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Jioruji Derako
17th July 2006, 06:07 AM
Okay, I was quite curious about this, so I'm making this thread. WipEout Pure's stats page is quite detailed, and has a lot of cool info... having nothing to compare to though, I can't really get a good feel for how my own stats are.
So, feel free to post up your personal stats here! Writing down your stats is a big job, so I'll do most of the work for you... just fill in your stats.

Copy and Paste the below template:
Total Game Play Time:
Single Race Play Time:
Time Trial Play Time:
Tournament Play Time:
Zone Play Time:
Free Play Play Time:
Multiplayer Play Time:
Perfect Laps:
Gold Medals Gained:
Silver Medals Gained:
Bronze Medals Gained:
Tournament Points Gained:
Speedup Pads:
Weapon Pads:
Weapon Damage Taken:
Wall Collision Damage Taken:
Ship Collision Damage Taken:
Times Ship Has Exploded:
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds):
Energy Absorbed:
Distance Raced (KM):
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM):
Autopilots Used:
Turbos Used:
Shields Used:
Missiles Used:
Quakes Used:
Rockets Used:
Bombs Used:
Mines Used:
Disruptors Used:
Plasmas Used:
Autopilots Absorbed:
Turbos Absorbed:
Shields Absorbed:
Missiles Absorbed:
Quakes Absorbed:
Rockets Absorbed:
Bombs Absorbed:
Mines Absorbed:
Disruptors Absorbed:
Plasmas Absorbed:
Time Spent Looking at Stats:

Yes, still a bit of work, but some of you guys have a little extra time right?
Anyway, start off with my own stats...

Total Game Play Time: 37:25:37
Single Race Play Time: 14:43:28
Time Trial Play Time: 07:34:46
Tournament Play Time: 13:50:22
Zone Play Time: 00:59:43
Free Play Play Time: 00:17:18
Multiplayer Play Time: 00:40:38
Perfect Laps: 42
Gold Medals Gained:223
Silver Medals Gained: 113
Bronze Medals Gained: 64
Tournament Points Gained: 1710
Speedup Pads: 24143
Weapon Pads: 10583
Weapon Damage Taken: 15715.00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 48742.16
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 8504.01
Laps: 3695
Zones: 351
Times Ship Has Exploded: 93
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 9003.71
Energy Absorbed: 42065.00
Distance Raced (KM): 17893.27
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 364.49
Autopilots Used: 477
Turbos Used: 2320
Shields Used: 1457
Missiles Used: 712
Quakes Used: 255
Rockets Used: 824
Bombs Used: 698
Mines Used: 940
Disruptors Used:378
Plasmas Used: 264
Autopilots Absorbed: 317
Turbos Absorbed: 162
Shields Absorbed: 38
Missiles Absorbed: 587
Quakes Absorbed: 17
Rockets Absorbed: 684
Bombs Absorbed: 193
Mines Absorbed: 393
Disruptors Absorbed: 566
Plasmas Absorbed: 183
Time Spent Looking at Stats: 00:14:10
(this was at one minute, then it took me six minutes to copy down the templates, and another seven to copy my stats)

Anyway, overload of info maybe, but you find out some cool things if you look closely. Like the fact that I hate absorbing Quakes... the 17 Quakes I did absorb, mostly accidents. I also love using Shields, and love absorbing Autopilots. Plenty of other little details in there too.

Here's hoping someone else has the time to write in their stats. :D


17th July 2006, 04:18 PM
Stats from which region? ;)

17th July 2006, 09:55 PM
Do you mean the Stats page is set out differently in the U.S. version, q_dmc12? I never knew that, if it is so!

17th July 2006, 11:26 PM
No, no they are the same but I have both :D

Jioruji Derako
18th July 2006, 09:12 AM
Ah, if you have both, just pick your favorite. Which one do you play more?
Also, since this is a lot of work to list all the stats, you can feel free to leave some details out... I would personally like to see as many details as possible, but to tell the truth, I couldn't care less how much time you spent gloating at your stats and whatnot. :D

19th July 2006, 01:38 AM
I'll post mine later when I can get a personal computer and not have to go down to a public domain and use them, you never know man, someone could rip off my PSP!! I don't really care about the PSP as much as all the work I've done on the game!! All I know is that a have a hundred and eighty somthn' Gold medals, and I'm still working. Just barely got a hold of all the downloadables like last week.

Jioruji Derako
19th July 2006, 08:14 AM
Cool, man. I wasn't able to get the downloads for quite a while myself, I didn't have a Wi-Fi network in my house before. I ended up downloading everything from the nearby bakery, when they started up a Wi-Fi HotSpot.
Also, I needed to wait a while longer before I had the 1Gig memory stick, so I could download all of the packs... I have over 200 different gold medals in the game now, myself. :D


19th July 2006, 12:01 PM
You retired 93 times?:o Anyway, I think I have the best Asian version stats, due to lack of competition(How many of you have the Asian version [UCAS]?). Anyway, here they are:

Total Game Play Time: 42:38:37
Single Race Play Time: 15:30:42
Time Trial Play Time: 4:03:21
Tournament Play Time: 6:45:56
Zone Play Time: 2:08:23
Free Play Play Time: 14:10:15
Multiplayer Play Time: 00:00:00
Perfect Laps: 68
Gold Medals Gained: 206(144 different[maximum])
Silver Medals Gained: 55
Bronze Medals Gained: 24
Tournament Points Gained: 973
Speedup Pads: 27458
Weapon Pads: 6448
Weapon Damage Taken: 13430.00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 41101.61
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 6901.67
Laps: 3834
Zones: 790
Times Ship Has Exploded: 22
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 9727.34
Energy Absorbed: 23633.00
Distance Raced (KM): 19069
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 347
Autopilots Used: 470
Turbos Used: 2440
Shields Used: 785
Missiles Used: 682
Quakes Used: 154
Rockets Used: 703
Bombs Used: 526
Mines Used: 566
Disruptors Used: 178
Plasmas Used: 177
Autopilots Absorbed: 36
Turbos Absorbed: 216
Shields Absorbed: 188
Missiles Absorbed: 131
Quakes Absorbed: 7
Rockets Absorbed: 341
Bombs Absorbed: 79
Mines Absorbed: 276
Disruptors Absorbed: 396
Plasmas Absorbed: 82
Time Spent Looking at Stats: 00:20:20

Extra stat:

Ship progression: AG-Sys(very short), Harimau(long), Assegai(short), Medevil(short), Auricom(long), Qirex(very short), Piranha(short), Triakis(long).

This is how you changed your main ship as you progressed through the game, from the first you had ever flown. The things in the brackets are roughly the amounts of time you spent with that ship being your main ship. However, don't think I haven't flown FEISAR or Zone. I've test-flown them adn maybe a random race, but haven't raced tours or TTs with them or scored more than 1 or 2 golds.

19th July 2006, 06:13 PM
I ll add mine in August ;)

20th July 2006, 12:53 AM
Euro version:

Total Game Play Time: 116:39:27
Single Race Play Time: 58:03:13
Time Trial Play Time: 24:50:48
Tournament Play Time: 32:10:07
Zone Play Time: 01:00:58
Free Play Play Time: 00:34:21
Multiplayer Play Time: 00:00:00
Perfect Laps: 376
Gold Medals Gained: 329 (Maximum) + additional 603
Silver Medals Gained: 245
Bronze Medals Gained: 94
Tournament Points Gained: 4251
Speedup Pads: 77231
Weapon Pads: 27423
Weapon Damage Taken: 56405:00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 116695:96
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 28693:28
Laps: 11570
Zones: 375
Times Ship Has Exploded: 122, "ouch"
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 34985:28
Energy Absorbed: 80613:00
Distance Raced (KM): 58519:95
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 1822:58
Autopilots Used: 2020
Turbos Used: 5659
Shields Used: 3572
Missiles Used: 2355
Quakes Used: 743
Rockets Used: 2667
Bombs Used: 2488
Mines Used: 3445
Disruptors Used: 809
Plasmas Used: 269
Autopilots Absorbed: 110
Turbos Absorbed: 586
Shields Absorbed: 243
Missiles Absorbed: 934
Quakes Absorbed: 34
Rockets Absorbed: 1028
Bombs Absorbed: 179
Mines Absorbed: 263
Disruptors Absorbed: 1647
Plasmas Absorbed: 870
Time Spent Looking at Stats:14.15

No stats for multiplayer (kai) as yet, have no idea how i go about setting up kai and what i need to purchase to do this.

20th July 2006, 01:49 PM
that`s more like it: some serious hours you`ve put in there :) A good amount of eliminations too. The way Pure works, if you don`t blow up once in a while you`re not trying hard enough, imo.

I`ll put in my stats when I have a chance. I can promise I have more hours on the game than that. :paperbag I remember passing 100 on Kai, racing Stevie, but that was a while ago.

20th July 2006, 10:21 PM
I was kinda suprised at how many eliminations i have :o
Poxy quakes hurling me into mines, then being respawned right in the path of a bomb :frown: "My shield aint that good"
Have seriously tried out some of the other AG Craft and was suprised at how well i did using Qirex, better speed and better shield, even got some lap and race records, very nice floatiness about the Qirex too, and oh how very very sleek is she!!
Am thinking about starting up another game profile using Qirex, will be interesting to compare it to my FEISAR profile, anyone recently used Qirex? If so what are your thoughts??

20th July 2006, 10:31 PM
I used to fly Qirex when I first got the game. It looks fantastic, but now I`m afraid I have to say I think it`s a total tank. Once you get it rolling it can be sort of quick, but it`s nowhere near the level of a Triakis. You have to work it so hard to get anywhere near to that speed. If you like floatiness I`d recommend Goteki, and it`s one of the five fastest ships too, imo. I`ve got well over 100 hours in Goteki now, and I still think it`s the most fun ship. :)

25th July 2006, 08:02 PM
Flying with triakis ( yes yes this is possible ;) ) , i don't really feel qirex uncomfortable to handle, after playing with ships like pirahna , tigron or tria , Qirex is an average choice, not very good in 1 spec but not very bad too , just his fantastic look & design saved his arse imo.

Back to the stats topic, i ve decided to get here my dedicated multi profile for Kai, i just get the golds i need to unlock all the classes & ships ( 118 )

Total Game Play Time: 52.44.13
Single Race Play Time: 06.18.36
Time Trial Play Time: 00.39.08
Tournament Play Time: 44.28.16
Zone Play Time: 00.29.09
Free Play Play Time: 00.49.04
Multiplayer Play Time: 43.16.32
Perfect Laps: 254
Gold Medals Gained: 126
Silver Medals Gained: 1
Bronze Medals Gained: 0
Tournament Points Gained: 8687
Speedup Pads: 45702
Weapon Pads: 22038
Weapon Damage Taken: 28975.00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 51630.45
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 6619.11
Laps: 6380
Zones: 176
Times Ship Has Exploded: 14
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 18427.04
Energy Absorbed: 122985.00
Distance Raced (KM): 30048.59
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 1336.80
Autopilots Used: 1433
Turbos Used: 3444
Shields Used: 2447
Missiles Used: 822
Quakes Used: 564
Rockets Used: 977
Bombs Used: 1606
Mines Used: 1461
Disruptors Used: 411
Plasmas Used: 273
Autopilots Absorbed: 241
Turbos Absorbed: 154
Shields Absorbed: 584
Missiles Absorbed: 1934
Quakes Absorbed: 251
Rockets Absorbed: 2127
Bombs Absorbed: 286
Mines Absorbed: 1229
Disruptors Absorbed: 1606
Plasmas Absorbed: 642
Time Spent Looking at Stats: 1.00.14 :)

Jioruji Derako
27th July 2006, 08:26 AM
Wait a minute, is that a whole hour you spent there, staring at your stats? Either you check your stats often, or you left your PSP on too long.:D

Anyway, it's cool too see all these different playing styles... I haven't looked through everything yet, but what I like to check through is the used/absorbed stats. Kind of gives a good example right there of how the pilot likes to fly... I personally hate mines/bombs, and I never use the autopilot if I can avoid it (normally, I can fly a little better then the auto, I'm still stinging from the time I used it in Citta Nouva and it promptly flung my craft over the wall).


27th July 2006, 07:07 PM
about the 1 hour time , that was your last suggestion which was correct :)
On Xlink Kai i usually record the races into the option ( many hours have not been counted even tho the auto save is loaded so you need to record after each tour spent in multy lobby ...this is a bit boring & long for me so now i rarely record it. i may have maybe like more than 150 hours spent only in multiplayer mode for only 52 on my euro version ( around 30 for the us one )

8th March 2007, 08:16 PM
I've just finished my euro Pure single player profile, so I decided to revive this thread and post my stats.

I must say that I started a second profile for single player and non-kai multiplayer only. After my first few days on kai last october I discovered some weird times (like a 0.29.95 best race time on sebenco peak phantom with turboweevil :o) in my first profile, which I had played up to 260 unique golds by that time. I had accidentally saved the game after getting eliminated on kai :brickwall - which had happened quite often within the first weeks I got online :banzai. I decided that I would use my first profile for kai only and create the new one I've just finished about half an hor ago.

So here's the stats for my new profile:

Total Game Play Time: 36:56:25
Single Race Play Time: 09:49:46
Time Trial Play Time: 13:34:09
Tournament Play Time: 10:30:17
Zone Play Time: 00:40:11
Free Play Play Time: 02:22:02
Multiplayer Play Time: 01:17:27
Perfect Laps: 182
Gold Medals Gained: 483 (329 unique)
Silver Medals Gained: 14
Bronze Medals Gained: 2
Tournament Points Gained: 2096
Speedup Pads: 31283
Weapon Pads: 7481
Weapon Damage Taken: 11325.00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 29949.97
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 5340.50
Laps: 3842
Zones: 246
Times Ship Has Exploded: 3
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 10313.19
Energy Absorbed: 35191.00
Distance Raced (KM): 19567.21
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 277.70
Autopilots Used: 314
Turbos Used: 2835
Shields Used: 1095
Missiles Used: 408
Quakes Used: 164
Rockets Used: 366
Bombs Used: 671
Mines Used: 696
Disruptors Used: 104
Plasmas Used: 140
Autopilots Absorbed: 242
Turbos Absorbed: 18
Shields Absorbed: 12
Missiles Absorbed: 507
Quakes Absorbed: 39
Rockets Absorbed: 649
Bombs Absorbed: 61
Mines Absorbed: 378
Disruptors Absorbed: 491
Plasmas Absorbed: 172
Time Spent Looking at Stats: 00:07:50

9th March 2007, 11:59 AM
I think the whole stat-thingy is kinda useless since they failed to add the most important stat (especially for Multi): Contenders Eliminated! How could they not count that? Even 2097 did after each race.

10th March 2007, 12:08 PM
I agree that on first sight most of the stats seem to be useless. I really would have liked it if sony had included a "contender eliminated count". But it gets interesting when you calculate some of your stat-quotas like the "total laps/perfect lap ratio" or "weapons absorbed/weapons used ratio". For me it's also some fun to compare my stats to the stats from our fellow pilots here on WZ...

10th March 2007, 12:54 PM
What I think would be really nice is a profile loader running through the stats and pointing out the interesting parts, e.g by some sort of computation to get %, as someone here did with an Excel table a while ago, or displaying graphics.
Available on the Zone, it'd be a blast, being able to compare players' stats.

Plus it could read your records and add all of them in the tables, avoiding the multiplayer bug, and any sort of cheating.

10th March 2007, 12:58 PM
total laps/perfect laps ratio is skewed by Zone mode if you played a lot of it, I think, as Zone PLs are counted in main stats, and they are much easier to achieve than PLs in other modes. But if we`ve only played enough zone to unlock everything it would be very interesting to compare this stat between us.

phlOw, I made an excel file which you can use to work out the percentage that you were given each pick up, and how likely you were to use or absorb each pickup. You can get it on this link:


Not the most professional piece of work ever, but I`m an amateur in this field. :redface:

I agree, an eliminations/eliminated stat would be awesome, particularly for multiplayer. Then we could really see who are the killers and who are the victims. ;)

10th March 2007, 03:50 PM
Nice excel sheet, but I'd rather do those percentage calculations in my head, after all it's just basic math.

I agree that it's somehow interesting to see what weapons you tend to use and what to absorb, however, in my opinion it's too depending on your race position and class. Example: On lower speed classes plasma is a powerful weapon to eliminate pretty much anyone, while on the faster classes like rapier and phantom it's bascially a free new shield. That's why most my Plasmas get absorbed ^^

12th March 2007, 11:33 AM
Hi All.

I've some different users, but my first has this stats at the date 12/03/2007:

Total Game Play Time: 382.01.56
Single Race Play Time: 64.31.36
Time Trial Play Time: 157.35.46
Tournament Play Time: 28.26.33
Zone Play Time: 04.27.17
Free Play Play Time: 127.00.44
Multiplayer Play Time: 01.28.46
Perfect Laps: 2894
Gold Medals Gained: 2089
Silver Medals Gained: 811
Bronze Medals Gained: 604
Tournament Points Gained:3892
Speedup Pads: 317365
Weapon Pads: 24630
Weapon Damage Taken: 53085.00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 233667.17
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 22612.07
Laps: 39144
Zones: 1653
Times Ship Has Exploded: 85
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 109264.64
Energy Absorbed: 187171.00
Distance Raced (KM): 142915.98
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 675.61
Autopilots Used: 856
Turbos Used: 32759
Shields Used: 2375
Missiles Used: 827
Quakes Used: 468
Rockets Used: 819
Bombs Used: 890
Mines Used: 1250
Disruptors Used: 127
Plasmas Used: 65
Autopilots Absorbed: 1002
Turbos Absorbed: 835
Shields Absorbed: 1163
Missiles Absorbed: 2241
Quakes Absorbed: 154
Rockets Absorbed: 2824
Bombs Absorbed: 1242
Mines Absorbed: 1806
Disruptors Absorbed: 1896
Plasmas Absorbed: 903
Time Spent Looking at Stats: 00.17.50

12th March 2007, 05:30 PM
Hi all, hi Alterego.

Only in this profile you have almost 400 hours. That is a lot!!! Since when do you have the game? And how many hours is that in general per day? Hmmm, that is probably why your wife is writing in these forums. Yep, sometimes for me it is also difficult to put the game aside. Especially two weeks ago, I had a holiday, hmmm, maybe 70% of my free time I have put in WipEout Pure. I will put my profile here too, very soon.


12th March 2007, 06:10 PM
Especially two weeks ago, I had a holiday, hmmm, maybe 70% of my free time I have put in WipEout Pure. Greetings
loll i noticed a sudden frenzy datas entered into Pure TT ranking 2 weeks ago , now it has been calmed down ... hopefully... ;)

13th March 2007, 09:37 AM
Hi Mad-Ice, hi all.

Hi all, hi Alterego.

Only in this profile you have almost 400 hours. That is a lot!!! Since when do you have the game? And how many hours is that in general per day? Hmmm, that is probably why your wife is writing in these forums. Yep, sometimes for me it is also difficult to put the game aside. Especially two weeks ago, I had a holiday, hmmm, maybe 70% of my free time I have put in WipEout Pure. I will put my profile here too, very soon.


Wipeout Pure has been my first game for psp.

I have already made the turn of medals 2 times, but a user was damaged.

This user (Rom) is flying from the september of 2005 and now i've two new users: in the USA version (120 golds) and in that EURO (270 golds) that they are growing.

I play with my psp the 2/3 hours to day and my game are Wipeout and..... Everybody's Golf..... in order to help me to sleep. ;) :D

Read You Soon

21st March 2007, 03:34 PM
Hmm, I can only wish to be able to play as much as you. If I am lucky I can play one hour a day. I play Pure since may 2006. Up to now I have played around 290 hours of Pure. 240 hours are made in Time Trial, now I will show my first profile which I only made for completing the game, multiplayer and sweet weekly TT challenge with other ships then Triakis.

Total Game Play Time: 89:35:59
Single Race Play Time: 30:51:14
Time Trial Play Time: 40:45:07
Tournament Play Time: 16:10:41
Zone Play Time: 01:03:30
Free Play Play Time: 00:45:27
Multiplayer Play Time: 03:52:16
Perfect Laps: 711
Gold Medals Gained: 1192
Silver Medals Gained: 219
Bronze Medals Gained: 106
Tournament Points Gained: 2801
Speedup Pads: 72622
Weapon Pads: 14245
Weapon Damage Taken: 30655.00
Wall Collision Damage Taken: 55618.38
Ship Collision Damage Taken: 12375.67
Laps: 9403
Zones: 388
Times Ship Has Exploded: 62
Time Spent in the Air (Seconds): 29195.10
Energy Absorbed: 66991.00
Distance Raced (KM): 48042.31
Distance Raced by the A.I. (KM): 28.38
Autopilots Used: 252
Turbos Used: 6875
Shields Used: 1935
Missiles Used: 785
Quakes Used: 291
Rockets Used: 963
Bombs Used: 905
Mines Used: 1614
Disruptors Used: 515
Plasmas Used: 267
Autopilots Absorbed: 802
Turbos Absorbed: 125
Shields Absorbed: 97
Missiles Absorbed: 1002
Quakes Absorbed: 99
Rockets Absorbed: 1051
Bombs Absorbed: 384
Mines Absorbed: 314
Disruptors Absorbed: 734
Plasmas Absorbed: 287
Time Spent Looking at Stats: 00:15:35