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31st January 2006, 09:07 AM
I know I wrote the FAQ, I know I'm a pretty decent player myself, I know I'm usually the one giving advice rather than asking for it, but I think I'm gonna bite the bullet for this one....

How the HELL do you get a sub-20 second lap time on Vineta K?

I spent pretty much all day yesterday trying to improve my lap times but this one is really screwing with me, I managed to shave a mere 0.2 seconds from my record and I can still only manage 21.70 seconds. Seeing as this is possible I think my Vineta K guide could do with a full makeover. I know there're ghosts with this time but I could really do with some tips to keep up with the damn thing in the first place! :D Any advice guys?

Thanks :)

31st January 2006, 10:53 AM
I haven`t gone that fast, but I know how it`s done. My best is about 20.9, which is almost as fast as you can go without barrel rolls. I`ve done all the various sections right for a time like the record, but it`s putting them all together on the same lap which would require hours of free play and a bit of luck, for myself ;). An awesome achievment by Del Stepho, though.

my guide: (feel free to correct it anyone)

- Use your previous lap`s turbo just before you cross the line for your record attempt. This way you`re crossing the line at max speed and still have a turbo to use. This is worth 0.5 seconds approx. Hit the first speed pad and take the first left hander, into the downhill, as tight and smooth as you can without brakes.
- The first key part is to hit the left speed pad of the pair as you go down into the tunnel, on a line cutting across from the pad to where the track wall sticks out on your right, infront. Just before you reach the right side you should sideshift. If timed right, this will spin you through the difficult, tight left turn without any loss of speed or drift, to hit the speed pad on the left before the jump. Trial and error is needed to find the exact point for the sideshift in a particular ship.
- Hitting the speed pad on the left after the turn gives you enough air (sometimes) to do a barrel roll on the small jump. This is the key to the really fast times. It`s also why I can`t be bothered to go for it - the roll doesn`t always work, and the chances of putting a great lap together and getting the roll-turbo here mean far too much time spent on it, for me. When you do get the roll-turbo, something else might go wrong, and there`s still another similar roll to get! Respect to Del for pulling it all off on the same lap! :)
- Obviously hit the following pads as your turbo wears off, coming out of the tunnel. The next crucial one is the pad on the right, at the bottom of the hill before the second tunnel. Hit this while already turning, perhaps with a slight airbrake left, towards the apex of the left hander which follows, or you will hit the right wall. You may have to pull left quite hard to get onto the chevrons at the apex of this left hander. This is quite important to set you up for the right hand exit from this section, into the jump. Sideshift right as you cross either of the pair of speed pads in this tunnel (preferrably the left one). If you sideshift on the right pad you might get pulled into the wall, but if you time it right, this will speed you round the next right hander cleanly without loss of speed and over the jump.
- Go off the next jump from very slightly to the right side if possible, turning the angle of the ship to the left while in the air, to find a smooth line through the next two pads. (it is possible to barrel roll off this jump too, but it`s even harder. Not sure if anyone does this). After the pad at the tunnel exit, keep left, and now use your turbo. If you are in exactly the right place (trial and error is needed) you will get enough air to do a barrel roll, and get another turbo to take you over the line.

that`s basically it, I think, though Assayeah or Del Stepho should probably put in any corrections (I`m sure there are some), and it should be re-written more clearly, before this becomes the official sub 20 guide to Vineta K. :) I`m not sure if the record time is a two-roll or three-roll lap, though I guess it`s two rolls - off the first jump and the turbo roll on the home straight.

31st January 2006, 11:04 AM
Hmm... so you CAN barrel-roll on this course. I've never really thought of those jumps as being high enough to roll from. That alone should shave some time off, but I think my main problem is in the tight sections, as I find it difficult to stay off the walls, especially in the second tunnel. I'll give that a go at some point, thanks. :D

31st January 2006, 01:02 PM
What speed class is this at Charlie?

By the time you're up at Rapier barrel rolling off the jumps should be do-able. I've seen barrel rolls done off of the rise out from the final tunnel before, although I don't tend to bother myself.

31st January 2006, 01:12 PM
It's Phantom, but I just generally seem to have a hard time barrel-rolling off of short jumps. Can't say I've actually tried on Vineta K, but it seems it's definitely worth it now.

31st January 2006, 01:23 PM
I cant say I bother with barrel rolls too often - normally you only need them on the obvious jumps to medal the track. I did realise recently that if you start the left-right-left-right thing befor you leave the lip of a jump then you have a much better chance of completing a roll off of the smaller ones.

31st January 2006, 02:16 PM
barrel rolls on Vineta are a pain in the ass. I cant be bothered with them, though Rob`s technique is right, you have to do the lrl or rlr before you`re in the air.... not too soon and not too late..... which after 20 laps and it only working some of the time is all a bit too aaaarrghhhhhhh. ;)

I edited my bit about the second tunnel. I did it from memory before - but forgot how complicated it is.

31st January 2006, 04:43 PM
with enough speed you can make a couple of barrel rolls on that track... also at these sections where are no real ramps... the straight lines are a bit hilly, so with enough speed you can get high enough to make a barrel roll at the right moment - this is of course not the easiest thing...

But when I do my laps on Vineta I always keep the turbo for the part before the starting grid - with a turbo you get enough space to do a barrel roll easily!

1st February 2006, 12:10 AM
generally, I think Lunar's piloting tips are very accurate. There's just 2 minor things right at the start, which can definitely shave off about half a second.
1) on the lap before your record attempt, don't use the turbo RIGHT before the finish line, use it about three shiplengths BEFORE the finish line. thing is, this way you will cross the line at maxed out speed already (the turbo needs some time to accelerate, too) and the first speedpad isn't far anyway, so it won't wear off. You probably never thought of it, but this technique is about .20 sec faster than boosting right at the line, on any track!

2) on the descend into the first tunnel, you can hit BOTH speed pads if you fly diagonally over them (just slightly, simply fly inbetween them), which gives you a definite speed advantage over only using one of the pads.

Also, if you cannot get the barrel roll working on those puny jumps (I know I won't bother), use the turbo on the slight climb out of the first tunnel, just after the first jump. it's there where you are slowest on this course, so it makes the most difference there.

edit: oh yes and always KEEP YOUR NOSE DOWN! ;)

1st February 2006, 04:26 PM
I always did 1) with Fusion - why not with pure yet?!

PS: how do you guys pull the nose down all the time and turn as well?? When I try to make this I just fly into walls etc... is it because I use the nub?

1st February 2006, 09:31 PM
I use the nub, too. But don't think I press the nose down on the whole track! only on fairly straight parts, and when going over speed pads.

2nd February 2006, 06:14 PM
Well, after taking your advice into acoount, I've knocked around 1.2 seconds off of my time to get it down to 20.55 seconds. I can see it improving further, but it's the execution of the barrel rolls that I really find difficult. Sometimes I can get enough height, usually I can't. I do find rolling easier with the nub, but I can't use it for toffee. :frown:

I'll get there eventually. ;)

19th February 2006, 01:51 PM
Itīs really difficult... With much pain i achieved a minus 20 record, first it was 0.19.72 i think, currently second if we take Del Stephoīs time, but now after a hell of a practice i got 0.19.58, now first :D
But itīs doable, just keep on racing no matter what :)

19th February 2006, 04:24 PM
We have found something with Del Stepho about the BR on the first jump ' he masters that largely better than me, but anyway here it is ' : be sure to hit all the pads ( the 2 diagonally like El said above ) + the one on the left side after the ' chicane ' , stay maximum on your left ( do not BR on the right side of the jump : you will be too high and hit the celing and won't allow you to BR).
Ive managed the BR on 2nd jump only 2 times and you no need to have a turbo to BR next after that so if those BR are perfectly executed you can get your turbo somewhere else and maybe sub 19 is possible.