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10th January 2006, 08:46 AM
Clicky (http://www.gameseek.co.uk/pd/PSP0gw7nt69fpe/)

This sounds too good to be true, it is also even cheaper on Amazon. :D

Anyone else have this or know anything about them? If it is all good, xLink here I come!

10th January 2006, 09:53 AM
I`m not the expert, but it looks like this is just an alternative to a wireless router, and it will enable you to connect your PSP to the internet for web browsing, for getting your Pure downloads from the in-game service, and for playing infrastructure-mode online multiplayer games such as Socom FTB, Fifa and Wayne Gretzky. As Xlink Kai is a method of playing games online in adhoc mode, I`m not sure this thing would be any use for that purpose. You would basically need to use it as a usb wifi adapter, like a dwl122, which is cheaper anyway. I can`t find any info whether wifi max supports ad-hoc mode, and even if it does it`s not necessarily going to work, as only certain chipsets are compatible with kai.

If you can get a dwl122 to work as an access point for infrastructure games you`d be better off with one of those, as they are cheaper and definitely work in adhoc mode for kai.

10th January 2006, 11:23 AM
you definitely CAN use infrastructure mode with a dwl122, I use it for PSP browsing when my girlfriend is using the PC.

10th January 2006, 06:55 PM
Is the dwl122 wireless g? The 6th form I'm joining loans out wifi laptops, and not having a router, this sounds like a good alternative.

Aslo can you add a wep key, as all the hotspots in my area are and i dont want some chav tunneling porn through my pc to their psp they probably stole coz they think they iz gansta...

*snaps out of harefieldien piffle*

11th January 2006, 10:22 AM
According to the manual you can add a WEP key with the DWL122. I never tried it out, however.

It`s only 802.11b, hence 11mbps, though. There are other usb adapters that are faster, but generally the 802.11g models don`t seem to work with Kai. An example of this is the faster DWL122G, which seems better but won`t connect to games on Xlink. Maybe the low speed of the dwl122 isn`t really an issue for most people, as 11mbps is already faster than most internet connections, isn`t it? Technically shaky ground there, for me. Also I believe the PSP itself is limited to 802.11b. So I would say you can`t go wrong with a dwl 122 - cheap as chips, common as muck, and delivers online wipeout - what more could you ask for? btw I don`t work for Dlink. ;)

11th January 2006, 06:56 PM
it could be something to do with promiscuous mode being disabled/removed from most G adapters?
though my mac can do G and it just works (the joys of only having one hardware type to write for)