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8th April 2002, 06:49 AM
I was finally able to beat both Lance's and Jay's Terminal Vector TT times... it's about time I started getting somewhere on that track! :lol

Terminal's one of those tracks that kinda just sits in the deep dark damp corner for me, usually neglected by your's truly.... well I decided to dust it off and give a spin for a night...

Also managed to beef up my Rapier times significantly, but still not in the first spot...

And I still totally suck at both Venom and Phantom on this track... :lol

8th April 2002, 11:21 PM
you bastard! evil evil evil! :D

congrats. it's good to see competition getting hotter in NTSC. it just sat there for a long time till Jay came along and blew all the old times away. then sat there a while longer till i challenged a couple of his times, though he took tops again. [evil!] now there seem to be about 5 of us interested in competing. it's great!

terminal sits in a dark corner for a lot of pilots, but i like the circuit, it's got some tricky bits through which you can almost flow if you really get them down right. it has a good contrast of feel between the sections. it's always bothered me that i haven't been able to improve my time there in a long time; maybe i'll try again. i still want to improve my time on proto 1, but i may be a bit burnt out on it for the moment

9th April 2002, 03:42 AM
Well, how interesting! I knew that 1:13 was beatable for Venom/TT/Terminal, but to learn that 1:12 is beatable as well...
I'll hafta try this out. If MegaMall is my #1 track, Terminal is my #2.
I've liked Terminal ever since Lance challenged me on it. Learning the curves of this track was a marvelous experience. It all flows so beautifully when done right. I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't like it.

Wiseman: It's... odd... that you'd be good at Vector and Rapier, and yet not at Venom. Very strange indeed. You must not get much multiplayer in. This is a shame. I have enjoyed many a fine hour on the 8-point Eliminator Venom/MegaMall classic.

9th April 2002, 05:53 AM
And there we go.
36.33 + 35.07 = 1:11.40

And, of course, even this time can be beaten.
Not by much, I'm thinking, but I'm sure I missed one boost pad. :lol:

9th April 2002, 09:03 AM
Yeah, when I did it, I usually missed that boost pad in between the second to the last hard right (w/ the slight drop) before the pit and the last hard left. (Umm, that's right before you go into the final tunnel)

Anyway, today I managed to beat your SR time, I now have a 1:13.74 race time and a 0:36.40 lap time(you have a better lap time).

I guess I'll have to go back and try to hit that turbo to beat your TT time. :lol

But, this isn't my crowning achievement for today, oh, not by a long shot....

Today, I also managed to cut my Terminal Phantom TT times down by a whole 20 seconds (wo ho!), I now have a 2:22.60 race time and a 0:27.10 lap time.

Man, too bad that wasn't for the Mega Mall challenge, or the Mega Mall challenge was for Terminal instead!

Cheesy as it may sound, I can honestly say that time is my crowning achievement on the boards right now, my Phantom times usually suck (with the exception of Porta Kora, but then again, that's Porta Kora)... odd that it would come to the track I race the least...

I think I might start seeing if I can beat some of my other suck *bleep* Phantom times now...