67p-31.36-31.39-31.39)
TT with Medievil 2.07.93(32.74p-31.32-32.99-30.88p)
TT with Icaras 2.06.22(32.76-31.80p-30.83-30.83p)
TT with Klor 123klanship 2.06.50(32.72-30.73-31.78-31.27p)

Read you Soon :D

ps I have the feeling that this track does not prefer one particular ship….heavy and the light ones are equivalents......apart Triakis ;)

21st November 2006, 10:13 AM
Challenge with

BL : 31.03
TT: 2.09.90

BL : 30.42

21st November 2006, 04:03 PM
Bergamo ahead from Padova !!
They struggle for Italian supremacy :banzai

21st November 2006, 05:01 PM
Hi Asa, hi all.

Ah ah ah...... you instead are waiting in order to place your usual master stroke,.....true??


read you soon

22nd November 2006, 12:35 AM
I will try to get various ships to test this challenge , so here's how i do it :
Freerace : get the best lap among 10 launched laps ( means i stop racing at the beginning of lap12)
Time Trial : 5 attempts on a row get the best of it.

Vic Cachou
22nd November 2006, 01:27 AM
Hello guys...
Here are the first times of Poi and me, we played a little in multiplayer clm yesterday night.
With Triakis, but it seems to be a bad idea on Flash :

Vic Cachou : 2.15.28 / 32.72
Poisson : 2.20.58 / 33.76


New Records

Vic Cachou : 2.13.44 / 32.53
Poisson : 2.17.50 / 31.90 (!)

Little ameliorations for me. I have tried 6 ships once. And i can say that only Triakis is real ship, lolll (only for lap 1)

New times Vic Cachou : 2.10.18 / 30.91

22nd November 2006, 09:54 AM
Hello everyone

It's about time that i join the sweet weekly TT.

1. Because my times are getting smashed thanks to the sweet weekly TT.
2. Because i have some extra time on my hands.

So here we go:

First i took out Goteki45 for a spin.

Best race time: 2.07.42, 0.32.48, 0.31.17, 0.31.23, 0.32.54.
Best lap: 0.30.59

Then i took out Icaras for a spin.

Best race time: 2.06.19, 0.31.90, 0.31.44, 0.31.01, 0.31.84.
Best lap: 0.30.44

Last but not least, Piranha.

Best race time: 2.05.68, 0.32.63, 0.30.91, 0.31.09, 0.31.05
Best lap: 0.30.27

Greetings Mad-Ice

22nd November 2006, 08:05 PM
Ok here's my 1st step into Flash world :)

Let's get Feisar
best lap : 31.16
best race : 2.06.80 = 32.50 / 31.33 / 31.64 / 31.33

Best lap : 30.30
best race : 2.05.55 = 32.40 / 30.58 / 31.29 / 31.28

GoT 1945
Best lap : 30.15
best race : 2.04.96 = 32.45 / 30.98 / 30.19 / 31.34

Best lap : 30.15
best race : 2.05.14 = 32.38 / 30.97 / 30.66 / 31.13

22nd November 2006, 09:01 PM
Just a question to Arnaud and Mad-Ice:

What's the key-moment of your race? :?
How do you drive from the hill until finishline? :dizzy
What kind of beverage or food do you drink or eat before (or while?) the race? :g
And...in which amount? :nod

Good night mates :burger :burger :burger :beer

23rd November 2006, 08:24 PM
Great comment il_NIK!!!

At that time, i had a good night sleep, one banana and a black cup of coffee for breakfast. I was having a little bit of fever and a small headache. So i positioned myself on the couch for one hour of PURE to get an even bigger headache.:bomb

23rd November 2006, 09:51 PM
I`m going to struggle to play TT due my secret project but I`m assuming you know what I`m talking about?:paperbag

But I will be back eventually but I also have other very important project which I will need to do it! It`s not PSP stuff but Asayyeah knows about it!


25th November 2006, 11:04 AM
I tried Tigron but this heavy ship is just too slow to break records for the racetime. However i managed a perfect lap record of 0.30.06.
123Klanship was just a bit faster then my Piranha times:

RR 2.05.32, 0.32.09, 0.31.02, 0.31.08, 0.31.13

I forgot the fastest lap of this ship, nothing special.
Then i looked at my Icaras times again and saw my first lap was very low 0.31.90 compared to the other first lap times.

So i took out Icaras again and got these times:

RR 0.31.78, 0.30.81, 0.30.82, 0.30.74, 2.04.15
LR 0.29.65

Unofficial Triakis times:

RR 0.32.00, 0.30.75, 0.30.46, 30.72, 2.03.93
LR 0.29.59

25th November 2006, 01:49 PM
Here is my scores at the moment,


32.64, 31.72, 31.45, 31.03 = 2.06.84

best lap 30.94


25th November 2006, 02:15 PM
Nice times guys :)

Im finding it difficult to break the 30 barrier - do you think there is any worth in cutting this corner (http://www.wipeoutpure.co.uk/images/mu5_WC_Flash_Ubermall_Piranha_Cut_nov06.jpg)? :)

25th November 2006, 03:50 PM
LOL! or trying to hide it!, so you can cut corner!


26th November 2006, 12:06 PM
Stin were you drinking yesterday? :)

Trying to hide it ? :) lol

Best to keep the boost until the end yeah?

26th November 2006, 04:16 PM
About the boost, i think it is best to use it after the fork/split. Be sure to get the BP just before the hill, then just before the top of the hill release the Speedboost. Try to fly past the right side of the laternpost/speakers on a stick thingy!!! Do a BR, land with boost and directly do another BR.

Good Luck Mad-Ice

26th November 2006, 07:31 PM
Sweet mate, I thought it was. Ive caught the 2nd BR a few times but ive not managed to land fully - I will keep trying :)

I got some pics of Asa (http://www.wipeoutpure.co.uk/images/asa_Backdoor_ubermall_flash_28_80.gif)coming out in the back door in his 28:80 lap - nice line bro :)

26th November 2006, 08:27 PM
Did I wrote that?!:paperbag och weel! these things happens!

No!, did not drink yesterday but I was busy doing the house chores!:coffee


27th November 2006, 04:01 AM
Ubermall flash -- -------------------------------- Sunday Report

That sweet challenge 's ended for me last friday afternoon when my psp crashed itself without reading anymore Umds...

Hope the 7 racers did enjoyed that flash challenge made up by Lunar ( no times added for you mate :blarg )
Ubermall with its 3 possible BRs very tricky to succeed in so here's the result :


1* Mad_Ice : 2.04.15 Icaras -- Triakis 2.03.93
2* Asayyeah : 2.04.96 Goteki 45
3* Alterego : 2.06.22 Icaras
4* Stin : 2.06.84 Icaras
5* Il_Nik : 2.09.90 Qirex
6* Vic Cachou : 2.10.18 Triakis
7* Poisson : 2.17.50 Triakis


1* Mad_Ice : 29.65 Icaras -- Triakis 29.65
2* Asayyeah : 30.15 Goteki 45 & Qirex
3* Alterego : 30.32 Icaras
4* Il_Nik : 30.42 Auricom
5* Vic Cachou : 30.91 Triakis
6* Stin : 30.94 Icaras
7* Poisson : 31.90 Triakis

Congratulations to Mad_Ice our great winner of this week. Seems Icaras was the fastest choice to compete and get under 30 sec but i hadn't got the time to test it :frown:
I hope everyone is ok for our new event starting now and ending next sunday the 3rd of December midnight

Cardcity Run Rapier ------------------------- Week 9

27th November 2006, 01:16 PM
Thanks Arnaud!!

However it doesn't really feel like a victory, because of your PSP dying on you. The strange thing is that my PSP freezed for about 6 or 7 times while i was playing Ubermall. Rob did tell me that Ubermall has the most polygons of all tracks and had to be brought down. I hope your PSP will be working soon again, but we will hear that in the right topic!!! Won't we?

On topic again:

Small correction for the unofficial Triakis time. It is 0.29.59 for best lap instead of 0.29.65.

This morning i had 5 minutes to do 2 runs on Cardcity with Goteki45

First run
0.38.03, 0.36.48, 0.35.51, 0.36.49 results in 2.26.51

Second run
0.36.01, 0.36.54, 0.36.26, 0.35.04 results in 2.23.85

27th November 2006, 07:45 PM
Hi All.

Ubermall...double bronze....mmmh.....not bad :rolleyes:

now it's time for cardcity run in rapier.......i don't run on this track for a very long time :brickwall

BL with Triakis 33.35
BL with Icaras 33.90
BL with Qirex 34.44

TT with Triakis 2.17.82 (35.35p-34.05p-34.18-34.24p )
TT With Tigron 2.22.33 (36.69-35.21-35.62-34.81)
TT with Icaras 2.19.72 (35.57p-34.74-35.09-34.32p)

B1L with tigron 35.93
B1L with Icaras 35.50
B1L with Goteki 35.15
B1L with Triakis 34.99

i think there are four/five br to a lap in this race :nod :dizzy :cold .......aaah!

Read You soon

ps I make to myself a question....... but how does Arnaud made this TT in 2,14!?!?!?!? ;) :D
The time is possible with this time 34-33-33-33 = 2.13....he made a record of 32 on a lap......where is the tip or trick?

I think that the first one br is to the end of the first up screw (hard to make), then the second br is after the bp before the second screw to come down. then made the hairpin curve, boost and make two br of row ...... you are in agreement?

27th November 2006, 11:46 PM
Hey guys! my first one of these time trial jiggys so any help would be appreciated! :)

After a few practice runs I achieved the following with Goteki 45


Making a total time of 2.22.39

Hopefully I can get some practice time in the next few days so watch out chaps!

28th November 2006, 03:48 PM
Hi there Renegade

Thanks for joining this challenge, good luck. I hope to see some more times of you in the tables.

29th November 2006, 10:08 PM
I managed a 34.99 [Ghost (http://defaulted.ath.cx/ghost/datafiles/mu5.rapier.cardcityrun.goteki45.0.34.99.zip) / Pic (http://www.wipeoutpure.co.uk/images/mu5_goteki_drop_in_nov06.jpg)] with Goteki :)

Arnaud you must have been thundering in your 32 second lap - respect bro :)

29th November 2006, 10:55 PM
ps I make to myself a question....... but how does Arnaud made this TT in 2,14!?!?!?!? ;) :D
The time is possible with this time 34-33-33-33 = 2.13....he made a record of 32 on a lap......where is the tip or trick?

Arnaud you must have been thundering in your 32 second lap

Cardcity is an 'underexploited' track which may reveal few great parts on it by testing new lines and finding new BR location...
Yesterday i took Triakis and get a 2.15.28 ( 34.98 / 33.97 / 33.22 / 33.11 ) thinking it will be hard to beat my previous score then i spent 30 min in free play thinking to re-create what i have done in phantom SR KAi : actually i made 2 BR in a row between the 2 screws landing perfectly ( thx to AP )near the 1st boost pad into the down screw. After few tries i handled this trick ( without AP & in rapier) and lowered my previous laptime by 6 tenths and i swear it wasn't my best lapstart i made but those 2 BR in a row gave extra speed for the down screw.
I know with 5BR low 31 is really possible now.

I think that the first one br is to the end of the first up screw (hard to make), then the second br is after the bp before the second screw to come down. then made the hairpin curve, boost and make two br of row ...... you are in agreement?
1st one i use is in fact the 2nd you exactly mentionned ( i never thought about a possible BR at the end of the first up screw!! great idea mate : i need to test that one comparing to what i am doing now : simply pitch nose down with sideshift on the BR at the top of the screw)
since i landed after that 1st BR ( left side of the track ) i can cut right at the beginning of the down screw and get a 2nd BR here ( landing is difficult but you have immediately near you a BP which may help you a lot if you miss the BR and hit the wall)
3rd &4th are similar to yours but strangely you don't get a last BR for the jump???( this one was my 5th one)

A little trick to use with turbo before the starting line : try to save your turbo till the nearly end of the track and get it when you are in the middle of your jump ( while in the air ok?) then BR and try to land after the parallel BP ( which means cutting the 1st left corner :) ) doing this in phantom is easy but in rapier :cold

Go on racing mates!!

We need more contenders :+

Edit : Goteki 1945

Racetime :2.17.60 = 34.79 / 33.94 / 34.57 / 34.30
Laptime : 32.72 ( 5BRs)


Racetime : 2.16.90 = 35.30 - 33.68 - 34.10 - 33.82
Laptime : 32.91

30th November 2006, 07:58 AM
Hmm a second BR in the spiral down!? I have to try this tonight.

My records of yesterday:

0.35.73, 0.33.92, 0.34.03, 0.34.62, 2.18.30

LR Goteki45: 0.33.65

Unofficial Triakis records:
RR 0.34.41, 0.33.57, 0.33.40, 0.33.55, 2.14.93
LR 0.32.87

RR 2.17.83
LR 0.33.60 I just saw Arnaud has beaten my records, so i tried again, but my thumbs are hurting so much because of playing Pure almost all day that i couldn't do any more barrelrolls. At least i beat Arnaud on Phantom TT Mandrashee.

30th November 2006, 11:55 PM
Hmm I just finished a 2.18.77 with Goteki 45 holding lap times of;


Hmmmmmm I need to find a way to keep those laptimes consistantly lower.

Finally got me a lap under .34 though!

Edit: Just did a 0.33.42 lap but unfortunatly I messed the final lap of the run and bollocksed my overall time up. :(

1st December 2006, 05:23 PM
I will put my scores down but I forgot to pick up my piece of paper with my scores on it.
EDIT> Goteki45 2.22.43 BL> 34.90

EDIT2 36.30, 34.75, 35.63, 35.03= 2.21.71

You know I can do 7 BR s in one lap!


3rd December 2006, 01:48 AM
Hmm a second BR in the spiral down!? I have to try this tonight.

its a hard one :) a nice cut can be acheived as well, although I have flew out the track many times trying it :)

My latest times..

Triakis - Lap

33:52 - Ghost (http://defaulted.ath.cx/ghost/datafiles/mu5.rapier.cardcityrun.triakis.0.33.53.zip)

Goteki - Lap

34:53 - Perf :)
34:99 - Ghost (http://defaulted.ath.cx/ghost/datafiles/mu5.rapier.cardcityrun.goteki45.0.34.99.zip)

Goteki TT


3rd December 2006, 09:04 PM
Keep adding time guys : less than 4 hours till the end of the challenge
I made few updates with tigron & Goteki :robot

4th December 2006, 01:56 AM
Cardcity Run Rapier -------------------------------------- Sunday Report

6 Fellow wipers joined this rapier contest on a funny & very interesting track.
This is definitely a track for BR and few of them are really tricky to do.
I'd like to thanks Renegade for his first & great apparition to this challenge.

Here's the result from this week


1* Asayyeah : 2.16.90 Tigron -- 2.15.28 Triakis
2* Mad-Ice : 2.17.83 Tigron -- 2.14.93 Triakis
3* Renegade : 2.18.77 Goteki 45
4* Alterego : 2.19.72 Icaras -- 2.17.82 Triakis
5* Stin : 2.21.71 Goteki 45
6* Ringospoon : 2.22.12 Goteki 45


1* Asayyeah : 32.72 Goteki 45 -- 32.02 Triakis
2* Renegade : 33.42 Goteki 45
3* Mad-Ice : 33.60 Tigron -- 32.87 Triakis
4* Alterego : 33.90 Icaras -- 33.35 Triakis
5* Ringospoon : 34.53 Goteki 45
6* Stin : 34.75 Goteki 45

Not much differences between all of us on this friendly competition.
I must really thx Renegade & Mad-Ice our silver winners : it was very hard to beat you 2 congrats mates and for everyone who takes part of it. :+

Serious things strikes back again with this new challenge starting now and ending next sunday 10th of December midnight

Vineta K Phantom ------------------------------ Week 10

4th December 2006, 12:07 PM
Hi All.

Asa you are the wipeout 'sensei' :+
I'm a subscriber of the double ones. :D

this time is double fourth.:rolleyes: :D

and now is time of Vineta.......i don't like this track......:mad:

...it will want to say that i will be double last :redface:

Read You soon.

during my break for lunch i start with Tigron and my BL is 20.94....
I think there are 3 br a lap in vineta k....for five turn of a TT...3x5=15br!!!.....it's only for ship with high energy like Tigron ;) instead of Triakis :D

with Tigron 20.94
with Goteki 20.47
with Icaras 20.26

with Icaras 1.47.96 (23.39-21.23p-20.43-21.07p-21.84) and (22.12-21.40-21.02-21.59-21.83)
with Icaras 1.47.08 (22.55-20.84-21.34-21.51-20.84)

With Icaras 22.05

4th December 2006, 12:46 PM
Oh, crap - not Phantom again... I'll be back on the horse for this challenge, though - I've been sitting out due to the barrel roll intensive tracks we've had. Although Vineta K at phantom speed is barrel roll intensive. Rats!

4th December 2006, 03:46 PM
Nice idea for the challenge, Asa, I wonder if Del or DJManiac will be tempted out of "retirement"?

4th December 2006, 06:54 PM
i think we can get close to be under 20 sec without any BR on a lap.
Doing the turbo + BR at the end is the simpliest one among the 3.
The 2nd on the 1st jump is tricky because you need to get all the speed pads before and be very quick to do the BR while jumping.
The 3rd is nearly impossible ( for me ) : the one on the 2nd jump :blarg

Phantom is fast yeah i admit but this is like speed practise for other classes ;)

DJManiac if i can catch him on msn, about Del , he will be back on friday's night , so he can join us at the end of the challenge ( sure he won't miss that one )

4th December 2006, 08:21 PM
Sweet as, looking forward this :)

I think the nailing a BR from the drop 5 times will be the biggest factor in this weeks TT challenge, good luck guys :)

4th December 2006, 10:18 PM
AG Systems
1.48.03 = 22.34 / 21.06 / 21.06 / 21.54 / 22.03
1.47.54 = 22.27 / 21.78 / 21.04 / 21.70 / 20.75
1.46.57 = 21.98 / 20.90 / 21.36 / 21.36 / 21.07
1.46.50 = 22.48 / 21.22 / 20.89 / 20.94 / 20.97
Free lap : 20.01

Goteki 45
Free lap : 19.96

4th December 2006, 11:15 PM
Nice racing :) You are really handling that AG well :) respect bro

I can remember breaking 21 seconds is a very good time - did you BR from the drop each time yeah? :)

5th December 2006, 07:32 PM
yes each time on that drop ( but not getting boost when landing everytime)

Get out from last tunnel , left side of the track get your turbo here and you can do a BR which is so useful for getting a good laptime

5th December 2006, 07:45 PM
Hi Asa, hi all.

(...) you can do a BR which is so useful for getting a good laptime

...but....don't fly high otherwise become a loss of time...:frown:

Read you soon

5th December 2006, 08:15 PM
Here is my scores at the moment


22.73, 21.58, 21.46, 21.47, 21.42= 1.48.66

Best Lap 20.81


6th December 2006, 09:35 PM
AAaahh finally i got some time to play Pure. First time this week!! So here i post my first times on Vineta K, Phantom.

RR 1.46.81
LR 0.20.62

6th December 2006, 10:41 PM
Great time with goteki congrats Matthijs :nod

Vic Cachou
8th December 2006, 01:45 AM
Hello guys...

So, a nice hour with asay on msn on vineta. We tried Ag and gott. And definitively, for the first time, i can say that i forgot my dear "fat tria".

Nice night for me with new records, for the challenge.

1.50.02 / 20.93 (goteki 45)
1.48.75 / 20.93 (ag systems)

Same lap and... bug on WZ tables. I let you see that, lol
Cya guys...

9th December 2006, 09:44 AM
I took Goteki out for this challenge, my best so far is:

TT : 1.49.64
Lap: 20.91

9th December 2006, 12:47 PM
AG Systems

1.46.50 = 22.48 / 21.22 / 20.89 / 20.94 / 20.97

Goteki 45
Free lap : 19.96

Awesome racing mate :)

How many perfect laps did you get?

9th December 2006, 09:49 PM
Goteki 45: 1.46.87/20.58

How many BR`s are the rest of you trying to do? I got my lap times more consistent by only doing the first one, as much as I can anyway, and forgetting the others. These damn challenges..... once you have a go they just suck you in. ;)

new times:

Assegai: 1.46.35/20.12
Goteki lap: 19.74

9th December 2006, 11:53 PM
How many perfect laps did you get?
i hardly do a PL on PK, for that race : no PL :( i always make mistakes into the 2nd tunnel or before it on the long straight line.

How many BR`s are the rest of you trying to do?
I always try to do 2 BRs on each lap : very tricky with AG low shield cause i hit walls and the last BR at lap 5 on the final straight line is missing sometimes.
I don't use BR on the 2nd drop, i pitch my nose down to hit the BoostPad

10th December 2006, 06:46 PM
Del Stepho took part of that challenge yesterday and gave to spk & me his score done with icaras

Glurps, i need to work on that now :cold

10th December 2006, 07:59 PM
Hi All.

AAAH! Icaras!!! i know this is the right ship but my skills are too low.....brrr and grrr ;)

Read You soon

11th December 2006, 12:07 AM
Yihaa everybody got some real great times!! This afternoon i checked this tread and the awesome times of everyone:hyper

I think Vineta K is a very difficult track and i have to do some more practice. It took me 1,5 hour to beat Lunars LR time with just 0.01 sec and it was done with the unofficial Triakis. Every time i mess up my RR in the last lap:blarg Congratulations everyone with their superb times RESPECT!!!

My records with Goteki45

RR 1.46.81
LR 0.20.02

Unofficial Triakis

RR 1.45.38
LR 0.19.73

11th December 2006, 02:21 AM
Vineta K Phantom ------------------------------ Sunday Report

We were 8 this week to challenge that supposely easy track. Vineta is the track everyone did the 1st time they had wipeout Pure in hands but this is truly a b**** at phantom speed. BR was the key and also don't loose speed like i did stupidily hitting walls between those 2 tunnels on the long straight line :blarg .
From the 8 contenders, no one is over 1.50.00 !!, i was very surprised of the global increasing level from those who were competing this week. A big congrats to them for the closest result from the beginning of our TT weekly challenge. :+
Here's the result :


1* Del Stepho : 1.45.59 Icaras
2* Lunar : 1.46.35 Assegai
3* Asayyeah : 1.46.50 Ag Systems -- 1.44.34 Triakis
4* Mad-Ice : 1.46.81 Goteki 45 -- 1.45.38 Triakis
5* Alterego : 1.47.08 Icaras
6* Stin : 1.48.66 Goteki 45
7* Vic Cachou : 1.48.75 Ag Systems
8* Ringospoon : 1.49.64 Goteki 45


1* Lunar : 19.74 Goteki 45
2* Del Stepho : 19.77 Icaras
3* Asayyeah : 19.96 Goteki 45 -- 19.65 Triakis
4* Mad-Ice : 20.02 Goteki 45 -- 19.73 Triakis
5* Alterego : 20.26 Icaras
6* Stin : 20.81 Goteki 45
7* Ringospoon : 20.91 Goteki 45
8* Vic Cachou : 20.93 AG systems & goteki 45

Del Stepho isn't playing much but he still has got his legendary skill on Vineta K , congratulations for his awesome racetime and congrats to Lunar with an extraterrestrial laptime : flying goteki ;)
At least i stole Del's leadership into the tables with the non-official triakis : pretty proud myself 8)

We need to calm down our nerves by an easier track for the next week's challenge ;) .... starting now and ending next sunday 17th of December midnight

Shitta Nuova Flash ---------------------------------- Week 11

11th December 2006, 02:29 PM
Hi All.

I'm a subscriber of double results :p

at vineta k I have made a double fifth place.

Now is the turn of Cittą Nuova (Shitta :D **** is slippery....) in flash aaargh!!!

I begin the challenge with 123klan and I have made a bl of 39.76.

Read you soon!

with 123Klan 0.38.90

with Goteki 2.44.70 (40.75-41.83-40.84-41.28 )
with 123klan 2.44.18 (41.02-40.46-40.82-41.88 )
with 123klan 2.44.12 (41.70-39.63-41.89-40.90)
with 123klan 2.43.82 (42.45-41.43-40.11-39.83)
with 123klan 2.38.83 (41.18-38.90-39.38-39.37)...under 40! :D

with 123klan 41.02
with Goteki 40.20

12th December 2006, 02:17 AM
That is an awesome time lunar, respect bro. Thats on average 810 km/h :) sweet

Vic Cachou
12th December 2006, 03:05 AM
Hello guys...

After 3 hours f kai with rra, tom and dan, poi and me just finished a session of clm at 2 players on shitta. Difficult to take the final turns.

Here are our times:

Poi : 2.50.67 / 40.20 (Icaras)
2.46.02 / 39.74 (triakis)

Vic : 2.46.34 / 40.56 (icaras)
2.48.34 / 39.72 (triakis)


12th December 2006, 02:34 PM
Hi All.

with 123Klan 0.39.11...

Ciao ALT, this weekend we're going to meet ourselves :g , with our family too!

You know I'm working hardly, but I'm sure we can race all the night (all the time... with two little child?....mmmmh).

I hope to be able enough to race with you.

P.S.: how do you fly your shortcut on Cittą Nuova? (to all the wipers)

12th December 2006, 03:35 PM
Hi Nik, hi all.

Ciao ALT, this weekend we're going to meet ourselves :g , with our family too!

You know I'm working hardly, but I'm sure we can race all the night (all the time... with two little child?....mmmmh).

I hope to be able enough to race with you.

P.S.: how do you fly your shortcut on Cittą Nuova? (to all the wipers)

I'm very happy to meet you next saturday and i'm training hard my son in class venom (he is in this skill level now... ;) ) i hope we race our friendship all over every class and track :hyper 8)

...all the night?.....mmmmh....but the entire evening....eh eh eh

Cittą Nuova: i race as fast as possible and cutting the turns how much possible... ;)

I see the possibility of one clean BR on this track, but the advantages aren't so clear

Read (and see...) You soon

13th December 2006, 11:03 AM
Hi there

My first try with Tigron

RR 2.40.15
LR 0.38.50

13th December 2006, 01:44 PM
out of challenge: Triakis 36.52

13th December 2006, 03:09 PM
Great weekend for you 2 Alterego & Il Nik :+ , if you can take pics from your friendly meeting and show us the good ones that would be sweet of you :)

Glad about Il-Nik's comeback to the TT challenge :nod

Back on topic here's my current result with AG Systems :
2.35.51 = 39.22 / 38.62 / 38.62 / 39.05
only 6 tenths between the 4 laps and 2 same score : who is talking about regularity here? ;)

2.35.25 = 39.12 / 38.86 / 38.07 / 39.20
2.33.80 = 39.28 / 38.59 / 37.69 / 38.24 ( best lap1 : 38.76)
Ive worked a bit on that track again tonight and now very close from my previous triakis racetime :)

... later ...
news from unofficial ship : 39/86 / 36.97 / 37.50 / 37.39 = 2.31.72
:blarg arghh :blarg : 39.22 / 37.72 / 36.32 ... 40.75:bomb
2.30.77 = 38.30 / 37.11 / 38.27 / 37.09
2.30.17 = 38.28 / 37.90 / 37.10 / 36.89

13th December 2006, 03:24 PM
I tried. I really tried. Last week I just forgot, but this week I really wanted to take part. I thought I'd be able to make four laps of what is possibly the worst track to be in any racing game ever, but no... after two laps the projectile vomiting started. Then the urge came to spoon my own brain out so that I could boil it clean of the memory, so I quickly ejected the UMD before I did myself any lasting harm.

I'm sorry... shitta is just too terrible... maybe next week.

13th December 2006, 04:29 PM
Really nice and consistant times Arnaud!!:+

It seems i have to do some more practise again!

13th December 2006, 04:50 PM
Hi All.

Mad and Asa........I have fear of you two! ;)

Read You soon!

13th December 2006, 10:25 PM
I'm sorry... shitta is just too terrible...

Yeah got my revenge from the Pink avatar :g

thx Matthijs & Rom but i d like to see MAx (Sausehuhn) entering it : this is his fav track !!

** noticed that only now : you smashed my record lap with that impressive 36.50 : geez what a great lap you did Matt' **

14th December 2006, 07:39 PM
Man O Man what a great times you have there!:o You just keep on pumpin' better times, incredible!

I wasn't me with the 0.36.50. It would have been nice though!!!!!
But anyway here are some new times for what it is worth.

RR 0.39.20, 0.38.55, 0.38.61, 0.39.53= 2.35.89
LR 0.37.63

RR 0.38.97, 0.38.14, 0.38.39, 0.38.99=2.34.49

Unofficial Triakis:
RR 0.38.81, 0.37.81, 0.37.47, 0.37.22=2.31.31
LR 0.36.84

Ok i know i look like jesus but to call myself devine, oh no. Of course there are some tricks.
1. Don't ever let your ship go up into the air when going through the difficult up and down bends, make sure you keep your optimal speed.
2. Make sure you make a S-curve all the time in those bends, begin outside the bend and steer to the middle when you are ontop of the bend, then steer inside the bend and making sure to hit all the speedpads.
3. Use your speedboost on your last difficult bend. Make sure you use it when you are exactly in the middle of this bend. In the middle; up and down wise and left right wise and make a BR.

14th December 2006, 08:16 PM
hi all.

I will repeat myself,:p ....but mad ice and asa make me fear :D

compliment to all for your times!!! :+ ;)

I am still far away from succeeding in similar enterprises! :+

a question: some trick exists that you have uncovered, or you have simply guided like a Divine Entity :D

@ mad ice: Have you still used tigron?

Read you soon

14th December 2006, 09:06 PM
** noticed that only now : you smashed my record lap with that impressive 36.50 : geez what a great lap you did Matt' **

Yeah guys, it was me with the time of 36.52 :banzai

:dizzy Shortcut registered by Alterego :clap


14th December 2006, 10:35 PM
Hi Nik, hi all.

Yeah guys, it was me with the time of 36.52 :banzai

:dizzy Shortcut registered by Alterego :clap


You mean that BR? but i've not the necessary skill to obtain the best result.....grrrr

Start OT
i made a project of the first reunion/tournament and I have prepared an outline/grill for collect the scores of the participants. I will make you to see when we meet ......8)
end OT

Read and See you soon

16th December 2006, 02:38 PM
Sorry Il_Nik for confusion between you & Mad_Ice : but you are 2 talented pilots that may explain it ;)

How is it going with your Italian Meeting ? when did it started ? have you raced late in the morning today? :D

About Citta i can only add one thing more than i am using as for a tip : when you have all those up& down hills , i let off the gas 1 micro second not on the top of the hill but at the bottom: then i pitch nose down while reaching the top of it and don't waste time into the air it's like being glued to the track.

18th December 2006, 11:17 AM
Hi Asa,hi all.


How is it going with your Italian Meeting ? when did it started ? have you raced late in the morning today? :D


:D Start in late saturday evening after a good italian wine and some limoncello cream :+ :rolleyes: and ended when my son shut off my psp around one in the night....

on the results of the meeting I do not pronounce and aspect nik with the photo that testifies our respective positions of guide ..... eh eh eh

we run on every tournament from venom to phantom :+ our brain in the end exploded like a pulse ray :D

read you soon

ps the week challenge?

18th December 2006, 11:37 AM
Arnaud will put on when he will have time due his perfusion from the hospital and he will be extremely shattered tonight.


18th December 2006, 08:11 PM
Shitta Nuova Flash ---------------------- Sunday Report

Sorry for the delay guys, right after that kai quick session last night i went to bed early and forgot the sunday report.
I ll be quick cause i am not particularly fit&clean after that day at hospital.

We were 5 ( + triakis lap guest star IlNik ;) ) fightin' on one of the top3 hardest track of Pure ( sure i know most of you think Citta the hardest so far)

So here's the result :


1* Asayyeah : 2.33.80 Ag Systems -- 2.30.17 Triakis
2* Mad Ice : 2.34.49 Ag Systems -- 2.31.31 Triakis
3* Alterego : 2.38.83 - 123 Klan
4* Vic Cachou : 2.46.34 Icaras
5* Poi : 2.50.67 Icaras -- 1.46.02 Triakis


1* Mad Ice : 37.63 Ag Systems -- 36.84 Triakis
2* Asayyeah : 37.69 Ag Systems -- 36.32 Triakis
3* Alterego 38.90 - 123Klan
4* Poi : 40.20 Icaras -- 39.74 Triakis
5* Vic Cachou : 40.56 Icaras -- 39.72 Triakis

Congratulations to all who take part of that friendly TT session and especially to Mad-Ice for his great laptime , i couldn't beat ya mate , but took my revenge on the racetime : shake hands mate ;)

I know i make it short but since i had Matthijs on phone sunday afternoon, i asked him to choose what track & class he wanted , sorry Stevie i need to cancel your wise choice ( i will get it somewhere into my mind for a future week of TT, count on that mateparty ;) )

the next challenge is starting now and ending sunday 24th of December midnight ( the XMAs Challenge :xtree :D )

Burgertown Rapier ---------------------------- Week 11

18th December 2006, 09:42 PM
Hi Asa, hi all.

.....aaargh......no Altima, no party..... ;)

ok ok straight to Burgertown in Rapier and i'll get my, as usual, double result (in Shitta Nuova double third.....in Burger...mmmh????) :D

Good Xmas challenge to all mates.... :)

Read you soon

Ok! i start with 123klan and i make a bl of 28.16 and a TT of 1.55.99 ;)

with Medievil 27.47
with 123Klan 27.41 (20 minutes of run with new lunar/asa style....very interesting ;) )
with Icaras 27.39
with Icaras 26.99 :D

with 123klan 1.55.99
with Icaras 1.54.17 (29.45-27.82-28.82-28.08 )
with Icaras 1.53.34 (29.12-27.84-28.39-27.99)

with Icaras 29.12
with Icaras 28.83

18th December 2006, 09:57 PM
Ah!, ok Arnaud, but I didn`t know you have already planned!:paperbag and at least it`s been sorted!

stevie:paperbag :+