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Smoothly Does It
26th March 2006, 02:12 AM
Smooth......... The Man With No Name/Blondie
Assayeah...... Angel Eyes
Stindah......... Tuco

Il Triello:

Tuco? He never drew, he was too drunk, couldn't even raise his gun!

Angel Eyes and Blondie? Who was quickest to draw? Angel Eyes at 1:15.6 (and a new record,) beating Blondie with a lowly 1:16 flat (as well as clocking a 14.5 with his trigger finger for the first time, the second fastest ever recorded in WO1862 (and 1 tenth faster than Blondie.)) And so Blondie fell, 2 gunshot wounds to the chest, Kudos Arnaud.

Now, inevitably, the next question, where did the whole The Good, The Bad and The Ugly thing come from? Well, to begin with it's the silly side of my mind getting the best of me, but otherwise: throughout the session (and a stonker it was too,) I couldn't help but hum out and think of the Ecstacy of Gold & The Trio music and their corresponding scenes from the movie and all this kinda felt like a big, macho, Alpha Male, standoff: The Gunfight At Talons Reach kinda thing, god knows peeps were tuning in to see what happened (Lance! ZOOLANDER! ;))

Anyway, twas a great session of many hours (and yes Al, my tail is indeed back between my legs) but I learnt how to take certain lines and gained a little more expertise into the workings of Talons Reach, cheers Arnaud for that, but here are the important facts arising from this session, starting with the most important one, that we effectively set out to achieve:

New Time Trail Race Record: 1:15.6 - Arnaud Senand
New Time Trial Opening Lap Record: 0:16.2 - Arnaud Senand

And from a personal standpoint:

2nd fastest TT Lap time for Arnaud (and ever): 0.14.5
TT Race PB for Smooth (ooh me! me!): 1:16.0
TT Lap PB for Smooth: 0:14.6

And that's about it really, Arnaud might add something later, feel free to comment and take the piss of me/give Arnaud the Kudos he deserves. And here's to wishing you all an RSI (see, got it right that time Lion!) free, Spaghetti Western viewing future.

26th March 2006, 10:22 AM
Tuco? He never drew, he was too drunk, couldn't even raise his gun!

I know the feeling, it was a good night and when I returned I couldn`t even log in to msn. Typing 1 letter every 4 seconds I couldn`t do any better than splaks.fry;htmoil.con, or something like that. so I gave up and went to bed. As Ali knows I woke up this morning and even chenghou venom was a blur of uncontainable speed. Time to switch off the psp.

anyway congrats to you both, great times. I like the western analogy and the alpha male standoff, :clap. Next time you could try a theme of 2 super-computer powered Wipeout mecha-droids in a battle to destruction, Terminator style, or something, needs some work. Anyway well done you both on the times ;) I will try to tune into the next episode of "Talon`s Heroes" on the MSN Wipeout Channel, next time it`s on air. :)

Smoothly Does It
26th March 2006, 10:56 AM
lol, cheers lunar, one thing I think (and hope) this session proved was that by competing against one another in constant contact we pushed one another to the point where we wouldn't give up and set (relatively in my case) very fast times, may be that such sessions, teaming up with sparring partners could be the way forwards for struggling TTers :)

26th March 2006, 04:27 PM
The 8 hours of Talon's reach : purely awesome with massive high scores & great fun.
Ali impressed me a lot : it's not the first time i explain here how to perform a great lap on talon's, even with my 14.4 video but this time someone has found the way to be really close from my time. In a matter of fact that pushes me to my limit : 4th hour of the sesh after resetting 3 times , i get a 14.5 ( few minutes later ali get his 14.6 : i just told him it was possible for him and damn he 's done it !!) , 2 hours later 1.15.6 ( ali standing at 1.16.0 ).
After watching few of his races trough msn video , i noticed that the threat is coming smoothly but surely : now it's possible for him , in a state of grace doing this kind of race : 16.3 / 14.6 / 14.7 / 14.7 / 14.9 = 1.15.2 which is Al's time for XL.

not sure of this but it seems my fingers doesn't sore me this evening ...sounds like it's time to proove i am not dead and this 1.15.2 could be mine 8)

Smoothly Does It
27th March 2006, 03:25 PM
BTW Arnaud, I think your third reset was after you set the record (:rolleyes:) Anyway, i'm happy with what was done in this session, so happy that for the foreseeable future i'm going to avoid TR for the sake of getting hours in other tracks (I say this before kicking off another session (this time with just me.)) I like the western analogy too, might just use Blondie as an MSN nick when I'm wiping... as an illustration of the fact, so you don't even need to ask like... Now that's smooth! :cowboy

EDIT: Rragh! Lost my ****ing rag with it and punched the playstation until it switched off, this is why the calming effect of a partner is necessary (to me maybe as i'm ****ing mental when bent the wrong way,) to get you through those sessions who want to forever be remembered as arse lickers! **** :brickwall

28th March 2006, 10:01 PM
Tonight Angel raised his gun for shooting again a new talon's TT race time :

16.4 -- 14.7 -- 14.8 -- 14.8 -- 14.7 = 1.15.4.

Smoothly Does It
29th March 2006, 06:03 AM
Awesome, nicely done :clap Shame you took so long coming back from dinner, otherwise i'd have joined you :rolleyes:

Also, had an earlier session with Arnaud and Del Stepho in which I upped my race time at Phenitia park by some 7 seconds, also tried to clock a half decent time at Valparaiso at the request of Arnaud but just ended up getting pissed off and going to watch the football, still though, it was a fairly productive night again last night for records.

Also I'm thinking now that a topic solely for reports and discussions of sessions could be made in this forum, maybe as a sticky to stop cluttering the forum with these topics, if the mods and admins see it fit that is :)

Smoothly Does It
30th March 2006, 09:55 PM
16.3/14.8/15.0/14.9/14.9 = 1:15.8

I set this, pressed A at the hall of fame screen and then, in my haste to escape racing against a ghost, I reset my playstation...

Needless to say I was upset (and gutted) when I realised this fact and also that it meant I had officially not yet broken under 1:16 seconds... ouch!

So, restarting the session, a few races later, I pulled another race... exactly the same race time! This one though had a really terrible Opening Lap (don't ask the time, I skipped past the time screen,) a 14.6 and a 14.7! Still it worked out in the end; kinda dissapointed I didn't go any faster/get any closer to Angel Eyes but I guess it's a little more pressure and it did reveal some things I found interesting, namely that Arnaud's assumption that a 16.2 opening lap is equal to a 14.5 racing lap is misplaced. Why? Why? Do you ask? I'll tell you why...! In this session I pulled no less than five 16.2 opening laps and as yet have pulled no 14.5s; it is far more likely to be roughly the equivalent of a 14.6 (as I pulled 2 or 3 of them in the session.)

I feel I might update peeps on the issue of the promised FAQ on flying techniques, it's in the works, Arnaud's currently working away at it and trying to find someone to translate it accurately, then it's my turn to add to it, so yeah: in the pipeline!

And finally (mostly as a personal note,) this Bandito drew against the 480Kph tin star of doom in the midst of the session and was left wanting at a mere 390Kph; the moral of the story: even the coolest El Banditos can't get away with breaking the speed limit... Still, good session, hopefully that's a bit more pressure on you Arnaud!

Incidentally, at the moment I'm doing almost all of my 2097 wipeing to the OST of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

And so it is, another chapter in the: The Good, the Bad and the AG Saga is written!

Blondie :cowboy

Edit on the morning of the 31st: It's now 1:15.7! Watch out Arnaud, I'ma coming to get you and I will eat your race time with salad cream!

31st March 2006, 12:13 AM
Blondie is back with new fast bullets it seems :clap .

Secret ammunitions must be required for me :sonar

Angel :pirate

31st March 2006, 08:27 AM
Great stuff, Ali. Good thing you were able to repeat the race time, or I suspect you would have been just a little upset about it. :o :)

Smoothly Does It
31st March 2006, 01:30 PM
Thanks Lunar, bought myself a celebratory Stogey which I'm enjoying now, let's hope I can put a little more pressure on Arnaud over this weekend, eh? :)

31st March 2006, 05:57 PM
the pressure is already there for me !!
Only 4 tenth between you & me ...

<-quick 1 hour session with Blondie this afternoon ->
Made two 1.15.6 and one 1.15.8

Now the ' resetting speed ' is our main problem : we need to watch consistantly our speedometer avoiding the 485 kph barrier.

Less than 1.15.0 is possible : positive answer this Weekend?

Smoothly Does It
31st March 2006, 09:23 PM
I'll be back at it tomorrow probably, for now though i'm kind of sick of TR so i'm going to have some fun in a Qirex on W3O (I got sketching a Qirex and have come up with the basis of a design built around a cool little idea, which inspired me now to have some fun with the real thing!) As I say though, tomorrow it's strictly business! Time to sort the men from the boys and all that, I reckon you can break that barrier Arnaud, you just need a little... incentive! :guitar :clap :coffee