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4th May 2002, 09:13 PM
Somebody know the complete list of tracks of soundtrack? With the title and artist

4th May 2002, 09:45 PM
I think ps2.ign.com has some news item about Wipeout Fusion and its soundtrack.

Rob Queste
5th May 2002, 12:24 AM
I know it's in one of the options menu's, but you can't listen to the tracks there :evil: . What's the use of listing track names and artists when you can't hear the song? I'll look around though because I wanna know as well.

I looked things up.. and this is the tracklisting

Amethyst - "Blue Funk"
Blades & Naughty G - "Beats Defective"
Braniac - "Neuro"
BT - "SmartBomb" (Plump DJs remix)
Cut La Roc - "Bassheads"
Elite Force - "Krushyn"
Elite Force & Nick Ryan - "Switchback"
Future Sound Of London - "Papua New Guinea" (Hybrid Mix)
Humanoid - "Stakker Humanoid 2001" (Plump DJs 2001 retouch)
JDS - "Punk Funk"
Luke Slater - "Bolt Up
Plump DJs - "Big Groovy Funker"
Timo Maas - "Old School Vibes"
Utah Saints - "Sick

I can't seem to find a good site with soundclips however. Maybe I'll post a description of the tracks later on.

Synthetic Consciousness
6th May 2002, 11:51 PM
01 [Future Sound Of London] Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Mix)
02 [Braniac] Neuro
03 [Blades & Naughty G] Beats Defective
04 [BT] SmartBomb (Plump DJs Remix)
05 [Cut La Roc] Bassheads
06 [JDS] Punk Funk
07 [Elite Force] Krushyn
08 [Elite Force & Nick Ryan] Switchback
09 [Amethyst] Blue Funk
10 [Utah Saints] Sick
11 [Plump DJs] Big Groovy ****er
12 [Humanoid] Stakker Humanoid 2001 (Plump DJs 2001 Retouch)
13 [Timo Maas] Old School Vibes
14 [Luke Slater] Bolt Up
15 [Orbital] Funny Break (One is Enough) [Plump DJs Remix]
16 [Bob Brazil] Big Ten
17 [Intuative] Wav Seeker
18 [Hong Kong Trash] Down The River (Torrential Rapids Mix)
19 [MKL] Synthaesia
20 [Breeder] CarnivalXIII [note: this track cut from final release of game]

No doubt the US version of the game will have more than half of the songs cut from the soundtrack...

9th May 2002, 03:34 AM
What make you think so? Why would the north america version would have more than 50% of the soundtrack cut?

Synthetic Consciousness
9th May 2002, 06:32 AM
Well, maybe not half, but a few tracks at least, possibly. The American and Japanese versions of XL had both had a few tracks cut from their soundtracks (Orbital, Leftfield); which were later included in the official soundtrack release. Hope that if that happens, there will be an offical soundtrack released. But then again, the NTSC version could have the full soundtrack...PS2 can hold more memory anyway, and 3 had the full soundtrack, so why not? :)

9th May 2002, 09:38 AM
its all down to 989studios` perception of american youth culture. Just look at Gran Turismo 3`s opening sequence. The US version had Lenny Kravitz / Fly Away whereas the european version had Feeder / Just a Day.
Hopefully, the playlist remains relativley the same for the ntsc version, because there are some pieces of audio that fit with the game so perfectley.......
like the utah saints track - fast paced, loud.... it has to be wipeout!

9th May 2002, 12:21 PM
989 Studios has nothing to do with it. (thank god) While I don't have any personal experience with their games, everything I've read sounds like Bam does a good job in keeping localizations intact.

Licencing issues may be the reason the game was delayed a bit, but that's just a hunch. I just sent them an email asking what they intend to do with it. I'll post the response if I get one. For now, I'll just keep hope that they're not that stupid. Like I said before, if Lenny Kravitz is on the soundtrack, I'm gonna hurt someone.

9th May 2002, 12:39 PM
Well it's all depend on the market... I don't think they're gonna cut music from the soundtrack but today, companies are trying to target their product for a specific culture. It's not a bad idea at all but it's just something annoying 'cauz they can change the original product and at the same time remove one of the magic side of the product (in this case, a video game). The original Final Fantasy titles (on the nintendo), the Phantasy Star for the Genesis... these were games that the story were totally changed because the company tought it wouldn't sell on the world market (except in Japan of course :roll: ).

But I think that for Wipeout Fusion, Bam! Entertainment will not change the game. The company look to be good on this. And as I read, Bam! only got the right to distribute the game in North America, not to devellop/change it (I hope).

9th May 2002, 08:31 PM
okay, i am prepared to apologise for that one... it is actually bam! entertainment, not 989 studios, sorry..... :oops:
and if kravitz is on fusion.... i will personally fly over there myself, find this "bam" place, and start a big old-fashioned english street brawl! heads will roll (off their shoulders!)

9th May 2002, 09:58 PM
Yeah it's not 989 studio for sure.... but for the music... hahahahahah I can just imagine myself racing @ wipeout with some kind of hip hop music... :o And for Lenny Kravitz? Maybe he asked to be on the soundtrack... we'll never know.. :P

Aaaaah good old techno music!

10th May 2002, 07:12 AM
heh! :D

Lenny: Are you goanna go ma way?!

Team WipeoutZone: Erm... no.

10th May 2002, 12:30 PM
I think I'll try racing @ Fusion on Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.. it might be a kick ass trip... :D

9th March 2003, 12:47 PM
you can play all the tracks [and see the titles] in-game just be pressing the select button;

this is 'nice' if you wont to connect it up to say a mini-disk :D