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Smoothly Does It
22nd March 2006, 03:23 AM
Competitors: Arnaud "Asayyeah" Senand & Alistair "Smoothly Does It" Douglas
Version: 2097
Class: Phantom (Speed Demon)
Circuit: Talons Reach
Anti-Gravity Vehicle: Pirhana P666 Prototype
Session opening: Some time after 1AM GMT (2AM CET)
Session closing: Roughly 4AM GMT (5AM CET)

Hey there all, just a little report of an MSN & Webcam assisted session me and Arnaud had in the wee hours of the 22nd March of this year, 2006: There were some interesting times and moments, and a healthy competetive attitude throughout; some details:

Fastest Lap Time: 14.6 - Arnaud (0.2 seconds off WR pace)
Fastest Race Time: 1:16.3 - Arnaud (0.6 seconds off WR pace)
Fastest Opening Lap TIme: 16.3 - Alistair (Unknown, possibly WR opening lap)
Highest Speed Across S/F Line: 460Kph - Arnaud
Highest Speed Reached: 395Kph - Arnaud (this is the result of the speedo resetting through C, towards inside)

Hopefully these can stand as a measure of roughly how things go at the sharp end of phantom TTing, a good reference, but beyond that it was great fun going head to head with arnaud for 3 hours on, admittedly, one of his favourite circuits. Expect further words from Arnaud tomorrow!

Funny quote of the session:

Smooth says:
hold on a few mins mate, a housemate's talking with me
Asayyeah says:
oh sorry
Smooth says:
lmao, bbiab, my aforementioned housemate's just set the ver on fire and filled the house with smoke haha
Smooth says:
*oven on fire
Asayyeah says:
ouch lol!
Asayyeah says:
but what's the Ver?
Asayyeah says:
i think i get the global meaning
Smooth says:
ver was a typo lol, meant to type oven
Smooth says:
it's about sorted now though *cough* *hack*

Read the text of this session here (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/user_files.php?user_id=782)

Peace All, the smooth but on this occasion outclassed one.

22nd March 2006, 04:25 PM
Last night was one of the coolest night i ve spent.
More than 3 months without touching Neggie & 2097 and Ali easily convinced me to switch on my dusty Ps1. At the end of our first msn session i thought - " geez ! i wanna play again & more often 2097 !! ".
Neggie perfectly fits into hands, speed sensations, flying feeling as normally an AG race should be and the definitely main point of that : the pleasure to meet & to play with Mister smoothly but surely does it aka Ali.

Before that cool sesh i ve tried to help him connecting to Kai with his new dongle : DWL 122.... G...... yeah during my step by step process i ve noticed by a screen capture from Ali that he owns a DWL wifiG and not wifiB : gutted :mad: . We made a try on kai just to see in case if it works with the right setup but nothing at all.

That's why when He suggested me a 2097 sesh , i voted for.
For more realism and inside gaming we opened our cam to see our TV screen running with talon's reach.
Commenting our races , sharing our tips or how we take this or other lines, laughing on good words : i didn't see the time spending.
Should be very very cool to meet us in UK with all those damn die-hard 2097 WZ pilots : i-link with Al, Mano, Del stepho, Stevie, Zargz ( the list isn't finished....) you & me. Like a world wide Wipeout convention hosted generously in Liverpool by SL ( héhéhé i like dreaming with opened eyes :D )

Del stepho ( Stéphane Cellier ) wants to join us for our next session ( he is a bit disapointed not joining us into Kai due to weird issue even he has got the right DWL ( lol not the G like someone else who doesn't read all the pages from Xlink Kai WZ topic :robot ).
He is free only the Weekend : friday or saturday night.

Btw good job Ali for the Word doc of our best moments into that cool sesh. ( also thx for Parental advisory into that doc : you cut the ' hot ' stuff :redface: ).

Smoothly Does It
22nd March 2006, 06:54 PM
yeah, did try to cut the incriminating stuff, sorry if I missed something ;) I'd love to race in a similar competition with Del Stepho involved and maybe some of the pilots from the americas, even though they'll be racing the NTSC vers, maybe next time though we could have a go on a track I'm more at home on, like... Terminal :D

22nd March 2006, 11:09 PM
Terminal : sorry i don't play F z3ro :dizzy

Smoothly Does It
23rd March 2006, 02:32 AM
Keep that up, silly man, and "racing on silk" might become "racing on diarrhea" :dizzy

BTW, you weren't even racing me at my best, I peaked a day late: clocked a 1:16.1 just now and a 14.7 in the same sesh but RMS caused me to stop, damn weak flesh...

Oooooh, how I wish, how I wish I were :robot

23rd March 2006, 10:00 AM
RMS caused me to stop, damn weak flesh...are you sure you don't mean RSI?
or are your sounds up REALLY loud?

Smoothly Does It
23rd March 2006, 10:14 AM
I dunno, not into all that health stuff, you may just be right, fsck only knows :?

But what I think I was referring to http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=repetitive+motion+syndrome&meta=

Smoothly Does It
24th March 2006, 02:44 AM
Terminal : sorry i don't play F z3ro :dizzy

Considering you don't like W3O i'll help you out by relieving you of all those records, here's a start: MM Rapier TT: 2:11.00 & 31.48

See Arnaud? No need to worry now, you don't have to watch out behind you since it's not your record anymore, all the more relief so you can go back to playing online at the wipeout with invisible wheels :rolleyes:

24th March 2006, 04:23 PM
1.16.1 talon's + 2.11 MM : that's too much for you : you need to keep it relax dude , coool.
Look at me i ve dug Fumbling Zeero last night, and enjoy it much ...ermmm:sonar .
I know what i need to do now : get a new TT RR for talon's :coffee .

24th March 2006, 05:50 PM

i'm really enjoying the interchange.

and it will be interesting to see what new records emerge from all this equivalent of ''peacock tail-spreading''.

Smoothly Does It
25th March 2006, 05:12 AM
Feel free to join us in our gleeful willy waving Lance, all entries will be duly considered.

I don't know, consider it the precursor to the world cup where the inevitable clash between england and france will end in absolute vengeance for england for france's cheap 2-1 victory in euro 2004 (france scored twice in stoppage time.) Or I suppose it could be vengeance for france winning the 6 nations *shrugs*

Whatever though, the gleeful willy waving should pick up now as it's the weekend, should be able to put some proper time into wiping (rather than the 2 attempts it took me to beat Arnaud's MM rapier race time) to get some real bragging rights! :guitar

Edit @ 8:51... Scumsuckingsonofagoshdarnparkbench, the sodding sun's coming up! Can't see a fscking thing! And it had to come up when I was on my final lap, heading for a 1:16.0 @ TR, making me crash into the goddamnbarrier on the final chicane-thing :bomb ARGH! Arnaud, I blame you, couldn't you have kept the sun on your side of the channel for another 5 minutes!? Wargh! Why, after a week of being invariably overcast, did it have to come out now? :frown: Get your hat on sun and fsck off!

25th March 2006, 01:05 PM
Which is cool with Smooth , i am learning new vocabulary words and immediately forget them the day after :paperbag
How the hell may i remember it by heart take this one for instance : ' Scumsuckingsonofagoshdarnparkbench ' .... Au secours !!! :cold

Ok challenge is open this afternoon : Talon's quest for a higher RR.
You wanna 'bash' me ok i will fiercely kicked Ur ass :pirate

btw about football, burn a candle to keep all those froggies into your 1st league , otherwise it could be as boring as our own championship without all our exile stars. :bat

Smoothly Does It
25th March 2006, 01:13 PM
you see, the word you read as: Scumsuckingsonofagoshdarnparkbench is simply overzealous use of Ockham's Razor, that is to say: i simplified the bastard (to make it errr... truer!) Lo and behold, Scumsuckingsonofagoshdarnparkbench becomes:

babelfish doesn't know what this says eitherSee? no worries!

25th March 2006, 03:45 PM
result of Ockham's Razor applied to 'scumsuckingsonofagoshdarnparkbench':


Smoothly Does It
25th March 2006, 04:08 PM
No comment

25th March 2006, 04:13 PM

26th March 2006, 01:11 AM
I think one of the tails might go back between the legs not to long from now!