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DJ Techno
14th October 2005, 05:23 PM
Hey whats up...

Its been a while, a very long while...

But in my return.

I want to put myself up for a challenge against anyone...
In any type game and system.
Except, maybe Pure...I have yet to get a PSP, but 3, Fusion, orignal, xl, 64...

I'll have my times from back when I was every active to todays time by the end of next week.
I got a busy schedule, school, getting the djing in order, gigs and parties, a state fair, work....a long wrap sheet, but I believe it will be worth it.

(See if the new people in here, are up for what I have coming later)

The Rap Sheet -yes the rules, participation, hmm the part where some converting different times between PAL and NTSC and Japan

Its a head to head...one on one race challenge. The challengers are scheduled to duel on a certain date, the time they do it is on there peragtive, and the date of finish must be complete or the challenger(s) loses.

For a some reason of cheat...yeah, I been playin the game, Lance been playin the game, Paul, Rhys, Stin...
For our champs(self), veterans(lance), legends, kings(AL), and rookies(new pilots).
Recognizen when something isn't coposetic, true...

14th October 2005, 10:08 PM
rap sheet

19th October 2005, 03:15 PM
I accept your challenge.

I'm ready to race on any track in W3O (PAL) or Fusion (PAL).

Tell me the rules and let's gooooo!!! :rock_on