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16th May 2002, 08:56 PM
So the 16 of June !Bam entertainment will release WipeOut Fusion for the PS2 in North America... I'm pretty surprise that there isn't too much expectation about this game. Is it me or people have already cooled down about this game and it's not so "wow" as we tought it would be?

My friend just came back from France where he bought a PAL PS2 with WipeOut Fusion... He wanted to buy a PAL -NTSC converter for his NTSC TV but when he found out the price (minimum 500$ CAN) he forgot about it. So he's stuck on playing on his small computer screen.

Oh and btw, personnal opinion, the official website of http://www.wipeoutfusion.com is really frustrating. I mean yeah the website is good looking but to try to find the information that you are looking for in less than 20 minutes is lucky. I really prefer this one. More easy to read! :D

Anyway have fun gang... I'm just waiting for Fusion!

Spaceboy Gajo
17th May 2002, 04:55 AM
find the information that you are looking for in less than 20 minutes is lucky

Blame that on Good Technology's reliance on Flash. There's not much updating of content or a friendlier way of presenting content in Flash.

It's a great looking site and there is a lot of content, just so damn small!

Sure I can zoom in Flash, but that's not the point of making a great site.

I prefer WipeoutZone!

17th May 2002, 09:15 AM
actually, you could use text variables and txts to store and update info easy.. its just GT who doesnt use it

17th May 2002, 12:37 PM
Blaaaaah anyway I'll continue hanging out on this boasrd for any wipeout madness... :) Now on the other side I'm completely caught in GTA3 until Fusion is release... And summer is coming, that a tought choice... Anyone could propose me a good RPG for the PS2 except FFX?

18th May 2002, 09:51 AM
yeah if Xenosaga is released in US, thats a must have.. thanks to spanish, french, and german players who just cant play a game with original english in it.. Xenosaga wont come out in Europe.. oh how i looked forward to game...

Now I got no good ps2 games to look forward to this summer, anyone know any game worth buying?

18th May 2002, 12:26 PM
I'm quite looking forward to TOCA, Sony's F1 2002 and Need For Speed - but I'm a big fan of racing games and cant get enough of them!

What about Final Fantasy? That's meant to be pretty good if you like that sort of thing.

I'm also anticipating the glut of tennis games coming to the PS2 - I'm sure there'll be one decent one among them all. Cant believe it's almost two years since that tennis game on the Dreamcast was setting the world on fire... and we still don't have a good one on the PS2.

I think around autumn time, Studio Cambridge will have Primal more or less finished. From the preview stuff I've seen I think I'll definately buy it. The graphics are sensational - the girl that you play changes into different spieces and the morphing technique as she slides into demon guise is really freaky. The animation in general is tops - she's one of the few characters I've seen where there's a transition between creep, walk and run, instead of just sudden jerks between the three.

Hey, and there's Lara coming back too... summer is always really pants - if it hadn't been for GT3 last year it would have been a total blowout.

18th May 2002, 07:07 PM
Speaking of Final Fantasy... you heard that FFXI was released in Japan yesterday?


I' m a big fan of the FF series since I'm a kid but that one doesn't call to me very much. It's a multiplayer game and for that you have to register to the Sony network. They're not inventing someting new at all. But of course Sony already know that there is money to do in video games with a monthly payment (did I say EverQuest/crack?). If I would like to play a RPG in multiplayer, I already got the net (adsl) that I pay the connection each month and now with this new game I would have to pay for a second network?

Come on be serious.
The only thing that could make me change my mind is if that network is in top shape (i.e. my ping is less than 50 ms)

Anyway I'm really skeptic about subscribing to a second network...

my 2 cents..