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1st February 2006, 08:18 AM
Hi everyone!

First of all i must introduce myself, im DjManiac21 new to this forum but a fellow WipEout pilot since its begginings. Ive started some WipEout Competitions succesfully, so i can say i have polished enough the way to have a competition in terms of rules.

Im happy that i found this awesome community, and im pretty excited to have a WipEout Pure competition here:D

This are the general rules, if you are interested we can start right away and have some nice and healthy competition to see who is the best racer of this awesome game!


Welcomed to the WipEout Pure League!!!

I would like to race Vector, Venom and Flash classes on 1 track to make the best times for 1 lap, the track is decided beforehand and will be raced 7 days, other classes can be added later or at the start of the competition depending on how many people have all the classes available. Any ship can be used.

If you have the best time, post a ghost folder or a screen shot of the results screen to make your record valid, using the given TAG for the record. (So i can be sure that you did your record within the time frame) The tag to use will be given at the start of the competition.

Points will be given at the end of the week, 8 to first place, 6 to second, 5 to third, 4 to fourth, 3 to fifth, 2 to sixth and 1 to seventh place.

You can play all classes (Vector, Venom and Flash) and try to be first at all of them.

Anyone interested? We should start right away when enough people joins.

Hope to get this party started, and cheerz to you all! :D


1st February 2006, 08:44 AM
I see you have also found your way to wipeout zone. lol, they have a cool feature on the site, the records table, but they're still writing the script for the pure records (i guess). Maybe we will have more success here

BTW, post the results of the first comp. I've seen some records here and they're not quite as good, lol, understatement.

1st February 2006, 08:55 AM
I'm keen :)
some of us also post ghosts on defaulted.ath.cx, but I like the sounds of a short-term contest, and giving out new tags is a good way of keeping us from using old ghosts, I like :P count me in

Will each class be it's own competition? if so you might as well open it up for every class straight away... even if there's less people in the class I know there are players that have trouble at the lower speeds (I wish I was one of those people ;) I am ok at rapier but I need a lot more practise in phantom)

1st February 2006, 09:41 AM
The competition is divided in classes but still is a whole competition. I forgot to write that i will keep a ranking table for all the racers in all classes, that way you can earn points in each class that will count for the overall ranking, so you can earn up to 40 points for each race during 7 days.
So really we have 1 individual table for each class, and then an overall points earned table.
Hope it answered your question.:)

Heres one of the ranking tables i made for the competition im having in other forum, just so you know how it goes, and see that we are running very short on people there and was hoping to get more people to join here. Anyway the competition will be held here (WipEout Zone Forum) :)


I would post the ranking table here so you can take a look, but its long enought to be erased by the mods :D so i wont post it.

Waiting for more people to join :D

8th February 2006, 07:58 AM
Unfortunately it seems that no one else will join :(
Im having such a great time in the competition im currently having that is a shame that i cant get more people here in a WIPEOUT forum... snif snif...
Anyway, ill wait for a couple of days more and if no one will join then i will ask one of the mods to close this thread.
I thought people would be more interested...

If you want to check out the competition go here:


This is the competition thread, and here i have all the rankings so far and points earned as well as rules:


Hope this will get you in the competition.