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29th April 2002, 11:53 PM
IF anyone is interested, you could send me (alfredsartwell@hotmail.com) a list of ideas and suggestions for wipeout 5 and I could compile them into one big list for everyone to see. I have my own design that i will keep separate from everyone else's and will not steal anyone's ideas. I will put these Ideas in list form and put whose idea it is at the beginning or end of each one. Anyone interested just give a reply here and/or email me with a list. The more ideas the better.

30th April 2002, 10:26 AM
Huge project there, Al - top marks for taking it on :)

Bob Todd
30th April 2002, 05:57 PM
Woot, 'tis a big project indeed!

Serious stuff:

The handling. I preferred the handling of 2097, in which the ships steered from the back instead of from the centre. Fusion's handling is 'easier', but I don't like it because it's lost the WipEout feel, and after p[laying it I'm crap at the others.
Distance from track. I liked the idea of a more 'rollercoaster' feel to the tracks, but in practice I prefer the old style. The ship doesn't 'jump' in Fusion. Someone on this board suggested that Wipeout 5 should have magnets on parts of the track so we can still have loops and so forth - best of both worlds.
Weapons warning system. I can see what smeggin' weapon I've got... tell me what's about to be used against me!
The return of hyperthrust. It adds a tactical element.
Less emphasis on weapons. More emphasis on actual racing, please.
Less of this new-fangled upside-down stuff.
Non-essential stuff that'd be cool nonetheless:

A proper SE. I'd love to see WipEout, 2097, 64 and Wip3out all remade with Fusion-style (or better) graphics. And that's it. Same music, same handling, same sound effects. I didn't like the way W3SE moved around some of the weapon grids in the Classic tracks. And if there wasn't a pit lane in the original track, don't put one in!
The return of E-Paks.
A set of free wrist-rumblers with the game.
And a free 5x7 foot poster.
A bonus DVD. With making-of footage, interviews, quizzes and art that can be printed out with a PopEgg
Bring back Tim Wright now! 'Wright' now, geddit? Oh, never mind...
Commentator voices. I like the WipEout one. 2097's was too robotty, Fusion's sounded too much like Oddworld's Director Phleg but with constipation, and I don't think a WipEout game should have female commentators.

30th April 2002, 10:38 PM
wo3 handling , hyperthrust and etc..good points.

But for arcade mode, I think you race by the opponents too fast.. you never really get it that tigron is pissed off at you cause you zoomed by 500kmph faster anyway.. How about, in arcade or league mode.. a new system for overtaking.. the ai ship actually accelerated for a short amount of time to the exact same speed you got.. that would mean you would be side by side with your opponent for a 5secs.. crashing into eachother.. trying to trick eachother.. also.. it would give the ai pilot more of a chance, and a better challenge. this shouldnt be implemented into every race mode.. but atleast those modes that feature some kind of rivalry between the pilots.