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31st October 2005, 04:36 PM
Yeah !! you know i am a happy man , now i ve found my game . Better than 2097 : probably yes , faster time : definitely yes, but really easier than 2097.
Me , Vic Cachou or Del-stepho have beaten our previous 2097 high scores the first time we played XL.
I am quite sure those who started with XL if they want to perform with 2097 : this should be an hard task, harder than if you follow the opposite.

So here's my first steps into al's crazy Phantom race times ( i will put only the records i ve updated these past few days )

Talon's SR : 1.15.5 + 14.7
Sagarmatha TT : 1.19.3 ( very close to you mate) + 15.3 //// SR : 1.24.3
Valparaiso TT : 2.01.3 + 23.5
Phenitia TT : 1.59.3 + 23.4
Gare TT : 2.11.3
Odessa TT : 23.4
Vostok TT : 2.01.0 + 23.3
Spil TT : 1.47.5 + 20.3

in Bold there are high scores i cought to Al

31st October 2005, 04:45 PM
What is your technique on Vostok, mine sucks for lack of a better word

Yes, it is hard to go from xl to 2097, much more pitch control issues for exact performance.

31st October 2005, 06:15 PM
I use the same 2097's lines as you can see in the Cd i gave you.
Same route from the beginning to the first cut ( right then left : a kind of straight away line , take care to not bump onto the 3 pads then be on the left side of the road when approaching the cut; try to land just on one of the single blue pads which are close to the exit of the cavern, your speed should be above 400 if you land properly. just after the 'C' section there's a big difficulty : you absolutely need avoid bumping when the road goes up otherwise you'd decrease around 250 , i take that at 320 when it rocks ( i don't manage to success every time but i ve noticed being on the right side with the nose up should be a good solution) but it's where we can find the tenths we need !!
The end i am sure you ve done that perfectly ( one of my difficulty is located on the last turn the right one before crossing line, before that damn curve i am at 350 and after it i am at 320 ( when i am lucky ).

hope this works for you
22 sec barrier is not impossible 8)

31st October 2005, 06:47 PM
i hate that Vostok course. how you can have time to keep track of the speedometer so you can use it as a guide to finding the best racing lines, i've no idea. my brain must not be fast enough

2nd November 2005, 01:47 AM
Last night ive spent so much fun time, watching those 6 different msn 'typos' :D like a wipeout kaleidoscope : 6 different countries unified in one passion : talking, laughing, playing, living wipeout.
Was hard for me to understand all they sayed but i catched the spirit. :wink:
Hope to restart that soon.
But tonight it was time to play hard rather than talk sorry mates ... :P

So i played as hell

My daily targets were Talon's and sagar SR&TT Phantom

XLbenchmark Al 2005 got serious improvment with his recent 2.0 update but here's mine :

Beated by Al's Sagar TT racetime his 1.19.0 was faster than my 1.19.3 ( done twice ) overall best first lap : 16.4

Equalled Al on talon's SR&TT lap = 14.6

Break for 1tenth his SR Talon's racetime = 1.15.5 ( 15.3 -- 14.6 -- 14.8 -- 14.9 -- 15.9 ) overall best lap1 : 15.0

Break his 1.15.2 TT talon's by a good 1.14.6 ( 15.8 -- 14.8 -- 14.6 -- 14.6 -- 14.8 ) best lap1 : 15.6

Break his SR sagar laptime by a 15.3 same for TT = 15.3

Finally hit his 1.24.0 SR sagar by a new 1.19.5 ( 16.7 -- 15.6 -- 15.8 -- 15.8 -- 15.6 ) best lap1 : 15.9

Lance :i use internal view i can concentrate myself on every kind of info i can see on my screen ( it's harder to do this with external view : that's my feeling when i try, the speedometer is the main thing to notice quickly at which speed you are and then deducing if you are on a good 'vibe' oups line.

2nd November 2005, 02:01 AM
i use internal view, too. i stiLL don't have time to read the speedo. :)

2nd November 2005, 02:06 AM
Damn why it isnt December already :evil: :evil: !!!!! ;)

2nd November 2005, 12:34 PM
sorry arnaud, my sr sagarmatha was really 1:19.1. When I updated, it didn't take or I messed up. I really need to get more time to play. Only about 4 hours a week. Arnaud, how much do you play each week? There is no way I can keep up!! :cry:

2nd November 2005, 05:30 PM
Arnaud, what are your settings for the negcon on XL? Also, do you brake tap when you are not on the blue pads? I haven't been, it didn't seem like it worked

3rd November 2005, 05:19 PM
Hey Mano the longer you spend the better it will be. :wink: ( i ve spent 1 year & half before playing this wonder )

Al : you are like a gorgon : when i cut a head of one of your highscore there's immediately another one who grows up :lol: ( great job for your 1.19.1 )
during the only 4 hour stage per week you have , you should be very efficient cause me i am playing since last sunday a good 4 hours ...a day ( at least ) 8)
but i ll have to overtake those 9 years of lack :P

Negcon settings : 3/ 0/ 6
the '3' is just because my current Neg is an old one : the current ( neutral? ) position got an 3 so i put it like that.

It didn't work to brake tap outside BPads : major difference from 2097.

Valparaiso's report:
Equalled Al's valpa TT race time : 2.00.9 , hit his 23.7 by a 23.3 ( best lap1 :24.2)
Beaten his lap record by a 23.6 & TT race time (2.03.4 ) by a 2.01.3 ( 24.3 / 23.7 / 24.1 / 24.5 / 24.7) best lap1: 23.9

Phenitia's report :
I didn't play TT cause i was already ahead ( very few :wink: )
Beaten Al's SR laptime by a 23.3 and his race time for only 5 tenths : 2.00.9

3rd November 2005, 05:39 PM
7 years!!! :D

although those times are a result of two or three weeks of brake tapping. I didn't even know about it till you told me. If I could play one hour a day, that would really help on the longer session so I would be warmed up.

Do you ever try tapping both brakes at the same time? My setup doesn't really allow it.
Hey, they mailed my psp2tv converter, so I should be able to give you a report in a week or so.

3rd November 2005, 06:40 PM
If you mean quickly alterning tapping airbrakes : yes
Both at the same time : never ( that slow you down)

Hope psp2tv works perfectly if i wanna give it a chance to Pure

Tonight Gare d'Europa !!

6th November 2005, 02:51 AM
cool i have worked hard but here's my new update :

Gare d'Europa TT :2.08.8 = 26.3 / 25.7 / 25.5 / 25.6 / 25.7 best lap1 : 26.2
Gare d'Europa SR :2.12.1 = 25.8/ 25.6 / 26.9 / 27.5 / 26.3 best lap1 : 25.8
25.3 laptime in SR&TT
Gare is mine now ; back to France 8O

Odessa TT 1.58.0 = 23.8 / 23.5 / 23.6 / 23.5 / 23.6 best lap1 :23.4 and 22.9 for best laptime
Odessa SR = 2.00.4 ( can't beat yours : awesome race you made 8O ) but ... 22.8 for best laptime !!!! best lap1= 23.0

Spylskinanke TT = the ' perf ' 1.44.3 = 21.3 / 20.4 / 20.7 / 21.1 / 20.8 and 20.3 for laptime record ( 21.3 = best lap1)
Spyl SR : 21.8 / 20.7 / 22.9 / 21.2 / 21.3 = 1.47.9 ( can't beat you on that one too !! ) but a good 20.6 for best lap ( 21.4 =lap1)

My wrists and thumbs are hot and sored me a bit :D

EDIT :sunday report :
Spil SR : 20.4 lap record. 21.0 / 20.5 / 21.2 / 21.0 / 21.9 = 1.45.6 best lap1 : 20.7 !!

Vostok SR : 23.5 lap record. 24.5 / 24.2 / 23.7 / 25.2 / 25.1 = 2.02.7 best lap1 : 23.6 ! ! !

7th November 2005, 12:36 PM
Can we get the videos on xl on spilskinanke. WOW, is all I have to say. I think you have a different line from me with that 20.3 lap looming, or I might need to play in first person, or I suck compared to you :cry:

I would definitely like to see the xl videos of all those times(just the races)

7th November 2005, 02:36 PM
or I suck compared to you

Ha-ha-ha! That's a hilarious idea! The concept that you, Al Sartwell, King of AG Racing, could possibly "suck" compared to some other wiper. 8 D

I'll bet Asayyeah there has a different line than you, he's found some trick on that track that you haven't, that's all. It looks like he's having the time of his life, he's finally found someone that he can't beat handily. If you had just a bit more free time on your hands, I'm sure you'd be having a great time defending all your records.

Every time I've seen someone challenge you, it shows you where you can improve and gives you the drive to do so. Eventually you end up on top again. But now... now you're up against someone who Found Their Own Technique. Likely the most powerful player from the east side of the Atlantic. It's East vs West, and you're definitely the guy to fly for our side. Represent! 8 )

Oooh, the competition! I get chills! This is better than anything on television.

7th November 2005, 02:50 PM
You make it sound like it's another Fischer vs Spassky.
The East against the West in a competition that keeps the entire world holding its breath. ;)

7th November 2005, 02:52 PM
Arnaud is a 'flyer'; i think he's flying past half the corners on the track instead of driving through them. i'll have to either put in the CD or go to my other computer to watch his antique videos from 2097, but i'm thinking that's what he does on Spils. when i try that sort of thing, i always end up crashing into a wall or flying too high and slowing down. i'm pretty good in the lower two classes and sticking to track, but i'm nowhere in Rapier and Phantom. Al and Arnaud are the best there are. Mano might be close, too, if he would race more. if so, he could represent the southern hemisphere. ;)
or better yet, we can all represent only ourselves.

7th November 2005, 11:30 PM
Merci :D

Al : I am über-motivated by challenging you 'cause we share the same passion for Neggie & Wipeout 2097 / XL.
It will be hard for us to go largely below from where we are in Talon's & Sagar, but i guess 10 sec below for the other tracks should be possible.
Task is right : my own technique is a real advantage : tapping airbrakes only on blue pads works perfectly on XL but we need to find the most suitable line to maintain speed which is the hardest task, Task ( can't resist :wink: )

For XL races video, it can be done : nevertheless those would be in black & white and i need to fix one other problem to view them correctly ( without the ' snow ' on screen sometimes )

I am actually writing in french the tips i have noticed or found on wipeout 2097 / XL sort of advanced ' flyer' guide for neggie users : with a great translater in the name of Drakkenmensch who has got perfectly the both language , i can really describe precisely how i do ( i ve done that before decribing the cuts into this forum but it was too short : i only made a resume of them )

that's odd : i never see you neither a pic from you but you can' t imagine number of time my french wipeout possee & me talking about you.

xEik : Fisher vs Spassky / Cafilornian wine vs Bordeaux / Alien vs predator :lol:

Something Lance can be proud : From His frikkin' Talon's Vector Qirex times : the ' ol southern comfort ' kiked my arse :twisted:
Watch your back Mister Lancinator : i am just behind you with my ' titanium ... ' neggie 8O

:D 3 zone moderators in a row : WHOW great aren't they?
hope they aren't speed moderators :lol: ( speed motivators??? )

But , Hey !!! i am talking i am talking but there's always Sagar TT & SR + Odessa SR to conquer :!:

7th November 2005, 11:55 PM
you said you tried for an hour to beat my Vector times, but i put in just a teensy bit more ;) !!!!!!! than 1 hour to get them, especially the SR time. if you ever do beat those times, i will probably never be able to take back my firsts; i just don't have the sustained concentration to do that anymore, it seems. the nearest i got to my old times when i tried playing a few days ago, after well over a year of not racing, was 0.7 seconds for one of the laptimes. truly pathetic on my part. i just couldn't keep up the concentration and gave up after an hour or so. sigh. i guess my WO glory days are over. i'll try some more, though. maybe it just takes conditioning. early last year, i raced a lot just after getting the neggie; that's when i made all those records.

8th November 2005, 12:50 AM
Lance : when you feel that smooth breath of competition getting on you, you can do your best.
We should start soon an XL qirex tourney in venom ( december for Mano :wink: ) and for all of those fellow wipers who want to join
which could be fun would be to train ourselves by on our side but playing & sharing our results immediately through msn in a fixed session.

EDIT Sagarmatha TT
16.6 / 15.4 / 15.6 / 15.5 / 15.4 = 1.18.5 :twisted:

EDIT 2 Sagarmatha SR : one of your last bullwark is always there.
Damn tough you are!!
16.1 / 15.5 / 15.4 / :evil: 17.0 :evil: / 15.3 = 1.19.3 ( still 2 tenths from you )

9th November 2005, 09:28 PM
Be cool and relax : mostly the secret of Wipeout.

Sagarmatha SR : 16.1 / 15.5 / 15.5 / 15.4 / 15.5 = 1.18.0
i got U :wink:

11th November 2005, 05:00 PM
this is the end... like the ' Doors ' is singing 8)

You have lost Odessa SR :cry:

23.3 / 23.0 / 24.3 / 23.7 / 23.1 = 1.57.4 + 22.6

And i improve a bit TT :

23.3 / 23.1 / 22.9 / 23.4 / 23.2 = 1.55.9 + 22.7