View Full Version : The trick to Al's total time in Talon's Reach?

13th March 2006, 07:54 AM
Im using Piranha in Talon's Reach and i managed to improve my total time to 1:05:01, Im pretty much hugging the walls as close as i can without hitting them and hitting every turbo pad. Yet how did Al get that time in Vector difficulty? Did he have weapons on? Im getting 1:05:01 (2nd in total lap times) without it.

Just curious, thats all.

Edit: Lap Time: 31.3
Total Time: 1.03.8

Getting close i suppose. I still think i can improve my lap a bit somehow.
Update 3: I know its in my line now. If a Quirex can get a 31.4 then so can a Piranha.
Update 4: Now to figure out exactly how Al got that 29 lol.

13th March 2006, 12:36 PM
one of the secret is to pitch your nose down ( mostly) & up in order to adapt perfectly your ship to the ground.
Each speedy movement to correct your line you 'll decrease immediately your speed : try to move softly when you turn.
Have a constant look on your speed counter : you need to watch it ( & the track too ;) ) and by doing this you ll know where you loose tenth of seconds.

And of course buy a negcon if you want really get new records into the tables.

13th March 2006, 12:39 PM
Thanks for the tip.. i kinda didnt see much difference in lifting the nose up and down though. I'll try it again though.

13th March 2006, 02:05 PM
I don't think I used tapping brake in anything but phantom. Arnauds right about the pitch and quick movements, and negcon.

13th March 2006, 03:07 PM
Theres a guide in this forum (sticky), and some recommendations for talons reach; the one i submitted is for phantom but it might help, Ben submitted one for racing with a Quirex.

Btw is possible that Quirex is the faster lapper using the boost properly.

pitching is extremely important, as Arnaud (Asayyeah) said the smoother your control over the craft is, you will mantain more speed, and in this game you have to take advantage of all the inertia you can.

theres a sticky guide int the forums, for talons reach in XL, the part i submitted is for phantom class but it might help, Ben submitted one for racing with Quirex.

pitching is very important, as Arnaud (Asayyeah) said the smoother your control over the craft is you will mantain more speed, in this game you have to take advantage of all the inertia you can.

I will add my vote in the advice of getting a negcon, in fact, dont let me catch you playing without one!. Jokes aside its a big difference to play with the negcon: the game is more fun, the control more precise, and you have pitching and steering in separate elements of the controller, with a regular pad pitching and steering at the same time is a bit trickier to do with precision; since its analog the control is more precise than regular pads (a lot more); regular digital pads only have full movements, like right is full right and left is full left; thats murder in a racing game.

Do a search for information about the controller in the forums, also look for one on ebay or a video game store that has old items, they usually very cheap, if you find the black version you are in luck, its a bit more comfortable and a lot more rare (and usually a bit more expensive)

also do a search on the brake tapping technique.

Practice leads to perfection, and its the best thing you can do to get better.

13th March 2006, 07:10 PM
so yet another person has ignored the restriction by gentleman's agreement of XL times records to ships other than Piranha in classes below Phantom. yes, i know, if the agreement were going to have official status, i should have got Rob to enter the restriction in the records table. but supposedly, for almost two years now, something was going to be done to allow two times, one for Piranha and one for the non-Piranha ''Qirex League'', but thus far this has never happened. Rob has stated that there will be a completely new version of the records tables, but i've no idea how long it will be till they're instituted, nor what their exact character will be. i would sure like to see it, because i and several other members are more concerned with fun than with absolute speed records. Qirex is just radically more fun than Piranha in lower speed classes. i find Piranha to be a complete bore in Vector and Venom, though it's a bit more fun in Rapier.

13th March 2006, 10:13 PM
Lance - i see were your comming from. We should have different times tables for each of the teams.

Added note: I was not using Boost during my Piranha run. Then again with Piranha ya kinda dont need it lol.

13th March 2006, 10:14 PM
... And literally a BLAST in phantom :D

Hey Lance long time no see!.

I think its not a matter of not caring about the agreement, he/she probably hasnt read the sticky posts and isnt aware of its existance, im sure given the opportunity to read the causes of the agreement he may consider joining.

Thats also because you CANT use boost with piranha or any wepon for that matter (unless you are using a cheat or hack) ;)
please check out the sticky posts, you will find important/useful information

13th March 2006, 10:24 PM
I would like to enter times in the records tables with a ship other than piranha as well(two times would be good, piranha,+ one other ship). You can still see if you have the fastest time with the qirex as it is.

13th March 2006, 10:52 PM
hi, Mano. long time no see? hey, I've been here. [check out the number of posts :D ]
it's been nearly two years since i've been active in the records tables, though. well, 1 year and 8.5 months. or thereabouts. i'm too unfocussed to stick with racing for more that 10 minutes. bad for record setting.

whatcha been up to?

14th March 2006, 12:00 AM
heh, i meant it in the way that i am the ingrate bastard that hasnt been around :D , ocasionally lurking and just reading posts but not participating.

Well, mostly i have been dedicated to college and helping an exposition that has been postponed now :( , and i am with a couple of weeks of total vacations, until classes begin again (20th this month).

Playtime has been dedicated mostly to gran turismo 4, and i have been looking to modify one of my negcons so buttons are rewired and rerouted for more comfortable gameplay.

i have been online a lot but mostly while doing plans or stuff for college or the exposition.

i do want to play XL, but GT4 has me hooked for the moment

14th March 2006, 01:17 AM
is this an exposition that we'd hear about internationally?

14th March 2006, 02:42 AM
I wish!

Its just local, from one of my more important classes in college, however with it being postponed, im also thinking about it possibly getting cancelled.

Smoothly Does It
15th March 2006, 09:10 AM
Hey Al, did you maybe use Arnaud's uphill (right brake) acceleration tech (can't find/remember the topic it was mentioned in) to better your time? On the subject, does that even work below phantom? Arnaud? 8)

15th March 2006, 04:51 PM
At the start pitching nose down and being inside of the right small curve you can increase your speed not much ( few KPH) by tapping several time your right airbrake ( do not press it during a long time just press as quick as you can on it ).

You can also hit an airbrake on a speed pad you can gain 20 kph on phantom.

Quickly alternate airbrake using your line could improve your kph.

All of those 3 tips are perfect for phantom class.
it works on the lower classes but it doen't as significant as it is with phantom.

16th March 2006, 02:24 AM
I have not tried the right brake tap on the uphill yet. I'm sure it works. We definitely play a little different, and his way is better. Even when I turn as slight as I can on a turn, it seems his airbrake tapping is faster on the gradual turns. He is very consistently slightly faster than I am on every track, both of us getting perfect races at phantom speed. I'll try it eventually, but have much more to worry about right now.

16th March 2006, 01:53 PM
Think to Jordan first i must admit i can take advantage by having more time to play than you Al. and you know i need to for trying to beat all your high scores into my playground area called : ' 2097 table '.
And also not forgotten the gentlemen XL agreement with the bullet brick ( qirex) competition on slow classes ( XL table ).
And watching carefully Alistair especially on talon's TT phantom 2097 ...only 6 tenth from me at the racetime... :pirate

Smoothly Does It
20th March 2006, 09:54 AM
nah, no need to watch closely, i'm not coming up closely any more man... I'm there, that's just a dummy, that's not really my record, i'm just biding my time man, ready to *BOOM* hit you with a time a second faster than you... yeah... yeah... no :redface:

20th March 2006, 07:33 PM
LMAO i needed your 16th post to definitely realize that you changed your WZ nickname from Dimension to smoothly does it.
I am smoothly slow for comprehension sometimes :paperbag .

Anyway Ali, doing a sub 1.15.0 in TT should be possible 16.1 + four 14.7... but i remember Lap 1 is really slow due to the start ( don't know exactly if 16.1 was possible or not on 2097 ).
I ve done 1.15.0 few years ago but it was with the turning back technique at the start so i never get it into the tables.

1.14.4 SR : this racetime won't be beaten :pirate

Smoothly Does It
21st March 2006, 04:16 AM
yeah, that is curious, how the hell did you clock a 1:14.4 SR time if 1:15.0 can't be broken in TT? Surely the "bash off the front of other ships to get a boost" tech from W3O doesn't work does it? Super cool if it does! :D

Don't worry about not picking up on the name change, speed is of the essence only after the word go! lol. Oh and nobody jump to conclusions that by "Vector Pilot" it is somehow implied that I do actually race the sissy leagues :)

On the 16.1 topic, I know mano clocked one in his XL vid, but my fastest opener to date is a 16.4 I think (I may have clocked a 16.3 and forgotten though) so that'll make the time a little more difficult to achieve. Still, watching you TT RR I notice you did clock 14.6 sec laps whenever you didn't bottom out after the first hill, if you could eliminate those, you could change those 14.7s every lap to 14.6s every lap: -0.4 seconds which might compensate for not getting the 16.1 (which I personally don't think is possible)

I'm still trying out ideas to minimize bottoms out after that jump, but the best i've so far come up with is to simply bring the ship back on an even keel, this does work a lot of the time when things go slightly wrong (still got nothing for when things go horribly wrong though.) I think this works because with the ship even, the bottom of the craft is even (rather than the wings being pointed down towards the deck,) therefore making the ship ride slightly higher, giving the AG engine longer to kick in before the ship "touches cloth" :rolleyes:

*edit* you know Arnaud, all this talk of techniques and the like makes me think a sticky topic could be added that explains these techniques so they don't have to be repeated by yourself and Monsieur Sartwell all he time

21st March 2006, 06:49 AM
i believe Arnaud has already written an extensive tutorial for 2097. long ago, i put a stickytopic for piloting tips in the sections for each version of the game [uh... not done it for Pure yet, though, i think.]. unfortunately, the experts have been shy about posting the techniques there.

21st March 2006, 11:42 AM
I remember Lance, i ve spent more than 1 week to write my 2097 tracks guide. It's just a matter of time allowing to this. I should have done the same for W30 & SE but it just too long.
What i can do is to quickly resume into the stickytopic ' wipeout 2097 / xl tips ' not how racing the different tracks ( already done) but listing all the techniques and how to use them.
Ali got broadband now , so i am sure we will be able to talk via msn to work on that add-on about techniques.

About 1.14.4 SR racetime, i must admit Lap1 is a way faster than for TT, you don't cross the starting line at same speed ( 50 kph more than for TT when you reach the top of the first hill ) after that it's just a matter of reaction time avoiding the slow chicanes ( the ๔ther ships ).

We need to MSntalk about your paragraph ( pb of understanding ) i don't really get all of your aim ( it's about the bottoming out ).

Smoothly Does It
21st March 2006, 09:19 PM
Yeah sure, if you're ever off busy status that is :rolleyes:

22nd March 2006, 02:45 AM

SR is definitely faster as a whole race time for the reason Arnaud stated: to be exact the chronometer doesnt start until you cross the starting line, and on SR you cross it at more speed since you begin a bit farther than in TT but you are not being timed until you cross the start line (I was very excited when i theorized and tested that :D, then Arnaud confirmed it as usual breaking all the records in his path :D)

The video i made is a bit old i have better times now for every lap, and last time i made is 14.7 (quite a while ago) but havent entered it on the tables; 15.X times for first lap are very possible in XL i have made them but dont remember exact time, dont know about 2097,