View Full Version : PSX / Psygnosis file compression

7th November 2005, 05:11 PM
Hi I've been browsing the site on and off since it went online. I've been playing Wipeout since it hit the shores here in the states, and it's still my favorite game of all time.

I've registered now because I need help. I would like to edit the original game with new textures and sounds. So far, I have changed the title sceen and soundtracks. That's nice, but it doesn't go far enough.

I'm trying my best to decompress the CMP files on the original Wipeout PSX CD. I need help anyone here that knows how to decompress these. I have downloaded the CMP plugin for Photoshop from LEAD software, but it does not want to open these files up.

I did search the forums and it looks like the PC version might be more friendly in this regard. I don't have that version however. If any ex-Psygnosis guys feel like dropping me a line at trd3000gt@gmail.com I would really, really appreciate it!!!

I'm even considering buying an older SGI O2 if that's what needs to be done! Certainly somewhere out there someone knows how to decompress/ extract these archives.


10th November 2005, 04:17 AM
I'm not sure if this is some sort of proprietary compression that is uncompressable via a small code written in the PSX EXE. I doubt it highly since that would be very recource consuming..

I've been at this for weeks and I'm pretty sure out of luck. I've tried just about very program under the sun for this to no avail. :cry:

On top of this. It look like I might need a CLUT map. Of the few TIM's I can edit, files like TARGET2.TIM produce major artifacts on screen when edited. Even if I just open the file and re-save it without altering the pixel and CLUT data, it still produces errors.