View Full Version : Machine gun challenge

30th August 2005, 02:50 PM
for this challenge you are allowed to use any team (inc pihrana) on any version of wipeout 2097. the race must be talons reach in phantom class. this is where things get interesting!!! you MUST enable the machine gun cheat.

(Pause the game during a race and press and hold L1 R1 and SELECT then press SQUARE O X SQUARE O X and TRIANGLE. When you unpause the game you should see a green flash to tell you that the cheat has worked.)

to complete this challenge, you must be the only person to cross the finish line (therefore, you MUST recieve gold on the race)

i assume that more than one person will do this so there will be no single winner. the deadline for this is the 30th september, 2006

(tip. use qirex to start at the back and work your way forward, eliminating as you go along)

1st September 2005, 02:34 PM
Okay, completed with all ships. I thought it was hardest with Quirex, mainly, I suppose, beacuse of the speed you lose when you hit a wall, which happens a lot when you're steering, shooting and aiming all at the same time...