View Full Version : ps1 -> pc ? help!!

23rd April 2002, 12:34 PM
I got a ps1 and a pc @home = no tv! :(
what do I need to b able to play my games and see them on the pc screen!! :o
any software, adapters ?? :-?

24th April 2002, 02:47 AM
You need a VIVO (video-in/video-out) card. End of story. No other way (AFAIK) will you be able to plug the PS1 into the PC video card.
I'm guessing you haven't been able to get the stuff I sent you running, not without a TV...
You know, I _still_ haven't gotten my WO3:SE disc! :(
I can't imagine where it went. Are you sure you sent it to the right address?

24th April 2002, 05:28 AM
you can run the EPSXE emulator http://www.ngemu.com/psx/epsxe.php . since you own a playstation and the games its perfectly legal to play them on your pc with this :) might take a while to get the proper settings, as youll probably need to get some of the video/controller plugins at that site and configure them.

24th April 2002, 01:32 PM
funny in spanish vivo means alive ..
I can still play @my bar but its not so convenient coz I gotta work too u c
so i dont get a lot of wo-time .. :(

task: yes I'm sure I both double, tripple AND quiadriple checked the adress!
the wo3 is running perfect yesterday I got all the golds in vector hurraayawn .. :-?
so now i got the first prototype track - c what I can do there for the already finnished challange ..
wo1 - it run ok the first 4-5 times now I gotta trick a bit to get it going but it's ok.
woxl - I didnt try it yet !! :o

Fzero: I dont have internet connection so I cant download that stuff .. :evil:

25th April 2002, 06:15 AM
Oh yeah, an emulator, that would work too!
It finally came! It was a little battered (I can't imagine where it's been, but the stories it could tell, you know?) but I plugged it into my CD drive and I'm listening to the music right now! Gotta chip my PSX so I can play these imported games... Soon! :D
I love the style of the disk, and you send me CD-covers, too! Cool!
And my NeGcons are in the mail, too... eBay has its uses, that's for sure.
In a couple weeks, I'll have all the pieces... When am I gonna find time to work?!?

I'll be re-completing all those WO3 tracks myself very soon...
And then I hafta fly the WO1 and WOXL tracks with an Icaras!

*happy Task!*

25th April 2002, 06:33 AM
Task: you can read the disc whitout *chipping* your PSX.
Of course you still can chip it, but as long as it represents a risk I would not recommend it.

25th April 2002, 12:31 PM
For a solution to the original question - try:


25th April 2002, 02:25 PM
task: that IS an ntsc game should work as it is .. :-?

infoxx: hey! thats a great device! thanx! :wink:

29th April 2002, 02:38 PM
Oh, it's definitely NTSC, I was playing it over at my friends place (he's chipped) and it worked great. It's not "Region 1" though, and my PSX can only play Region 1 material. I've been meaning to change that anyway, I've got some games coming in from Japan that I'm gonna wanna play. Carnage Heart EZ and Zeus! Woot!
Oh, and I noticed that "Link Mode" was on the menu! Does that mean that they've fixed it? Will I be able to play a 4-player game without having two people travel backwards in my perspective? I'm so thrilled at the possibilities!

29th April 2002, 04:15 PM
what??!! :o u got pal in canada?? I dont think so!!
is region 1 japan? 2 usa/canada?
I thought there was pal - europe australia
and ntsc - japan + the americas ! :-?
any way I'm happy it works! :D
about the 4 player - I'll mail u! 8)