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29th December 2005, 08:49 AM
( sorry on my bad english i hope you will understund me?) ;(

I have sony playstation2

And im playing 71h wipeout fusion! dvd orginal game!

PLEASE MY PROBLEM IS i stiill dont knowe how to open new wiacals and tracks!???


i finish all chalenge whit three wiacals(what i hawe at the start game) and i finish gold chalendge!

I finish aq legue with three wiacals and bouth two pilot and upgrade 100%
( wiacals what i got at the start)

I won whit each wiacals and pilot GolD at arcade many!


what to i do? to make more many in aq legue?
or go to arcade? but i dan it all..
at the chalenge i have gold at everu chalendge!

29th December 2005, 09:17 AM
1st: welcome to the forums!

I'm a bit confused there.
Usually you unlock new teams in the Ag-league. After the 1st two leagues there's a point-to-point race where you have to win against one opponent (it's Auricom here). If you beat that opponent you get the new team. Then, after the next two leagues, there's again a point-to-point race where you have to win against an opponent to get his team. And then again after the next two leagues and so.
Maybe you didn't see these races, because when you've finished the 2nd league you get a new league AND the point-to-point race. Maybe you just switched to the next league and forgot to race the these races. Take a look at your league-section! :)

Hope that's the truth, otherwise you could have a serious bug in your savegame.

29th December 2005, 02:36 PM
OKY i have open fesar, van-uber, q-tech! that three!
and i open;
fesar have two pilotes,
van uber, two pilotes,
q- tech two pilotes!

i can se thru fog picture of auricom but this dont knowe how to open ;(

i play
that you can easier figure out ; wipeout fusion / 2160 season- thats write on disc?

29th December 2005, 03:30 PM
...the whole thing again...

ok, I know what your game looks like, I'm playing this game for years now.

You've got different modes to choose from when you've loaded your profile. There's
- Single Race
- Time Trial (maybe locked)
- Zone (maybe locked)
- Challenges
- Options
- AG-League

(if your savegame doesn't have a bug [and I hope so]) go to "AG-League"

You can go up and down to switch between the different leagues.
Go 2 leagues up.
"Auricom Challenge" will appear (it's a point-to-point race).
Win the race (the track will look like this (http://static.4players.de/premium/Screenshots/00/fa/30935-medium.jpg))
Now you've got unlocked Auricom.

If you don't understand some words, visit www.google.com and watch out for a dictionary :)

PS: You don't have to quote me when you're answering dirctly after me.

29th December 2005, 03:41 PM
Hi and a warm welcome to the forums from me, too.

What Sausehuhn said is absolutely correct. You have to get a gold medal on each different ag-league, that means you'll have to place first after all races in each league. After each 2 leagues you get the chance to unlock a new team in a head-to-head race. The head of a new pilot will be visible between the different ag-leagues, just select this and you'll get the chance to unlock a new team. Auricom is the first team you will be able to unlock if I can remember correctly.

29th December 2005, 04:46 PM
That is right, you have to complete the challenges on AG league in order to unlock new teams and it goes in the following order: -


Xios and Piranha are the best ones to use so best of luck on unlocking them...

P.S. To unlock new tracks, first you must get to them by playing AG league.

29th December 2005, 07:22 PM
im so exsited !:)

You hawe right !

( oh what im idiot huhh im plaing 2days same trucks:( )


OKY im going to play more! to bust the game!

BY the way thanx that you understund me..

and i wish that you knowe that first game on sony 1 was wipe out and thats my most , and greatest game that type!
like kid im dreaming about flying wiacals (cars) :)

C YA soone

once again Thanx alot
and all the best
ps my name is nino :)